What Are The Key Habits Of Successful People?

25 habits (in truth, some of them are more qualities, than habits) of successful people are:

  1. They look for and find opportunities where others see nothing.
  2. They find a lesson while others only see a problem.
  3. They are solution focused.
  4. They consciously and methodically create their own success, while others hope success will find them.
  5. They are fearful like everyone else, but they are not controlled or limited by fear.
  6. They ask the right questions – the ones which put them in a productive, creative, positive mindset and emotional state.
  7. They rarely complain (waste of energy). All complaining does is put the complainer in a negative and unproductive state.
  8. They do not blame (what’s the point?). They take complete responsibility for their actions and outcomes (or lack thereof).
  9. While they are not necessarily more talented than the majority, they always find a way to maximize their potential. They get more out of themselves. They use what they have more effectively.
  10. They are busy, productive and proactive. While most are laying on the couch, planning, over-thinking, sitting on their hands and generally going around in circles, they are out there getting the job done.
  11. They align themselves with like-minded people. They understand the importance of being part of a team. They create win-win relationships.
  12. They are ambitious; they want amazing – and why should not they? They consciously choose to live their best life rather than spending it on auto-pilot.
  13. They have clarity and certainty about what they want (and do not want) for their life. They actually visualize and plan their best reality while others are merely spectators of life.
  14. They innovate rather than imitate.
  15. They do not procrastinate and they do not spend their life waiting for the ‘right time’.
  16. They are life-long learners. They constantly work at educating themselves, either formally (academically), informally (watching, listening, asking, reading, student of life) or experientially (doing, trying) or all three.
  17. They are glass half full people – while still being practical and down-to-earth. They have an ability to find the good.
  18. They consistently do what they need to do, irrespective of how they are feeling on a given day. They do not spend their life stopping and starting.
  19. They take calculated risks – financial, emotional, professional, and psychological.
  20. They deal with problems and challenges quickly and effectively, they do not put their head in the sand. They face their challenges and use them to improve themselves.
  21. They do not believe in, or wait for fate, destiny, chance or luck to determine or shape their future. They believe in, and are committed to actively and consciously creating their own best life.
  22. While many people are reactive, they are proactive. They take action before they have to.
  23. They are more effective than most at managing their emotions. They feel like we all do but they are not slaves to their emotions.
  24. They are good communicators and they consciously work at it.
  25. They have a plan for their life and they work methodically at turning that plan into a reality. Their life is not a clumsy series of unplanned events and outcomes.

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