Special precautions for ultrafine mill

When users use the ultra-fine milling machine, looking forward to his very good performance, but, do not know, the machine’s production and the user’s operation has a great relationship. Because in the production, the use of the ultrafine mill not only and its performance has a great relationship, which with the use of the specific operation in the process also has a great relationship. In use, the user according to its performance, to develop specific requirements. In the production, the user wants the mill to be more efficient. In fact, its grinding efficiency is not only related to roller pressure, but also with the height of the material layer. In order to ensure the mechanical efficiency, it is necessary to keep the contact surface between the roller and the disc with a large contact with the material, and to keep the height of the material layer, so that the material to bear the same roller pressure.

In the work of the mill, because the grinding pressure and material moisture, abrasibility, wind speed and machine model specifications and other factors are very related, so the user in the operation, according to the actual situation to develop the use of Requirements, when the material is easy to wear and water is small, and the production requirements are low, the roller pressure can be appropriate smaller, to achieve the role of regulation of the raymond mill. It is important to note that during the course of the work, the material layer on the disc must have sufficient stability, so keep the height of the stack. At the time of grinding, the bulk material is first pressed by the roller, and the roll pressure is concentrated on the bulk material. When the roll pressure increases or exceeds the compressive strength of the material, the material is crushed, but it is easy Unstable, then the user will have to pay attention.

Then, for the formation of a stable material layer more difficult materials, users must take measures to control. When the machine feeds dry material or fine powder more material, because the material in the disc easy to flow, will cause material layer instability phenomenon. Therefore, when users want to take the water humidification method to stabilize the material layer, in a certain extent, can also automatically adjust the roller pressure to adapt to the instability of the material layer changes, to maintain the stability of the machine work.

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The reason of violent vibration in the production of ultrafine mill

Ultrafine mill in the production of milling will be due to two reasons of vibration, ultrafine mill vibration may lead to damage to the two parts of the machine, resulting in labor and economic losses, so users need to understand the causes of vibration, and take the appropriate Measures to avoid the occurrence of vibration.The ultrafine mill in the installation if the installation of the plane and the level of non-parallel vibration will occur, that is, when the machine is not installed on the plane correction is good, will lead to the machine’s mainframe and reducer is not in two planes, that is, And reducer connection wheel is not heart. This phenomenon causes the operation of the device on the main unit and the operation of the reducer to be out of sync, resulting in vibration. Users can understand the two, the operation of ultrafine mill machine is driven directly by the reducer, reducer and the installation of the host components are not parallel to the machine will cause vibration, making reducer and host parts damaged. In response to this phenomenon, the user can adjust the level of ultrafine mill.
Raymond mill in the production of mill will occur in the normal regular vibration, but because the raymond mill is fixed by the anchor bolts on the ground, so its vibration amplitude is very small. However, when the local anchor bolts loose, raymond mill of the vibration amplitude becomes larger, will cause the internal parts of the machine and material impact, resulting in damage to the machine. For this phenomenon, the user only need to tighten the anchor bolts just fine.
ultrafine mill of the thickness of the material layer is also the machine vibration of the two factors, when the machine within the material layer is too thin, the machine between the roller and mill disc spacing is too small, prone to impact phenomenon, this impact will lead to Machine vibration, the user for this phenomenon will need to increase the amount of feed, thereby increasing the thickness of the material layer.
When the material is too brittle, too large particle size will occur when the vibration phenomenon, when the material is too brittle, easy to break, it will cause a disc on the two empty material phenomenon, making the roller and disc impact, vibration This phenomenon, the user to control the size of the feed size, more large pieces of the material the probability of such a phenomenon even greater.

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Why should the road asphalt pavement be broken by the impact crusher?

According to the highway surface layer of asphalt mixture with coarse aggregate quality and technical requirements, according to the content of needle like particles of limestone coarse aggregate were studied on aggregate crushing value, skeleton impact and high temperature stability, the water stability of asphalt concrete effect. The results show that the needle and flake content have remarkable influence on the aggregate properties.
It is necessary to treat these with counter crushing construction waste crusher.The requirements of the national road construction, the coarse aggregate should be with the production license of the quarry production, coarse aggregate should have good particle shape, cubic shape, flakiness content is less than or equal to 15%, and should be clean, dry and free of weathering, without impurities, with sufficient strength and wear loss. The top layer of asphalt should be made of high quality stone with good hardness, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. Other coarse aggregate can be made of good quality limestone.
In response to these requirements, at present, China’s asphalt surface treatment of physical crushing, mostly by jaw crushing, back breaking, cone breaking and so on. Because of the high efficiency and adaptability of the gold ore crusher, it is mostly the primary crushing of aggregates, but the content of finished products is too high. In order to reduce the needle and flake of aggregate, it is necessary to make plastic treatment. The method of treatment usually uses the method of back breaking and cone breaking, which results in the two stage fragmentation of aggregates. Of course, in the two break, the counterattack has a congenital advantage. Because the machine structure of back breaking, is used in the back plate hit the stone, crushing ratio, the crushed material is cubic particles, and the particle size is small, the advantages of large production capacity, has two stage crushing.

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How can ultrafine mills increase production?

The process of ultrafine mill work, production problems and many aspects are related, the machine is not only the quality and performance, more important is the operation of equipment, this article is to introduce, when in use, the problem how to improve the output of the machine. In order to improve the mill production capacity, we first need to understand the production process of ultrafine mill price: grinding process and winnowing process, to analysis the several problems about the production bottleneck of grinding process:
1, ultrafine grinding blade angle plays a crucial problem, some manufacturers tend to ignore the problem, the mill blade feed positions in some high, some low, the shovel shovel materials can not be accurate to the grinding position, which has a great influence on mill production;
2, grinding roller assembly of the sealing problem, which is directly related to the use of ultra-fine grinding manufacturers can be used normally, the normal production of the problem, if the grinding roller assembly cannot be effectively sealed, so the internal assembly can easily enter into powder, powder ultrafine powder machine after total achievement easy to break, it will bring very serious trouble to the normal production, it also needs to be cautious for sealing roller problems;
3, ultrafine grinding degree of wear parts, if wearing parts (i.e. grinding and grinding ring) with ordinary carbon steel, it will soon wear out, the cost of production will be such ultra-fine grinding manufacturers increase repair rate will increase, recommends that customers use the material of high manganese steel material production accessories so their relatively high degree of wear;

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The mobile crusher is a well deserved force in the crusher industry

The mobile crusher is fixed relative to the crusher is concerned, usually including a mobile tire crusher and tracked mobile crusher two, by contrast, the series mobile crusher not only it is very convenient to move and use more flexible, but also comes with a crushing and screening equipment, operation process more smoothly. The process is more advanced, the broken machine in the field of strength fully deserve. In the past, the gold ore crusher technology mainly relied on foreign developed technology, without too much innovation. With the continuous development of China’s economy in recent years, many broken machine manufacturers in the continuous innovation, especially the well-known enterprises as our company that machines, pay more attention to the equipment innovation degree, has a very big breakthrough in the crusher technology, production of mobile crusher have abandoned the traditional energy consumption large crusher high cost and serious pollution, etc., to achieve a great leap in energy saving, environmental protection, quality.

According to market survey, crusher equipment currently on the market more popular with consumers for mobile crusher, due to its price slightly higher than the other crusher, so the application without jaw crusher so widely, but its performance and quality is recognized by the consumers more reliable portable crusher plant range is very extensive, especially for construction waste has a very significant effect, and the current problems in the city construction waste is very serious, not only affects the environment, also caused a serious impact on human health, so give mobile crushing brings a good opportunity for development. Practice has proved that the use of mobile crusher can greatly improve the comprehensive utilization rate of construction waste and improve the renewable utilization rate. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly way for the construction waste processing industry.

Judging from the overall situation, the crusher equipment in China has a strong prospect for development and a larger living space. The mobile crusher has run as a pioneer in the forefront of the industry, as the main force of mining machinery industry, we always stand in the position of the user, the user is to maximize the benefits for the enterprise development goals, will provide more high-quality, environmentally friendly mobile crushing equipment for users.

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Construction waste crushing production line to become garbage terminator

With the rapid development of the city, the growth rate of urban garbage can not be underestimated. Faced with a large number of urban garbage, its treatment has been urgent, and construction waste has become the most concern of the city, and its recycling effect is related to the construction of the whole city. The application of construction waste crushing production line turns waste into treasure, becoming garbage terminator and realizing circular economy:
1. The construction waste crusher has a hand in dealing with waste
The construction waste crushing production line is applied to the treatment, processing and recycling of concrete, waste bricks and stones in urban construction waste. For simple crushing broken construction waste in the concrete operation process, waste brick and stone into the jaw, and then enter the building garbage crusher for crushing, and then into the sieve screening. The selective crushing stone by qualified belt conveyor into dry magnetic separator for iron removal treatment, unqualified stone again into the construction waste crushing machine, thus forming a closed cycle, to ensure the quality of dimension stone.
2. Construction waste crushing production lines need to invest much money?
The production line of garbage disposal is a hand broken construction waste, after treatment of construction waste has wider application, which makes the construction waste crushing production line has been widely used, more and more people want to invest in construction waste crushing production line, the investment of construction waste crushing production line for more for users concerned.
Construction waste crushing production line investment by many aspects, production line equipment, the investment is different, different manufacturers of investment will be different, so we should analyze specific issues, we recommend the purchase of construction waste crushing production line, the best large manufacturers to buy a full set of equipment, professional portable crusher plant manufacturers the output of the construction waste crushing production line complete set of equipment is very complete, if you buy a full set of equipment, the purchase of equipment is relatively more, may be able to find manufacturers consultation, give a reasonable price, than to buy a separate piece of equipment will save the cost of buying. At the same time, a complete set of original equipment may not be damaged in use and reduce maintenance costs.

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What is the particle size of ultrafine mill?

Ultrafine mill product size is exquisite, low investment cost, cost recovery fast, is the preferred equipment for grinding powder, then what is the ultrafine mill product size, how to work, how much is the price? The following is a detailed description of the ultrafine mill.
1. particle size of ultrafine mill
ultrafine Mill fine particle size of the product is 3250, the diameter is 425 mesh, we can in the 425 and 3250 mesh intervals according to their actual needs to choose and use equipment in the US, in addition to the ultrafine Mill size requirements, but also need maximum feed size and equipment the production capacity of ultra-fine Ramon pulverizer allowed a basic understanding of maximum feed size allowed the ultrafine mill is 425 orders, production capacity in the range of 30-800kg/h, we can be adjusted according to their own needs.
2. ultrafine mill process
Broken to the required material by the hoist is sent to a storage bin, silo material by electromagnetic vibration feeder evenly sent to the super ultrafine Mill in grinding machine, analysis of the milled powder into the blower under the effect of ultrafine Mill sorting, does not meet the requirements of the fineness of the return to the grinding chamber for grinding, with fineness of powder into the large cyclone collector with air, were isolated and collected, and then by the powder discharge tube is finished powder.
3. ultrafine flour mill prices
The ultrafine mill because of advanced structure, the parts of the strict production process cumbersome, complex and demanding, so the price of equipment than other ultrafine mill with the output price expensive, but the equipment should be fine, a wide range of product size, market demand, product price is high, so if considering the equipment the economic benefits of the ultrafine mill, the price is not high.

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What kind of crusher is suitable for crushing construction waste

Construction waste as to accelerate the pace of building the city becomes more and more serious impact on people’s quality of life, living in the vicinity of the demolition of housing residents are suffering, so choose a good crusher for waste disposal of construction waste is imminent, you should choose which crusher broken construction waste? Considering the construction waste surrounding environment, if the surrounding residents are not many, can always work, I suggest you use the construction waste crusher, because the waste a lot of buildings is temporary, while the construction waste crushing low requirements, easy transportation, simple facilities stationed fast and it is mostly vehicle and motor the control box integration on the job site, so relatively speaking can provide a lot of convenience to us. In recent years along with the development of mobile crusher, the technology has been very mature, types of construction waste mobile crusher are many, according to the different types of jaw crusher divided into mobile crusher, hammer crusher, mobile crusher, mobile crusher, can meet the different needs of customers but, we can use collocation according to their own needs of different mobile crusher.

If the surrounding residents are more, but the demolition area is relatively large, we can also choose the portable crusher plant, which at this time we need to put the mobile crusher construction site selection, after all, in the mobile crusher construction will produce a lot of noise, the position of the work equipment installation when the noise can not bring influence to the residents. If the surrounding residents, and the demolition area of hours, then we can only choose the broken line and the old, broken line attached to a suitable site at the same time, we also need to take different size to the construction waste crushing production line. In fact, we can also use mobile die crusher, mobile crusher only when the construction cannot be directly in the demolition, we can choose one from the demolition into sparsely populated place to break, after all the broken construction waste in an area is only temporary, it can provide convenience for the next construction waste crushing.

To sum up, individuals feel that it is better to use a mobile crusher when crushing construction waste because it can provide a lot of convenience and save a lot of cost. Our company has been engaged in the crushing industry for more than 30 years, our company produces mobile crusher variety, good quality, excellent price, can be used as your choice when buying mobile crusher.

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How to choose the best Raymond mill manufacturers?

Raymond mill is the main force in the dry milling industry, huge market volume makes raymond mill manufacturers more and more, the following for raymond mill manufacturers recommend a variety of equipment, complete models, and introduce how to choose the Raymond mill factory good. Our company is engaged in the mining equipment industry for nearly 30 years, covers an area of one hundred thousand square meters, with 60000 square meters of standard heavy-duty industrial workshop, all kinds of large and medium-sized metal machining, welding, assembly equipment more than 200 units, more than 1300 employees online. All our products have passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, and the machines produced by the company have been rated as “China’s famous brands”
1, Raymond Mill cheap price, the price level is low, the staff here, low wages, low operating costs, plus it manufacturers and more competitive pressure, so the Raymond Mill low price, cost-effective
2, Raymond Mill quality and reliable performance: the company’s products are through the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, so Raymond powder mill quality and performance more trustworthy
3, Raymond mill, many kinds of types: Raymond mill milling machine, milling machine, high pressure grinding machine, ultrafine mill and other types, each kind of Raymond mill are large and small, and can be customized according to user needs, to meet your different needs.
We want to make sure that Raymond mill grinding equipment manufacturers to our products, production can meet our needs; see Raymond mill raw material quality, structure, equipment commissioning, and scale, workshop equipment processing proficiency to judge the quality and performance of Raymond mill equipment manufacturers, selection of Raymond mill factory good quality and high performance equipment. The staff and the contact and the corporate culture, the service environment judge Raymond mill factory, through the operation of the company size, strength and cleanliness judgment of Raymond mill factory, Raymond Mill choose strength and good service as their partners.

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Ultrafine mill’s manufacturing sector is currently the lowest profit margins

After-sales service and other aspects of the production is the quality of high-end manufacturers of raw materials. After-sales service and other links is the value of the high-end Creating these values ​​requires professionals. The first is the lack of advanced innovative technology talent. Technician is accustomed to drawing. According to the sample research and development counterattack broken mine. According to sample research and development ultrafine mill features. Lack of independent innovation crusher enthusiasm and ability. Lack of enthusiasm and ability to innovate independently. Directly affect the ultrafine Mill in the market competitiveness and value. Followed by the lack of senior sales staff. Service awareness and technical drying equipment Qiao level behind. Service awareness and skills are lagging behind. To simply sell equipment for the purpose. Unable to provide users with professional consulting services and comprehensive solutions. Can not help users maximize the return on investment while the dryer to maximize their own ultrafine Mill value. Can not help users maximize their return on investment while maximizing their own ultrafine Mill value.
In the small Lei Meng mill on their own development should have a clear understanding. ultrafine lean to do fine. To make their own characteristics to highlight their own value. Win market share. Increase technology research and development efforts. Narrowing the gap between the domestic ultrafine Mill and the international advanced level. Do a good job in basic research work. Efforts to penetrate the core technology. Overcome technical difficulties. Make a high level of vertical roller mill. Gradually out of the key components and machine high-end ultrafine rely on the status of imports. Improve the intensity and level of R & D and innovation. From the past to follow suit. Imitate to independent research and development. Innovation change. Adjust the ultrafine Mill structure. To meet the requirements of market development. To protect the living environment. The world to control emissions. Saving energy is more and more urgent. More stringent requirements. This trend is bound to have a huge impact on the future ultrafine Mill development direction. Especially for China is still the absolute number of internal combustion vehicles in the market. ultrafine do well energy saving. The R & D and technical reserve work of the environmentally friendly ultrafine Mill is particularly important.

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