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Carolyn Hax: Why invite a ‘toxic’ relation to the wedding?

Dear Carolyn: My mother and I have a very toxic relationship and have fought on and off over the years. When she gets angry she spreads half-truths that make me look bad, says hurtful things and tries to sabotage my plans. She’s very narcissistic, manipulative and controlling.

I’m getting married next year, and she’s telling me nobody is excited about my wedding and that I shouldn’t invite my extended family. At this point, I’ve distanced myself from her, which ultimately means I cannot have much contact with parts of my extended family.

We are sending our Save the Dates soon. Should I still invite my family and address any concerns that come up? Should I reach out to my family beforehand? Or should I cut my losses? I’m still planning on inviting my mother, stepfather and siblings (who go along with whatever my mother says).

Answer: Why are you inviting her?


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This is not a rhetorical way of saying “Don’t invite her.” It’s a genuine question because you don’t seem to know the answer yourself.

You start your account with the shockingly hateful things she does to you. Shortly after, you finish with, “I’m still planning on inviting my mother to my wedding.”

There is nothing between these except your distancing yourself from her, and so that middle is a giant blank spot where my curiosity got stuck.

Have you thought in a general way about how to handle your mother, or do you just stagger from episode to episode? Have you ever gotten any guidance from a mental health expert, about both your mother’s volatility and its effect on you and your other relationships? Have you and your spouse-to-be discussed how to handle your family as you form your own? To keep a strong history from repeating takes awareness and vigilance both, and arguably mothers loom largest of all.

I know this seems inopportune; brides- and grooms-to-be generally want to minimize distractions, and taking on your mother issue would be the Queen Mary of emotional preoccupations. But there’s also a strong argument for not carrying significant family baggage into this next chapter. You want to start a marriage healthy, not torn and “depressed” about hosting a party for people you assume don’t support you and you possibly don’t even like.

In fact, now actually seems optimal for dealing with the bigger emotional picture because you’ve reached a milestone — specifically, the milestone of creating a family of choice as opposed to a family of birth. You’re creating the former by marriage but that’s not the only route there.

You can decide who you want to be, then decide who actually helps you get there as opposed to undermining you at every opportunity. Weigh everyone carefully, including family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, mentors, everyone, for their ability to lift you up — then decide those people are the ones you’ll ask to save the date. Then see how well you sleep on the idea of making your whole family one of thoughtful choice. Ongoing choice, too, since you and others may change.

Doing this won’t make anyone behave better, of course. On the contrary: It could invite a momstorm of epic proportions, thus the counseling advice. It can be steadying, though, to have a working list of whom you can actually trust.

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New York Fashion Week wordt stilaan meer divers, maar er is nog veel werk

The Fashion Spot stelt na iedere modemaand een rapport op waarin ze nagaan hoe het gesteld is met de diversiteit op de catwalks. Dit seizoen namen ze 143 show tijdens New York Fashion Week onder de loep. The Fashion Spot ontdekte dat er iets meer modellen met een andere huidskleur dan blank op de catwalk verschenen dan tijdens de vorige seizoenen.

New York Fashion Week wordt stilaan meer divers, maar er is nog veel werk

Ze telden 28.4 procent modellen met een andere huidskleur. Tijdens de shows van FW15 was dat nog maar 24.4 procent en tijdens de shows van SS15 slechts 20.9 procent. Ze zagen vooral een stijging in de boekingen van zwarte modellen.

Toch waren er ook shows waar amper of zelfs geen modellen van andere herkomst meeliepen. Erin Fetherston werkte enkel met blanke modellen en Pamella Rolandkoos voor slechts één niet blank model. Monique Lhuillier werkte met 21 blanke modellen en één Aziatisch model.

Gelukkig waren er ook labels die het goede voorbeeld gaven. Chromat staat met stip op één als het gaat om diversiteit dit seizoen. Veertien van de twintig modellen hadden een andere huidskleur en er liepen twee plus-size modellen mee in de show. Ook Tracy Reese en Sophie Theallet verdienen een pluim. Zij kozen voor zestig procent modellen van andere origine. Kanye West krijgt een eerbare vermelding van The Fashion Spot, maar aangezien niet alle modellen die deel uitmaakten van zijn presentatie konden geïdentificeerd worden, konden ze zijn show niet opnemen in het rapport.

Wij juichten ook de volgende shows en initiatieven toe: het model met Down, Madeline Stuart, die meeliep tijdens de show van MODA; plus-size model Ashley Graham die haar eigen lingerielijn voorstelde; Marc Jacobs die Beth Ditto een plekje gaf in zijn show en de geheimzinnige ontwerper van Project Runway die koos voor een plus-size collectie. Er zijn kortom heel wat stappen in de goede richting gezet, nu blijft het wachten op de mainstream namen om diversiteit te omarmen. Eén zwaluw maakt immers de lente niet. (LP)


12 Wonderfully Weird Moments From London Fashion Week

A particularly eventful London Fashion Week has come to a close — it’s always a fashion circus of delightfully eccentric moments, and this turn of the merry-go-round included miniature horses, marathon sandwich-making, huge leg o’mutton sleeves, and skateboarding models. Read on for a dozen of our favorite happenings in the shortest, but most action-packed stretch of fashion month.

Instagram fodder was everywhere — Molly Goddard’s models prepared stacks of sandwiches, Orla Kiely’s played mini golf, and Anya Hindmarch ended her show with dancers reflected in kaleidoscope-like mirrors.

Historical references abounded, from the Miss Havisham looks at Marques’Almeida toErdem’s inspiration: the “prairie madness” experienced by lone pioneer women. J.W. Anderson’s show called back both to the Regency era — with leg o’mutton sleeves that could conceal an actual leg of mutton — and to the ’80s club days of the New Romantics.

Wantable accessories were all over the place: Anya Hindmarch’s cheeky blue boots bearing the Boots chemist logo were in keeping with her irreverent high-low M.O.Burberry’s personalized backpacks with initials brought us back to our school days, andSophia Webster proved that mermaidcore really is a thing — but kindly provided shoes for the tail-less among us.

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Burberry always features a major musical guest — Christopher Bailey is more plugged-in than most A&R execs. This season, it was singer Alison Moyet, who performed with a 32-member orchestra.

Christopher Kane’s show was, unsurprisingly, neon-bright. This season, he was inspired by artists John Chamberlain and Scottie Wilson.

Ashish’s “Shut Up” outfit would really come in handy in certain situations. As would his chic skateboards.

The crazy false eyelashes backstage at Thomas Tait might make you reconsider why “spidery” is thought of as a bad thing.

Be still, our model-loving hearts. Karen Elson and Erin O’Connor walked in Giles Deacon’s romantic show.

Impossibly cool real women— not “It” girls — served as muses, from stylist Shirley Kurata, whose mod look inspired Peter Jensen, to artists Frida Kahlo and Amrita Sher-Gil, who inspired Osman and Duro Olowu, respectively.

Denim got even weirder, especially in Thomas Tait’s jeans with weird peepholes and Faustine Steinmetz’s artfully shredded denim pieces.

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Fashion serves multiple functions: as a source for spectacle, inspiration, and, maybe most importantly, family. That sense of community felt among those working in various corners of the fashion industry, especially during New York Fashion Week at countless shows and presentations, makes everything worth it. And as designer Hillary Taymour of contemporary label Collina Strada can attest, her “family” acts as the perfect support system.I meet Taymour just ahead of fashion week at her South Williamsburg apartment for an intimate dinner party, where I get to preview her spring 2016 collection ahead of her presentation at Milk Studios, held earlier this month.

Born and raised in LA, Taymour is the kind of easygoing “cool girl” who can pull off wearing a fitted, gauzy black jumpsuit while lounging on her couch with friends. This group, made up of models, DJs, and photographers is the kind of clique you’d hope to run with in New York: perfectly messy hair, just the right burgundy lip shade, and an ease that is non-intimidating as they simultaneously distance themselves from the rest. With an anthropological spirit, I venture inward to discover the dynamics of this crew.

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“We met through friends a few years ago, I don’t really remember how but I’ve been going to her presentations every season,” says DJ May Kwok, who is also wearing all black without a shred of pretension. “I would wear this every day,” she says holding up a boxy black leather T-shirt from Taymour’s spring offering. “It’s all just so easy to wear, but with an edge.””We met on Craigslist,” says photographer and one of Taymour’s closest friends Charlie Engman. “She was my first job in New York.

We met at a café in Williamsburg and she hired me to work for her on the spot.” Engman, who has a degree in Japanese Studies from Oxford, now shoots Taymour’s look books and is a regular at her Brooklyn dinner parties. “She follows her nose and has a real understanding of what’s going on,” adds Engman about the designer’s approach to Collina Strada.”I’m a grunge kid who likes refined clothing, so I love Hillary’s line,” says DJ and mulitmedia artist Cara Stricker, with whom Taymour has collaborted musically on past projects.

“She has an instinctual, natural voice in her work, which is inspiring.”Finally, I meet the designer, who has an innately cool, laid-back demeanor when talking me through her concept. “I don’t want my clothes to be fussy. I like them to be natural,” she says, holding up an oversize pair of pale pink trousers which have an extra leather panel where there would normally be a side seam, creating a literal box shape. “It’s about rethinking and reshaping normal, basic essentials but keeping them wearable.”

There’s no need to inform Taymour that she’s hit the nail on the head in terms of what today’s woman wants to wear–elevated classics and everyday staples–because she epitomizes her own customer (i.e. the girls who set trends rather than follow them). At her presentation a few days later, I find her clothes live up to her clan’s collective praise–and they all show face in support, one way or another: Kwok mingles with Taymour and model friends Abbey Lee Kershaw, Catherine McNeil, and Georgia Graham, while Stricker supplies the tunes and Engman snaps the scene. As important as talent is, it always helps to have your squad cheer you on, especially when they’re this chic.

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When a wedding is called off but the financial burden isn’t

“We were suppose to get married November 21st in Las Vegas and I guess I was lucky enough to dodge a bullet. I didn’t know I wasn’t the woman that he wanted to be with,” said Cheyenne Suter, who says her fiancé popped the question in April after five years of dating.

On top of her heartache, the bride-to-be’s plans have put her out several thousand dollars. Financial obligations from her wedding dress, shoes, clothes for her four children to the flights to Vegas.

“We’re still going to go there and we’re still going to have party just so that they’re there with me and so that I feel better about this,” said Suter.

“I feel bad for all my family members who are flying into Las Vegas for their hotels and their travel, I feel terrible.”

She now wants to sell her stunning size 12 wedding dress to recoup some of the costs.

A bride-to-be is selling her wedding dress and her ad explains why.

photo:evening wear

“I want someone to buy it, it’s beautiful and I just don’t want it to go to waste.”

She also wants to turn over a new leaf and leave her betrayal behind.

“Just seeing it hanging there every day breaks my heart,” said Suter.

“I just don’t want to look at it any more.”

Suter admits she was a little upset when she posted the online ad and didn’t need to include such personal information but she wanted brides to know the dress was new and never worn.

Experts say while situations like these aren’t frequent, they do happen.

“We probably have one to three cancellations or postponements a year,”said Melissa Murray, Owner of Penny Lane Wedding Store.

Experts say there are also ways you can protect yourself and your pocketbook as you plan for the big day.

“Make sure wherever you go it’s a reputable business number one and they have a valid business licenses and contracts,” said Murray.

Murray added that a couple should be aware of all policies for cancellations, returns and exchanges.

“Some places will allow in certain situations or circumstances you to be able to either recoup most of your costs or all of your costs,” according to Murray. Plus, having a good standing and open lines of communication with your vendors could help you in the long run.

“The more you show your face, the more you have that relationship chances are if something like this does happen, they may be more open to helping you either give back some of that money or helping you in any way that they can.”

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Nicole Scherzinger turns up the heat in bra-flashing sheer dress on the NYFW front row

NICOLE SCHERZINGER set pulses racing in a very risqué ensemble as she hit New York Fashion Week today.

The hitmaker put on a smouldering display as she took her seat on the front row at the Thomas Wylde Spring 2016 show.

Wearing her brunette tresses down in a soft wave, the 37-year-old’s racy satin bra was clearly visible in her sheer ensemble as she waltzed into the city’s Skylight at Moynihan Station.

Nicole wore racy satin underwear under her ensemble

photo:womens formal dresses

icole happily flashed her cleavage in the daringly low-cut navy dress, complete with a draped skirt and long sleeves.

The saucy outfit also made the most of her endless pins, as she chatted to her pal pianist Chloe Flower and actress Kat Graham.

The former X Factor judge polished off her look with towering heels, dark nails and smoky eye make-up.

Her outing came just hours after she met a real music legend, before sharing a snap of the pair together on Instagram.

Nicole told her 1.9 million followers: “So much fun having this legendary disco queen #GloriaGaynor on #BestTimeEver tonight #Iwillsurvive.”

Last week Nicole addressed rumours she was in a relationship with Ed Sheeran after they seemed to be spending a lot of time together.

She said: “It had been going on for so long and Ed and I are good mates. We decided to just have fun and take the mick.”

Singer Ed was said to have been putting his down-to-earth moves on Nicole, reportedly wooing her with takeaway pizza, cheap vodka and fruit squash.

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Strangers donate wedding dress

When the groom was hit with a terminal diagnosis, the couple knew they had to get married right away but couldn’t pull off the dream day on their own.

Besotted couple Laura and Steven Monks had a ‘three-year plan’ to save for a dream home and wedding, but that all changed when the groom was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year.

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However despite the tragic news, the happy couple married on Friday thanks to the kindness of people they’ve never even met.

A charity organised donations meaning Laura’s dress, the flowers, a wedding cake, photographer, magician, DJ, singer and Rolls Royce driver were all covered so they could have the perfect day.

The couple, both 35, from Hyde, Greater Manchester, got engaged back in 2013, just three months following the birth of their daughter Lydia, who turns three next month.

They had been close friends for ten years before they got together, and put their initial wedding plans on hold and started saving up to buy a house.

But last October they were left devastated when Steven was diagnosed with stage three bowel and liver cancer.

Steven, who works as a kitchen fitter, had an operation to remove his bowel and started chemotherapy straightaway.

But in April this year doctors told the devastated couple that Steven’s condition is terminal.

Bride Laura, who works in corporate banking, said: “We were saving up to buy a house. We’d saved quite a bit towards the deposit. We just wanted a little small cottage, something cosy, we didn’t want anything grand and big. We just wanted a home to call our own.

“We wanted to do that before we got married but everything changed when we got Steven’s diagnosis.

“As soon as Steven was diagnosed with cancer we knew we wanted to get married straightaway. We all wanted to have the same name and we wanted to be proper family.

“We spent years saving, and looking back now we wish we had done things in moderation We’ve only ever been on one family holiday to Portugal because we were always thinking about saving money.

“Steven was self- employed and he was working six or seven days a week. He looks back and wishes he had been able to spend more quality time with us.

“Saving was our number one thing, we were always thinking about three years ahead, but nothing could have prepared us for what was going to happen.

“We had a meeting with a Macmillan nurse and she told us about a charity called Gift of a Wedding. She explained that the charity asks businesses and members of the public to donate things such as wedding cakes, name cards, dresses and makeup to couples like us who want to get married quickly.

“It sounded amazing. I called the charity straightaway and filled in an application form, and days later the founder called us to say our wedding had been approved, and we have been busy planning our big day ever since.

We told our friends and family about us finally getting married and no-one could believe it.

“They couldn’t get over a charity like this even existing. We are so grateful to them for making this happen.

“Gift of a Wedding put a post about us on their Facebook page and within a matter of days dozens of people came forward offering to donate things towards our big day.

“We had a magician, candy cart, cupcakes, the venue dressing, a DJ, a florist, chocolate, favours, photography, invitations, videography, my wedding dress, terseating plan and name cards, hair, make up and nails, wedding cake, a professional singer, as well as a string quartet, a ring cushion, a toastmaster, a photobooth and a wedding car all gifted to us.

“We couldn’t believe how kind strangers were being.”

The pair married at The Place apartments in Manchester City Centre, and enjoyed a perfect day.

Laura said: “We had our daughter Lydia as our flower girl and we had a pink and white colour scheme. It was a city centre wedding.

“Steven is currently on palliative care and we don’t know what the future holds, but the kindness of strangers made our day completely unforgettable.”

Founder and Chair of Gift of a Wedding Patricia Harrison said: “I first spoke to Laura in February 2015, when she called the office to nominate her partner Steven for the Gift of a Wedding.

“She went on to tell me that Steven was terminally ill as the result of bowl and liver cancer. One of the most important things that came out of our conversation was the fact that Steven and Laura were local to the charity.

“They live in Hyde, which is only a few miles from our head office, so I was really pleased that someone local was going to benefit from our wonderful work.

“During my conversation with Laura, we established that Steven fulfilled all the initial criteria, so an application form was sent to them for Steven to complete.

“Laura was so pleased and excited that Steven had got through to the application stage, she couldn’t stop expressing her gratitude for us even considering them for a wedding.

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Fresh-faced Deborra-Lee Furness looks chic in shift dress

Deborra-Lee Furness cut a stylish figure as she attended the Nirav Modi Boutique grand opening in New York on Tuesday evening.

The director/producer looked chic in a simple ensemble as she joined the likes of Naomi Watts to celebrate the opening of the new store.

Deborra-Lee, 59, opted for an all-black look as she teamed a black shift dress with cropped tights, while she added height to her look with strappy wedged sandals.

In great company: The director/producer looked chic in a simple ensemble as she joined the likes of Naomi Watts to celebrate the opening of the new store

photo:elegant evening dresses

The blonde star went for a fresh-faced look on the night and styled her locks up while completing her outfit with a large black handbag.

She posed alongside the man of the hour, Nirav Modi with fellow guest Naomi Watts, who also went for a simple black dress which featured a plunging neckline that lead into full length zip.

The Hollywood star completed her look with glamorous dangling earrings and a matching bracelet, a small clutch bag and lace strap heeled sandals.

Deborra-Lee’s husband of 19 years, Hugh Jackman, is currently in Australia promoting his new arena tour, Broadway to Oz, and admitted that his wife and children, Oscar and Ava – would move back Down Under for the duration of the tour.

The movie star expressed his excitement about bringing to arenas later this year as he told press: ‘In November and December this year, 2015, myself and 150 musicians, singers, dancers choir, are going to be touring the major cities of Australia in an arena spectacular and I am beyond excited about it.

‘I’m super, super excited to take it around,’ he added. ‘It’s pretty much all about me, everything I love.’

Joking about his passion for the art form, he added: ‘Some guys sort of say to their wives, “You know, I want to go golfing with my buddies”. ‘I say to Deb, “Can I go and do my show, is that OK?”‘

Sharing her joy about the tour, Deborra-Lee said: ‘We’re thrilled to always find any excuse to come here, and be with our extended family down here too.’

The tour begins in Melbourne on November 24, at Rod Laver Arena before heading to Sydney’s Qantas Credit Union Arena on November 30, with other dates planned.

Shows will also continue in Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.


Once the black sheep…

Amy Duggar has long-been known as the ‘black sheep’ of the notoriously-strict and modest Duggar family, and nowhere was that more evident than at her recent wedding to fiance Dillon King.

Unlike her recently-wed cousins, Jessa, 22, and Jill, 24, the 28-year-old chose to bare a copious amount of flesh during her nuptials, which were held in at Horton Farms near Bentonville, Arkansas, on Sunday night, in a low-cut strapless wedding gown which showed off her ample chest and her shoulders – which Duggar women are normally forbidden from exposing.

Designed by Essence Australia, the gown worn by Amy, who is also religious, but nowhere near as conservative as her cousins, could not have been more different to the incredibly-modest options worn by Jill and Jessa during their respective ceremonies.

When mother-of-one Jill tied the knot with husband Derick Dillard in June last year, she wore a traditional white lace dress that featured cap sleeves to cover her shoulders and a high neckline to cover any trace of cleavage.

Quite the party: Once again going against Jim Bob's strict family rules, Amy opted to serve alcohol at her wedding, and had a dancefloor for guests photo:red cocktail dress

And while her younger sister Jessa opted to break with tradition in terms of the color of her gown, choosing to wear a dusty pink number as opposed to white, the design was no less modest in terms of its shape.

‘I don’t want to have the exact same dress as Jill,’ Jessa said of her gown choice during an episode of the family’s recently-canceled reality show.

‘Our weddings are pretty close together, so I thought it might be fun to have something just a little bit different.’

The gown was a similar shape to the one worn by her sister just a few months earlier, with the same cap sleeves to cover her shoulders, and a relatively-high neckline to cover her chest.

Jessa’s gown also featured a full chiffon skirt and beaded top and was cinched in at the waist – just like Amy’s.

That was where the similarities ended however.

It is not known whether Jim Bob, and his wife Michelle, had anything to say about Amy’s choice of gown, however the family’s feelings on the subject of immodest dressing were made very clear in Growing Up Duggar, a book released by the four eldest Duggar daughters.

‘We do not dress modestly because we are ashamed of the body God has given us; quite the contrary,’ the book, which was written by Jill, Jessa, Jana and Jinger, explained.

‘We realize that our body is a special gift from God and that He intends for it to be shared only with our future husband… We avoid low-cut, cleavage-showing, gaping, or bare-shouldered tops; and when needed, we wear an undershirt.

‘We try to make it a habit to always cover the top of our shirt with our hand when we bend over. We don’t want to play the peekaboo game with our neckline.’

The book went on to reveal that the family actually has a codeword, ‘Nike’, which they use whenever they see an inappropriately-dressed woman, so that the men know to avert their eyes and stare at the ground, until the woman is out of sight.

‘That’s a signal to the boys, and even to Dad, that they should nonchalantly drop their eyes and look down at their shoes as we walk past her…’ the book read.

‘It’s meant to help keep the guys’ eyes from seeing things they shouldn’t be seeing. By using the single-word signal, the warning can be given quietly and discreetly.’

There have been no reports as yet about whether Jim Bob took the necessary precautions during his niece’s wedding, which was also attended by his daughters, Jill and Jessa, as well as his son Josh’s wife Anna, all of whom follow the same strict dress code which was so obviously flouted by the bride.

But far from worrying about upsetting the more modest members of her family, Amy admitted to Entertainment Tonight in an interview after her wedding that she was thrilled at the prospect of leaving behind the Duggar’s strict regulations.

‘It’s a relief,’ she explained. ‘It feels like the stress is gone. I don’t have to be perfect anymore. I don’t have to worry about wearing long skirts. And I got to marry my best friend!’

And it wasn’t just Amy’s revealing gown that might have sparked outrage among some of the strict Duggar clan.

According to ET, the newlywed also served alcohol at the party, and encouraged guests to enjoy some music and hit the dancefloor, all of which are strictly forbidden in the Duggar household.

However, the online publication also reports that Amy ensured there were non-alcoholic options available for those members of her family who didn’t wish to drink alcohol, and the newlywed couple also chose to do a ‘send-off’ mid-way through the reception in order to mark the end of the more formal part of the evening, before the music and dancing were due to begin.

It was at this point that most of the Duggar family are thought to have left.

Amy’s relationship with the strictly-religious Duggar clan has long-been known for her rebellious behavior when it comes to her uncle Jim Bob’s strict rules.

In January, the newlywed confirmed rumors that she was born out of wedlock – a sin in the eyes of her ultra-religious family, the stars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting.

Jim Bob’s sister Deanna, now 52, had Amy with her now-husband Terry, also 52, when they were 25 years old, but they didn’t get married until 2006, 18 years after Amy’s birth.

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Is dad dancing getting cool?

Most people would be mortified by the sight of their mum and dad getting down on the dance floor at their wedding, but not one pair of newlyweds.

Caleb Stultz and Amy Drake, both 22, planned a highly choreographed dance routine at their reception in Clackamas, Oregon, in which their parents took centre stage.

The pair led the dance to guests’ delight after their ceremony at Clackmas Bible Church on July 7, performing a spirited routine to Pharrell Williams’ hit ‘Happy’.

Not the usual type of line dancing: Mum, dad and the newlyweds boogie to the beat of the music

photo:black formal dresses

In the video, which has received 774,150 hits, the couple slow danced with their parents, swaying softly to the gentle instrumental music, but it quickly turned into a more energetic affair as the beat kicks in.

The mother of the groom shuffled awkwardly to the beat while the bride’s father showcased some classic dad dancing, doing the choreographed moves in the barn venue.

Mimicking John Travolta, groom Caleb served up some of his best Saturday Night Fever moves, with finger pointing and high-clapping as the foursome faced the camera.

After five minutes the performers reached out into the crowds pulling their friends centre stage to join them in the well timed shuffle.

Towards the end of the song the group gathered in a tightly enclosed circle bobbing to the beat, then move into a conga style line, snaking across the dance floor.

The video, shot by Aaron Almquist of Almquist Video Productions, has received a flurry of comments since it went up on YouTube in August.

Users commented: ‘This is just brilliant! Such a great song to dance to and you all looked as if you were having a ball! Been looking for ideas for our daughter’s wedding in August so might try something similar. Thank you for posting!’

‘The husband looks like such a fun guy! I like him.’

‘Great Parents Dance! Something that will make you feel HAPPY!’

‘Wow!!! Whatever camera was used to record this is amazing!!!!! Caught the shine on their foreheads n all. Lovely dance routine’

Showy wedding surprises have become extremely popular in the States, with couples making their grand entrance back-flipping down the aisle to pop songs such as Chris Brown’s ‘Forever’, and making epic marriage proposals on the big screen.

One guy even went so far as making a mock-movie to introduce his proposal at a cinema in Fitchburg, Wisconsin where his unsuspecting fiancee thought she was going to see The Hobbit.

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