Raymond mill improves sealing effect to protect environment

The Raymond milling is the brand product of SBM, which is well received by customers and satisfies the application requirements of various users. For the pollution problems of Raymond’s mill, we deeply realize its seriousness and has made corresponding adjustment. In the sealing aspect of Raymond mill plants, we adopts dust collector to collect dust generated by raymond mill and has realized the purpose of no dust leakage and no pollution, thus making operators avoid damage of dust to human body and significantly reducing effects of air pollution.

Nowadays, the environmental problem in our country is increasingly serious, which has become the haze in people’s mind. The manufacturers that have realized the seriousness of pollution problems have quickly made corresponding adjustment, which improve their products towards environmental protection and pollution free. As is known to us, ore is necessary in industrial production and development, which needs to be processed by machines to grind stuff to a power. Different application requirements of ores in different sectors should also be satisfied by China stone flour mills.

While adjusting ore milling equipment, SBM reminds customers to take corresponding safeguard measures in later using process. It is not feasible to rely solely on the adjustment of the manufacturers. The later production maintenance is very important. The efforts of both manufacturers and customers are directed toward making Raymond mill well serve our daily production and society.

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Raymond mill can produce quality gypsum powder

China is a big country which makes a large amount of chemical gypsum. As the national economy develops rapidly and the Chinese mining machinery industry focuses on the environment protection, the desulfurization process of the power plant has become the necessary link operated by the power plant. There is a lot of flue gas desulfurization gypsum produced by the power plant as well as lemon citric acid, fluorine gypsum and other chemistry gypsum.

The raymond mill made by our company adopts the advanced technology and is improved based on the traditional Raymond mill manufacturing mode. The finished product particle made by our Raymond mill can be adjusted casually so that the machine can meet all demand from the customers, which will help our company win good reputation.

To make full use of the natural resources and develop the gypsum industry is an important task for the construction of the recycling economy and will offer a new opportunity for our Raymond mills.

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How to do the daily maintenance work of ultrafine grinding lubrication bearings

Ultrafine grinding is a material after crushing, the next grinding the main equipment, ultra-fine grinding suitable for grinding materials mainly quartz stone, gold ore, iron ore, cement clinker, copper ore, pyrrhotite, construction waste, glass and so on. Because of the practicality of strong, so is recognized by the vast number of customers.

So the problem is that many customers buy a ultrafine mill has not used a few years to think, ultra-fine grinding efficiency has not been high before, but also a variety of problems, so that customers are distressed, ultra-fine grinding failure, not only affect the construction period, but also affect the customer’s income, has been close to the cost of a large amount of input. How can the production of ultra-fine grinding quality unchanged, but also to extend the service life? Let’s analyze the reasons.

Many customers use ultrafine grinding to make often ignore a problem, is the ultra-fine grinding of the sliding bearing lubrication, sliding bearing is carrying the ultra-fine grinding of the normal operation of the key parts, if in ultra-fine grinding work, sliding bearing lubrication, seal is not strict circumstances, will make the sliding bearing damage, Immediately after the lubricating oil will be broken cavity by the particles of dust pollution, resulting in lubrication bearings impure, affecting the entire work efficiency of ultra-fine grinding, once the lubrication bearing serious wear, at this time the temperature in the cavity will rise sharply, resulting in the burning of lubrication bearings, the service life of less than a year. Poor lubrication of lubricating bearings is the main cause of the failure of ultrafine grinding.

First, start the ultrafine mill before the start of the pump, in its oil pump operation two minutes after the start of ultra-fine grinding, the use of PC automatic control system, when the pump can not continue to give oil, will be issued an alarm, at this time to stop the operation of ultra-fine grinding immediately. Secondly, in each sliding bearing with temperature sensor, when the supply of oil too small or other causes of sliding bearing temperature rise to 55 ℃, control system alarm, Ultra-fine grinding will automatically stop. Furthermore, in order to ensure the lubrication bearing can be better lubrication, in each sliding bearing inlet, the installation of storage tanks, even in the oil supply system failure, the oil tank can rely on its own gravity outflow, to achieve the effect of lubrication.

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Sand making industry is marching to the energy saving age

Modern sand makers are transferred to the high efficient and energy saving machines with the independent innovation as the driving force. In early years, sand makers made in China are just the products that imitate the foreign equipment without combining the domestic situation. Nowadays against the background of the fast developing sand making machine industry, the sand makers are adjusting themselves to march to the new age of advocating the high efficiency and energy saving developing mode.

In the first place, we chinese manufacturers only pay attention to the rapid development of the national economy, so we have taken many inappropriate measures such as careless gathering and destructive lumbering to gain the natural resources and abundant space for economy, which has done a large amount of harm to the environment. Since 2009, Chinese government guides the domestic mining industry to strengthen the problems of safety and environment. Our company also keeps pace with the national strategy and focuses on the research and development of the quality and benefits of the sand making machines. We aim to realize the upsizing and modernization of the sand making production line.

Our company is quickening the developing pace of the gold ore crusher industry and increasing the technological content of the sand makers. We aim to win a larger piece of market share through the technology and brand influence.

China will continue expanding its domestic demands for many industrial products, so the infrastructure construction will also develop with a fast moving pace. Sand makers are facing unprecedented developing opportunity in the future. The great amount of demand also forces the mining machinery enterprises to develop toward to the independent innovation direction. Therefore, the brand power becomes the classic criterion for most enterprises to produce high efficient and energy saving sand makers.

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What happens if the lubricant of ultrafine mill fails?

Ultrafine mill has a small footprint, complete set of strong, stable performance, easy to operate, low energy consumption, adjustable controllable finished product granularity, and so has a wide range of use, in the production of the machine has very good performance, processing of finished product quality is very good, and has a good capacity, The use of the air duct arc design effectively improve the production of output, host frequency regulation to reduce energy consumption and wear, and so on, these different advantages, making the machine in the market has a very good application situation.

However, the good machine, at work, also need the correct operation, as well as regular maintenance, otherwise the words not only have an impact on the production capacity, for its service life also has a great impact, and for its maintenance process, including the regular lubrication, lubrication needs suitable lubricant, in ultrafine mill production, According to models, temperature and so on to choose the appropriate type of lubricant, so as to help them achieve a good production process, but in the production, if the lubricant failure, for the mill, what harm will be caused?

Lubricant failure is very harmful to Superfine Mill, will make the lubrication can not be achieved to reduce the wear and tear in the production of components, and the failure of the lubricant may also be due to the air with some chemical reactions, and caused by the machine rust, corrosion and other phenomena, which not only can not extend the life of the machine, It also increases the failure rate in production, which is detrimental to the efficiency of production and the cost of maintenance.

In addition, the chemical decomposition of lubricants, pollution, excessive heat and lubricant loss can cause lubrication failure, if the lubrication process mixed with silt, dust and iron filings, metal powder will produce abrasive wear, and wear faster, a variety of lubricating oil on abrasive wear does not improve the role of oil can only remove foreign impurities from the tooth surface wash off, If the wear particles suspended in the oil, will play the role of grinding agent, to promote abrasive wear continue to develop, therefore, in order to prevent abrasive wear, in the process of ultrafine mill must ensure the cleaning of lubricants, in addition, if the choice of oil lubrication has a lower viscosity, then conducive to grain precipitation, oil must be filtered before use, In order to ensure the quality of lubricants in the production of regular lubrication system oil sampling test, regular decontamination.

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Energy-saving grinding mill promotes the development of grinding industry

The energy saving effect of energy saving grinding mill enjoys great popularity among the people in mining machinery industry, which has unique expertise in milling industry. Energy saving vertical roller mill has changed the original structure, and its main bearing adopts double row self-aligning spherical roller bearing, which can reduce energy consumption by 30%. The original lattice type is changed into easy flow control of the discharge, which can increase the grinding fineness, and the capacity can be increased by 15-20%.

Continue to meet the raw material production needs of grinding industry is the constant pursuit of energy saving grinding mill. The new building materials, refractory materials, chemical fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal processing and glass ceramics industry production can use energy-saving grinding mill to realize dry or wet grinding. When the energy saving ultrafine mill is working, its motor drives the rotating cylinder through a speed reducing device, with the friction force and the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the roller, the ore pieces and steel grinding will be raised by the lining plate with a certain height under the action of gravity, and the ore will be gradually crushed through impact and abrasive action, the crushed ore will be discharged outside the barrel by the discharging part. The discharged minerals in spiral classifier through screening can obtain qualified products, the coarse sand will return back to the grinding mill for further grinding through the combination and the feeder. The big rotating gear of energy saving grinding mill adopts casting technology, and the shell is equipped with wear-resistant lining, which has good wear resistance, stable operation and reliable work.

As one of the indispensable equipment in grinding industry, energy saving grinding mill has improved the development for the small and medium-sized enterprises to save energy consumption while ensuring the economic effectiveness, so as to promote the development of green mine industry. When compared with similar products, Fote energy saving grinding mill has low investment, energy saving, novel structure, convenient operation, safe use and reliable performance.

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Sand washer creates high quality artificial sand

Do you know how to make clean and high quality artificial sand in the mining industry? Here we introduce a common way to process sand by using our sand washing mahcine.Sand has been an important material used frequently in the construction field. They can remove the impurity covered on the sand and destroy the water vapor layer covering the sand grains, which is good for dehydration and high efficient sand washing effect.

The sand washer refers to a bucket type washing apparatus which can clean and separate the rock flour and clay from the sand and stones. Because of its original sealing structure and reliable transmission gear, our companys sand washer can realize the best cleaning and dehydrating effect by working together with the sand maker.

The sand washing mahcine generally puts the washers into use in the industries of construction, sand and stone plant, hydropower station and concrete dams. The sand washer with the features of good cleaning effect, reasonable structure, large handling capacity and low power consumption is regarded as the most popular equipment whose transmission gear is separated from water and sand in order to reduce the failure rate.

Based on different appearances and working principles, our sand washers are divided into: screw sand washer, drum sand washer, water wheel sand washer, and vibrating sand washer. With our advanced sand making production line, customers will realize both high efficiency and high yiel

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How to solve the environmental problems of ultrafine grinding

For ultrafine grinding of this type of mill equipment, environmental protection has become the same important performance standards, environmental protection does not meet the requirements, it is difficult to get the recognition of customers, so for environmental protection we must take seriously, then for the production of environmental protection problems, how can we solve it?

For ultrafine grinding production line of environmental issues, mainly dust and noise, these two aspects of the environment will be contaminated, and the health of the staff has adverse effects, so need to be resolved in a timely manner, below to introduce the solution of these two problems.

For the dust problem, in the production of ultrafine mill, there are more or less dust problems, feeding mouth, discharging port and fan seal, because of fine particle size, very easy to fly out of the seal is not good, the solution is to use the negative pressure system as far as possible, the use of good sealing equipment and fine grading equipment, When necessary, install dust removal system in the crushing workshop to ensure the clean production of the workshop, especially the ultrafine mill in the production of pigments, dyes, fiber powders and poisonous powders, which can ensure the safety of staff;

For the noise problem, in the case of material grinding, the machine in the production line, generally produces some noise, but generally speaking noise in a reasonable range, if beyond this range, the need to use silencers equipment to reduce the sound operation, which is to ensure the ultra-fine grinding environmental protection of another important aspect of production;

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Development features of crushing and grinding equipment

As the social economy develops rapidly, it gives a good chance for the crushing equipment and vertical roller mill to show its importance in the mining industry. In order to make full use of the crushers and grinders, we must be reformed of the development features or tendency of these machines.

1. In the international market, the crushers and grinders are experiencing constant optimization with advanced technology. The positive adoption of new design, scientific technology and the large scale developing mode will all make contribution to the success of the crushing and grinding equipment in the future.

2. High end portable crusher plant technologies such as the catastrophe theory and fractal theory are introduced to the modern research and development.

3. The material bed theory has made obvious effect on the research and development on the crushing and grinding machines. For now, most old and new devices adopt this theory.

4. Its a tendency for the mining machinery manufacturers to realize the more crushing than grinding process. So the goal of the current research is to decrease the final material particle size. We tend to pay more attention to crushers than grinders.

5. As the domestic technology and products cant meet the market demand in a short term, so its popular for us to introduce world class crushers and grinders from the foreign developed countries.

6. Because in the domestic manufacturing industry, we mainly produce the small sized crushers and grinders, so the large sized equipment has been the preference for most companies and customers.

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Energy saving grinding mill has elegant quality

Energy saving grinding mill is a kind of high efficiency equipment, which can produce materials with up to 40-60UM fineness and less than 3% residuals. Under special circumstances, the fineness is up to 10UM. The energy saving raymond mill is the key equipment to smash the materials after the crushing process, which is widely used in cement, silicate products, new construction materials, refractory, chemical fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metals, glass chinaware and other production industries. It can conduct dry or wet grinding for many kinds of ores and other materials which can be grinded. The quality of our energy saving grinding mill is always reliable, which can achieve excellent effect.

With the advent of new grinding mill materials, its technology has also been constantly changed. For example, the emergence of self-dry stretch film, which has put wrapping, shrinking and bundling together, makes operation simple and quick. This kind of integrated processing reduces a lot of unnecessary trouble, and it directly borrows the working principle of ultrafine mill to achieve integration so that the grinding mill is more and more potential and effective. Energy saving grinding mill is the important equipment of our company. Over the past 10 years, our company always adheres to the business philosophy of ‘realistic and innovative, pioneering and enterprising’, which focus on the development of new products.

our company is the large-scale joint-stock enterprise which produces grinding mill, rotary kiln, rotary dryer, and other large mining equipment. The ore dressing equipment manufactured by our company has trustworthy quality, excellent performance and reasonable price.

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