Office Relocation Packing Tips

Relocating to a new office is a tedious task that requires packing up everything and moving. An office has variety of things that needs to be packed in different ways to ensure that there is no damaged caused to the goods. In the United States, 41% of the relocation is commercial with corporate organization accounting for maximum percentage.

Before relocating to another office, pack up your cabinet and desk. Sort out all the disposables and put them in the recycle/shred bucket. Pack everything in boxes and mark them with your name, location and special handling. Make a list of boxed and it’s content to indicate the order of unpacking. Put your files in a box and place your files and folders in an alphabetical or numerical order.

Only pack office belongings while relocating to another place. Personal items such as pictures, disk drives and posters should not be packed with other office items. Take them home so that there is no breakage caused to them.

This infographic aims at helping individuals and business owners know the tips on how to pack their office items while relocating.

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