Web Hosting Guide For Beginners [Infographic]

With the info graphic titled “ Web hosting guide for beginners ” you can understand the important terminologies related to website hosting services . This info graphic gives the brief idea and is a guide on hosting related terms.  For a novice , who has curiosity to know what exactly hosting stands for, this info graphic is a complete guide.

The given info graphic includes following points :
1) What is website hosting?
2) What does the term “Web Host” stands for ?
3) What is a Web Server?
4) Different services that web hosting company gives.
5) Features of a web hosting plan.
6) Most common and popular  type of hosting plans and services.

Know the basic 3 “W’s” of hosting

The term “Web Hosting” stands for allocating space on internet which means making your website accessible on worldwide internet . A “Web Host” is any person or company that is providing you hosting services. It is also known as Web Hosting provider . A “Web Server” is a computer where all the webpages and database of your website is stored .

Also , one should look for the types of services that their web hosting package includes like domain name registration , email hosting services , SSL certificate , customer support etc .

There are various features of a web hosting plan that you should look into :
Choose the bandwidth according to your website requirement . If your website has large amount of data and generally draws huge traffic then choose higher bandwidth so that speed of the website is not harnessed .

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