Making bricks is a new way of construction waste

With the rapid development of the city, the disposal of construction waste has always been a difficult problem, and it is found that construction waste is a very effective way to realize the recycle of construction waste through long time practice. But the size of the aggregate is strictly required for the bricks, in the actual production often have many aggregates because of not meet the requirements and be wasted, in order to solve this problem, ore company has developed a crushing, screening as one of the construction waste crusher, effectively alleviating this situation. The equipment has low noise, low energy consumption and high production efficiency, so it is suitable for brick production of construction waste.

In the actual production, the construction waste through this highly efficient, multi-functional processing equipment, the production of material granularity can be suitable for the production of brick requirements. This equipment has been put into use in many places, and the effect is good, in Yunnan, a construction waste brick enterprise Production site, we see the world-State Company in Yunnan, a customer site a PP1214 series of construction waste treatment equipment is being produced, The staff of the scene told reporters: this equipment broken out of the aggregate granularity can be more than 90% to reach 5mm above, greatly reduced the process, efficiency has improved a lot, more importantly, to minimize the production costs, creating more wealth.

Our company’s construction waste treatment equipment production line is to save energy, reduce consumption, emission reduction for the design guiding ideology, drawing on the foreign advanced technology, according to China’s actual situation design and development of independent intellectual property rights of environmental protection and energy-free brick automatic production line. In view of the current trend of development, the construction waste brick has a broad prospect, construction waste treatment equipment can not only effectively eliminate a large number of solid waste, such as construction waste, effectively solve the construction waste Land, pollution and environmental problems, and can alleviate the problem of construction bricks in China, one more.

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