Hypercalcemia & its symptoms!

Following as well balanced diet is an ultimate way to be healthy and happy, as it contains all the nutrition you’ll be needed to sustain proper functioning of every component. Almost every nutrient we could consume would render some benefits to the health and there are some cases also where some nutrients taken in excess quantity can renders unwanted complications. Hypercalcemia, which is a condition in one have too high a concentration of calcium in your blood despite it being beneficial as it helps keeping your bones healthy. But too much in content can cause problems making it hard for calcium to carry out its normal functions.

Cause: There could be many factors like Hyperparathyroidism, Lung Diseases and Cancers, medicinal side effects, dietary supplements or even in most cases dehydrations that can cause such complications. But in most cases it is the Hyperparathyroidism, which is parathyroid glands located near the thyroid gland in the neck that helps in regulating parathyroid hormone, which in turn regulates calcium in the blood. Dysfunction of such organ can cause calcium to react in such ways.

There are also some cases where Granulomatous diseases like tuberculosis, are lung diseases that can cause your vitamin D levels to rise, whether via distery supplements, would eventually causes more calcium absorption and thus increases in the calcium level in your blood. Such dysfunction can put someone at risk for those who are diagnosed with lung cancer, breast cancer, and blood cancers.
Other causing factors like medications like some medications, particularly diuretics which make a person pee a lot. It can make body to produce more and more calcium which eventually cases to have such complication. The fact that dehydration could causes your calcium level to rise due to the low amount of fluid you have in your blood inversely.

Symptoms: Its symptoms are quite tricky to recognise and in most cases it takes medical diagnosis, to seek its intensity. Besides in cases of Hypercalcemia, different part of body shows their share type of signs and symptoms.

Kidneys: Some of the commonly found symptoms like excessive thirst and also urination, recessive pain between your back and upper abdomen, mostly to the one side which are linked to it. It is best to seek medical diagnosis as it can be symptoms of other health alignments and also signs like excessive thirst and also urination can cause dehydration, which can be destructive for kidney function.
Abdomen: signs like nausea, severe abdominal pain, dramatically reduced appetite, constipation, vomiting can be associated with such condition. It needed quick diagnosis as these digestive complications can make one vulnerable to cause other health problems while degrading overall health.

Muscles: the common muscular problems like twitches are more frequent along with recessive weakness. This can be further cause one to have sleeping problems as sleeping disorders like apnea is caused by the muscle loosening, which can also result in occasional sleep paralysis.

Skeletal complications: It is no brainer that calcium fluctuations can also brought some symptoms like bone pain, height loss, bowed shoulders, curvature of the spine, fractures from disease and so on. Indeed medical help you be opt for if these noticed.

Psychological Symptoms: It is also possible that this kind of much physical disease can also cause psychological symptoms like depression, memory loss, and irritability. Such symptoms can be healed with the help of general treatment course, as when cause is cured psychological signs would also refrain back to normal.

It is possible to heal such problem with dietary alterations but it would be more appropriate to seek medical diagnosis and treatment for fasted recovery. There are many cases where kidney problems like kidney stones and kidney failure, irregular heartbeats and osteoporosis, confusion or dementia and in serious cases can lead to a potentially life-threatening coma. So it is better to take precautions then finding cure.

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