How to ensure a safe move while you are pregnant?


Moving often causes a lot of stress and exhaustion. And if you are pregnant or your wife is pregnant and you can’t avoid or postpone the move, you need to be extra careful. With all the moving boxes, bulky furniture, and professional movers around, it is not very safe for pregnant women to be around. It is advisable to look for professional moving companies in NYC since they are experienced and know how to do the job in the correct manner. By entrusting the job to NYC movers, you can sit back and relax and take care of yourself and your baby.

Here are some great moving tips to ensure that both you and your baby have a safe and happy move.

Start packing well in advance-since there are so many tasks to be completed, moving can leave you exhausted. Packing on last minute can cause unnecessary stress and hassle for you. Start packing early, at least 6 weeks in advance before the moving day. It would enable you finish everything without feeling tensed.

Ask friends and family for help-if you are not hiring professional movers, ask your husband, friends, family members, or colleagues to help you out. It is not safe to disassemble heavy furniture, or lift heavy items while you are pregnant. Do not attempt to lift anything too heavy or bend too low to fetch things. Host a packing party and let everyone help you with packing, wrapping, and labelling. It would ease your burden and would keep you happy too.

Take things easy-moving can leave you stressed and worried. But if you are pregnant, take things easy. Do not get hyper and do not start doing everything on your own. Even if you are physically fit and are able to do normal activities, you must take it easy. Take short breaks while you are helping others in packing. Put your feet up, drink water, and eat fruits. Take your vitamins on time.


Find a new doctor-before you move to your new home, find a new doctor in your neighborhood. You may ask your existing doctor for referrals in the new city. Carry your medical file with you as the new doctor may need to know your medical record and important details, if any. Doing so would ensure that you enjoy regular and good pre-natal care.

Hire a reliable moving company-there are innumerable moving companies in NYC. Hire one for yourself. Remember that moving is taxing and if you are pregnant, things can be even more challenging for you. Professional movers would handle everything, from packing to wrapping to labelling and loading to unloading.

Make sure you follow your regular diet and exercise regime that your doctor has recommended to you. Take good care of yourself to ensure that your baby is healthy and fine. Do not bother about moving. Professional movers are there to take care of everything on your behalf. comments disabled due to abuse