Raymond mill improves sealing effect to protect environment

The Raymond milling is the brand product of SBM, which is well received by customers and satisfies the application requirements of various users. For the pollution problems of Raymond’s mill, we deeply realize its seriousness and has made corresponding adjustment. In the sealing aspect of Raymond mill plants, we adopts dust collector to collect dust generated by raymond mill and has realized the purpose of no dust leakage and no pollution, thus making operators avoid damage of dust to human body and significantly reducing effects of air pollution.

Nowadays, the environmental problem in our country is increasingly serious, which has become the haze in people’s mind. The manufacturers that have realized the seriousness of pollution problems have quickly made corresponding adjustment, which improve their products towards environmental protection and pollution free. As is known to us, ore is necessary in industrial production and development, which needs to be processed by machines to grind stuff to a power. Different application requirements of ores in different sectors should also be satisfied by China stone flour mills.

While adjusting ore milling equipment, SBM reminds customers to take corresponding safeguard measures in later using process. It is not feasible to rely solely on the adjustment of the manufacturers. The later production maintenance is very important. The efforts of both manufacturers and customers are directed toward making Raymond mill well serve our daily production and society.

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