How to Wash the Sew-in Hair Weave While Keeping It

It is not easy to wash and clean head of hair with a sew-in weave! At this point, you can try the following steps.

1 . Use pre-shampoo oil stroke to stimulate the top of the head. Apply a dime-sized measure of cinnamon oil or brahmi oil on hair. Restorative massage with circular motions regarding 10-15 minutes into the scalp well before washing. Apply coconut necessary oil or olive oil to the curly hair shaft, brazilian hair bundles ,protecting the ends up and maintaining the come of the extensions.

2 . Work with a wide-tooth comb to clean through the hair once implementing the pre-shampoo oil in order that it is tangle-free. For fluorescent extensions, you should use your hands instead of com to separate them all.

3. Thoroughly rinse curly hair with lukewarm water. Cautiously lift the base of each off shoot with your hands, queen hair bundles ,and submit an application the water directly to the take away and cornrow to remove excessive dirt.

4. Apply products to the scalp and lather, and leather the terme conseillé in a circular motion. Be certain do not use your fingernails towards scratch the scalp. Wash it out 2 times to remove the wash.

5. Gently comb the head of hair downward with a wide-tooth hair comb. Apply and massage inside of a detangling deep conditioner on the scalp all the way through to the edges of the hair. Separate wild hair evenly, and take a Q-tip covered in conditioner and even apply directly to hair under the extension to condition your individual real hair. Apply a full conditioner according to guidelines.

6. Rinse the deep conditioner. Hair comb extensions downward with a wide-tooth comb, bundles of hair . Cover a Q-tip with tee tree acrylic and apply it directly around the lining of the extension as well as cornrow and scalp to take out excess dirt from beneath extensions

7. Dry and elegance hair.


Since humid hair is more likely to break, we should instead have to be very careful about how for you to comb and style wet scalp and extensions.

To minimize destruction to both the extensions as well as hair underneath, brazilian human hair weave ,we can check out styling techniques, and usage headed dryers, roller lies or natural air-drying procedure. comments disabled due to abuse