#KissesLovers and Haters, Hats 2 Horns.

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever. Son to shine, heads above the common, retired, time to spare, Disneyland trips, walks in the park, dances in the streets. Good time, silent knights, lions to roar, 60 years old, 6 feet tall, 6 hats worm, over the decades. Dreams in motions.

Just one: attractive, witty, wise, earth angel, Cali Chick, Black, Indian, petite lady: Pure⭐⭐. #kissesLovers and Haters, Hats 2 Horns, Snakes And Worms.Lords And Knights, Fights For Writes, Ms 411 Daily Tips For Today. Hindsight:20-20: Fairy Tales Recaps.Rites To Stand. ” Golden Cattle:

#kissesLovers and Haters, Hats 2 Horns,Uritza Smith Shared publicly -Cheers and chaps, American lives, American Rites, waves to make, water trades, life, love, luck, lust, lessons, on the sands of time. Frogs and the Army, Marines arms to bear, flags to fly, land of the free, freedom rings over time, over space.Cows To Horns, Texas Chicks, Babes, Waves Of Rites, Seasons Of Winners, Losers, Suckers, Fuckers, Heads To Count, Rocks To Roll, Gems To Love.Uritza 333 Smith Shared publicly –

Role models for rednecks, retards, rejects, counting heads, tell tales, rites of the read, rites, and veterans homeless blues. Good times, trips to hell and back, bats out of hell. Songs to sing, glory dazes to come, holiday specials, rednecks, rejects, and retards, coins to flip, faces in the seas of frogs.

Good times told, faces of snakes, spiders and worms, circles of leaders, shit, dung and fecal matter, food for the pigs, pigs to hogs, cattle rites. Rights to readers, rites of colors of women, veterans with skills, lovers to share, friends for life.

Sisters of color, sisters in shades of lights, stars in darkness, stars to shine bright. Facebook Family and friends Hope Y’all have a blessed day .Gifts from the sky, wits to share, angels on call, houses and homes on order for the Veterans lost on the streets.

#kissesLovers and Haters, Hats 2 Horns,Greeting – How are you? good or fine? | WordReference ForumsA Dance in the Woods . ❤❤✌️. You? Me? Us?The Fairy and the Frogs:Plenty Of Fish In The Seas, Tricks, Trades, Barter Wits And Charms. Dreams. Frogs and snakes, rats and tigers, sings to stars, stars bright tonight. Good times, dances in darkness, dances in the rain. (Facebook) Rocky Jarrot, Liars:Frank Agresti , : Adriana Agresti, Alex Agresti,Juliana Santiago.

Snakes within, hell hounds on land, pigs to blow away. Wolves in pots, water hot, meat to eat for the pig with wits and smart. Learned to fish another way, snakes and frogd to add next. Jokes to share over again. Land Whales: Hard knocks for lessons in love and devotion, life for love, love and hate horns of a goat.

Twisted Sister — We’re Not Gonna Take it [Extended Version] OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO…Love the song, ways to grow, ways to expand, songs to sing, good times in the wind. Good times, happy dazes again, glory dazes done, songs to play, on the radio, time and ties done, balls in the air.

Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake).Vine….Rachel Jarrot, thief like sire? $160,000 at age 14, Charles R. Jarrot: rewards for living is fine in this family. Why not replace the blue car stolen with a blue Mercedes 2004, for blue cars? ‏.Girls to Date, Failures, Hackers, Snakes, Cows to buffalo girls. Lessons on looks, lessons on views, history to create.Sweetheart Deals FEELS GOOD!(pun intended)SEPTEMBER ISSUE: : : :Full Sail University❤️These boots are beaut❤️Lyon Sacks: Not a Cheater?

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