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The rise and rise of Mike Filsaime…

Mike Filsaime must have made quite a number of videos lately. Take for example a 48-minute video called “The History of Mike Filsaime“. I recommend you watch the video because it is only his first step towards revealing all the ‘innards’ of his ever-expanding business, not only in the online sense, but also in attracting talented people like Tom Beal and Jason Mangrum to join forces as a team, something about “building an organization” that Jim Collins is best known for writing.

During the video notice how he mentions all of the relationships and friendships that he has formed over the years.

And then there is his short welcoming video that says, “Go back to those few websites that bring you the most percentages of income and continue to improve on them. Make sure they don’t falter.”

This is a real insight into the career of one of the most successful Internet marketers today. For a man who now makes 7 figures every year, it pays to see, touch, listen and feel for the truth. I keep you posted on 07.07.07.

Adwords Killer – A Review

AdWords Killer

AdWords Killer is the latest AdWords product released onto the online market but is it worth its salt for dominating AdWords? We think you will be pleasantly surprised by its content. Making money with AdWords can be difficult and it is very easy to lose a lot of money while trying to learn the ins and outs of this method of marketing. However this is where books such as Adwords Killer are invaluable. It saves you from having to learn through trial and error and gives you all the information you need to become successful.

What kind of information will I get with this membership? Adwords Killer covers all of the basics of AdWords through beginner tutorial videos, as well as the techniques that will make you money in the main AdWords Killer manual. The reason many people fail when trying to make money with AdWords is that they don’t know what they are doing. You will find a tried and tested system in this product. The truth is it is not difficult to make money with Adwords IF you know the information and put it into practice. You will learn things like what CTR (click-through rate), QS (quality score) and content network mean, and more importantly you will learn how to use them correctly and to your own advantage.

AdWords Killer is a proven system that has made many people a great deal of money online. It can only work for you if you study what you invest, and apply what you study. This is a great system and whether you are a seasoned AdWords user or a beginner you will find information that can take you to the next level.

Atomic Blogging For $$$ Explosion!

Atomic Blogging

Learn all about blogging for real money from the latest blogging success story, Alvin Phang!

In the age of fast-rising Web 2.0 sites and dynamics, Alvin has concocted his own methodology to leverage on using Web 2.0 to gain an upper edge in getting more traffic to your websites and generating more cash online.

In the whole context of “Atomic Blogging“, anyone can

* Learn how to set up their own websites and blogs easily with WordPress
* Get help finding an appropriate domain name
* Install and customize WordPress modules and themes only in the way Alvin recommends
* SEO their blogs for more visitors, readers and potential customers
* Harness the power of RSS feeds to easily broadcast to countless websites using a simple and easy to use one-click process.
* Learn all about article marketing, blog comments and blog reviews

…And most important of all, reach the next generation of Internet users through Web 2.0 sites which they will otherwise lose out on a lot of would-be customers!

Alvin has been ranked as one of the the world’s top blogger on the Internet getting an Alexa Ranking of 37,677 out of beating 1 million over websites and rising in Technorati getting ranked at 16,180 out of 71 million other blogs. Miss his nuggets at your own opportunity cost!

Watch your web page peels!

Turnkey Peel Away Ads

Just click on this link and observe the top right corner.

Do you see the corner of the page peels out?

Move your cursor and see the whole peeling act. Woah!

Imagine how much stuff you can hide behind your sales page: a free gift, a surprise discount…

And it doesn’t cost a bomb to get your hands on this top-notch sales technology. Kudos to Richard and Harris for their wonderful invention!

For the sake of happy customers, please get a helpdesk.

'Three Pillars' Support Desk

I read a blog post the other day from a guy who had 15 or more info-product sites, with one e-mail account to handle customer support for each site.

Does that sound familiar?

Every time a customer wanted to get in touch with him, they would email the right account for whichever site they had purchased through.

Imagine having 15 or more inboxes to check every day!

It would drive me crazy…

And what’s worse, if you forgot one, you could miss out on making a HUGE back-end sale to a happy customer who just wanted to spend more money with you…Argh!

The best way to solve this problem is to get yourself a helpdesk. They:

* Save time
* Look professional
* Boost customer satisfaction
* And could provide a healthy income stream…

Here’s a helpdesk application that installs in minutes, has tons of power features to save you time and help you deliver super high-quality, refund-beating customer service in just a few clicks.

No more messing around with customer support. Wonderful!

Take part in Gary Ambrose’s latest list-building program!

List BanditThis has really been an open secret for a couple of months and its launch is only to be expected the moment Gary says he's done. List Bandit is now 'live' and I urge you to join and claim your membership to build your list like never before!

Here's your free e-book to help you achieve your list building goals and learn all using List Bandit properly optimally.

Submit your blogs and RSS feeds to over 58 directories and search engine submission sites automatically!

RSS Feeds Submit

RSS Feeds Submit is an automatic submission tool that can add your blogs and RSS news feeds to over 80 top search engines and directories. Save time by eliminating repetitive data entry work with our automatic submission tool. You can also add/remove directories for manual submission to sites that require more detailed information about your feed. Increase traffic and improve your rankings.

Top 10 Tricks To Conquer Your Niche With WordPress

Top 10 Tricks To Conquer Your Niche With WordPress

For some avid WordPress bloggers this would be the report to lay their hands on if only they knew earlier than to figure out interesting and profitable blogging techniques the hard way.

Within the 39 well-written pages of this report, now in its 2007 version, David Pankhurst reveals:

* how to set up WordPress quickly to get fast and long-lasting recognition by Google and other major search engines,

* how to trick out your WordPress installations to please visitors as well as search spiders,

* how to place AdSense on every page of your WP blog the fastest, easiest way,

* how to get keyword-rich descriptions into the metatags of each WordPress generated page,

* his famous AutoPosting plug-in,

* and lots more insider information.

I guarantee it will take you days, if not weeks, of slogging through scattered sources on the Web. Do yourself a favor, and take the shortcut with Top 10 Tricks To Conquer Your Niche With WordPress.

But beyond the report there are a lot more add-ons for this year, as a result of feedback gained by David to see how others use their blogs and what everyone wants for their blogs, chief of which is the ABTheme:

* The theme includes a brand new technique—movable blocks. The article list, search box, category list, calendar and many other WordPress components are all movable—rearrange their order, split them across columns (2 AND 3 columns supported), and place the article text in ANY column without a SEO penalty. Once you see this in action, you won’t want to use another WordPress theme—ever!

* You can not only rearrange components, but also add your own—easily paste in HTML (OR PHP!) and position it where you want in any column—perfect for ‘do it yourself’ e-mail forms!

* How to display just the pages you want on the top navigation bar (or the footer one) without editing PHP. Display links to the pages you want (and ONLY the ones you want) in the order you want!

* Easy copy-and-paste—no more mind numbing settings. Now just get a design you like, and transfer it to a new blog with a single copy-and-paste!

* Easier to use AdSense (or any other ad) display code, making it easy to embed ads right alongside your articles (and make sure you don’t violate Google’s rules by having too many displayed!)

Article Directory Pro

Article Directory Pro

Article Directory Pro has been David Zohar’s bestselling article directory software for some time now. Today, it has become much stronger tool because of a new and unique feature—Import Multiple Articles.

With this new feature, the owner of the article directory can import multiple articles in about 10 seconds and fill the directory with content in just a few minutes…

All you have to do is collect your .txt articles in a single zipped file, and use the new import feature…And there you have it, a content site with your own articles (or private label articles) in just a few minutes, especially when you are a member of one or more of those PLR article membership sites, you can use those articles to build your profitable article directory in just a few minutes.

These 16 lessons can help you live the life of your dreams!

Napoleon Hill's The Law Of Success

We will not hesitate to trade in our Britannica Encyclopedias for this set of books any minute! Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich” may be his best-selling personal development book of all time, but what you may not know is that “Think & Grow Rich” is only a summary of a much larger work completed about 9 years earlier and took 25 years to write!

The 16-volume Law Of Success is the most revealing literature on the manifestation of wealth. Get it NOW!

Delete spam mails before they reach your inbox with ‘this’.

If you had ever wished that spam mails never touch your inbox at all, MailWasher Pro can stop them right at the door, as in they will be deleted before you even login to your account!

MailWasher Pro is a highly competent, usable, secure and time-saving spam filtering tool for for POP, IMAP, MSN, Hotmail and AOL e-mail accounts. Combining multiple approaches, MailWasher Pro achieves a solid spam detection rate and protects you from viruses to some extent. Still, MailWasher Pro could be a little bit more comfortable by integrating with e-mail programs better.

MailWasher Pro does not offer POP and IMAP proxy filtering. There is room for improvement in terms of categorizing and presenting good mails in its interface. Besides these ‘cons’, MailWasher does its job best. Once you start marking mail as either spam or good mail, MailWasher Pro learns quickly. For its affordable price of $30 plus $7 a year for extra filter subscription, you can save 30 minutes to an hour a day. MailWasher Pro provides value for money so you can get on with important messages and your business.

Contextual ClickBank text ads on your site!

ClickBank Ad Box Pro

Here’s a real cool product that can make you more money for your sites. ClickBank Ad Box Pro gives you the ability to show keyword-selected ads from ClickBank’s catalog of products on your site, all keyed to your ClickBank affiliate link.

It has a lot of great advantages like:

* You own the complete software package and scripts
* You host the ClickBank data with no MySQL required
* You update ClickBank data with a click of the mouse
* You create the ads and paste the code in your pages
* Your links are masked to prevent commission theft
* Your links are not displayed in the webpage source

With all those great features, and a price tag of only $7, you should definitely pick up your copy right now.

This alternative “spoils market” by going for FREE. The main drawback is you don’t even earn 100% of your rightful commission…just 75%.

Article writing brings cash to this guy straightaway.

Secret Article Profits

Back in WIMS, a few people would ask me how to get traffic. I would say I depend much on giveaways but article submission is always a worthy method for accumulating backlinks and showcasing your knowledge of the subject.

The funny thing is, at some point in time last year, the question of “how to get traffic?” has become a BIG misnomer to us. We can put you in the middle of 5th Avenue of New York where throngs of shoppers walk all day, and there you go, all the traffic you want…

No, you DON’T WANT traffic; you WANT traffic turn customers!

Remember: the end of an Internet Marketing process or system or model, whatever, however it is, is to ask for and close the sale. That’s the result you want to eat rice

Perhaps you didn’t know what more you can do with articles. Thankfully, with Secret Article Profits, Dylan reveals his personal method for writing ORIGINAL articles in your own words quickly and efficiently and more submission strategies.

2 aspects of his submission strategies include how to “digg and tag” your articles to attract more visitors in social bookmarking sites and make full use of your autoresponder to line up your articles and get those targeted clicks. Make no mistake Dylan wrote his e-book with an end in mind; he knows all these articles must drive readers to a “call to action” they must heed. His whole blueprint is based on fundamental principles that will always work at getting not just traffic, but customers.

Make sure you know how your own system can do the closing even if you are a shy guy by nature! That’s what Internet Marketing is all about: profitable system-building.

Discover how to create the perfect profit funnel.

Some call it ‘filter’, others call it ‘qualification’. And yet it’s also an “elimination process” and also a ‘funnel’.

Paul Kleinmeulman’s “Profit Funnel Secrets” is a 45-minute video showing the specific steps to creating a profit funnel in your marketing. You’ll know:

* The Exact Stages Of A Perfect Profit Funnel…
* Which Stages Make You The Most Money…
* Which Stages Can Be Easily Outsourced (and which cannot)…
* Which Stages Personally COST You The Most Time Input…
* Which Stage = Which Income You Can Easily Achieve…
* Which Stage Your Customer Will Trust You Most…

Do you know which stage is which in your own online business system? If you dare shout “YES!”, I congratulate you for being one outside of the 90-99% of Internet Marketers who don’t know where and what their gear wheels are!

This is filler-free, hard-hitting and actionable content. You’re clear on every point with enough information to get started immediately implementing the action steps.

* Easy Blog Traffic *

Easy Blog Traffic

Discover the Insider’s Secrets to generating income producing blog traffic to your blogs now! Easy Blog Traffic includes 2 exclusive interviews, 12 excellent video tutorials, and over 120 pages of pure content with resell and 100% commission rights.

Get more backlinks in a shorter time.

Good quality backlinks are a must in order to get a good search engine ranking and for building a sites Google PR.

But finding related websites that accept links from other sites or offer a link exchange can be a very time-consuming process, until now, let us introduce a brand new piece of software called Backlink Submitter.

Backlink Submitter will scan the top 3 search engines for any search term you enter into it, and after a short period of time it will return hundreds of websites that relate to the search term you entered into the software.

Backlink Submitter then filters through all the results and only displays the highest ranked websites that either accept links from other websites or have a link exchange option.

You then add a Link Title, Site Description and Keywords which can be rotated to be unique with each submission. This helps get your website listed in search engines under many different keywords and link titles.

What this means for you is you can now add your site to hundreds of similar websites as your own and this will greatly increase your backlinks and overall link popularity in a short time.

Also your search engine ranking will increase and the result will be your website will get more traffic and you will make more sales. Isn’t this the exact end result we are all chasing after?

Backlink Submitter is a brand new breakthrough when it comes to finding niche websites that relate to the site you are trying to build backlinks for. You also get FREE lifetime updates to any new updated versions as a cutomer.

Download the full demo version of Backlink Submitter and give it a try for yourself.

Aweber List Data Extraction

Paul Galloway just released a free tool that can merge all the leads into a single file after you backup/export them from your Aweber account. Here’s his post.

How David Bullock got over 1,500 names into his list in the first week…

List Blueprint

List Blueprint reveals the direct experience of how David Bullock got over 1,500 names into his list in the first week and over 3,000 people in a month without breaking a single cent! The report also lists out 25,000 niches and actual squeeze and order pages he used, besides his tried and tested formula for list building.

One Stream of Income—Is It Enough?

How many frustrating days have you spent watching other marketers cash in with their e-books while your ideas ebb and flow, but never materialize? Maybe you feel like you haven’t got the expertise in any profitable area.

Or perhaps you don’t even know what is profitable when it comes to information products. Most marketers who haven’t yet tasted success get disgruntled after a while. They start believing that the only way to make money with an e-book is to sell a “How to Make Money Online” product—and since they haven’t done it yet, they can’t tap that niche, either!

The truth is, some top names in this industry have developed side empires within niches that aren’t related to Internet Marketing. Did they know much of what their chosen niches are all about? Internet Marketing is really a number’s game. If you had read John Reese’s “The Rebirth of Internet Marketing“, he wrote he has more than 1200 websites on page 2. We’ll bet the bank not all sites are definitely about Internet Marketing. On the other hand, did he really know what his own sites are doing?? He has employees doing the work for him. There is no point setting up sites after sites only to let them die a slow death. That’s not building businesses and it’s a shameful waste of time.

But for one thing, no matter how much they know little about a niche, these gurus somehow master an art for developing proper ideas for an info-product or site based on data accumulated from knowing what consumers are hungry for, and this is all pretty straightforward about demand and supply.

You can finally master this art through Tiffany Dow.

Back in 2001, she started freelancing on Elance and quickly rose to the top of her game as the secret weapon to dozens of big-name marketers (as well as those flying under the radar). She has worked for Jimmy Brown, John Reese, Rich Schefren, and Janet Wilson to name a few.

In her new guide, Building an eBook Empire, she gossips about what she learned over the last 6 years from her clients, who taught her every detail of the business—enough that she stopped freelancing and became a marketer of her own information products. The shocking thing is that she details it all—including how you can develop your own niche e-book empire and start mapping out the plan for your own “How to Make Money on the ‘Net” rags to riches tale.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or advanced marketer—everyone should read through this and use it as an investment in their business. Smart entrepreneurs always know what more successful people are doing.