Year of the Snake

It is another great day to be alive, have so many things that need to be done now. Have to take in the order of importance, so let us see what is the first thing to do and complete before moving on to the next item. We want more and the time to get it is now. Have appointments to see the people that are able to take us to the next step on our list of things that need to be done. The beach is where we th to be,but the time for that move is not on hand yet. We have the sand and the wind to deal with in the desert.The houses are in Sky Valley and the water is hot out of the ground, we have a house with a family leaving the state, and they can not take the furniture with them, then there is the family with a death in the family that has a house that the dad build and the kids want to move on, and the last one is a estate that is for sale that we have dream about already. The one today that we are moving towards is the house that the family has to leave. We got a win/win situation going on now.  I liked it also and here is another tip that I would like to share with you about a blog that is out that , and it is one of the ones that I like and wanted to let you know about it as well. Hope this year is going well for you so far, and it get better all around on the projects that you are working. Here is that tip again: neither one of those worked out for us, and I guess you could be ready to hear the rest of the story now? We were able to help and assist on one hand with the family with the new job out of state, but it did not go according to plan. It was an extra long trip and it cost a lot of money to get there, but that was to be expected with a RV at that age, with that kind of trouble already know when purchased. Sometimes being cheap does not pay at all, but it is another thing to say that you get what you paid for always. So if you cut corners that need to be squared than the desired results may not be what you get, or the time that you put in the matter was not enought to count for the time you spend getting it done. So was it worth it?The other family was not willing or able to do the terms to get the house sold, and did not want to wait to get all the cash possible to get out of dodge for the next step on the journey they needed to travel. So I hope that lets you know a little bit about the steps needed to be done to get there, where ever may be for you.

Plans, Goals,Projects and pieces of the pie of wealth,joy and happiness is one way to look at the things that need to be done before the lights go out for the last time. Take the time to get the things that are needed to be done to give you joy and happiness, and stay focus on the things that are important to you to get there with your head held high.This is the year of the Snake and it has not started yet, not sure when the date for the new year is suppose to start. It is coming and the game plan is in place from the last cycle and the pieces have changed and we have to make a notice of the changes that have taken place. Ready to check and see if you made it yet? Do you have a way of checking to see if you are able to get there in the time that you had set to get the job done? Ready to give it another name so that it can get completed in this cycle? I liked it also and here is another tip that I would like to share with you about a blog that is out that , and it is one of the ones that I like and wanted to let you know about it as well. Hope this year is going well for you so far, and it get better all around on the projects that you are working. Here is that tip again:

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  1. “Learns To Rock: The best Fairy tale ever told (Bi i) Better than Rumpelstiltskin or mother Goose and they’re real! i'm writing a true fairy tale (fixed) see um these frogs in the rocks their our last hope if some rock flies through us like A HOLLOW POINT 45 BULLET”.

    Follow the Bright Stars

    Shining Stars
    Hills and valley go up and down.
    Rocks beneath the surface slow you down.
    On trails during the paths taken, you choose.
    Paths alone your journey or life, you choose.
    Friends come to lend a hand.
    Name calling and put downs are never needed.
    Broken, hurt, and crying for the losses.
    Hanging on cross, is not a forever thing, thank God.
    Days are longer without plans, noticeable also?
    Plans made yours, or others wishes?
    Hope, wishes, prayers, desires are all equal.
    Dreams cover plans, not goals while sleeping.
    Differences dreams last longer, not plans or goals.
    Goals have deadlines to plans set.
    Help requested to keep free will strong.
    Opinions, excuses and justification are always in place.
    Blessed are those chosen to lead, shining stars.
    Blessed are those that follow stars bright.

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