2017-We Survived!

It was 2017, we blinked and it’s 2018! We laughed and cried, faced many battles; out of which we won some and lost some. Some important developments happened this year , and we witnessed some of the craziest and quite interesting new trends. All in all – we now bid our farewell to the yesteryear. In case you have missed out, here’s a review of what 2017 had to offer…


The unprecedented leak of Panama Papers by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) in May ‘16 shocked the world as it listed down the names of rich entities and how they have evaded taxes. The list contained many prominent names from around the world including Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif and his children were charged with corruption.

After a year-long process in July 2017, the Supreme Court of Pakistan disqualified Sharif as the Prime Minister of Pakistan for not being %