Peculiar Features and Application of Overflow grinding Mill

According to the different ore discharging method, SBM grinding mill can be divided into lattice grinding grinder and overflow grinding mill which is the most widely used ore grinder in the current iron ore concentration plant. Inside the cylinder of overflow grinding mill, a certain amount of steel grindings are loaded as the ore grinding medium. Materials are crushed and grinded by the steel grinding grindings and then discharged out of the machine through the hollow shaft neck at the ore discharging end. As the ground products are overflowly discharged from the hollow shaft neck, this type of grinding mill machine is called overflow grinding mill which is widely used in various industries.

An overflow grinding mill machine is mainly composed of cylindrical cylinder, end cap, bearing and driving gear ring. The internal cylinder is covered by wear-resisting lining boards fastened with bolts. Inside the cylinder, there are grinding media which are usually steel grinding grindings. When the main motor drives, the internal steel grindings will stick onto the lining boards and rotate with the cylinder under inertia, centrifugal force and frictional force. After being brought to a certain height, under the gravity, the steel grindings will fall down. The falling steel grindings will form fierce impact force on the ores. In the meantime, steel grinding grindings will rotate around the cylinder axis and produce squeezing and grinding force on the ores among the steel grindings and in the contact area of the cylinder, thus crushing and grinding the ores to complete the grinding process.

Overflow grinding mill is a crushing mill working under the wet state. The biggest difference from the dry type grinding mill is that the end cap is taper type, and on the end cap, there is only one crest lining board. The overflow grinding aking machine produced by SBM adopts high-quality lining board made of high manganese, with high wear resistance, low noise and high working efficiency. The biggest advantage of our overflow grinding mill is that it is able to separate low-grade magnetic iron ore with high precision, choose any granularity and get rid of coarse tailings at any time. This equipment has low investment and quick effect. It is mainly used in industrial production, especially in the ore beneficiation industry.

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