Efficient sand maker has wide application prospect in the market

The new efficient sand making machine is the perfect combination of all the sand making equipment technology. The principle of high efficiency sand making machine adopts unique design and vertical shaft. By accelerating the collision attack of materials, it can achieve the crushing, friction and plastic of materials, thus ensuring the structural stability and perfect grain type of finished sand. Sand maker is the key equipment for the production of high quality sand aggregates, and the aggregate quality directly affects the quality of infrastructure engineering. But for a long time, the overall technical level of sand machine is not high, the rigorous technical and quality on the market more and more requirements, which requires the innovation of sand making machine manufacturing industry in China. We should increase the R D of sand making technology as well as the investment, in order to meet the high standard and requirements of the market.

Sand maker has wide usage in the river gravel crushing field. River gravel is a very commonly used sand raw material, which has high hardness, strong wear and corrosion resistance. It is used in many large projects as the high quality building materials aggregates. However, these characteristics of river gravel also determines the high energy consumption of common sand making equipment, which results in the increasing cost of the machine. Our efficient sand making machine adopts the crushing principle of ‘stone hits stone,’ to reduce wear and tear on the equipment, which can greatly improve the sand making efficiency and reduce the production investment with freely transformation of the two devices.

Zenith is one of the large-scale ore milling equipment manufacturers, which is integrated with production, sales, design and installation. We are specialized in R D and manufacturing of stone crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, the third generation of efficient sand making machine, vertical shaft impact crusher and sand making line, which present the outstanding performance in energy saving, high yield, low energy consumption aspects in China.

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Mobile crusher plant gives building waste a second life

In recent years, It’s because of the rapid development of building industry that leads to the generation of huge amount of construction waste. In order to avoid untreated construction waste causing even more damage, construction waste crusher comes into being, which gives building waste a second life. After having processed by mobile construction plant, the waste as renewable resource supports the progress of construction work, which realizes mutual development of environmental protection and economy. Mobile crusher is a new type of environmental protection crusher that has stable yield and high efficiency, which can directly enter building and demolition sites of urban villages and turn brick, tile, concrete and scrap steel into recycled aggregate to be used in foundation reinforcement and road engineering after having crushed and processed, and which truly realized the ideal of turning waste into wealth of building waste in China. Mobile crusher plant is one of the commonly used construction waste disposal equipment, which is the most popular and most advanced waste processing equipment in both domestic market and foreign market for the moment.

Rapid development of urban cities also brings us corresponding problems, of which the most prominent problem is construction waste. The emergence of mobile crushing plant opens up new ways for disposal of urban garbage and gives building waste a second life. Mobile crusher station can realize more than 90% of recycling rate of building waste, which also can realize reduction, resource and harmless disposal of construction waste, thus reducing the impact on environment. Mobile crusher plant can be easily moved from one site to another site, which is of small footprint, easy operation and convenient maintenance. In addition, construction waste crusher also can promote cyclic utilization of construction waste. In the fields of material and energy input, mobile crushing station can save more than 60% of cost compared with directly producing new materials. This huge cost advantage will inevitably extend application of mobile crushing station. Mobile crusher plant has good effect on waste recycling and resource utilization, which not only disposes urban gangue, but protects environment and safeguards people’s lives. Meanwhile, mobile crushing station provides raw materials for other industry like building materials industry and reduces cost.

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Sand maker and mobile crusher will shine in subway construction

In today’s world, China is becoming more and more powerful in international community and Chinese Dream is on its way to come true. In 2011, China became the world’s second largest economy with $5.4742 trillion, and China is changing from made in China to created in China. With the accelerated pace of new urbanization construction and the repaid expansion of urban scale in large and medium-sized cities, investing in the construction of subway has become the best choice for many cities. The sand making machine and mobile crushing station with advanced technology and high quality produced by us will play an important role in the subway construction.

According to the media, the urban subway operation mileage in China will increase 1000 km over the next three years, and nine cities will say goodbye to the history without subway. The nine cities are Qingdao, Wuxi, Changzhou, Fuzhou, Dongguan, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Nanchang and Harbin.

Subway construction requires a lot of sand and gravel aggregates, and artificial sand has long been the preferred because of the lack of natural sand. Sand aggregate production line manufactured by us composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, vertical impact crusher (sand maker), vibrating screen, sand washer, belt conveyor, construction waste crusher has mature technology. Our company can produce and design the complete equipment that the production line needs, thus achieving the best equipment matching degree. Our company also can produce all kinds of mobile crushing stations which will provide material crushing and transportation for the construction site and carry out sand making operation directly beside the site, thus saving transportation cost and realizing convenient and quick effects.

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A new grinding mill has been welcome in the market

A semi-autogenous grinding mill, or slag mill, is responsible for grinding materials from large chunks into small, usable pieces for processing. The slag mill is usually part of the primary stage in the grinding process. Pieces of raw or fairly reduced materials are ground into smaller pieces for further processing or sorting. These machines are typically electrically powered, but have been modified from a variety of powering systems over the years.

The ore milling equipment is most often used in the mining fields, particularly in the mining of precious metals such as gold, copper, silver, and nickel. The slag mill serves in the line of industrial mining equipment designed to process, crush, separate, or locate precious metals from mined coal. The slag mill is one of the large mining equipment pieces, and often requires mining equipment repair and maintenance. This is most often due to the large amount of heavy, residue bearing material being churned through the large drums of the grind mill. The slag mill uses lifting plates along the interior of the drum, which lift material throughout the rotations, causing them to fall onto one another to promote crushing.

It can often be necessary service a variety of industrial gold mining equipment, coal mining equipments, and other relevant large mining equipment. People who work on these machines must understand the intricate details involved with refurbishment of mining equipment and take great care in each stage of the machinery repair process. These details require a trained eye and skilled hand to ensure that the machinery continues to function properly.

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Mobile crushers aim to wipe out construction wastes

Its reported that every year building removal and reconstruction projects will cause billions of tons of wastes. Apart from construction wastes, other solid industrial wastes will also be created. In this case, our company has introduced customers the most popular crushing machines to break all kinds of wastes existing in the construction site, namely the mobile crusher or mobile crushing plant.

In early years, our experts have set up its own research and development department and gathered lots of technological talents, all these efforts leading the company to create and manufacture the perfect mobile crushing plant which will offer ideal solution for the current urgent issue of handling construction wastes.

Our construction waste crusher is armed with a hydraulic device system which will strengthen the security performance, operating continuity and running efficiency. It can work smoothly by cooperating with each other as soldiers in an army, which will do better in the crushing process in the construction sites.Our company takes lead among competitors. Through trial and error, we reorganize the traditional mobile crushing plant, adding scientifically sand maker and jaw crusher to it, thus creating the new handling equipment which is in line with the indexes of the resource recycling and reuse policy made by the government.

The mobile crushing plant integrates the feeding, crushing and conveying processes to form a strong crushing and separating production line. Above all, we believe that we will definitely make excellent achievement in handling construction wastes by adopting the new advanced mobile crusher families.

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Mobile crusher is the killer of construction waste

Because the infrastructure and urban transformation in our country is vigorously carried out, the buildings are rapidly built up, while the old building is rapidly disappearing. During this period, a huge amount of solid waste has been produced. If these construction waste are not been treated directly but for landfill treatment, after a hundred years, the waste is still unable to self degradation, the building rubbish will be a long-term harm to the environment in the future. The main results highlight in the aspects of land pollution, groundwater pollution and the air pollution of the environment; this situation is not conducive to our development direction– construction waste crushing plant. So, the realization of construction garbage regeneration into resource went on to the stage of history. Once born, it has received praise and favor by a lot of people. Throughout the relevant policies, the construction waste has been encouraged and supported, which can realize the new project development cycle and green environmental protection.

Mobile crusher is the extension version of traditional stone production line, which is the successful example of mine stone crushing equipment to expand the function of building materials industry. It has the advantages of small occupied area, flexible movement, convenient maintenance and strong maneuverability, which can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; it can also carry on the onsite crushing of materials without removing the material from the scene for crushing again.The construction waste crusher can move with the raw material mining face, thereby greatly reducing the material transport cost. Mobile crusher has flexible configuration, which can be designed according to the actual design or special situations of customers, which is very suitable for construction waste crushing.

Mobile crusher has successful applications in construction waste disposal problems, which has solved the construction waste ‘siege’ predicament and improved our surroundings. It also made their contributions to the construction waste disposal technology. As the professional mobile crusher manufacturers in China, Our company always comes first on the list among domestic mobile crusher manufacturers. With great transformation potential, we have focused on the research and development of mobile crushing equipment, which has a technical team and a strong production team to ensure that each set of factory mobile crushing station is highly efficient and stable. All customers are welcomed to visit our factory for business negotiations!

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Crusher helps with industrial transformation of cement industry

At present, the awareness of environmental protection in the cement industry in our country has increased, and in order to extend the industrial chain, this industry is embarking on such industries as sand and stone and concrete, and the energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment becomes the concerning focus of people.Our company is a large-sized mining machinery company integrated with research and development, production and selling, and the crushing equipment manufactured by our company rises and shines in the cement industry with energy saving and environmentally friendly features.

Carefully researching the current situation of the cement industry in our country, the development momentum is very strong, thus increasing the market demands for sand and stone aggregates. The quarry crusher manufactured by us is a crushing machine relying on the impacting force in order to crush the materials, and after many times and many effects of combination crushing, this machine will be able to manufactured high quality and efficient cement raw materials. It is not only able to effectively improve the utilization ratio of the resources, but carry out the principle of energy conservation and emission reduction and protect the environment, and lay foundation for the transformation and upgrading of the cement industry and the extension of the industrial chain.

In order to satisfy the wide demands for the sand and stone aggregates of the cement industry, our company focuses on improving the product quality and brand image and builds more quality crushing equipment and help with transformation and upgrading of the cement industr

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Several factors that influencing the price of crusher

As more and more enterprises have need to buy crusher, a lot of irregular machinery manufacturers improve their sales price. However, buyers soon find that the higher price devices are sub-quality, which can not fit the production needs. How to buy cheap and high quality crusher?

The main factor is the price of raw materials. As we all know, raw materials of crusher are steel, so domestic steel prices directly affects the price of crusher. The higher of domestic steel price is, the higher of crusher price. Then, it is necessary to purchasing enterprises serious study of the offer, if the offer is significantly lower than the average market price, the device is certainly of lower quality, because no company will do suffer in the sale.

Secondly, under the same manufacturing cost, the size of specifications and production parameters also affect the price. Buyers should purchase according to production needs so as not to waste money. Additionally, learn about ore milling equipment price of the same specifications to several manufacturers, so that avoid being deceived by irregular manufacturers.

Finally, technical factors are certainly also affect crusher price. Device of high technical content is relatively higher than the others in sales price. Therefore, purchasing enterprise must understand various technical parameters of the equipment, for example, the same equipment, some can be used for three years and some can be for five years, so it is worthy buying qualified and reliable equipment with higher price.

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What kinds of equipment will be required in one stone factory?

Our experts point out that crushing equipment will not be required if one stone production line just is being used to produce the specification sizes, and the basic configuration of this line is including jaw crusher, impact crusher, feeder, conveyor, vibrating screen. The concrete specification of the ore milling equipment mentioned above on can be adjusted according to the practical output, so the difference can be a litter bigger in one common situation such as the output from 60-450t/h, the price from thousand to million.

The profit of opening one stone factory is very attractive according to the development tendency of the mining machinery because most of cities in our countries are in one development period while some projects are being established such as the chemical, transportation, living house, road paving and so on, and the fields mentioned above on can not get rid of the supplying of stone factories, so that is the reason why we say that the future of this field is very bright, but to opening one stone factory is not so easy just like what we are imagining right now, some questions about the investment cost, the place choosing and so on, so we need calm down to think about some concrete questions on the basis of some practical situations.

Our company has the professional technological team while owning the profound experience on the mineral exploration, aggregate production, industrial manufacturing craftsmanship and so on, and we can design and configure the reasonable equipment for our customers according to the practical situation, so just give you and me one chance to cooperate, and we can promise that we will not let you down. Leave us one message if there is something you want to know, and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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Grinding equipment stimulates fast economic growth

Mining machinery is a pillar industry in economy and plays an irreplaceable role in economic construction and social development. In mine, energy, transportation construction and industrial raw material production and other industries, as the construction and mining equipment and raw material deep processing equipment, mining machinery constantly provides large quantities of fundamental industrial products and energy for various industries and ensure the healthy operation of national construction and economic development. The industrial level of mining machinery is an important symbol of measuring the advancement of the industry of a country.

The powder ultrafine grinding mill industry is the fundamental and pillar industry of a country and has paramount position in the economy. With social development, the powder grinding demands for various kinds of materials will also increase fast, which will promote the development of powder grinding equipment as well as promoting economic improvement. The powder grinding mill industry is a labor-intensive, technology-intensive and capital intensive industry, and the relevancy among the sub industries is very high and at the same time, it is the leading industry in the heavy industry. This industry has a close relation with the upstream industry and downstream industry and has strong stimulation ability and it is an important industry to stimulate domestic demand and export development.

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