JCCI launches fashion design competition

JCCI launches fashion design competition 

(Photo:formal dress shops sydney)The fashion design committee at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry has announced a competition that is open to female school and university students of different specializations. This competition will be part of the Saudi Wedding Exhibition 2017 which will be held at the Jeddah Hilton on March 2-4, 2017.

Three winners will be chosen based on various standers and also based on audience voting, and they will get both financial rewards and other gifts.

Omaima Azooz the head of the fashion design committee at th

e JCCI talked lately at a workshop organized at the JCCI in presence of 100 fashion designers. She said that this will be a yearly national competition to help discover talents. The competition she said is named “a promising competition” and aims at encouraging girls, students and women working in the academic field to contribute to this fashion design industry which is capable of providing thousands of job opportunities.

She added that they will be receiving participations starting from mid-January 2017 and will allow females to sent their participation until mid February. The first two days of the even that will be held in March will be devoted to displaying ten participations while the last day will be left for general evaluation, the voting of the audience and the announcement of winners. The first winner will get the golden award while the second will get a silver award and the third winner will get a bronze award. From this month the committee will start organizing worships that will determine those who will be participating in the competition.

Meanwhile, Azooz said they have nominated 5 females to participate in a competition in Cairo which, she said, stresses the role of Saudi women and their successful participation in different sectors particularly the fashion sector.Read more at:formal dresses melbourne

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