The maintenance of ultra fine mill is in proportion to its duration

In the structure of ultrafine mill, the wear of grinding roller is very serious, but because of its working principle, the serious wear of this part will make the machine loose efficient grinding function, so we must pay attention to the dynamic wear of the grinding roller, while in the operation of the grinding machine, the wear is inevitable. But we also need to control the wear as much as possible, and the necessary maintenance of the machine also has to be done.

During the maintenance of ultrafine grinding mill, keep the equipment clean is very important, it is better to keep it in clean state, no dust, no oil and no oil spill on a daily basis. If dust is found in the production of the lubricating parts, it must be timely cleared. If dust and debris enter into the lubricating parts, it will make the equipment wear double without lubrication. The dust itself is in a minimum volume, so if the dust enters into the lubricating parts, the service life of dolomite and limestone mill will be short. Finally, we need to remind everybody is that the regular replacement of lubricating oil is also very important; we can replace the oil according to the running time of the machine, or replace the lubricating oil half a year. In some parts, it not only needs the periodic replacement of the lubricant, but also needs to regularly use the gasoline to clean the filter. However, the operator should pay attention to the tip that they must wait until the machine is completely dry after cleaning gasoline for continue to use, otherwise easy to cause production accident.

The improper maintenance of ultra fine grinding mill will make the working efficiency of the machine greatly reduce, or it may even make short-term scrap of the mill, as well as the increase of its power consumption. The increase of human labor will make the operating costs exponentially increase of investors, and they will be in the passive situation of management for a long-term period. Therefore, the correct method of maintenance is very important.

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