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Kylie Jenner With Natural Makeup Looks Like A Totally Different Person

She may be a makeup maven, but that doesn’t mean she can’t totally own the au naturel look from time to time, too. Kylie Jenner covers Elle UK in minimal makeup proving that she’s gorgeous with or without full-on makeup. While the done-up look may be her go-to, she switched it up for this cover, and I must say — I’m loving it just as much as I loved her lip kits.

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Her hair is perfectly tousled and she’s having a killer brow moment on the cover, all while keeping the rest of her look completely minimal. She may have mascara on those lashes and a little bit of shiny gloss on her lips, but that’s about it. It’s very different from her not one, but two covers she had for Elle Canada. But, like I said, that’s because she can work one extreme or the other, and these covers only prove it. For her Canadian cover shoot she had blonde hair, heavy shimmering eye makeup and a glittery bodysuit which is a drastic difference from the UK simple version.

It just goes to show that Jenner really can do it all. Check out her latest bare-faced shoot as well as her glammed out cover. It’s going to be hard to choose which one you like best because this girl can do no wrong when it comes to switching up her look.

Fresh-faced and absolutely stunning. Her freckles are even out on display, which is definitely a less common look for her. She’s glowing here, and I hope 2016 only brings more of this minimal look from her.

This is definitely how we’re more used to seeing Jenner (minus the blonde hair). She can totally pull off the all-dolled-up thing, too, especially since every moment is a glamourous one for her.

Glitz and glamour suits her, and while the other cover wound up winning out, this one is still absolutely amazing. She just dazzles in it, and it’s not just because of the sequined romper!

She looks incredible no matter what, and that’s just apart of being the fabulous Kylie Jenner, you know?

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This Holiday Clothing Ad From Full Beauty Is Ridiculously Body Positive

Only days before Christmas on Dec. 22, plus size e-retailer Full Beautyreleased its #OwnYourCurves campaign’s second video, and the representation did not disappoint. The brand, which specializes in making clothing for women and feminine people sizes 12 and above, created a fun video celebrating the curves of plus size women while also removing the stress from trying to decide on a killer outfit perfect for all of your holiday festivities. Not only does the video represent plus size women of all backgrounds, but it also includes plus size bloggers and models like Liz Black and Nicole Zepeda.

The video takes you on a fun journey, as star Stephanie Dunn (from theAmerica’s Got Talent full-figured dance troupe Pretty Big Movement) decides on what to wear to a fun holiday gathering, her gaggle of plus size pals enthusiastically approving of her many outfit changes and sweet dance moves.

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Pop star and Full Beauty ambassador Meghan Trainor’s hit song “All About That Bass” is bumping in the background, as the ladies joyously break into a well-rehearsed dance routine that you won’t be able to resist getting up and imitating (or at least, trying to).

The video also features plus size models Rachel Hirsch and Christina Mendez, celebrity stylist Denise Caldwell, plus size blogger Shay Tucker, and plus size fashion editor Madeline Jones.

Not only is it wonderful to see this group of very talented ladies repping plus size women in fashion (and showing off their killer moves), but it’s also wonderful to see so much joy and a carefree attitude surrounding holidays and the fashion that comes with them.

Both the holidays and getting dressed in a way that makes us feel confident are tricky things for people to deal with. Combining the familial-related stress holidays can bring on with the woes that getting dressed every day can sometimes provoke (especially for those who tend to fall outside of the beauty standards of our cis-normative, racist, and fat-phobic society) creates an entirely different beast. The pressure to wear something “flattering” to avoid your auntie’s fat shaming comments or so your sexy NYE look sizes up to the thinner ladies at the party can undoubtedly be kicked into high gear around the holiday season.

With Full Beauty’s #OwnYourCurves campaign, it’s refreshing to see these gorgeous women remove the stress from holiday shopping by portraying a completely enjoyable experience. After all, fashion is supposed to be fun, right?

Not only did they look stunning in their designs, but they didn’t hesitate to break out into an awesome dance number, celebrating their body positivity through movement. Full Beauty’s latest #OwnYourCurves video replaces the common trope of women shopping being about negative body image and so-called flaws. Instead, it shows us a world where plus size bodies are seemingly considered universally beautiful and respected. It shows us a world where we are allowed to have fun and take part in holiday fashion without the stress of meeting certain standards. And it shows us a world where shopping can be about confident plus size women dancing around in an array of stunning dresses, as their loving friends surround them in celebration of their body, confidence, and sartorial choices.

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Why wearing dresses is cool

Dresses are cool.

I don’t mean cool in the sense of cutting edge or trendy (though of course they can be that too). I mean cool in the sense of the opposite of hot.

I know this because I have been wearing a dress every day since December 1, and have another week or so to go. It’s a charity challenge in aid of an organisation which collects and provides donated breast milk to premature babies in Cape Town.

When my friend Jenny Wright, who works at Milk Matters, asked me to take part I said yes partly because it is a good cause and partly because I thought it might be interesting. And it has been.

Why wearing dresses is coolphoto:womens formal dresses

I’ve been forced out of my sartorial corner, where for many years I have worn a uniform of mix-and-match separates. Shopping in that mode is easy – identify the current need (eg black jeans, or a white shirt), go to the same shop as usual, buy the item in question, go home.

But there I was on December 1 with precisely two dresses to see me through to the end of the month. So shopping had to be done, and not too expensively. I did a Google search: “factory shop dresses Cape Town”. Up popped some fabulous fashion blogs, pointing to two shops in particular in Kenilworth’s Access Park.

So, with 12-year-old son in tow, I went to Cotton On and Relabelled. And did the kind of shopping I don’t usually do. I feel intimidated by shops and clothes and fitting room mirrors, all my insecurities clamouring to be heard. But I had to have dresses, so I put the insecurities aside and ruthlessly combed the rails. I selected some interesting looking things and tried them on.

I found three dresses in that expedition – one of them being something I wasn’t sure about but which my son unexpectedly loved and was insistent I should buy. I ended up wearing that one to his school prizegiving evening.

When I had supper with a friend who has always worn dresses, she laughed outright at my main finding: that in the heat, dresses are way cooler than my usual uniform.

So, thank you to the Dresses for Lives challenge: in the end, giving always ends up helping the giver. I have lost some inhibitions, gained some new clothes and am loving going back to carefree way I used to dress in my twenties and thirties.

I will be wearing a lot of dresses from now on.

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Net-a-Porter’s Unexpected King of Beauty

At the fashion website Net-a-Porter, what began as a small selection of items from 11 beauty lines has, rather predictably, grown exponentially over a couple years to include 180 brands.

The person heading up that expansion is, however, something of a surprise: a brawny 41-year-old, typically dressed in an understated Alfred Dunhill suit and traditional Hackett button-down. It would be far easier to imagine him poring over investment portfolios or legal documents than moisturizing night creams, eaux de toilette and sheer-finish lipsticks.

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“I do get that reaction from a lot of people,” said David Olsen, the vice president for global beauty and grooming at the Net-a-Porter Group. “They don’t expect a middle-aged man with a wife and three children to be the beauty guy.”

Not that being the beauty guy doesn’t work to his advantage in some ways. “I can look at products from a different angle,” he said. “I’m not going try an eyeliner or mascara. I’m like: ‘Is this going to sell? Is this going to make women happy?’”

Mr. Olsen has spent the last 15 years focused on what appeals to beauty buyers shopping online. In 2000, straight out of graduate school, he set up a website for his mother, Dr. Margaret Olsen, to sell the skin-care products carried at her Los Angeles dermatology practice.

“I was just kind of learning as I went,” he said, in spite of his joint J.D. and M.B.A. degree from the University of Miami. “It was business school on steroids, essentially, because you had to be responsible for everything.”His garage was the site’s warehouse. Gradually he expanded the operation to include the websites of hundreds of other doctors and medical spas. In 2009, it was acquired by the online retailer Dermstore, where Mr. Olsen eventually became vice president for business development and operations, and more than tripled the number of brands offered.

At Net-a-Porter, he has assembled a deliberate mix of niche labels, like Sarah Chapman and James Read, with what he calls “the big boys” — widely available brands like Lancôme and La Mer. As with the website’s fashion offerings, the selection from each company is for the most part cherry-picked rather than comprehensive.And purchases, even of comparatively low-ticket items like a Charlotte Tilbury $7 eyeliner sharpener, are typically delivered in smart, ribbon-tied black boxes. According to the company, its sales of beauty products have grown by 400 percent since it started selling them in March 2013.

Mr. Olsen often gets product recommendations from the website’s largely female staff, as well the editorial team of its print magazine, Porter. And although he doesn’t typically try out cosmetics, he confessed to being, as he put it, “an eye-cream fanatic.”

He does test the skin care products and many of the grooming items sold on Net-a-Porter’s male-centric arm, Mr Porter, which is also under his jurisdiction. When he refers to products he’s particularly fond of, like Rahua shampoo and a lavender-scented pillow spray by This Works, his enthusiasm is pronounced, akin to that of a football fan talking about his favorite team.

While well-documented changes have taken place at the Net-a-Porter Group in recent months — namely, a merger with the Milan-based website Yoox and the departure of Natalie Massenet, who founded the company in London in 2000 — Mr. Olsen remains buoyant.

“It’s an opportunity,” he said. “I’ve met with Federico Marchetti, who’s now the group C.E.O. He’s very inspiring in his own way, and he’s very focused on business. I’m really excited for what we can do with beauty and grooming underneath the new umbrella.”

First up was the introduction of beauty items on the Outnet, the website’s discount arm, which was timed to holiday shopping.For all that, Mr. Olsen acknowledges an implicit challenge. “We’re a global company, and I’m the American,” he said, laughing. “I’m, like, the most American on earth.”

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Hot demand for dress worn by baby Princess Charlotte

An handout picture taken in early November 2015 and released by Kensington Palace on November 29, 2015, taken by Britain’s Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, shows Princess Charlotte of Cambridge with her cuddly toy dog, taken by the Duchess at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, eastern England.

Afraid to jump the gun and commit a blunder by claiming it was her design, Margarita bought a paper copy to make the comparison.

A small Spanish fashion label has been swamped with demand for Princess Charlotte’s floral dress, its owner told AFP on Friday, after the British royal baby was pictured wearing one of its frocks.

Princess Charlotte dress

photo:formal dresses australia

Hello! notes that that the princess wore a hat by Spanish designer Irulea which was also bought by Borrallo when she left hospital following her birth in May.

“I’ve got a big problem, I’ve got a huge waiting list, but only 10 metres of that fabric”, said a laughing Pato in a telephone interview with Reuters.

It was originally thought that the dress was made of a Liberty fabric and had been bought from the Trotters kids shop on the King’s Road, where the six-month-old’s grandmother Carole Middleton was spotted shopping a few months ago.

Previously, photos of Princess Charlotte were released for her christening on Sunday 5 July at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in St. Mary Magdalene Church.

The shop just makes two models in each size of the designs. Who could deny how cute the little white collar is?

And although this information hasn’t been confirmed, chances are that the attractive dress was acquired by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s nanny.

Given the Duchess of Cambridge’s elegant and classy taste, Princess Kate was “naturally drawn to styles that look timeless”, according to Hello.

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Naadam Founder Matt Scanlan’s Quest to Redefine Cashmere

How did Naadam get started?

I have a background in venture capital, and my business partner [Diederik Rijsemus] has a background in econometrics. We weren’t fashion guys, although I think now we probably are. I was pretty sick of what I was doing so I quit. I called [Diederik] to find out what he was doing, and he said that he was going to Mongolia. I asked if I could meet him there. I got off the plane, and there were cows on the runway. I was freaked out—it was like going to Mars. We didn’t know anyone or what we were doing, and we didn’t speak the language. We ended up in a car with two Mongolians who are in the cashmere trade who were on their way to meet friends in the countryside. We joined them and drove 20 hours straight, off-road the whole time. We arrived at Gobi Desert and met a goat herder who produces cashmere each spring. Our ride wasn’t leaving for three weeks, so we were stuck there, and started to ask questions.


Yeah! We realized there were ways to invest in nonprofit work, veterinary programs, and breeding practices—things that control the health of their animals, which positively impacts their livelihood and the fiber they sell. The material they had access to is very rare. We realized we could raise money selling cashmere. If we bought raw cashmere, we’d get it at a good price because we bypassed trade layers. The end result was a supply chain that constantly reinvested in itself.

How is business now?

I was back in Mongolia in June and bought 40 tons of cashmere. I took $3 million in cash out of a bank, put it in plastic bags, and made that 20 hour trip to buy cashmere from the herders. We sent it to Italy where it was spun into a yarn, which we’re selling on its own in addition to producing our own knitwear collections. In just two years, it’s blossomed into something we weren’t sure could exist. We’re not geniuses; we’ve approached things differently.

Who designs the collections?

One of our co-founders, Hadas Saar. We depend heavily on her intuition and aesthetic. She went to FIT, and afterward worked on knitwear at Elie Tahari. She also worked in factories in Italy where she oversaw knitting, and spent time in knitwear at Badgley Mischka and Vera Wang. Then she ended up at Li & Fung and ran knitwear for their $3 billion-business. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend and told her what I was doing. I think she felt it was about time something like this existed in the fashion industry.

What was the inspiration for your current fall/winter collection?

It redefines the expectations for cashmere. It’s a versatile collection that can be worn around the house but can easily convert into something more formal. The inscription was versatility and relying on classic, timeless silhouettes that are updated to reflect a more modern approach to design. On the men’s side, you’ll see things that represent a very traditional CPO/military-jacket that’s updated. For women, we played on something that’s even more traditional: styles that relate to the Mongolian coat they use that’s meant to be wrapped and worn and repurposed. It’s represented through a color palette that’s inherently natural—think sands, stones, indigos, and olives.

Ultimate destination for sweater weather?

I love when sweater weather turns in New England. There’s nothing better.

How many sweaters do you own?

Journal_1_NaadamOrigins-_3_largephoto:formal dressesProbably 50 or so, easily. I’d say 95 percent of them are cashmere. I’m either wearing a cashmere sweater or I’m not wearing a sweater at all.

What’s your favorite sweater in your men’s collection right now?

I love the navy blue/brown sweater blazer. The way I wear it, it looks more like a cardigan meets a blazer.

Tell us about your cashmere club!

There are three sweaters, and you get one a month. Each sweater costs $250, but it’s basically buy two and get one free. The sweater you choose is meant to be timeless, a sweater you live in. You pick a color palette. Each month, we ship you one sweater in the palette. If you picked the navy, black, and gray palette, you’d get one each month, but we don’t tell you what order they’ll arrive in! To get three sweaters for $500 is an awesome deal.

Plans for a spring/summer collection?

We’ll be launching the collection direct-consumer-only for women while men’s will be both direct-consumer and wholesale. You can find our sweaters at retail giants like Bergdorf Goodman and online, but we’re in smaller stores as well. We care about curating an experience, and you need to be in a place where you can unload that story. We’re specific about the partners we’ve decided to bring on.

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What It’s Really Like to Be a Celebrity Makeup Artist

When you see a star looking gorgeous on the cover of a magazine or larger than life on a billboard, I may have had something to do with it. I’m a celebrity makeup artist and it’s my job to make stars look hot, a process that can take hours and hours (and hours) because most celebrities don’t show up to a photo shoot flawless. Most appear as normal as you or me—sometimes worse. Their behavior isn’t exactly always normal either. As long as I’m not naming any names, I figure I can spill a few secrets. Beauty Basics Before I became a ma

keup artist, I was working as a waitress, reading a lot of magazines, and wondering what to do with my life. I finally decided to go to makeup school in Los Angeles. The only way to get jobs fresh out of school is to gain experience by assisting other makeup artists, doing little things like cleaning brushes and prepping a model’s skin, which I did for about four months for free (hello, rice and beans!). My first paid gig (a whopping $75) was an advertising spot for a denim company. I was terrified, but I pretended I knew what I was doing, and at the end of my grueling 10-hour day, the model thanked me for making her look so beautiful. I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve spent the last eight years doing makeup for models and actors on photo shoots, TV, and fashion shows. Sometimes, though, I think I should get a psychology degree. I’m the first person a star sits down with when they arrive at a photo shoot, and I’m touching their face all day. Because of that intimacy, they treat me like their good friend. They tell me about their sex lives and love problems and who they’re secretly dating; it’s like therapy time for them.

The Ugly Truth

photo:celebrity dresses

You wouldn’t believe how many celebrities have acne—like severe acne. They have to wear so much makeup for the camera, their skin can’t breathe and their pores get clogged. I once did a hair commercial with a young, up-and-coming actress who came to the studio with makeup already on, but I didn’t realize how much until I started wiping it off. She’d layered it on like peanut butter in an attempt to cover the giant zits all over her face! It was bad. But she didn’t bat an eye even though the director had to completely overhaul the lighting so her blemishes and acne scars wouldn’t be visible.

Then there’s facial hair. This incredibly famous model showed up for an outdoor photo shoot sporting a hairy lip (excess body hair is common on underweight people). I bleached it in the location van, but when we got outdoors, the sun just glistened off it, making it look bright yellow. The owner of the company showed up and yelled, “She has a mustache! Get rid of it!” I took her back to the van and shaved it off. (I had depilating cream with me, but because I didn’t know the model’s skin well, I didn’t dare take the chance that she might have an allergic reaction.) The model was so embarrassed she started crying. I told her it wasn’t bad—but the truth was, it was the gnarliest mustache I’d ever seen.

The thing is, even the most perfect-looking stars have just as many insecurities as the rest of us. They’ll ask things like, “Can you make my nose look smaller?” or “You can make my upper lip bigger, can’t you?” I can’t blame them; their face is going to be plastered all over the big screen, ads, and magazines, and they know they’re going to be scrutinized.

Last summer, I did makeup for a fashion show, and this stunning 18-year-old Asian model said that as soon as she made enough money, she was going to get her boobs and eyes done. I said, “Your eyes?” She said she wanted Caucasian-looking eyes in order to look like the other models. I said, “But you’re so beautiful because you don’t look like the other models.” But she was dead set on it.

I see a good amount of plastic surgery—it’s so obvious when their faces are inches from mine. I can see tiny scars from face-lifts and eye jobs, and of course I can tell when someone’s had Botox. When most people look up as I’m doing their eye makeup, their foreheads lift and wrinkle. But with someone who’s had Botox, the only things that move are their eyeballs! Their face is just frozen.

The strangest thing is when women get collagen injections in their lips to plump them up. As I’m dabbing their mouths with gloss, the collagen feels like little beads inside their lips. It’s pretty gross. Chemical peels are also weird. The client’s skin is so smooth and polished that the texture and pores seem to disappear. When I try to put on foundation, it practically slides off!

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Ana Ivanovic poses in traditional Indian dress

Bastian Schweinsteiger’s travels earlier this week ended in disappointment but his other half Ana Ivanovic was certainly having a better time of things in India.

The German midfielder suffered a humiliating exit from the Champions League after Manchester United were beaten by Wolfsburg – on the other side of the world Ivanovic was gearing up for the latest instalment of the International Premier Tennis League.

The Serbian stunner, who has been with World Cup winner Schweinsteiger since September 2014 with the couple getting engaged earlier this year, arrived in Delhi after stints in the Philippines and Japan earlier this month.

Ivanovic, who is representing the UAE Royals during the second season of the professional tennis league, took the opportunity to experience the Indian culture as she was pictured wearing traditional sari dress.

The world No 16 took to Instagram to share the picture with her 682,000 followers and wrote: ‘Greetings from India. I arrived in Delhi and of course I had to try the traditional Indian sari while I am here. What do you think guys?’

Serbian Ivanovic is currently ranked No 16

photo:black evening dress

Earlier on Thursday Ivanovic tweeted her excitement ahead of taking to the court: ‘Good morning Delhi. I am so excited to play here with the International Premier Tennis League later today. Who’s coming to watch?’

Ivanovic’s UAE Royals take on Legendari Japan Warriors on Thursday in the first match in Delhi before they face Micromax Indian Aces on Saturday before the season heads to Dubai and Singapore later this month.

The International Premier Tennis League, started in 2014, features a host of tennis’ top players lining up for five Asian teams – UAE Royals, Legendari Japan Warriors, Micromax Indian Aces, Singapore Slammers and Philippine Mavericks.

As the curtain comes down on 2015, Ivanovic, who won her one and only Grand Slam in France in 2008, is targeting another next year.

‘I have won one and also been world No 1, but at the end of the day, people remember you for the titles you won, not so much your ranking,’ Ivanovic told The Indian Times.

‘Any grand slam would be great, but I would like to win the Australian and Wimbledon.’

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First Dates beauty is stood up but “fate” comes to the rescue in the form of the waiter

First Dates is always full of surprises and it’s not different for one unlucky dater this week.

Stunning Sasha, 25, confesses she is already tired of getting her heart broken and is giving love one last chance.

But it’s a devastating blow for the brunette beauty when maitre d’ Fred Sirieix delivers the news her date is a no show.

About to give up all hope she gets ready to leave but there’s a knight in shining armour just waiting to make his move.

Waiter Sam, who has been a regular face in series four of the Channel 4 show, thinks Sasha is beautiful and whispers to his colleagues that he would ask her out given the chance.

photo:blue formal dresses

“She’s got lovely hair, I’m a sucker for nice hair, I think she’s quite well presented she looks like she’s fun. She’s a very pretty girl, has she got a bit of class?”

Believing that he hasn’t got a chance and doesn’t want to be a nosy busybody, it takes a quick chat and a spot of matchmaking from Fred to rectify Sasha’s dire situation.

Just as she’s about to start weeping into her olives, telling her mate on the phone: “I don’t want another date I’m done with men.

“I’m just going to be one of those people that lives with cats all their lives, no dogs I prefer dogs to cats they’re more loyal.”

Sam comes to her rescue and she’s quick to suggest the pair have their own date.

He tells her how beautiful she looks and gets the OK from Fred to finish his shift early and make Sasha smile again.

The pair find out they have so many things in common and get on like a house on fire, and as Sasha likens meeting Sam to “fate” she is positively glowing by the end.

Could this be a First Dates first?

It must be something in the air on this week’s episode as gorgeous red head Victoria lights up Scott’s life with her strange OCD ways.

He wants the new big new house to be filled with a woman he loves and lots of children, but will Victoria be the one?

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A wedding

AlDub may have big things in the future, with a viral wedding video possibly revealing a big spoiler for the wildly popular love story of Alden and Yaya Dub.

Fans in the Philippines — and across the world — have watched as the two unlikely lovers met and faced countless obstacles. The drama played out on the noontime show Eat Bulaga, with fans following the characters played by Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.

Now a new video showing an AlDub wedding has sent fans into a frenzy and possibly predicts what comes next for Alden and Yaya Dub. The video was posted by TNT this week, the last in a series of endorsements that showed each of them separately. The final one showed Alden and Yaya Dub together preparing for a wedding, which the Standard noted turned out to be their own.

The video showed Alden and Yaya Dub uploading real-time photos and updates on social media, which are free on top TNT promos. The updates continue to build anticipation until finally Alden and Yaya Dub are together at the wedding venue.

But the viral video also teased fans a bit. Throughout the AlDub drama, there has been plenty of tension around when Alden and Yaya Dub can actually come into contact. They have met in person only briefly, rarely embraced and have kissed even more rarely.

At the end of the wedding video, it appears that the two are going in for a kiss again but Yaya playfully rebuffs Alden by shoving a bouquet of flowers in his face.

The AlDub wedding video has been a huge hit, reaching close to 1 million views.

Naturally, TNT milked the popular moment to do a bit of marketing.

photo:mermaid formal dresses

“Like Alden and Maine, TNT subscribers can now make their interactions a lot more fun and creative through Facebook, Twitter and Viber – which now come FREE with select TNT promos,” said Evelyn Jimenez, Prepaid Category Marketing head.”Aside from this treat, TNT subscribers can also conveniently extend their favorite TNT promos for up to 365x for only P5 per day. These are among the many ways TNT is able to bring panalo moments to subscribers, who now have more ways to keep in touch with their ka-tropas especially this season.”

The AlDub wedding video may be more than just a clever marketing ploy. With the series drawing out the love story between Alden and Yaya as much as possible, it could represent a bit of foreshadowing as to where the two will eventually end up.

Even since the early days of AlDub this summer, critics wondered just how long Eat Bulaga would be able to keep the attention of fans with the near-misses and obstacles for the two. But the show’s huge ratings and very dedicated fans, it seems that the two have become a permanent fixture of the noontime television world.

So clips like the TNT video may play an important role for fans, giving a glimpse of where the two will eventually be headed.

Eat Bulaga director Joey Reyes said the incredible chemistry between Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza also gives AlDub staying power.

“They’re very good friends. The thing is, they have chemistry, which some other love teams—regardless of marketing—cannot achieve,” Reyes told Inquirer.

“They’re just two kids who are enjoying themselves on the set, and seizing the opportunities given to them. What you see is what you get. With Maine, wala s’yang pagka-show biz. She doesn’t even know what she’s gotten herself into,” laughs the 61-year-old director.

While it’s never clear where AlDub will head next, the wedding video shows that fans are willing to do whatever it takes to see Alden and Yaya Dub together in the end — even if means watching a three-minute-long telephone commercial to see it.

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