Guide to Liquid Wallpaper – Make Your Home More Beautiful

Guide to Liquid Wallpaper – Make Your Home More Beautiful 1

The procedure of applying liquid wallpaper

Step one: fully stir the paint with stirring rod before start. If there is bubble in it, wait about ten minutes and the bubble will disappear.

Step two: put paint in the printing tool

Step three: place the printing tool in the wall corner; press the mould tightly on the wall; scrape paint on the wall with scraper blade

Step four: after the pattern of mould is applied on the wall, remove the excessive paint on the mould; lift the mould in direction perpendicular to wall

Step five: make sure the pattern is scattered on the wall uniformly

Step six: use soft mould to print pattern when the wall area is not enough in longitudinal and horizontal direction.

Inspection method of liquid wallpaper

After liquid wallpaper applied on the wall, home owner needs to check the quality of wallpaper. On one side, quality checking can find the mistake made during wallpaper pasting and fix it timely to prolong its service life; on the other hand, the most important function of liquid wallpaper is decoration, quality checking can guarantee the decoration effect of liquid wallpaper.
1 There is no blister, bulging, crack, warping, wrinkle and blotchy on the painted wall surface. The wall surface is smooth when watch from wall side. The wallpaper connected tightly with picture molding, veneer board and skirting line.
2 The pattern at the joint is identical and connected properly. The pattern at the joint is integrated and no seam found when observing from 1.5m distance.
3 The edges and corners are clear after painting. There is front lighting in internal corner and no joint seam at external corner.

Maintenance tips for liquid wallpaper

Daily cleaning tip: When the wall is stained, do not scrape the stain with sharp tools without dust proof finishing coat. Wipe the stain slightly with limited amount of clean water. Remove the dust on wall with duster at fixed time.

When the wall is damaged, do not repair it with other painting. Professional can make it as fresh as new. Read wallpaper maintenance tips here. comments disabled due to abuse