Beyonce takes belts to a whole new level

In a world where we are so used to Beyonce being Beyonce, which is to say being totally extra in every facet of life, it takes a lot for us to stop and actually react to her fashion choices.

But her choice of a mega-long belt, which she teamed with glitter boots and hotpants, has set trend forecasters into a bit of a pre-Christmas lather.

Posting a selfie aboard her private plane with husband Jay-Z, the star showed yet again why no-one accessorises like Bey.

After all, the “Single Ladies” singer crooned about putting a ring on it way before maximalism took off.

And then, on Lemonade, she breezed down a city street wielding a baseball bat like some women would carry a Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote.

So what of the mega-belt, and will it become a trend?

Thanks to the likes of Virgin Abloh’s Off White, the cargo-inspired belt was already a major – and often mimicked – trend of 2017.

Priced at US$211, the Off White belt is serious business. But the good news is once it’s no longer in fashion, you can use it to keep your suitcase closed tight on your next trip overseas.

Beyonce’s belt, reportedly the product of her stylist Zerina Akers, is by Parisian brand Y/Project, whose mantra is clearly: why have one belt buckle when you can have 11? And why stop at 80 centimetres when you can skim the floor with that thing?

A similar style is available online for approximately AU$550. In comparison to Beyonce’s $US10,000 ($14,300) Saint Laurent “disco” boots, worn in the same photo, the belt is practically a steal.Read more | cocktail dresses online

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