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Why Use Styled HTML E-Mail?

Today, there is still no doubt but confidence of e-mailing as one of the most integral, effective and direct form of personalized mass marketing. But should a marketer take some trouble to step up beyond mere text format? There are many advantages to using HTML email:

Branding: Include your company logo.
Recognition: Make your e-mails feel like your website with a similar design.
Tracking: Estimate the number of times your messages are opened by recipients.
Highlighting: Use bold, colors, and fonts to draw attention to important parts of your message.
Compatibility: Send HTML and text messages at the same time and e-mail programs that can’t display HTML will automatically display the text-only message.
Images: Display images to reinforce your message, but make sure the e-mail still looks okay with images turned off.
Links: Have website links with text descriptions instead of long ugly URLs.

HTML for e-mail is significantly different than designing for a website. Special care was taken in designing these templates for:

– How messages look when images are turned off.
– HTML display in popular e-mail clients such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.
– HTML display in popular web clients like Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail.
– CAN-SPAM compliance with postal address and unsubscribe link inclusion.

If it so happens you don’t have the time to design a good template or an artistic eye for design. You may be glad to hear Aweber has just released 51 e-mail templates freely accessible for every standard account.

Using a template with AWeber is as simple as 1 click.

1) Login to create a new follow-up or newsletter message and you will see a “Select a Template” dialog box.
2) Scroll thru the available templates to find a design that you like.
3) Click “Load Template” and the HTML is automatically loaded.4) Use the point and click editor to add your text to the template.

A 2-minute tutorial video shows you how to go about with these templates. Or you can view samples here. Get an Aweber account today and kickstart your list-building and e-mail marketing campaigns!

AdSense: Here’s 3 Articles To Get You Started

We have a good list of high-paying keywords and 4 secrets for your consideration to building potentially lucrative sites that will bring in the traffic and clicks.

99 High Paying Keywords: The Secret Is Out!
5 Money-On-Demand Secrets To Creating Great Adsense Sites
How To Use Keyword Lists To Profit From Adsense

Also, the latest news from Google is you can now better target your adsense ads, and de-emphasize the parts of the web page that are not relevant to the topic! The method is found right here.

Yahoo! to offer phone calls on Messenger.

Yahoo! is entering a suddenly crowded field, offering Skype-like capabilities through its instant-messaging service that will let people dial regular phone numbers using their computers or receive calls from conventional phones.

The company has not set a firm date for the availability of the new paid features to the mostly free Yahoo! messenger service, but indicated the launch was imminent.

Yahoo!’s addition of computer-to-phone capabilities follows a similar retooling of the rival AOL Instant Messenger service from Time Warner in October. It also comes just as Skype is revamping its popular service with video calling, a feature that has been available through Yahoo! Messenger for several years, though only for computer-to-computer calls.

In a similar vein, Sony introduced a free Internet-based phone service last month with an emphasis on visual calling that the company hopes will fulfill sales of its video equipment.

Yahoo!’s new “Phone Out” option enables users to call regular and mobile phones for 1 US cent per minute in the States and 2 US cents per minute to 30 other countries including Argentina, Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Korea.

On the flip side, users can sign up for a traditional phone number to receive unlimited calls to their computers from anywhere for a monthly fee of US$3 or an annual payment of about US$30.

The same services at Skype, which was acquired by eBay for US$2.6 billion in October, are 2.3 US cents per minute for computer-to-phone calls to about 25 countries and about US$35 a year for a SkypeIn phone number to receive calls.

Yahoo!’s upgrade also includes a contact search bar for its instant messenger window to make it easier to find people in buddy lists by typing parts of a name or phone number. – AP

The “Big Brother” Report

This report by Jason Potash sounds a red alarm for every marketer who are creating quick-&-easy sites of a heavy ‘click’ nature e.g. affiliate marketing sites, Adsense sites etc. If you want to know what Google is up to in its effort to clamp down on such sites and what you can do about it, and what the next trend in website design and content generation is like in 2006, you cannot ignore this report, period.

Google tests a WiFi link.

Google is preparing to release its own wireless Internet service, Google WiFi, according to several pages found on the company’s website.

The Internet search leader refers to a product called “Google Secure Access” which is designed to establish a more secure connection while using Google WiFi”, according to a page of FAQs at A separate page at offers a free download of Google Secure Access.

Google declined to comment on the issue.

The start of a WiFi service would move Google away from its core Internet search service and into the competitive world of Internet service providers and telecommunications giants.

Speculation about a coming Google WiFi service has been rife since August, when an article appeared in Business 2.0 magazine, but the company has refused to discuss its plans.

WiFi is an increasingly popular technology that is used to provide high-speed wireless Internet access in homes, business and public spaces like airports and cafes.

Google opened a sponsored WiFi hotspot in San Francisco’s Union Square district in April with a start-up called Feeva.

The FAQ page says the Google Secure Access service is in ‘beta’ stage, meaning the company does not consider it a fully finished product.

Google, which is rapidly expanding beyond its core Internet search service, introduced an instant messaging service called GoogleTalk in August. – International Herald Tribune

TV moves into podcasting.

From radio came television—sound with pictures. Now from TV comes the podcast—audio with pictures subtracted. These listen-only downloads for computers and MP3 players let you keep up with your favourite programs any time, even on the go. The networks are suddenly rushing to ramp up their online offerings of both shows and the inside scoops on them. Among the early adopters:

1) CBS: All of Guiding Light’s dramatic doings can be heard daily, complete with scene-setting narration. CBS Soapbox interviews daytime stars. Online chats spotlight night-timers such as Jeff Probst, Charles Dutton and Stockard Channing. News downloads include audio clips from 60 Minutes and Face The Nation.

2) Fox: Recaps of a dozen-plus series, including House, Family Guy, The OC, The Simpsons, with interviews and other backstage content.

3) SciFi: Full Battlestar Galactica episode commentary from re-creator Ronald D. Moore. Podcast planned for December mini-series The Triangle.

4) Showtime: Cast chats from Barbershop and Weeds.

5) PBS: Entire episodes of NOW and Religion & Ethics weekly. – LAT-WP News Service