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How to attain a healthy work-life balance.

A recent survey in Singapore reveals that one of the greatest wish for 2007 is to attain a more pronounced work-life balance in life. This is not surprising when you take into consideration other findings like people are generally working harder, becoming more mobile, sleeping less, making less love, having less children and even getting divorced. The problem is that productivity at work does not translate into impactful results. More of us are getting more busy and worried over ‘chores’ like missing out on e-mails and phone calls. We interact more often through using technology and tools, but we definitely fail to communicate better, heart to heart, on the relationship front.

To tell the truth, according to Dr. Robert Anthony, money has always been the no. 1 factor that affects the way people live their lives. They mold their lifestyles after it, not before it, therefore they become servants of it by handing the power of control to it.

On the other hand, there are a few folks who charge much, much more for their work or consultation in an hour than what 95% of the world’s population currently earn in a month. A joke goes around that Bill Gates’ wealth equates to the GDP of Peru. A statistic I come across puts him at earning $300 per second…

For that rate of earnings, is Bill the most stressful worker in the world?

But this question is not for you to answer. The question is: What do you really LOVE to do, and will do it so well that you can get paid for it?

How times have changed. Only 4 years ago, most Singaporeans looked down and rated poorly any kind of vocation related to the arts as one with no financial (read: lucrative) future. Today, we have the Esplanade By The Bay, a premise right in the city for the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and a burgeoning arts scene. Even computer gaming is becoming serious business in Singapore as we send our best teams of young people to compete in regional tournaments for cash prizes.

People who love to sing and dance, play computer games or blog all day are now given a chance at earning wages, but they have a secret most people don’t know. How are you going to marry the love for your work with the love for your life? When does work become play and become $$$ too?

Perhaps you may deduce that when all the things you care most come integrated together, you would have achieved a complete fullness of life. This is an ideal of course, a holy grail that is impossible to achieve. There is never a sense of closure throughout life as challenges persist.

Let’s start with an idea. Dora Yip has one. Good for her.

When she was a principal consultant and partner in a public relations company last year, she couldn’t stop thinking about work. Even as she sat watching a movie, her mind would dwell on work matters.

Coming to the end of 2006, she could finally look back and say she is satisfied with her everyday life. Apart from welcoming a nephew into the world, the highlight of the year was moving to the non-profit sector in November 2006. It was a huge decision to leave her own company, yet it was the best one yet, for being a corporate communications manager at the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Center (NVPC) has brought about meaningful work to her.

While living in New Zealand with her husband David, Dora spent 3 years volunteering as a refugee support worker. She counted this as among her most satisfying experiences because it directly helped society. It was what she wanted to do full-time.

If not for life coaching, she reckoned she would have taken more time floundering towards her decision to switch lines.

Said Dora: “A lot of people think life coaching is a scary thing, but really, it’s just having someone professional act as a personal sounding board to help you clarify your goals and aims in life and work out how to achieve them.

“The work at NVPC is just as much. Typical working hours I would say, but the difference is I feel more comfortable with the work and myself.

“It may sound contrived,” she added, “but when you are passionate about what you do, you cope better with challenges and a lot of the stress you’d ordinarily feel is gone.

Dora has learned to pause, reflect and listen to her inner voice. She also realized that there are no bad decisions in life, just bad reactions.

The most important she has learned from life coaching is that even the seemingly scariest things in life can be made less scary if you talk them over with someone and make a list. She said, “Once things are itemized, they really don’t seem insurmountable anymore.”

Doya has brought some sense of order and maybe fullness to her life. How about you? Do you need a life coach to act as your personal sounding board? Here at Locate A Coach, you can easily search for one that suits your personality and needs in major areas like career, health, relationships, spirituality etc.

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Dora Yip’s story is extracted from a Straits Times interview printed in the “Mind Your Body” supplement dated February 21st, 2007.

How to live more purposefully?

This is a Q&A extract taken from The Straits Times, December 27th, 2006.

Question: I am 32, an advertising executive and single. I used to make new year resolutions, like exercise more, work harder, be nicer to my parents, get a girlfriend. But year after year, my resolve starts to weaken by February. By the end of the year, I would be filled with regrets and guilt. It becomes harder and harder for me to make any new year resolution, and for me to believe that I will actually keep them.

I would really like 2007 to be different. Life is not really bad. I have a good job, and am not bad-looking. I would like to achieve my dreams and goals in 2007. Can you tell me how I do that?

Answer: Many people make new year resolutions without first thinking deeply of what really matters to them and the purpose of their aspirations. In addition, your ability to stick to your resolution starts to weaken because of the various interferences in your life. Some of these interferences are not visible to the naked eye.

Every year, I so time aside during the last two weeks of the year to reflect on the passing year, and imagine what the next one can be. I would also facilitate a few processes with my team so they would also reflect, declare and imagine.

I suggest that you give yourself some time during the last week of this year or the first week of 2007 to do this.

The first step is to acknowledge yourself for the moments in 2006 that you felt happy with or proud of. Thank the people in your lives for their support. You can do this acknowledgement by writing them down, drawing pictures or symbols, or talking about them to a friend. You need only about 30 minutes to do this.

This step helps you to realise that you already have strengths and abilities and blessings in your life. With this affirmation, you can look at your future with optimism.

The second step is to acknowledge the regrets, guilt, anger and fears you faced in 2006. Write them down. For example, I am angry that XYZ is greedy and selfish, I am afraid that I will not be promoted, I regret being lazy about my exercise, I am guilty that I spend too little time with my loved ones…Spend only 10 minutes on this.

When I do this part, a part of me starts to say, “This fear is irrational, I will do something about this regret…” This step is not meant for you to beat yourself up. On the contrary, this step is important because it helps you acknowledge what you need to let go. Many people allow their past baggage to drag them down in the present and the future.

Once you are done writing, you tear the paper up and throw the bits away. This symbolises your willingness to let your past regrets and other negative experiences go. You have acknowledged their existence, and you are making a choice to be detached, not be haunted by them.

The third step is to see your future. Every year, I ask myself, “If this new year is my last year on earth, what would I want to create with my life?” Thus, you can ask yourself, “What if 2007 is my last year…?”

This is not about being morbid. Like my 11-year-old son said once, “Every day, we are closer to the day we die.” We just don’t know when.

Thus, it is about living your life purposefully and compassionately every year, every month, week, day and moment, like it counts.

When you look at 2007 with, urgency, you will start to see what is truly meaningful to you. Most people realise that the people they are in relationships with are important. So they set goals to connect more with family and friends. Health, work and community service take on new meaning too.

In this third step, write or draw out how 2007 will be like for you. When you can see your goals dearly on one piece of paper, you will be more certain to take actions that get you closer to them.

These three steps are the beginning steps to make 2007 more fulfilling.

Then it will require discipline, determination, love and wisdom to get you to complete your own Journey of 2007.

May you have the courage, wisdom and compassion to make 2007 special for yourself and others. – Wendy Chua K. Wand

The writer is the founder of Wand Inspiration and author of “All Kids R Gifted” and “Break to Dawn”.

A Christmas Poem.

Can’t resist a chuckle at the end.

“The Internet Marketer’s Night Before Christmas”

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and all ‘cross the net
Marketers were searching for the best payout yet.
They tried banners ads and they tried pay per click
They tried popup windows in hopes they would stick.

Bombarded with offers, product launches galore
Some sold their domains while others opened a store.
Hard products, digital, it didn’t matter which type,
with something to sell, it wasn’t just hype.

I surveyed the landscape, looking back at the year
When what to my wondering eyes did appear.
Flashbacks of launches, some big and some small,
and some that no one had heard of at all.

There’s Butterfly Marketing, Yes, Mikey Filsaime,
You could say he was top of his game.
And Shearing and Shaffer, our friends ‘cross the ocean,
When they launched a product, ’twas commissions in motion!

With Anik and Yanik it’s just so confusing,
But with product so great, no one was losing.
Happy consumers with options for earning,
Many great products, the tide it was turning.

The time it passed quickly and soon came the fall…
There’s Jenkins and Fallon, Stomping them all
And Schefren with content, churing out free reports,
When time came for selling, people were very good sports.

On Casey, on Wellman, on Chia and Knox
Your launches did surely knock off our socks
On Alex, on Shaffer, and on Michael Cheney,
on Armand Morin, or should we say Michael Lee?

With Video appearing, those who were wiser,
Had grabbed onto Frank Sousa’s cool “Traffic Geyser”
And AdSense, yes, AdSense, how could we forget?
These templates for all were my best product yet!

Another email, promotion, JV.
When would it slow down? This was making me crazy!
With bonuses sometimes stealing the show.
Cash, games and scooters could be yours, don’t you know.

Another “best product ever”, Another “death of” report
A flood of emails to technical support.
Guru’s popping up like never before,
Some valid, some not, but here’s something more…

The opportunity now has never been stronger,
for those with integrity, don’t wait any longer
To fire up your web site, to crank out that ebook
For now is the time when folks will take a look!

The vision came clearer for this new coming year,
quality product will rule, have no fear
For people are searching for hope that they need
We’re proof that any old schmoe can succeed.

All the knockoffs and clones, the market will weed,
Just do your very best, plant your good seed.
Prosperity, there is plenty around.
And niches galore, they are there to be found.

With such a great future for you and for me,
I enjoyed the bright lights of the Christmas tree,
with presents around it, and my family,
the reason I do what I do, can’t you see?

Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year
May your dreams come true, be full of cheer.
And I heard Cody say, as he shouted with glee,
“Don’t buy that product, you do JV with me!”

Contributed by Joel Comm.

Introducing Tan Kian Ann (at least for the search engines :))

Tan Kian AnnI just want to introduce an old pal from the Money Mastery community (what’s that? Tell you next year), Tan Kian Ann, the Blogopreneur.

He is definitely one of the most photogenic and hard-typing blogger around Singapore, and as you can see, that is a recent photo, not some age-old worn-out pic taken from an ancient drawer.

As far as I know, blogging is the thing Kian Ann knows best and does most. His Blogopreneur is testament of just why intensive blogging (while having FUN) can push any blogs up the Alexa rankings and possibly traffic volumes too, no question, even if you are not conscientious about SEO.

His latest post is something I would like you to read, a worthy comparison between how visitors interact with one another in a blog and in a forum. It could be a very good clue as to how to develop and cultivate a community-based site.

Otherwise, I highly recommend you visit Blogopreneur for Kian Ann’s almost-daily musings. Give the chap a beer

“Live” SEO Workshop in Singapore!

To our local friends,

Money Mastery buddy Shi Heng Cheong will commence his 3rd run of the SEO Web Design Workshop on January 19th and 20th at SIM Management House along Namly Ave.

Here’s what you’ll get at the 2-day workshop:

* Hands-on practice to master the secrets of SEO Web Design
* Web hosting – free subdomain
* Free search engine submission
* Internet business resources & ebooks worth $497
* Admittance to Internet Marketing In Action eCommunity
* Bonus: 3 months Online Coaching worth $997!

While these workshops happen from time to time, in between Shi provides SEO consultation for corporations because “that’s where the big money is”.

You are encouraged to bring along your own notebook. Please don’t call Hercules to move your desktop (an instance like that happened in one U.S.-based workshop I heard of. What a legend.)

We are looking forward to form our local community of e-marketers within the best of our capabilities. Get to know fellow attendees and network too.

All the details and enrolment form is in here.

Hope to see you around, because I’ll be there. – Nelson

Some Places Where You Can Submit Content On The Net.

Here are a few places where you can submit your articles for maximum exposure:

1) Article Banks
2) Article Directories
3) Forums
4) Search Engines
5) Announcement Lists
6) Blog Owners
7) Newsletter Publishers
9) MSN Spaces
10) Your Blog
11) MSN Groups
12) Yahoo Groups
13) Google Groups
14) EBay “About Me” Page
15) Adlandpro

You can use these professional services to submit your articles:


Here are 3 software that you can use to automate your submissions:

1) Jason Potash’s EzineAnnouncer and ArticleAnnouncer
2) NewsletterPromote

And 1 e-zine directory worth mentioning: The Directory Of Ezines

With such a list to choose from there should be no complaining about where to publish your articles. And don’t forget to optimize your title, headings, sub-headings, body text and links to add that extra punch.

Free MP3s On Market Research.

Glenn Livingston was a psychologist for suicidal adolescents (that was depressing)…then a research consultant for mega-brands (too much politics). He escaped to the refuge of online niche marketing. He fused his prior skills into an accurate system for doubling your conversion and successfully entering new markets with near-zero risk. The hit rate with this now approaches 100%.

Perry Marshall interviews Glenn Livingston on how he:

– Insulates his markets from the competition (very often, with his method, competition actually increases his sales)

– Distinguishes “price of entry” benefits from true “points of difference” (things people expect in every product before they’ll even consider it vs. things they’ll actually open their wallets for!)

– Mines for hidden gold in existing customer lists

– Identifies hyper-responsiveness and designs campaigns specifically for them

– Figures out whether a market is worth pursuing in the first place

– Scientifically determines the right number of sub-segments in each market so he can dramatically improve on the message-to-market match! (You may think you’re dealing with only one type of prospect, but it’s usually three or four!)

– Figures out his prospects’ & customers’ emotional hot buttons

– Perhaps most importantly, how he identifies the “SEARCH CONTINUUM” and LIFE CYCLE in any market so he can take people through step-by-step and create a strong bond as a trusted adviser

Download transcript

The next audio by Drs. Glenn and Sharon (his wife) Livingston discusses how to minimize risk and maximize profits using surveys to dominate markets. Your prospects will know you are getting to them before your rivals in needs identification. They will also reach a purchasing decision on you faster. In some ways it relates to the recent big idea that is “The Long Tail”:

Download transcript

The 3rd audio, a meaty one, describes Glenn’s “4 Quadrants of Market Research”. You can find out more about your customers than anyone else in your market…even the customers themselves!

The common excuse is not having enough time, but according to Glenn, if not for his market research process, most marketers get stuck in one quadrant (and do you know which one?), and this severely limits their perspective on their customers and prospects (if they’ve done any research on their market at all).

The 1st step to establishing a new growth curve in your business is uncovering insights about your customer you haven’t yet gleaned from your perspective. Discover how:

Download transcript

These are critical insights Glenn has developed over 20 years of doing research for hundreds of companies in his own business experiences. By the end of the audio, you should know how to cover your the needs of your market from all angles.

The 4th audio deals with communicating with your customers and prospects to glean research data through a survey or interview. It’s more than just knowing how to talk to people because apparently it is easy to screw up this part! Dr. Sharon Livingston, a qualitative researcher for more than 20 years, outlines 5 simple rules which can really give you the edge (especially when you use them AFTER using a more structured, quantitative survey method) in this 17-minute interview.

Download transcript

The 5th audio is about a special type of survey processing which happens to be one of the most important ways that you can discover insights in your survey data that will remain hidden to the vast majority of marketers. Learn how to post-code your survey to get maximum conversion leverage and why:

Download transcript

6th audio: David Bullock is the advanced conversion strategist responsible for bringing the “Taguchi” testing method to the public’s general awareness. He’s also responsible for over $100 million in sales, so he’s definitely worth paying attention to!

Dr. Glenn Livingston compares with David the similarities and differences in their conversion methods, which can be implemented with a simple spreadsheet and a page rotator:

Download transcript

7th audio: Many people fail to realize just how easy it can be to motivate purchasing behavior when you link it to raising your prospect’s (or customer’s) self esteem…

But when you DO understand, a whole new world of emotional hot buttons opens up for you…

Here’s a concise, intriguing, and fun-to-listen-to 2-part interview of some of the core concepts to understanding emotional motivation in advertising:

Part 1:

Download transcript

Part 2:

Download transcript

Would it be wonderful for you if you could understand the ENTIRE spectrum of keywords in a market as they come from the conversation, wants, and needs in your customer’s head when they typed in each one (and how they moved from search term to search term)?

Then you’d have the ability to compete on even the most competitive words that everyone knew about.

SO what if you consider yourself bad at keyword research, as in “finding the most keywords with the least competition” if that is your criteria for success? Glenn does. In fact he feels inept at it. That’s why he finds it necessary to record his 8th audio from his perspective…

By the end of the audio you should know how to deconstruct and leverage on the “search continuum” to gain a MUCH higher volume of leads at a MUCH lower cost, take people OUT of the competitive environment EARLY in their search behavior and create a bond with prospects that makes them feel you’re almost psychic.

Download transcript

But perhaps there is a larger picture to the whole truth. No matter how good the keyword tools become, no matter which one you use, and no matter how much time you spend gathering and organizing phrases and analyzing competition/KEI…

All you’ll ever get from KEYWORD research is KEYWORD intelligence, NOT MARKET INTELLIGENCE!

Yes, it’s true that you need a comprehensive keyword picture of your industry.

Yes, it’s true that you need to meaningfully organize them into manageable, related groups.

But it’s also true that, no matter how specific the keyword phrases are that you gather, no matter how voluminous your list is, and no matter how well you organize them…

All you’ll ever get from keyword tools is KEYWORD INTELLIGENCE. And keyword intelligence is a necessary but definitely NOT sufficient step for achieving your business goals.

What you need is MARKET INTELLIGENCE…You need to understand WHO’s searching these keywords, WHAT they’re looking for, WHERE they’ve been looking before they got to those keywords, HOW they’re going to proceed to other words, WHY they’re searching, WHAT their true pain points are, WHEN they’re most likely ready to buy, and WHICH groups of people belong together based upon all the above.

Recently, Russell Wright (quickly emerging as the de facto authority on latent semantic indexing and keyword research in general) and Glenn got together and discussed this distinction in detail.

Download transcript

Here’s another audio Glenn did with Perry Marshall about direct marketing principles you can use to enter new markets and double your business. The interview itself focuses on how psychotherapists can grow their practices but please don’t let this throw you. They just used the hypothetical example of a psychologist to illustrate KEY PRINCIPLES which can be applied to ANY product or service (yes, even yours).

Go have a listen audio No. 10 now. You’ll be happy you did

And you’ll be even happier to listen to this exclusive conversation between Glenn and Jonathan Mizel. To Glenn, Jonathan is his savior who took the thorn out of this lion’s paw when he was on the verge of bankruptcy. Jonathan does not speak publicly anymore, so make the best of your time listening to his way of market research for entering new markets:

Download transcript

Fred Gleeck reviews his take on the power of using laser-precise market research to identify, enter, maximize, and dominate your area.

Download transcript

Have an awesome time listening! More audios on how to double your business soon.

New list-building software: List Spawner

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Always remember your exact needs…

Over the weekend I read a couple of different remarks from marketers warning their readers to stay away from the dime sales.

My first thought was…”Now What?”

But, it turned out these guys were trying to make their readers aware that sometimes the dime sales are not what they appear to be.

There are those out there that will work their sales more to their advantage rather than their affiliates or yours.

Perhaps they were upset with someone’s dime sale…I don’t know. There are many of these types of sales now and not everyone is going to run theirs the same.

The two things they were talking about were: the product was available for free elsewhere and resell/master resell rights were available only as an OTO.

Legitimate concerns? Yes, I think so too.

Look….overall the dime sales and other similar sales are good for you. I haven’t yet been involved in one that was out to “get you”.

With that being said…due to the fact that a couple of marketers have released their dime sale scripts,you will be finding more and more of these types of sales.

It comes down to you doing your ‘due diligence’. Checking out exactly what it is you get for your buck. Look over the sales pages carefully and check out the product carefully.

Ask yourself…what rights am I going to get with this product? Are the rights included in the sale price…or do I have to purchase them separately?

Ask yourself is this product free somewhere else? With all the giveaways going on you can pick up great stuff and then turn around and put it in a dime sale. There will always be someone to pick it up because you have provided a valuable product and service, nothing else. It is simply a matter of market principle.

Does anyone need to get upset when they don’t need to buy it? (What kind of question am I asking anyway? *scratch head*

And as with ALL sales…ask yourself this. Do I really need this product? Will I use this product? Does this product fit my business? Why am I buying this product? Am I buying this because its so cheap? Or am I buying this because I need it and will use it?

The article is contributed by Margaret Waltezko, webmaster of AplusBiz Marketing.

Integrate eBay into your website.

Build A Niche Store!

We are all aware of the cultural phenomenon known as eBay.

– most visited e-commerce site in the world

– one thousand dollars in sales every second

– 72% of eBay users make more than $50,000.00 per year

But, wait you say. You don’t have the time to get into an eBay business. Thinking about the shipping of products, alone, throws you into a tailspin. You don’t need the added headaches.

This is the beauty of what this developer calls BANS or Build A Niche Store. You become an affiliate of eBay and control and market their extensive inventory, right from presenting selected niche products as advertised on eBay from your site! The interface blends into your site beautifully. Take a look at just 3 examples of the script at work:

* The Big Golf Store
* Cars and Trucks for Sale
* Trading Card Central

Just a few of your benefits:

– choice of 28,926 different niche stores you can build

– customize to match the product or service of existing site

– or use as stand-alone site

– your store is unique

– you get to take a test drive before you buy (check demo).

Will it be search-engine compatible? You bet. All the keyword-laden content within your store’s product listings is readable by the search engines. Your content is updated instantly as items are sold and new ones added. When the spiders return to your page…voila…fresh content! Since there are no outbound links, the search engine doesn’t know your content originates with eBay.

You can still happily market your own products while adding revenue with your own targeted niche store. Something affordable, ingenious and with endless possibilities. And the big bonus? You won’t be locked in battle with others for the same buyers.

For an alternative or compliment to Adsense, why not enjoy a bite of the eBay pie?

Review: Instant Article Wizard.

Is writing articles a chore for you? Yet you feel compelled to edit PLR articles to play safe? Here is your middle-ground solution. Instant Article Wizard allows you to organize text a little and give articles their own voice. The changes are limited and easy. You simply have to read and edit as you go.

By the time you are familiar of the software, we can assure you’ll cut down time and still polish up more articles. Unlike other software which ultimately are “article spinners”, Instant Article Wizard gives you the best form of help to create original text without doing much. Imagine just how easy it is to create the basis for a new article on a topic you knew nothing about, and you know we are referring to its main selling point. That’s the bottom line, friend.

How does it do that? Technically, it has the ability to derive sentences from the Internet when connected and throw them up as suggestions for you to select as you craft a paragraph. In that manner, it is clever by doing almost all the research for you. The program comes with a 6-page user manual whose size gives you some indication of just how easy this article writer is to use.

Make no bones about it. Jonathan Leger has the smarts to create it. For increased productivity, get it today!

Search bestselling products quickly and easily with ClickBank Elite.

ClickBank Elite

ClickBank Elite is an excellent software with which you’ll quickly and easily locate current hot products as well as products on the rise before anyone else is aware of them. Most people spend ages poking around in the different categories and pages on ClickBank trying to find those gold nuggets. You won’t have to…when you can have a visual snapshot of all that are best-selling in a single collated list.

Amazon-Style Review Script

Are you looking for an Amazon-style review script?

This Amazon-style Five Star Review Script allows users to rank a product or service on a scale of 1-5 stars and make comments (reviews) related to the product for other users to read.

E-mail notification allows the administrator to approve comments before adding them to the website. Here’s a small sampling of what can be done in the Admin Menu: Approve a Review before it is listed, Edit and Delete a Review, Delete all Unapproved Reviews, Edit and Delete Comments, manage Review Criteria, setup Google AdSense Sharing and Add Item for Review.

Five Star Review can be used to rate books, videos, music, cars, pictures, restaurants, websites…the sky’s the limit! A PHP/AJAX script with a fast MySQL backend. One template file controls the entire site/script layout. Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Feature built-in! Installer script for easy installation.

Introducing The Design Dashboard.

Marlon Sanders’ latest breakthrough software is finally here!

The Design Dashboard rates highly on ease-of-use, flexibilities and features. It’s supposed to be, when its user interface does not differ much from that of the acclaimed and established Marketing Dashboard.

Whether you need to have sales sites, landing pages, mini-sites, or affiliate pre-sell pages, the Design Dashboard will help you stand out from the crowd and help you sell your products and services.

Here are some questions you may have about the new Design Dashboard and the answers:

QUESTION 1: Is this just for designing websites? Or can it help me (or my assistant) do graphics for blogs, landing pages, affiliate pre-sell pages, ebook covers and PowerPoint presentations?

ANSWER: It’ll help you with anything you need to do graphics for. Even if you outsource, it’s GREAT to be able to whip something out in a hurry when you don’t have time to wait.

QUESTION 2: Is this something I can REALLY do without sweating bullets and going through the learning curve from down below?

ANSWER: ONLY if you have the Design Dashboard. If you don’t, yeah, it’s gonna be a real pain. But with the Design Dashboard, you have step-by-step screen caps that make doing things a breeze. Plus, video where needed.

QUESTION 3: Why would I need this if I use templates?

ANSWER: 1. A blog header with graphics looks better than a plain one. You have the chance to do a little branding.

2. Templates for PowerPoint are just backgrounds. What about graphics that illustrate your point?

3. If you buy the SAME templates from the same places everyone else does, will YOU break through the noise?

4. With just a little skill and the right software, you can create some GREAT graphics for affiliate pre-sell pages.

5. There ARE programs that create ebook covers but they don’t do the GRAPHICS FOR the covers in most cases. The Design Dashboard serves many purposes.

QUESTION FOUR: How much is the software gonna ding me for?

ANSWER: $100 or less for the graphics software. If you want to add flash audio buttons to your site, you can spend $27 to $100 for that software, but SAVE $20 a month vs. what most people do.

In other words, if you do just ONE graphic header in 2007 yourself instead of outsourcing it, you paid for it.

QUESTION 5: Why learn to do design when I can outsource it?

ANSWER: 1. You may not get the special treatment and same quality that “gurus” receive.

2. Talented designers sometimes get booked up for weeks. What if you need it sooner rather than later?

3. Once you see how easy it is to do graphics, you’ll probably find yourself doing at least SOME stuff yourself when you’re in a hurry.

4. Outsourcing is great. But you may want to only outsource when you need that special touch and do bread-and-butter stuff yourself.

5. You can have your ASSISTANT use the Design Dashboard and do stuff for you. It can be your training tool for THEM.

QUESTION 6: What will the Design Dashboard do for me?

ANSWER: 1. You can design GRAPHICS for blogs, landing pages, affiliate pre-sell pages, ebook covers, power points.

2. Above and beyond that, there are step-by-step instructions for your sales letter (if you need one), FTP, shopping cart and other stuff. This is ONLY for the people who need it. You can use all the design part even if you don’t need THOSE things. But it’s nice to know they’re there if you need them.

3. You will save money.

Other programs use software that isn’t mainstream and may not keep up with the times. Plus, you can’t buy any books on it at the bookstore. Or they use Photoshop CS which is $650 or $750 USD. Then, for html, they use Dreamweaver, which sets you back more. I could go on and on. I’ve stripped out every possible cost.

4. You will save time.

I know you have 1,000 things to do. Even watching videos takes TIME. That’s why I’ve used as many screen caps as I can. Learning from them is faster than video. But I’ve used video where it made learning faster.

5. You will avoid a painful, full-blown learning curve.

The worse thing about software is the learning curve. I’ve taken out the learning curve and JUST given you the steps you need to know.

QUESTION 7: What is the difference between the Design Dashboard and the Marketing Dashboard?

ANSWER: One is for design. The other is for marketing.