5 Tips to Wrap Hair at Night With a Silk Scarf

For many people African American women, one way to take care of a straight hair style is to encapsulate their hair at night.

If you do the item right, you will get the results you desire! However , weave hair ,do you know how to wrapping your hair? In general, you can wrapping your hair after washing together with styling, and then wrap it all every day to keep your style. Regardless of whether you have a weave or not, it is possible to warp your hair. Now, various useful tips are revealed below.

1 . Moisturize your mane weave.

Apply some locks lotion in your hand depending on the length of your weave, after which it rub your hands together, and even rub your hair. Warning, you ought to pay special attention to the main cause and prompts.

If your head of hair weave is short, work with a little more than a dime sizing. Otherwise, hair weave ,you can use a quantity that could be more than a quarter. Make sure your head of hair is fully moisturized, and not oily.

2 . Brush your mane in the opposite direction to your section.

You can brush your mane to the right, flat with your head, in a beehive-like appearance if you wear your part on the left side of your respective head. Continue to brush the head of hair around your head to guide them to your ear to the nape of your neck, behind the opposite ear.

3. Use a hairpin or metal hairpin to steer hair and keep it into position.

This step is very important. This is because which the texture of the hair weaves is usually very good, human hair weave ,making it troublesome for the hair to remain constantly in place.

4. Keep warp set up.

Use some excess lotion for you to smooth flyaway hairs. To stay in warp in its place, you can spot mesh warp net all-around your head. And, you can spot a silk scarf about your head to completely protect the head of hair.

5. Take out hair.

Experts recommend to remove the silk headband and the wrapping net ahead of taking out hair. MarchQueen .

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