An Introduction of Reverse Osmosis

Almost everyone is aware by the process of reverse osmosis. It is now being widely used in various commercial and industrial sectors. The usage of the RO is being patronized in not only the industries but also at homes. The basic working behind it is that it works on the simple principle of flowing of liquid from higher concentration to the lower concentration through a semi permeable membrane.

The solution which consists of various impurities is subjected to high pressure due to which the molecules with lower molecular weight passes through the semi permeable membrane while the one with higher molecular weight are restricted by it. The water used for commercial and industrial purposes needs high rate of purity. Thus, a mechanism which can operate the pressure between 100 to 100 psig is set up. Many industries increase the number of membranes while using it because they need the water of greater quality.

Moreover many of the RO systems have the technology of crossflow of the water which keeps the semi permeable membrane clean without taking any extra efforts. The system was invented in the 1950’s for achieving purified water. It removes salt, color, taste and various other contaminants from the water very easily. These days’ different industries are using the technology of reverse osmosis immensely. Basic reason behind the wide use of reverse osmosis system is that it is very efficient as well as cost effective.

Infographic by Dutco Tennant

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