Go quirky with your bowties

Giving neckties a miss, many men these days, are opting for bowties, although we have to admit the fact that not all of them can carry this with panache. But some of the stars who sport them, do carry with them in style. And no, we are not just talking about the regular bowties that stars wear. They quirk it up by wearing them in offbeat shapes, colours and prints, too! Here’s a look at some of them who rocked the bowtie in style.

Desi dude Ayushmann Khurrana, who is always well-turned-out for most events, opted for an an unusual suit, which he paired it up with an even more unusual bowtie. This multi-coloured bowtie might be too risque for some, but, boy, we have to give it to him for trying out new trends. Agree?

Jared Leto’s outfit at the Oscars might not have gone well with fashion police, but his neck corsage — a red rose — added some quirk to his overall look. Ditching the regular black bowtie, Leto opted for something unusual for his red carpet outing, pulling off the look, in a way that only he can! Was his look a hit or a miss?

American footballer Ronnie Hillman is known to always add an element of quirk to his look. His bowtie for a recent event sure made a lot of heads turn. And why wouldn’t it — when you are wearing a golden, embellished bowtie that comes with a chain attached to it? Those who are looking to add some bling to their outfit, can surely try this one out. As for Ronnie, all we can say is he simply rocks this look!

Placement can make all the difference when you are wearing a bowtie. See howRyan Gosling looks automatically dreamier, thanks the casual positioning of his regular bowtie? This cross trend, seems to have caught on, as many young men, too, are experimenting with this look. We also sported Justin Bieber sporting the crossed bowtie, too! This one is surely a hit with the ladies, no?

Twilight star Robert Pattinson’s suit game, we know, is always on point. Not one to make a fashion faux pas, Robert’s daringly different flat bowtie sure made an impression! What we like about the flat bowtie is that it maintains the delicate balance between formal and edgy, all at the same time!Read more at:formal dress shops | bridesmaid dresses australia

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