‘My beauty brand is growing into shades for people of colour’

Drew Barrymore 

(Photo:formal dresses 2016)Actress Drew Barrymore would like to make her Flower Beauty cosmetics line more culturally inclusive by selling it online.

The Blended star announced this week (beg05Dec16) she will begin selling her makeup and fragrance products online, via the brand’s website Flowerbeauty.com, and although her wares are still exclusively sold through U.S. retailer Wal-Mart, she is hoping an internet presence will prove expansive.

“As we go into e-commerce next year, with that venue and platform we’ll be able to have even more shades,” Drew told Women’s Wear Daily reporters. “We’re not like Maybelline, Revlon, Cover Girl, L’OrĂ©al (Paris)…they get to have 28 shades and we’re working with eight to 10.”

The actress-turned-entrepreneur’s brand only has shades favouring light skin with pink or yellow undertones and it is really important for her to create product hues for brown and dark skin tones.

“We try to be analytical in the skin tones and foundations, as well as passionate and creative,” she explains. “I’m very aware of the pink (undertones), the yellow…I wish we could do even more.”

However, when it came to the design of her new Shimmer and Shade eye shadow palettes, Barrymore concluded it would be best to run with more neutral shades.

“As I’ve built palettes in the past, I would always try to throw that one colour in… and it’s like people don’t really use the pumpkin,” she mused. “I learned my lesson on pumpkin.”

The same lesson applied with her Life and Sculpt contouring palettes and the Shimmer and Strobe highlighting palettes, with Drew detailing: “I’ve learned the hard way that the (highlighting and contouring) pigments are tough on your skin… you are blending and blending. With shades that are elegant and light, you can always put on more.”Read more at:formal dresses sydney

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