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Rwanda: Celebrating Diversity in Art

From the Umuganda morning hours until midnight, there were enough events lined up to keep people entertained and challenged.

Among the guests was the Ambassador of The Netherlands to Rwanda, Frédérique de Man, who described the event as very useful.

“This event is fun, useful and important. So many things are happening in the creative sector in Rwanda, and a broad collaboration like this is very useful. It’s important to highlight the positive effects of a strong creative sector – it is economically and culturally wise to focus on growing it,” The Dutch Ambassador said.

Kreative Kigali kicked off early morning when the community arts organisation Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga hosted a participatory Arts Umuganda, where local artists and eager volunteers came together to create a colourful mural praising Kigali’s creative scene.

In the early afternoon hours, Eric Karengera Kirenga, aka Eric Soul, and Uwase Mutimura from Africori, hosted a debate in Café Neo’s rooftop space about the future of Rwanda’s music industry in the digital era. Meanwhile, the floor below was buzzing with budding and established designers showcasing their couture creations, kitenge designs, jewelry and accessories in the Fashion showroom featuring brands from Rwanda, Belgium and Kenya, to name but a few.

Eric OneKey, a local poet and performer, said such events are important to make art and creativity more visible in Rwanda. “Through events like this one, we open up art and creativity to people and to the city, and that’s a really an important step in making people more comfortable around arts. And to me personally, as an artist, it is very inspiring,” he said after reciting a poem on the community mural.

Art lovers were treated to energetic live music from different artistes including, Moutcho, Makumbi Sound, the legendary Makanyaga and Abatanguha crew, a group of talented break-dancers who wowed everyone with their acrobatic and sophisticated moves.

Buzzing with creative impressions from morning till evening, the audience and participants left Impact Hub’s community space after meeting a blend of Rwanda’s finest, upcoming and inspiring creative talent. And that was just what the organisers were aiming for:

“This event showcases the cohesive and talented creative community in Kigali. This is the first time to host such a variety of events and sessions in a single day, and I believe we accomplished exactly what we had hoped for: To show the incredible creative spark that is in Kigali and in Rwanda,” said Jon Stever, co-founder of Impact Hub and initiator of the ‘I am Kigali’ campaign.Read more at:cocktail dresses online | unique formal dresses

They got seriously funny

K-pop boyband Got7 knew they needed to up their game to keep their fans entertained as they were here for the fourth time in two years.

So they turned into a girl group, shedding their suave looks in favour of dresses and wigs to cross-dress as members of all-girl Korean pop bands GFriend and Red Velvet.

It was refreshing to see the septet unleash their inner comedians, drawing uproarious laughter from the 4,500-strong crowd at their first full-length concert here.

And how seriously the K-popsters took their funny business. A video showed how they took lessons on how to be a girl group member from Korean funnywoman Lee Gook Joo, whose three tips to exude a K-pop starlet’s allure were: Be innocent, cute and sexy.

Got7’s Mark, Youngjae and Junior proved themselves to be star students, nailing the angelic demeanour of GFriend in the breezy song Me Gustas Tu.

In Sailor Moon-like school uniforms, the trio sashayed gently and completed their gender-bending antics with sparkly eyes and sweet smiles.

In contrast, JB, Jackson, BamBam and Yugyeom threw out Lee’s advice and went for comedic effect.

Unabashedly, they wore the siren-red baby doll dresses seen on Red Velvet in the music video of their addictive dance hit Dumb Dumb and then hammed it up by flailing their arms and gyrating their hips vigorously.

For the rest of the 21/2-hour show, it was back to the regular programming of the usual K-pop boyband antics.

Like clockwork, they delivered synchronised dance moves in time to the beat of their catchy tunes such as Stop Stop It and Girls Girls Girls, heightening the excitement for fans by peppering their routines with acrobatic flips.

A melancholic duet by Youngjae and JB was a welcome respite from the pounding dance beats. The dapper duo silky vocals were easy on the ears, even as they hit the high notes on their self-composed ballad 1:31 AM.

As a service to Singaporean fans, Got7 sang a rendition of home- grown singer JJ Lin’s ballad If Only, never mind if some members and their harmony were off-key at times. The multi-national group – comprising South Koreans, a Hong Konger (Jackson), an American- Taiwanese (Mark) and a Thai (BamBam) – belted out the tune with gusto in commendable mumbly Mandarin.

Of course, no K-pop concert is complete without sweetnothings to tickle the ears of fans.

Jackson teased: “Maybe we’ll come back soon, maybe for a concert, maybe for a fan meeting… Maybe in your house!”Read more at:unique formal dresses |

Utzurrum: Rustan’s fashion events: From Natori to Neck & Neck

WHO still does not know, globally recognized and admired New York-based Filipina designer Josie Natori, whose exquisite ladieswear have graced many boutiques in the fashion capitals of the world?

Very recently, Natori presented her Spring 2016 collection of her different labels—N. Natori, Natori and Josie Natori—at Rustan’s, distributor of her fashion line in the country. Her extremely flattering wearables had models sashaying to and from, in wardrobe inspired by Asian paintings; bold brushstrokes, abstract calligraphy prints, and vibrant, contrasting hues that certainly capture the energy and vitality of spring.

Cebu’s well-heeled and well-coiffed sophisticates were also treated to first-hand styling tips from the fashion icon herself, Josie, who shared her well-kept secrets and insights with the delighted crowd.

Her advice: “Pamper yourself with such things that make you look and feel good, as these are the many perks of life. After all, indulgence is a necessity.”

Indeed, famous fashion words to live by!

Simmering summer and the season’s hottest jetset styles were presented by Rustan’s in a children’s fashion show entitled “Little Wanderer.” Very aptly, The Gallery in Ayala Center Cebu was transformed into a whimsical airport, with the plane’s runway as the catwalk!

Catching the center of attention were girls in tutus, boys in plaids and mommies with their tots in tow, as they strutted their stuff to the absolute delight of the applauding audience! The city’s coolest kids gamely paraded in pastel shades, floral prints and neutrals.

Featured were prestigious brands like the Neck & Neck collection for chic travel, with bright hues that fit well with the season; Kiddos offers essentials jazzed up in fun prints and layered colors; Baby Club brings forth cute and colorful pieces that brighten the overall look.

Rustan’s Jr.’s set of formal and casual wear will transform your boys into young gentlemen, while at Rustanette, mommies cannot resist picking a few classic pieces in dainty textures and silhouettes for their little princesses!

Wherever or whatever your summer plans are, drop by Rustan’s for a complete line of fashion must-haves. Whatever the season, there’s something for everyone, and know that you’re stepping out in style!Read more at:white formal dresses | blue formal dresses

Canadian teen designer Vejas Kruszewski sets sights on expansion after LVMH prize


(Photo:formal evening dresses)Self-taught phenom fashion designer Vejas Kruszewski is not the kind of artist prone to outbursts of glee.

Even after winning a prestigious fashion prize awarded by heavyweights including Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs, the low-key Canadian teen prefers to focus on the pragmatic issues at hand.

“It feels good. But it’s over now so it’s kind of back to work,” Kruszewski said Monday from Paris, where he last week won the prize, which comes with a cheque for 150,000 euros (C$217,000) and a year-long mentorship.

“We have to meet with the mentor and put together a plan with how things are going to go forward and we’re just going to think on the best possible trajectory to go in.”

The 19-year-old had been in contention for the LVMH Prize, an award for emerging designers spearheaded by the luxury goods conglomerate LVMH Group, which includes fashion brands Louis Vuitton, Celine and Givenchy.

The award went to London-based designer Grace Wales Bonner, who claimed 300,000 euros (C$435,000) and a year-long mentorship from the LVMH group.

But the jury decided to hand Kruszewski — who was the youngest designer ever to be in contention for the award — a special prize in recognition of “a mature style and independent spirit.”

His Toronto-based label, Vejas, has quickly grown from a personal passion to a fledgling global enterprise, and Kruszewski says he’s eager to keep the momentum going.

“Our infrastructure is kind of lacking right now. We need a larger office space because we’re outgrowing it; we’d really like to invest money into our production cycle because right now it just needs to be strengthened; people need to be paid on time, which just helps things go smoother,” he said of the list of things he hopes the prize money will fund.

“We also kind of want to be putting money into developing things like footwear and leather goods, which in the long-term are what become the pillars of a healthy brand.”

Kruszewski says he expects to develop footwear samples, and eventually launch production, in Italy. The rest of the line will remain in Toronto — for now.

“I don’t think it’s going to be possible to be operating on a certain level and staying there,” he says.

“It’s really a logistics thing — where the skilled labour there isn’t necessarily immediately available and all the suppliers and the manufacturers are in Europe — that it makes a lot more sense to be in a European city.”

Kruszewski grew up in Montreal where he began experimenting with sewing projects inspired by Japanese magazines. He moved to Toronto after high school — a strict Jesuit, all-boys school he says “put me off education in general” — to pursue his fashion dreams.

What resulted is a unisex take on streetwear staples with intricate detailing: slouchy sweatshirts and high-waisted pants adorned with snaps, panels, exposed zippers, contrasting stitch details and grommets.

“I’m not coming from the approach where there are a specific set of rules on how the patterns are made, how the finishing should be on the inside and what kinds of clothes (I) should be making,” he says of designing without formal training.

“The luxury market for ready-to-wear is really crowded right now and what I think sticks with consumers are things that are recognizable and easy enough to wear but with just a certain element to them that make them stick out, make it special.”

Kruszewski plans to return to Toronto next week to wrap up production on his fall line. Pieces will head to Canadian stores including Simons and Nordstrom, as well as some small boutiques.

He expects that list of retailers to grow as he builds his brand. But he’s cautious about revelling in any successes he’s had along the way.

“It’s not really in my personality to be kind of enthusiastic verbally but I’m always smiling on the inside,” Kruszewski says.

“It’s better to just kind of be discreet.”Read more at:bridesmaid dress

Naomi Shimada On How To Wear Summer Dresses

Summer 2016 is (kind of?) here, and it’s finally time to free your limbs from those winter layers. Shorts are cool, skirts are great and skorts, well, we’re just not sure about, but when you’ve got 15 minutes to get ready in the morning, a summer dress is your 60-second solution to summertime style.

No matter your shape or size, our curvy columnist Naomi Shimada is on hand to show you rock a summer dress the cool girl way.

Here’s how Naomi wears summer dresses…

Finally it’s warmer and I’m so beyond ready to put on a cute dress after the darkness and drudgery of winter. No matter what your size, never be afraid of showing whatever skin you feel like. Own your body – own your style!

China Girl

I’m an eternal sucker for a little cheongsam traditional Chinese dress. It’s always so flattering and hugs the curves in all the right places. A true party starter!

Colour Therapy

There’s nothing like a totally pure burst of colour dress to make you feel like summer is on its way. This is literally my dream dress. It makes me float on cloud nine and is cut perfectly for my shape.

Go Camo

I’m still ALL about camo print everything, and I love a casual shift dress on a hot day. Pair the look down with trainers for a sassy sport-luxe look’.

Don’t forget to follow Naomi on Twitter and Instagram – naomishimada – and read her blog at naomishimada

Heading to a festival this summer? Here’s how Naomi does plus size festival fashion – the cool way.Read more at:unique formal dresses | bridesmaid dresses australia

Top Second Careers

Unemployment is quite high at the moment in many corners of the world. Because of this, people need to seriously consider new skills training as they would have a much better possibility of landing a job in another career. Making a fresh start is not as difficult as it used to be. Choosing that second career is what is really difficult. Some will recommend the CCBST accounting payroll business administration classes. Others will recommend social work. Every person has his own opinion about the topic. Because of this, the recommendations below are based on earning potential and employment possibility.


Nursing has to be seen as a top choice for everyone looking for their second career. It is perfect if you like to help people that are sick and if you are attracted to science, the career is very interesting. We see a nursing shortage is present at the moment so various opportunities are available. You will have to get a nursing degree bachelor of science that takes 4 years but there is also the possibility to opt for the 2 years AA that is offered by different community colleges.

Fashion Design

There are more fashion industry careers than many think. You do not necessarily need to be a designer to work in fashion design. The list of job opportunities ranges from merchandising to marketing. If you ever wanted to be involved in fashion, now is the perfect time to do so. Various degrees can help you with this second career and the pay is normally pretty good.


Some dream about being a teacher for their entire life. Others realize that this is their calling at a later point in life. Leaving an old job in order to pursue teaching is possible. In fact, those that do this are among the most satisfied and committed of the educators. Look online for the licensing requirements that have to be respected in the state where you live. This will tell you what steps have to be taken to become a teacher.


We have to mention this career because it is among the fastest growing ones available. That is especially the case for the business executive that gets out of the system and starts doing personal coaching. A life coach is important for many and can work in dealing with problems like relationships or careers. Coaching is highly rewarding for everyone in the industry as clients are really helped to change their lives. Accredited classes need to be taken though until you can call yourself a coach.

Interior Design

At the moment we can see a clear growth in the number of people that are looking for interior designers to help them out during remodeling or building homes. Space design is something that is more complicated than what you may think. An interior designer can be of huge help so if you love homes and design, it is a lucrative career opportunity that should be considered. Just make sure that you take all the classes that you could since the more you know about interior design, the better the work that you will do!Read more at:formal evening dresses | bridesmaid dress

Stewing adventure and food in Goa

Exploring any place through adventure is fun. Along the way, if there’s an opportunity to taste, cook and learn about the destination’s local food, it is an added incentive. That’s what Fox Life intends to do with Serve It Like Sarah , a 10-episode series which sees the former MasterChef Australia contestant explore Goa: her second home where she runs the restaurant Antares.

The show premieres on Monday and each episode will see Todd begin a new adventure. The former model will explore the State’s Portuguese heritage, knit fishing nets and examine street food.

The show amalgamates adventure, food and fashion exploring a new facet of Goa while showcasing its offbeat side. The show’s culmination coincides with the Indian launch of her book The Healthy Model Cookbook , a compilation of 100 recipes that are wholesome and healthy without compromising on taste. Excerpts from an interaction:

Will the show present a different face of Goa?

There is so much to Goa than just beaches. There are lots of people embracing food and culture. In fact, 10 episodes were hardly enough. This series showcases something different from what is usually perceived. I think it will promote tourism in Goa.

How does the show combine adventure and cuisine?

While going for crab catching, climbing coconut trees to get toddy, learning surfing, moving around Goa in a private transport vehicle, visiting woods in the outskirts of the city, we explore Goa’s street food, learn to prepare crab xacuti, prawn balchao and learn of the Portuguese influence on local food. For me, it all worked well together. I went surfing and worked up a great appetite to enjoy some fantastic food at an organic café. So there was fun and taking care of health as well.

What is your takeaway?

The biggest thing I learnt is that to make a dish that people love, you have to actually understand the people who are eating it.

Basically, I realised how much passion people have for food and the most unique thing I found that they all use their local ingredients like coconut and fresh seafood. It is something I really believe in and subscribe to, using fresh local produce and cooking it simply.

Tell us about your journey

As a model you travel so much and you get to learn a lot about different cultures, that is what inspired me. But to be honest, when I had my son, probably that was the turning point for me. I realised that you have to feed yourself and your child and make the food tasty. In fact, it made me look at food in a very different way.

Has MasterChef Australia honed your skills?

It definitely has. I have got used to facing and managing stress. I have learnt to play around with flavours. In Masterchef, when you get the mystery box, which has eight or nine ingredients to choose from and you have to create a dish, it makes you see things from a different perspective.

So now I can look at a dish or a box of ingredients or go to the market and really envision what I want to make out of it. It has taught me to trust my intuition and be quite creative.Read more at:red formal dresses | white formal dresses

Beyonce, Jay-Z and Rachel Roy Under the Same Roof for First Time Since ‘Lemonade’ at CFDAs

Beyonce, Jay-Z and Rachel Roy Under the Same Roof for First Time Since 'Lemonade' at CFDAs 

(Photo:cheap formal dresses online)Beyonce Knowles looked radiant when she hit the red carpet of the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards in NYC with husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy. However, there’s one thing that might ruin her mood, and it’s because the rapper’s alleged mistress Rachel Roy also attended the event taking place at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

It marked the first time that the 42-year-old designer was under the same roof with the “Formation” singer since the latter released her album “Lemonade”. Rachel arrived first wearing an off-the-shoulder red dress which she teamed with big round earrings.

Meanwhile, Beyonce and Jay-Z arrived an hour late to the venue. The couple tried to avoid press attention, so they showed up after the red carpet had closed. Though so, they still posed for some pictures on the red carpet. The 34-year-old diva wore a striped black-and-white blazer with matching pants complete with a black wide hat, while the 46-year-old rapper donned a black suit with a black bow tie. As for the 4-year-old girl, she looked adorable in a midi black dress underneath a white blazer.

During the ceremony, the “Sandcastles” singer received the prestigious award by Diane von Furstenberg. Beyonce dedicated the award to her mother, her grandmother and her uncle, who helped her design her outfits in the past.

“Thank you for showing me that having a presence is far more than the clothes you wear and your physical beauty. Thank you for showing me to never take no for an answer, thank you for showing how to take risks, work hard and live life on my own terms. I want to say thank you,” Beyonce said during her acceptance speech.

“We have an opportunity to contribute to a society where any girl can look at a billboard or magazine cover and see her own reflection. Soul has no colour, no shape, no form,” she added. “Just like all your work it goes so far beyond what the eyes can see. You have the power to change perception, to inspire and empower, to show people how to embrace their complications and flaws and see the true beauty that’s inside all of us.”

In “Lemonade”, Beyonce hinted that her husband once cheated on her. In her song called “Sorry”, Beyonce referred to the woman Jay-Z allegedly had an affair with as “Becky with the good hair,” and fans were quick to speculate that Becky was Rachel.Read more at:purple formal dresses

Bid goodbye to flab with a no equipment workout

Bid goodbye to flab with a no equipment workout (Pete Saloutos/Getty Images) 

(Photo:evening gowns)Running late for work? Missed your gym routine too? Working professionals find it difficult to accommodate time as they get busy with work, family and children. We help you with a lowdown on the exercises that can be done at home just before one leaves for work.

No equipment workout not necessarily means trying anything at random. These workouts have a proper chronology and must be discussed with a trainer before performing them. Harsha Salunkhe, a city-based fitness trainer, says, “I suggest home workouts to women. It is a best alternative when on vacation or during busy schedules. I always insist that they should follow the sequence as instructed.” Harsha believes that aping Internet videos can be dangerous. She says, “Usually people who are in such exercise videos are really fit; therefore they are at ease while performing a difficult routine, they make it seem very easy. In reality, the situation is different. Many people lack the necessary stamina, and if you try any workout at random, you might end up with a serious injury. So, even for a home fitness routine, consult a fitness trainer first.” This workout routine involves common exercises such as jumping jack, squats, push-ups, lunges and plank. Slow jogging and marching are good for warm-up. Different combinations and variations of these common exercises make your no equipment workout worthwhile.

Pick a cardio routine

Go for cardio workouts. These workouts are best to build body stamina, which helps you to undertake more extensive routines. The workouts can be altered according to your age, strength and stamina.

Benefits of a no equipment workout

The most important benefit: they are cheap. You don’t need to enrol in an expensive gym or buy fancy equipment; all you have to do is remain focused. Another benefit is they are time savers. You can squeeze them in your schedule any time, just before getting ready for office in the morning or before you hit a party in the evening. The variations of the routine keep you entertained.

No equipment workout routine

– Warm up for 10 minutes including stretching, marching and jogging

– 20 body weight squats

– 10 push ups

– 20 walking lunges

– 15 second plank

– 30 Jumping Jacks

Repeat the cycle for four-eight rounds. Don’t forget to stretch once you finish. You can increase the number of cycles once your stamina builds. And yes, it’s okay if you can’t get the perfect push-up in the first try. Mid push-ups or stand push-ups against the wall will also do good for beginners.Read more at:formal evening dresses

Piaget Celebrates Olivia Palermo And The New Possession Collection

Thomas Bouillonec, President of Piaget North America, hosted a cocktail at the Piaget flagship store May 25 to celebrate Piaget’s new Possession Collection, and to honor Olivia Palermo, the face of the campaign. The Possession Collection is in its 26th year, and the brand is looking to bring a more youthful, more playful feel to the line. Palermo, who acts, models, writes and designs, is the perfect embodiment of Piaget’s strategy, an independent, accomplished, and beautiful woman.

“We want to bring in a new image of Piaget, something younger and fun,” said Bouillonec. “Piaget today is different from Piaget 50 years ago. We still have a high-quality product, but it is geared toward an active and dynamic woman. We want to invest more in America, make some noise in the market, and educate people so they discover the brand.”

The collection is versatile, and transitions easily from day to night, from gold and diamond stackable bracelets to necklaces made for layering. Prices range from $1,000 to $5,000.

“Our clients are achievers. They are independent and make their own money,” Bouillonec continues. “Olivia is young, successful, fun, and beautiful; that’s why we chose her. She is stylish and has a lot of fun with her surroundings. She’s a great lady and she’s achieved a lot.”

Palermo was thrilled that her husband, model and photographer Johannes Huebl, shot the Possession campaign, truly capturing her essence.

“We’re very fortunate, we get to work together from time to time,” said Palermo, who was approached by Piaget during fashion week in Paris to be the face of the line.

“I went to take a look at the collection and I loved it,” said Palermo, who just launched her spring Chelsea 28 collection with Nordstrom. “The collection is youthful, there is such an easiness in the way you wear it, very French – the French have effortless style. It can go from day to night. For example, with a longer necklace you can layer it with other pieces in your closet, and some of their longer earrings can be worn more informally during the day up on the cartilage.”

DJ, model and rock royalty Alexandra Richards was spinning from the second floor.

“It’s awfully quiet up here,” she fretted – unnecessarily, it turned out, as the store was packed downstairs.

“Piaget has a great team behind it,” said Richards, who will be spinning in Iceland and at the Governors Ball this summer. “They’re always treating me like a lady, and always decking me out. They love the music that I play for them. I play a mix of classics with some newer stuff, because we have a whole mix of people coming through. I try to keep it fresh and young.”Read more at:cheap formal dresses | red formal dresses