Complete Every Look By Accessorizing With High Fashion Jewelry

For many years, jewelry was a show as well as a measure of wealth.

During the industrial revolution and the ability to make imitations with materials such as steel, the middle class was empowered to participate with the fashion trendsetters.

Designers like Dior, Chanel and Miriam Haskell brought the runway to reality for the everyday woman.

Today, high fashion jewelry is very much a part of runway fashion as well as a staple in most women’s accessory wardrobe.

Of course, we all would love to be dripping in fine jewelry, but many of us look to the high fashion jewelry trends as much as we look for the changes the next season brings to our closets.

For years, I’ve shared jewelry accessory trends with women at my Style Sessions. It’s important to note there is a difference between costume jewelry and high fashion jewelry. Costume jewelry is typically inexpensive trendy pieces made of wood, plastic and/or painted metal.

High fashion jewelry is plated with genuine metals and blends using semi-precious stones and crystals.

Many take inspiration from fine jewelry designers while others are inspired by the runway trends of the season. This has become 75 percent of all jewelry sold.

Most women find it’s easier and less expensive to update for the season’s new looks with accessories.

More importantly, jewelry always fits. With some basic pieces of clothing and a few pieces of high fashion jewelry, you can update your entire look for the season. Fashion choices are personal and accessories even more so.

Accessories define a woman’s look. You can make a casual outfit into something cutting edge with the right accessories. Jeans, for example, can take on many looks depending on the accessory selection.

With a few versatile pieces of jewelry you can accessorize an entire wardrobe.

If your desired look is taller and thinner, Jewelry can help you achieve that goal when worn properly with the right outfit. Look for pieces that work with your style in length, color, design, your body type and physical characteristics.

The selection decision should be based ultimately on how you feel when you wear it. Looking good plays a strong part in how we feel and if you feel like a supermodel wearing your latest high fashion jewelry piece, it was the right choice.

Heidi Klum, fashion expert and supermodel, is quoted as saying, “If you have $100 for an update, spend it on jewelry.”

Many of the trends for the 2017 spring fashion season were recently released and showcased in fashion weeks all over the world.

I’m excited to say that I’m attending a spring collection debut for Premier Designs High Fashion Jewelry and I can’t wait to see what’s new.

Premier Designs introduces new collections twice per year and each time, I’m amazed at the continued beauty, style and diversity of the new jewelry.

I’ll be looking forward to showing off the new line at my style sessions here in Brevard County.

Winter styles are on the way out and it’s time to spring into a new look. Grab your favorite shopping buddy and spend some time on you. Don’t be last on your list. Invest a little time in yourself and never let anyone dull your sparkle.

Check back on Space Coast Daily TV this Saturday as I give you a sneak peek into the new spring collection of high fashion jewelry.Read more at:short formal dresses | long formal dresses

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