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Are you currently using an e-cover software?

We want to share with you 2 e-cover software we are using right now. You can tell their quality from the look of our product images.

1) Virtual Cover Creator. Virtual Cover Creator is a 3D cover creator software that helps you create professional-looking, unlimited 3D covers for your e-book, software box, CDs, special reports, two or three-sided boxes, electronic magazines and more in less than 3 minutes! Virtual Cover Creator has a complete 2D editing capabilities so that you don’t have to use other graphic software. Download shareware here.

2) CompactDraw. With CompactDraw you draw, edit and combine your shapes, text and other objects as in vector drawing packages. However each object has its own bitmap properties as a color, texture, transparency, many 3D effects, bevels or casting shadows. The objects have smooth edges and the feel of bitmap image or rendered scene. Everything is editable all the time in the same way as a multi-layered PhotoShop image is, so you don’t have to recreate the graphics again and again from scratch just to change small things. Download shareware here.

Invitation: Internet Marketing Center Yahoogroup

Internet Marketing Center has more than 200 members and counting (up!). Join us, introduce yourself on how you come about knowing this group, tell us what do you want to gain out of participating in this group and be a part of this family where we give, take and prosper!

A Philosophical Approach To Traffic Generation

The timeless question is, “How do I draw traffic to my site?”

First of all, whatever techniques that are conjured up by the minds of Man are already out there in 2 locations:

1) On the Internet. You can invest in them or get them for free…IF you know where you can find them.

2) In your hard disk. Whatever resources you have with you right now, don’t let them park somewhere in your disk. Open them up and follow their instructions.

The truth is every single one of us are:

1) either anxious to have hundreds of visitors per day,

2) or clueless at which of the one-thousand-and-one ways to drawing traffic are most reliable,

3) under-appreciate the more significant importance of converting traffic into sales, which must be the biggest primary motivation, because people can walk in and out of your site in as much time as they do to a shop where they CAN’T find anything useful.

Do not be anxious about tomolo. Just keep working on whatever resources you have now, maintain a steady pace according to plan (that does not mean rushing), and in 3 standard years I can guarantee all of you will no longer be where you are today even if you have not reached the ideal definition of success. This still applies whether you are online or not.

With this e-book, no more worries about drawing traffic!

And if you can’t wait for 3 years, quicken your progress with this incredible e-book.

How to Get More Done in a Day?

Everyday in life, we are bombarded with 101 tasks that are waiting for us to resolve it. This is especially true when we are involved in internet marketing where we had to check emails, respond to customer queries, set up product page, etc. The list goes on.

Today, I like to share a tip on how to get more done in a day and how not to be overwhelmed by the enormous amount of task that is waiting for us each day.

The key to getting more done each day lies in proper planning and proper execution.

Every morning before I began my day, I would take out a piece of blank paper. In this paper, I would divide them into 3 sections (morning, afternoon, night). I would take sometime to reflect on the tasks that need to be done and put them under the various sections. The task that are chosen must be important for me to tackle it. Beside each task, I would also list down the estimated amount of time that I need to take. This whole process should take no longer than 15-30 minutes.

For proper execution of task, look at the amount of time that you wrote beside the task. Tell yourself subconsciously that you need to complete this task by this time. By doing this, you will put your mind in an “alert” mode so that it will have the urgency the complete the task in the given amount of time. If you fail to complete the task in the given amount of time, decide whether it is worthwhile to continue before you move on to the next task.

By doing the above, once you have done the proper planning on the piece of paper, alot of time will be saved when you can quickly move on and execute the task one after the other.