CAT preparation tips to improve LR and DI sections

Aspiring for CAT 2015? Make sure you work really hard to improve Logical Reasoning (LR) and Data Interpretation (DI) as sections. DI and LR section in CAT exam paper comprises of 32 questions each. If you screw up this section, you may not be able to score high in CAT. Given below are some tips to help you improve DI and LR to get high CAT percentile.

Solve previous year CAT papers. A lot of people who have been able to crack the CAT exam successfully would have told you the same. Even your coaching center tutors would have asked you to do the same. This is something that you can’t ignore if you want to crack the CAT exam. CAT papers would familiarize you with the kind of questions that are asked and the level of difficulty that you can expect in the actual paper. You can easily get previous year papers either online for free, or you can buy a book that comprises of previous year’s solved CAT papers.

When you solve previous year CAT papers and when you appear for CAT mock tests, analyse. Generally DI is not very difficult, but it is very time consuming. LR can sometimes take too much time or you may not get the logic at all. Make categories of problem types in each of these sections and then identify which ones you are comfortable with and which ones you are not so comfortable. This will help you know which are the ones you need to work more on. Some such categories that most students find difficult are cubes, rankings, arrangements, table based LR sets, games, set theory based questions. Line and bar charts, pie charts, and table based are difficult in the DI section.

Work on your speed. You must be really quick at calculations of you want to solve all the questions on time and correctly. Try to do calculations mentally. Learn squares at least till 30, cubes at least till 20, and square roots till 10. Also learn fractions to percentage conversions. These would help you speed up your calculations and would save a lot of your time. Do approximate calculations wherever it works. Since CAT is not a subjective exam, you just have to tick the right answer.

Practice. It may sound a cliché though but it is actually very important if you want to crack CAT exam 2015. Do not practice anything and everything. Work on the weak question types that you have identified during your CAT preparation. Practice as many questions as possible to improve your speed further. The more you work on the weak questions, the better you will get.

Keep the above CAT preparation tips in mind and score well in CAT exam. comments disabled due to abuse