Wedding trends are going through some major makeovers this season

Wedding Trends 

(Photo:special occasion dresses)Weddings are a special occasion and one expects everything to be perfectly trendy and jazzy. Designer Anika Dhawan Gupta says that neutrals and pastels are paving the way in wedding decor trend with larger than life bars making a huge fashion statement.

Gupta, founder and creative head of Rani Pink that was set up in 2010 offering complete wedding design and decor solutions, said, “Neutrals and pastels have paved the way for a total return to colour. Expect to see pops of bold shades and bright colour pairings. For mehendi functions, pop colours are the trend. People are opting for quirky, whimsical and candy colours like fluorescent pinks and greens along with silver and golden. Also, dramatised and oversized props are what is making up for a fun event.”

She says that for the wedding look, metallic tones like a silver element is what people are pairing with beautiful tuberoses or the nargis flower. “The use of mirror and gota on the walls add to the glamour and femininity of the look. Rather than a more modern look, people are opting for traditional and old world feel for their weddings,” she said.

“Large polo tents with abstract geometric prints in red and white get you on a total visual rollercoaster. Brides and grooms are looking at a fusion of the designs in the Mughal era and incorporating it in a modern way to the feel and ambience of their functions. Interesting larger than life bars is a huge trend. We created a boom box as a shots bar at a recent big wedding.

Also, table detailing is what we are big on this season. Everything from the furniture, mats, coasters, crockery, cutlery, linen and the table arrangements are what we have our eyes and expertise on,” she added.Read more

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