Difference Between Hot Fusion, Cold Fusion And Skin Weft Hair Extensions

Body confused about hair extension terms?   malaysian curly hair ,Did you know what the difference is in between hot fusion, cold combination and skin wefts? Almost all00 wonderful hair extensions. However , some people slightly different.

1 . Hot Running Hair Extensions

Hot fusion is usually a strand method that is bonded to the keratin based strategies with a heating element.

Sizzling fusion hair extensions, also known as keratin hair extensions or tip hair extensions,  deep wave weave ,are applied to your pure hair in small ‘bundles’ with a heated keratin clabbered. This method is actually more delicate on hair than ordinary glue is since your head of hair is already made of 90% keratin.

Hot fusion hair extensions previous 2-4 months. Installing warm fusion hair extensions takes some hours. You can do a variety of complex including updos and hair styling your hair down as long as you work with hot fusion hair extensions,  MarchQueen .

2. charge cards Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Freezing fusion, known as micro url, or i-tip extensions, is a strand method applied by means of weaving small sections of locks through a micro link water pipe. In order to install cold running hair extensions, you should use weaving methods and pliers to interweave the small sections of hair, brazilian hair weave .

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