Electricity Production and Consumption in UK: Some Enlightening Facts

Electricity Production and Consumption in UK: Some Enlightening Facts

As we all know, electricity is one of the greatest form of energy and is needed in everything we do. In today’s world, most of our machines and equipments are electricity driven and it needs power to operate make best use of them.

It is proved that electricity has brought a significant advancement in our lives that allows us to be more efficient and fast.

E.ON details out things that are important to know about electricity production and consumption. It is happy to support its customers and can be reached at E.ON’s 24/7 contact number  0870 025 0075

UK electricity production (in %) across different sources:

Electricity can be produced in many ways and contributed by various sectors in the industry. In UK, top 3 electricity producing sectors are Gas (30.2%), Coal (29.1%) and Nuclear (19%) contributes to 80% of total electricity production.

Whereas the remaining 20% electricity production is contributed by wind (9.4%), Bio-energy (6.8%), hydroelectric (1.8%), solar (1,2%) and oil and other by 2.5%

Top 5 electricity producing countries in the world:

Though United States has been the largest electricity producer in the world for long time but as per the current standings, China is ranked no. 1 electricity producer followed by United States, India, Japan and Russia. Here are the details of their electricity production in GWh:

CountryElectricity production (In GWh)
United States4,260,463

Average Electricity Consupmtion

  • By overall consumption, China is the highest electricity consuming market (5,463, 800,000 Mw-H/Yr). Probably, this could be attributed to the demand China has due to its largest population in the world.

US is 2nd in the list of high electricity consumption markets followed India, France and UK


Whereas looking at average power per capita consumption trends, US is the top country having 1684 (Watts per person), which is much higher than the other countries, followed by UK (804 watts per person), France (622 watts per person), China (458 watts per person) and India (101 watts per person)

Major uses of Electricity by Different Sectors:

As stated earlier electricity is used in many areas and sector. By consumption patterns, 36% of total electricity use is contributed by industrial sector followed by Household (31%), commercial sector (30%) and Transport being the lowest merely use 3% of total electricity output.

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