If you design your newsletter in HTML…

…don’t send it as an e-mail. There are many benefits to putting it up as a web page and sending your subscribers to it:

I do HTML newsletter but I don’t send in e-mail. I put it up as a web page and send my subscribers there like this:

1) You keep my e-mail ‘clean’ with pure text so it less likely gets filtered out.
2) You can archive it so subscribers can revisit for reference.
3) By redirecting them to your site, you also remind them of your site so they can navigate elsewhere for more resources.
4) As you build an archive, you also grow your site with more pages. It helps with search engine optimization to an extent.
5) You can add in interactive features on the web page like a chatbox or the Google calendar for event or promo forecast.
6) Your subscribers are more likely to “tell a friend” about good web content rather than forward e-mails. Apply viral marketing techniques on this point.
7) You can even repackage your newsletter content exclusively for sales in the future.

A direct e-mail message is most effective only when you want your subscribers to take action on a single message, i.e. Attend Big Al’s seminar today, do this before it’s too late…

That’s why if you were Ewen Chia’s subscriber, you might wonder why the mails coming from the world’s no.1 affiliate are so dead simple.

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