How to adjust the speed of ultafine grinding fan

When ultrafine mill work, in order to better meet the needs of the production of finished products, the use of wind to grind after the separation of materials, as long as the production needs of the material, can be wind away and then collect into the finished product, not meet the requirements, the need to put into production again, in this process, the size of the wind Determines the particle size of the finished product, so when regulating the wind, must be very cautious.

Generally speaking, the adjustment of wind size is mainly determined by the speed of the fan of ultrafine grinding. Fan speed is fast, then the internal wind will be larger, otherwise it will be smaller, in fact, this factor not only affects the size of the finished product, but also affect the efficiency of production, is a very important factor, But what exactly does this factor adjust to?

Through the above introduction we know that the role of the wind turbine is to determine the size of the wind, then the separation of materials, but also affect the efficiency of production, and the quality of production and finished products for ultra-fine grinding of the benefits of the project has a great impact, if the two can be taken into account, then can achieve better production efficiency.

So when we adjust the speed of the fan, we need to take into account the particle size and efficiency of the finished product in two aspects, also said that in order to meet the requirements of the finished particle size, to meet the greater efficiency needs, this will be better to obtain benefits, in addition to the need to pay attention to the Ultra-fine Mill fan speed range, in the adjustment of the time, Can not exceed this range, otherwise, will make the component aging accelerated.

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