Peter Bricarello:Clyde Lawless Rules

Children Protection Services, Peter Bricarello –Senior Case worker assigned, A Coming of Age Foster Family Services, and Clyde Lawless are the directed contacts needed to expand on the services received, and the services that are standard entitlements for the wards of the state of California, and the points of views that do not match most of the time. These people that work for these agencies are not the best examples of the care and concern that is needed to directed minors that are in their care. Their actions have made it okay to remove minors and give them less for the funds that are generated on their upkeep, and to keep them safe, and off the streets, was the plan that I had been lead to believe was in place. Unless the plan is to keep minors at all cost, and their safety and will being is not taken in consideration at all. Take minors from the poor, disable and the mentally changed and you can do what you want with the minors, is the statement that I have seen, and that I think is not right, and it has to be corrected. Who will help me have this matter addressed? How can we change the outcome of this one special case, that has been going on far too long? Will you do what you can to help this minor get his basic human rights returned to him?

The day has arrived to talk about the situation that has been going on for some time with the placement of 0631-9331-0219-0038136. The crimes have been committed in regards to the ward with the number of 0631-9331-0219-0038136. He is seventeen years old, he is a minor who is black and small for his age, not as in mentally, but he is build small is the focus of this statement. I talked to this minor the weekend of August 24- August 25, 2013 and he told me, he had been locked out of his house where he stays with Clyde Lawless and wife Mary Lawless. He was not able to get back into the house for almost 12 hours both days? Abuse is what it is, and this is what he was removed from his father for, and now Clyde and Mary Lawless are getting paid by the Children Protection Services, and A Coming of Age Foster Family Services and this is acceptable? Clyde Lawless and wife Mary Lawless, house three minors that are wards of the state of California, and their practice as foster parents is to take the money and run. Leave the minors locked out of the house, if they do not want to be bored to tears at a football game, or visiting people that you do not know anything about. Those are the choices for the minors that they house. The push the kids out, ward of the state number 0631-9331-0219-0038136 was out on the streets alone for up to twelve house, in Moreno Valley, California this weekend.

Maybe it is me, Maya Moore, this is my point of view, and these are the facts as they were told to me by the mother of this minor, and the father had a few words as well to add to this address, I just want to help these wrongs get corrected. How is it possible to be okay with any one for a minor to be out on the streets without any where to go at night? This minor is black, do you know what could happen to this young and abandoned kid, out on the dark streets of Moreno Valley, California? How is this acceptable behavior for these foster parents to practice?

What we want to do is to cover the facts, as they told by the mother and her point of views, and what she has learned from her son, who has been brainwashed to believe that he would create troubles by talking about what is happening to him. He is being housed to sleep at the house located at 24819 Skyland, Moreno Valley, California. The numbers that you can reach Clyde Lawless or Mary Lawless are 951-616-1226 or 951-536-1162, that work for the A Coming of Age Foster Family Agency, owned by Dean Mc Coy and brothers. Not only do they promote 6 family visits at once in the Moreno Valley, California, Dean McCoy can over look all the visits in the food court, while he updates notes on his computer at the time also, there is a lot of care and concern and attention that he gives to this visits, with his actions during these visits.

Who do we call to correct this matter? Children Protection Services should address this matter again? 0631-9331-0219-0038136 is already a ward of the state of California, he is seventeen years old, and in the twelve grade, and he deserve better treatment then this, and he should be returned to parents that love him, and are interested in his well being a lot more than the workers at these agencies. Clyde Lawless and wife Mary Lawless, are taking funds to watch and care for this minor , and also an additional two more boys, that are 15 years old, and 14 years old as well. Not only is it these foster parents practice to lock the minors assigned to them locked out of the house for up to twelve hours on weekends, they do not give the minors money for basics. Food is not something that is common in that house for the members to eat together. 0631-9331-0219-0038136 has to cook for himself most days, and oatmeal is the staple that they have a lot of. The choices are stay locked inside of the house by yourself for the twelve hours, or get locked out of the house so that you can walk the streets alone in the dark in Moreno Valley. This is a young, black male and the odds are against him already, will you help us protect this minor from these foster parents that do not care?

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