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How to take advantage of 2-tier affiliate programs.

Automated Cash Formula 

Here’s what it boils down to: Dave Gale shows you how to begin cashing in other people’s affiliate sales as a JV Broker and it is MUCH easier than it sounds. Dave gives ALL the tools, details and helps that are necessary for anyone to begin making money as a JV Broker. Is it “Instant Riches” with NO work? Absolutely NOT. But, it is an awesome system with a LOT of potential for anyone willing to do just a little work.

Dave’s well-written e-book “Automated Cash Formula” is completely non-technical. Anybody can follow the program he outlines in his 70+ page course. How can you make money without a site or marketing or PPC ads? What you will be doing does involve affiliate marketing, but you’ll be taking advantage of a certain type of affiliate program known as a 2-tier program. A 2-tier program pays the affiliate if he or she promotes a sale. But it also pays the person who got that affiliate to sign up in the first place.

What Dave’s program does is outline how 2-tier affiliate programs work. He’ll tell you how to find them, and how to pick out the ones that are useful from the ones that aren’t. He’s determined that a particular type of pay structure works best with this system, and he’ll show you how to find those specific programs. Then he’ll show you how to enlist a virtual army of people to do the actual promotion for you.  All you do is a bit of Web research, combined with sending out a handful of e-mail messages. Dave has even written the messages for you! He takes you by the hand and walks you through the course, step by step.

In a month or two, you should see regular checks coming in despite the fact that you haven’t done any selling, haven’t had to build a Website and haven’t done any marketing whatsoever.

This program is as described. For once, a new approach to making money online!

How To Find People Who Will Boost Your Income by Andrew Hansen

What I mean by this is finding people to help you make more money online.

Normally, as soon as we talk about hiring employees a lot of people switch off because they think they aren’t at the stage yet where such a move is financially feasible.

What we’re going to talk are some of the ways you can enlist the help of skillful individuals, that can seriously boost your online business efforts at VERY cheap prices.

I’ve written an e-mail alluding to this topic once before but I think you’ll find this one more than eye opening.

Firstly let me provide some general tips on starting to find people who can help you.

The first thing to realise is this: A lot of the skillful workers you can enlist are from 3rd-world countries where the cost of labour is only a fraction of what it would otherwise be in the United States, The UK, Australia, Europe etc.

Now contrary to popular opinion, this isn’t taking advantage, it’s not slave labour or anything else…I say it’s smart hiring!

For example in Romania the average wage is something like US$150 a month. If you are using skilled programmers from Romania and paying them $200 a month you’re making some VERY happy people!

Not to mention you’re getting great work done for the fraction of the cost. Ah, the beauty of the Internet.

The next thing you need to note is that you can employ people to get tasks done for you very cheaply. For example, if you can’t write, you can find a great writer for just a few dollars per article to take that task off your hands.

If you can’t setup WordPress blogs you can write your own content and pay someone a small fee to install WordPress blogs for you.

And so on and so forth. The great thing about the Internet is there is almost no limit to the things that you can have people help you with!

So now that you’ve recognized these fundamental points let’s look at the places you can begin your search for help.

Basically there are two good places to scout for help that we’ll look at today. These are Internet Marketing forums, and Freelance sites.

Let me firstly and quickly mention IM forums.

If you’re not participating in Online Marketing forums, even if you don’t sell directly to online marketers, you’re losing money. There are many reasons for this that we need not get into but the most valuable thing you can get from forums is connections with people.

With regards to finding people who can help you in your business, forums are a gold mine because there are countless people who have writers, coders, various errand runners of their own that they are often willing to share with you.

As you’ll learn, finding people from freelance sites like RentACoder can be hit and miss but when you get a recommendation from someone who’s already used them, particularly if that person is well known and trust worthy, you have a big advantage.

It’s a piece of cake to jump on to an Internet Marketing forum and post a thread titled “Can anyone recommend a writer/coder/blog creator/mysql database specialist?” etc.

You can have numerous options within hours of posting. Again, forums are a great place to start in the hunt for help!

Second, Freelance sites!

The next thing you have to do is get used to sites of freelancers like,,, etc. They are all great and house hordes of skillful individuals that are ready to help you grow your online business.

If you haven’t already, go to some of those sites and start and getting a feel for how the hiring and freelancing process works. Personally I use RentACoder, it has always worked well for me.

Generally you post a description of a project to a certain category on one of these sites and it gets opened to the freelancers of that category to post their bids on your project.

You can literally post any task you like, on a one-off basis or an ongoing basis.

The keys are to describe accurately what you want done and negotiate the right price with a good freelancer (‘good’ being based on the feedback score you can see that most freelancers will have).

These being the basics, let’s look quickly at what kind of tasks you can get freelanced.

If I were you this is what I’d consider getting outsourced:

1. Content Writing: I’ve spoken about this before. It’s so easy to get a great writer for just a few dollars per article on any keyword you wish. Article writing is too time consuming to be doing unless you really have to.

2. Content posting: I’d hire someone and give them the login details to your wordpress blog and have them post an article that you (or preferrably THEY) have written, even as little as once per week. Not having to worry about whether your blog is updated? Priceless!

3. Blog Creation: You could buy 10 domains for Niche Marketing On Crack type sites (which I hope you know about by now) then give a coder the FTP details and say: Install wordpress blogs on these sites with these details, this theme, these plugins and just let them go wild.

4. Link building: This is one I’ve done with great success. You can hire people who will contact other webmasters to try and exchange links with you. Better yet you can have a freelancer source out sites related to your niche from which you can buy textlinks back to your site, powerful stuff!

Anyhow I won’t bombard you with too much more information today.

This message is mainly an idea starter and an introduction on how you can start to use outsourced help to grow your online income no matter where you’re starting from.

We’ll talk more about this next time.

Check out just who Andrew Hansen is.

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Analyze your traffic patterns for increasing profits!

Site Super Tracker 

If you were in a sharp-shooting contest, would you rather be given a large supply of ammunition in a dark room, or a single loaded gun in a room that was brightly lit?

That’s not a tough decision, is it? You want to be in the room where you can see the target, NOT a room where the target is invisible. You’re far more likely to hit the target with just a few bullets in a well-lit room than you are to hit the target in a dark room, even if you have a lot of ammunition.

Well the target, or goal, of your website is to make money. Your ammunition is the time and money you put into making that website profitable. If you’re not analyzing the traffic your website is getting, then you’re taking “shots in the dark” with your limited resources.

Find out how you can “turn on the lights” and start seeing EXACTLY where you need to be focusing your advertising and search engine optimization efforts by taking a peek at Jonathan Leger’s latest creation, Site Super Tracker.

In the name of testing and tracking, this comprehensive software records statistics for ANY page and ANY site, be it a salesletter, or a squeeze page, or membership site, etc.

It’s equally important to know where your traffic is coming from for these sites as well. SST will tell you what links are being clicked on your pages, and will generate heat maps to show you which sections of your pages are most popular with your visitors.

See a fully-functional online demo of SST or take a video walk-through.

I’m in a Christmas mood already. Are you?

As an affiliate marketer/reseller, you should be.

Christmas is like 2 months away, but you never know how time flies at the bat of an eyelid!

Before I forget, look out for major Christmas giveaway events like Mark Hendrick’s “12 Days Of Christmas” and “30 Days of Christmas” in mid-November, but this is besides the main issue today.

The festive season is also ‘merchandize’ season. Your spider senses must tingle over the hot goods that sell at year-end. From today, there should be enough time for you to do your market research and prepare your sales campaign.

Here are some personal suggestions:

1. Electronics (iThis, iThat…)
2. Christmas recipes
3. Christmas trees and other decors
4. Christmas-themed or New Year-themed DVDs and albums, e-books, PLR articles etc.
5. Goal-setting materials
6. Gaming consoles (PlayStation 3, X360, Wii)
7. Alcohol
8. New clothes for the New Year.
9. For men: watches
10. For women: jewelry
11. Season greetings cards
12. 2008 diaries/calendars
13. Corporate gifts (it’s peak market season now actually)

What’s so special about point 13? You can understand the market situation for corporate gifts by going to Google Trends and type in “corporate gifts”! You’ll find that it hits a low throughout December; likely that companies are doing stock-taking on performance, inventories etc. in preparation for the New Year.

Likewise you can research on watches and jewelry to check out its year-on-year patterns. Google Trends does not tell you what to sell…well, if only! You’ll have to consolidate your best keywords and type them in Trends to get a rough idea whether they’re worth selling in the next 2 months or not.

So Google Trends is particularly great for sniffing out seasonal patterns, like checking for spikes in search volume during Christmas/year-end period, mid-year, Halloween, other ethnic festivals etc. You can spot sellable niches this way.

Other things you can do in December is run your annual year-end garage sale or offer year-end discounts for your products and services.

Starting mid-December, start selling weight loss products! People will want to get rid of tummy flab from consuming too much meat. Serious!

It’s no secret watches, jewelry and iPods sell very well over eBay, and there are other items that consistently sell well throughout the year. Now you may think selling hard products is too much work, too much logistics etc. At the end of the day, the profit you can gain from selling high-ticket luxury items certainly outweighs whatever disadvantages you may perceive as part of the setup/learning process, or else so many PowerSellers wouldn’t be doing it.

You will need to find wholesale products you can sell, and there’s one place where you can buy them up to 90% off. You also get a list of trustworthy wholesalers and merchants who want to work with you and mingle in a forum with other marketers to gain tips and opportunities. This place is none other SaleHoo.

I hope today’s ideas will keep your neurons firing. Merry Christmas!!! (huh…)

How you know you’re spending too much time on Facebook.

facebook facebook facebook
facebook facebook and i want you as my friend
and e-mail to you
they will send same at you
have a friend request
on facebook facebook
and i want you to confirm my friend request
and determine if you’ve ever seen me then you will say YES
facebook facebook
i could then poke you
you can poke me too
anytime night or day
only trouble is
facebook i’m wasting my life away
i need you so facebook
i want you so
that’s why i woo whenever i stalk you sorry ’cause it’s true
and facebook facebook facebook facebook
facebook facebook
won’t you be my friend

Facebook is so addictive I just uninstalled all the drinks, vampires, zombies, slayers, mood apps etc. If only there’s an app that puts $$$ into your PayPal on schedule…

Using the Law of Attraction…

Using Law Of Attraction To Get Anything You Want

Scientists have proven over and over that universal laws work each and every time. For example, the Law of Gravity works every single time. You drop a brick. It hits the ground very quickly. (Watch out for your toes when you do this!) It doesn’t matter if you believe in the Law of Gravity, it still applies to you. Just like there’s a Law of Gravity, there’s a Law that determines what you get in life. That Law has been working for or against you since you were born. You may not have known about the law. Might not have paid attention to it. Might not care about it. Might not even believe it’s true. But this Law applies to you anyway. If you’re not getting everything you want out of life, then the Law is definitely working… it’s just not working to your benefit. If that’s the case, then I urge you to go this site ASAP so you can find out how to make this Law work for you. Here’s how to get everything you want.

This software finds niches that the AdWords keyword tool fails to uncover!

I just came across a very handy tool that finds very small niches in less than 10 seconds!  You start the desktop-based software, search for a basic keyword and then you look for long-tail keywords with high search count and small competition.

This is made possible through a feature called the Strength Of Competition index. The SOC will sort your searches for you and reveal the niches to select. It’s what sets it apart from other keyword research tools and it really looks simplistic. When you check the demo videos for its software interface, there are only 3 main categories of data to be concerned with: the keywords, search count statistics and SOC, but don’t let its simplicity fool you.

The first demo video shows James Jones, the creator, selecting “world of warcraft jewelcrafting guide”. It’s very intriguing for me to discover that the phrase “world of warcraft jewelcrafting guide” is not reflected in either Overture Suggestion Tool (not updated for a long while anyway) or AdWords keyword tool (that demands an explanation!), and I did took a few minutes to check how much more extensive Micro Niche Finder might generate its keyword lists. I really think this software is worth it.

Beyond offering the software, James also suggests how you can create multiple profit streams revolving around the use of Micro Niche Finder, like how you can set up a quick blog and write an article for submission based on any micro niches you can find, and this is exactly how he earns his income over and over again. PLUS he throws in 4 rare bonuses as well.

There are thousands of uncompetitive niches out there and I trust that you’ll not be disappointed with Micro Niche Finder! See all the demo videos by clicking the link.

Master this science of Web 2.0 leverage.

When you can get your hands off your sites while other visitors publish content FOR you, you have attain the ideal leverage. The User Generated Content Handbook explains in great detail how to get Web 2.0 user generated content to boost traffic to your website. It provides step-by-step instructions including checklists and worksheets to assist you in exercising the essential elements of this income boosting formula. Master Resell Rights is optional.

What does it take to create passive cashflow?

Passive Cashflow Secrets 

One of the most respected online marketers, Neil Shearing, has just released an incredible set of movies. Why should you take a look? Well, Neil is an expert at creating Passive Cashflow. That means, he sets up a revenue stream and then forgets about it…while it keeps putting money back into his account. Neil says this is the ONLY way for lazy people, like him, to get rich online.

In one example, he shows how he earned $82.95 from Adsense in just one day, from one website which builds itself!

In another example he shows you how he’s still earning money from a site that’s paid him $30,240 over seven years!

How many people do you know who have *really* been earning serious Passive Cashflow online for years and years?

There are other examples…one autoresponder put an extra $8,257 pure profit into his hands with no effort…one affiliate program paid him $26,704 in passive income in a year.

You see, there are lots of people who talk nonsense about making money online, but Neil isn’t one of them. He’s been earning cash online for over 10 YEARS and all his stuff describes his own tried and tested, proven techniques.

Check out Neil’s movies on creating passive cashflow right now while you’re thinking about it…

Don’t forget the lifeblood of your business…

Traffic Manifesto 

You know as well as I do that no matter how great your product, your site, or your sales message…

Without “high quality, targeted” traffic it’s all pointless!

Don’t you owe it to yourself then, to utilize every means available to drive traffic to your sites?

When I saw the contents of what my friend Ross Goldberg packed into his Traffic Manifesto, we knew it would help you beyond belief!

It doesn’t matter which type of marketing you focus on in your business—affiliate marketing, e-commerce, auctions, or even multi-level marketing—Ross has tactics for you!

In fact, there are over 109 pages of 50 specific methods that will make your marketing job much easier AND have customers beating a path to your sites!

When you know you have a resource that puts everything together in one place, you want to get on the fast track to success!

Don’t delay while your next buyer is looking for your site right now…

Listen To T. Harv Eker.

T. Harv Eker is a speaker and author of the New York Times #1 best-selling book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. He is also well-known for his 3-day Millionaire Mind Intensive which YOU are invited into to discover the true riches and potential of what a new way of financial intelligence and thinking can achieve for YOU.

Find out how you can get 2 complimentary seats to Millionaire Mind Intensive right here! Remember my reference number 339071 should this be required for your MMI registration process. If you have always wanted to find a way to seek a larger self, this is your moment!

Are you sneezing at $7 e-books as worthless now?

Instant Cash Payout 

Have you ever made any of these statements?

– I don’t have a list
– I don’t have traffic
– I don’t have a product
– I don’t have an affiliate program
– I don’t have any JV contacts

Did you know that there’s something sitting right under your nose that allows you to make money AND build a list with NONE of the above?

You’ve probably noticed the waves of “high-quality, low-priced” $7 e-books exploding onto the market and particulary the IM scene.

This surge has opened the doors for Internet Marketers on any level.

Wouldn’t you like to:

* Make a name for yourself as an expert in your niche
* Multiply and grow your online presence
* Build a targeted and responsive list of buyers
* Make a “nothing to sneeze at” paycheck
* And, see it all by the end of next week?

You CAN!

There has never been a better time than now to make YOURSELF instant cash…

AND putting you in the spot light in the process!

Will you be the next Star?

Take the first step at having your own INSTANT CASH PAYING e-books working for you everyday on auto-pilot!

Using PLR content to catapult online business growth.

Today we’re going to look at some of the specific ways we can utilize PLR content. They are obvious but will hopefully get you thinking.

Here are those ways:

1. For content on our sites. Obviously the more unique content you are posting to your site and the more frequently you’re doing it, puts you at an advantage over other sites in your niche.

Having that large mass of PLR content available allows you to keep potentially a large number of sites constantly updated on an ongoing basis. Big points!

2. To distribute around to increase your exposure. After communicating with many people in my private forum and other customers I have found the biggest problem people face is the inability to produce enough articles to distribute out to generate the backlinks and SE traffic they need.

With 10s of extra articles floating around each month you have the resources necessary to generate big exposure to your site. One good tip is to rewrite your PLR articles based on long tail keywords in your niche and submitting them to or

After a week or so these articles will actually be ranked in the search engines for those key phrases (bum marketing style) and you will see a large increase in traffic.

3. Getting even deeper, you can use your PLR articles to compile an e-book on the topic of your niche that you can then sell on your website, or give away to build your e-mail list.

Essentially what you are doing is each article becomes a chapter heading or subheading.

4. Using the PLR content as newsletter fodder. Stats show that on average (I read this stat somewhere and can’t remember the source) a visitor will see 2.5 pages of your site.

So that means that when someone comes to your site, and sees their 2.5 pages, and joins your newsletter, if you have 40 pages of content, they will have at least 37 e-mails they will not have read, which you can then drive them back to your site again and again.

There are a bunch of other ways to use PLR content (as content snippets, free reports, feeder sites etc.) but the most powerful ways are in the 4 I just gave you, especially number 1 and 2, when you combine long tail keywords with PLR content.

The good (and bad) news, is that while there are probably 100’s of PLR sites out there, the problem comes when most of these sites get their content from what’s called “wholesale PLR sites” and what this means is that it’s not just lots of people who get their content, but they go out to 10’s of sites offering it to 100’s or 1000’s of people.

When you’re talking those kind of numbers (i.e. high hundreds and thousands of people getting the content) then there could possibly be some problems with duplicate content, so make sure you pick one that limits their numbers to just a few hundred at most, and gets all their content written specifically for them.

One such service is PLR Pro because not only do they have a massive network of writers (they produce 4-5000 articles a month for themselves and their clients), their service and additional information that they offer is awesome. Get your $1 trial today!

I hope you have found this post informative as always.

Real case study of a one-man show with 300,000 domain names.

Apart from the ongoing Web 2.0 wave, there are very few and ‘new’ marketing methods which are mind-blowing enough to cause a paradigm shift and completely change the way you do business online.

Affiliate marketing? Checked.
Article marketing? Checked.
PPC? Checked.
Viral marketing? Checked.
Link exchange? Checked.

Of course, bridging the gap between what you know and what you do is another separate matter…

But perhaps you may not understand or even heard of making money out of domain names and its inner workings. Why? Because it is entirely different from marketing. In fact, it may hardly have anything to do with marketing at all. We are so used to selling and creating value to make money.

On the other hand, domain name trading/investing is an established industry whereby you create portfolios of expired domain names and “squat in the jungle” for the right time to let them off for a premium price. I have long suspected that people who deal in property investment and stock market would be very adapt at domain name trading because the mindset is already well honed for crucial timing…well, some similarities are there, like getting hold of names the moment they expire on that very day. Very ‘commodity’ stuff.

This industry won’t be easy to play for 1 key reason: Squatters may hold on to domain names that depreciate in value some years down the road only to finally realize they are absolutely useless. They just don’t know how to evaluate the present and projected monetary value of those names and quickly find a targeted buying audience via an established channel to let them go for a timely profit.

If you also think most simple and easy-to-remember domain names are already taken up, I beg to differ; I really think we are still in a “wild West” era when it comes to domain name trading. Most netrepreneurs would have given up if they think they have to publish some amount of content for every domain name before they can sell them off.

But the money is based on the value of the DOMAIN NAME itself, not the content or anywhere else.

Consider this: when we all have 24 hours, what makes an expert ‘domainer’ different from everyone else?

Answer: 300,000 domains

Don’t understand what I’m driving at? Read this press release.

Kevin Ham owns around 300,000 domains, and receives around $70 million per annum in revenue from them. His empire is reputed to be worth close to $300 million. All this from owning domain names!

If you work your calculations backwards, all these big numbers will look manageable:

$70 million is about $5.8 million per month. Divide that by 300,000 domains and it turns out each domain is generating around $19/month in revenue.

Or just $0.63c/day. So $0.63c/day (per domain) is all it takes to get there.

Do you think you can generate $0.63c/day? I certainly think it is achievable.

Domains Into Dollars

Phil Craig’s Domains Into Dollars is where you start learning. It consists of a solid 194-page e-book and a video series:

Lesson #1 – Introduction To The Domaining Industry
Lesson #2 – What Types Of Domains Are Available
Lesson #3 – Show Me The Money (Domaining Revenue Models)
Lesson #4 – Getting Started (An Easy And Free Way To Find Domains)
Lesson #5 – Quick Domain Flipping On eBay
Lesson #6 – Domain Name Valuation
Lesson #7 – Selling Your Domain Names

To give you an idea of some of the techniques involved:

1) Domain flipping: If you find a domain name that is getting popular, you buy it cheaply, turn around and sell it for a higher price. In the videos, you’ll be shown in minute detail how a $6.99 purchase became $515 in less than 7 days! These sort of results are happening time and time again.

2) Paid advertising: Say for example There are many ‘inactive’ domains that look like this and you may have thought they are held by some web-hosting companies. But since is held by an individual (Kevin Ham), he as the owner earns from clicks within the site. The inside story of this kind of paid advertising will be revealed! To give you a clue, a friend told me these ads are provided by Google, Yahoo or other networks but they are metaphorically considered as a “private label” version and are served exclusively to people who can drive an astronomically large number of impressions to their sites.

3) Free traffic: It turns out that a lot of people type the name of a service they are interested in directly into the address bar of a browser, instead of using the search engine, so if you can find a name that people would use, you will get free traffic. Example: If they want a limousine in Dallas, they might directly type in into the search engine to find it. If they do, it means free traffic to you. You will discover how to pinpoint a good domain name based on this market mechanism.

4) Domain mining: Phil gives you a resource to find just-deleted domain names. Approximately 40,000 .com names are deleted and put back into the pool each day, so this is great opportunity for a quick pickup. Use this service to find some really nice sounding domains, including a few 4 and 5-letter domain names when there’s luck.

Phil also gives you all the legal forms you need when selling domains to cover yourself, and you will also learn a range of monetization methods using specialist services which take a share of the revenue with you. This means you can be earning money in the first day you test your newly acquired domain! If not, then there’s the classic way of outright-selling your domain, and Phil goes into detail about that, showing you the best ways to attract buyers, the best websites to list your domains on, pitfalls to watch out for, and more.

Domain name investing is a great model if you’re very serious about passive income, and at this moment I still believe there is a huge opportunity there for people getting in at ground level.

There is a promotion on Phil’s website offering $10 off. Make sure you click the coupon box at the top of the screen to get your coupon while it lasts.

* Graphical Optin Template Pack *

Graphical Optin Template Pack

J.P. Schoeffel has packaged a collection of testimonial and opt-in box graphics into a very affordable template pack. You'll know straightaway these high-quality graphics can only come out of his hands.