The Power of Customer-Friendly Phrases


Words are powerful and when said in a conversational and friendly tone, these can improve friendships, strengthen relationships and also do wonders to your business. Customers these days are increasingly dependent on the customer care representatives that the company hires to answer the queries raised by them. Whether it is about network issues or concerns over billing, the customers care representatives are the one who are directly contacted by the customers for any of their troubles.

In such a scenario when the customer care representatives serve as the major part of an organisation’s structure, it is essential that the services provided by them are high in quality and at par to the customer expectations. There should be uniformity in all their actions, whether it is sending out an email or handling a telephonic query.

Customer-friendly phrases have an important role to play in maintaining this uniformity. These phrases can be used to add a personalized touch to the services while the representatives carefully handle and resolve the customer queries. For any of your queries related to the services provided by EE, please dial EE customer service telephone number.


Here are a few of the helpful phrases that can help you win your customer satisfaction and loyalty:

  1. “Happy to help you”

Though this sounds more like a sales representative statement, this or a variation should be used when ending your conversation with the customer. It is not essential that all the customers you interact with are happy and satisfied with your services. Therefore, make sure to inform them that you are there to serve them better and are happy in doing so. Leaving your conversation open-ended creates a risk that the customer might feel that you are in hurry to attend some other calls and in turn, might lead to a loss of a customer to the company. For any assistance related to EE services, contact EE customer complaint number.

  1. “As much as I’d love to help…”

There are times when the customer enthusiastically asks you for a service that is not feasible in your business. Don’t worry as saying a blunt ‘no’ is not the only solution. There are subtle ways to say so. Try using statements like “As much as I’d love to help, but this is not possible presently”. Avoid using phrases like “To be honest” as this might create a doubt in the customer mind about the times when you had not been honest with them. Dial EE user complaint number for filing complaints.

  1. “Thank you for bringing this to our attention”

There might be some major bugs in your product that you might be unaware about. Customers who share their feedback about the product with you or the bug that is ruining the quality of the product should never go unnoticed. They have spent their time in helping you understand the problem in the product and all they desire in return is a little appreciation. Appreciate their efforts by saying statements like, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is definitely going to help us improve the product performance and quality.” Do not miss out on saying such statements as this might irritate the customer who might also stop sharing his feedback anytime in future.


Many other similar phrases like “I completely understand your problem”, “I would love to understand more about it” and “may I ask more about it” can help you win your customer loyalty. Therefore, make sure to speak in a friendly and consistent way with them and they will stay with you for a long term. If you have any concern related to EE products and services, pleased dial EE customer complaint number. comments disabled due to abuse