How to do the daily maintenance work of ultrafine grinding lubrication bearings

Ultrafine grinding is a material after crushing, the next grinding the main equipment, ultra-fine grinding suitable for grinding materials mainly quartz stone, gold ore, iron ore, cement clinker, copper ore, pyrrhotite, construction waste, glass and so on. Because of the practicality of strong, so is recognized by the vast number of customers.

So the problem is that many customers buy a ultrafine mill has not used a few years to think, ultra-fine grinding efficiency has not been high before, but also a variety of problems, so that customers are distressed, ultra-fine grinding failure, not only affect the construction period, but also affect the customer’s income, has been close to the cost of a large amount of input. How can the production of ultra-fine grinding quality unchanged, but also to extend the service life? Let’s analyze the reasons.

Many customers use ultrafine grinding to make often ignore a problem, is the ultra-fine grinding of the sliding bearing lubrication, sliding bearing is carrying the ultra-fine grinding of the normal operation of the key parts, if in ultra-fine grinding work, sliding bearing lubrication, seal is not strict circumstances, will make the sliding bearing damage, Immediately after the lubricating oil will be broken cavity by the particles of dust pollution, resulting in lubrication bearings impure, affecting the entire work efficiency of ultra-fine grinding, once the lubrication bearing serious wear, at this time the temperature in the cavity will rise sharply, resulting in the burning of lubrication bearings, the service life of less than a year. Poor lubrication of lubricating bearings is the main cause of the failure of ultrafine grinding.

First, start the ultrafine mill before the start of the pump, in its oil pump operation two minutes after the start of ultra-fine grinding, the use of PC automatic control system, when the pump can not continue to give oil, will be issued an alarm, at this time to stop the operation of ultra-fine grinding immediately. Secondly, in each sliding bearing with temperature sensor, when the supply of oil too small or other causes of sliding bearing temperature rise to 55 ℃, control system alarm, Ultra-fine grinding will automatically stop. Furthermore, in order to ensure the lubrication bearing can be better lubrication, in each sliding bearing inlet, the installation of storage tanks, even in the oil supply system failure, the oil tank can rely on its own gravity outflow, to achieve the effect of lubrication.

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