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20,000 people have grabbed their chances to move ahead.

This PDF file has barely squeezed itself into the list of “free report of the year” nominations and…mind you, it has more meat than most BUSINESS BOOKS.

20,000 people downloaded it just 2 days ago. It’s so incredible that I’d bet most marketers may not even have 20,000 active subscribers in their lists!

It’s just pure, useful CONTENT.
I recommend the following action steps:
1. Clear your calendar for 90 minute TODAY.
2. Download and devour Rich’s Attention Age Doctrine Part 2.
3. Put at least 3 of his tactics to work TODAY.
From Rich’s own mouth: “The people who put this information to use IMMEDIATELY will profit the most.”
Will you join me? Will you be on of those who PROFITS?
Just like the Doctrine Part 1, this one will only be available for a short time. Then they’ll take it offline.
So get yours NOW.

Want to make some money from Strategic Profits?

I just got in Rich Schefren’s affiliate program that he has kept very low key about and it seems to be 2-tier. Not only that, you want to sign up as his affiliate because Richard has finally release his much anticipated Attention Age Doctrine Part 2 today!

All you have to do is refer people to his free reports, like The Attention Age Doctrine and his Internet Business Manifesto, and his affiliate management system handles the rest by following up with your prospects and credits YOU with any purchases of his paid products—and get this—even if they follow someone else’s link at a later date.

That’s right. Your affiliate link’s cookie is hard-coded into your prospects’ PCs and it will not be replaced by another!

I can tell you this is all very exciting, what with someone who can create high-ticket, high-in-demand products and services like Rich. There are other products readily available other than the Doctrine.

Become Rich’s partner here. Again, the Attention Age Doctrine goes ‘live’ now so don’t delay telling your list about it. Your subscribers will thank you.

Download The First Doctrine.

* A Breakthrough In Traffic Arbitrage *

Google Payload 

I’m not sure if you have heard about a marketer by the name of Alex Goad and his “Google Payload” tricks. He deals in what I call “traffic arbitrage”, which is basically a matter of buying and selling visitors via PPC. He claims to buy traffic at below 3 cents and resell it for $3 or more.

This is really something of a twist and a breakthrough in terms of traffic generation. 4 months ago, Alex met a quiet Brazilian Millionaire who has mastered the unthinkably easy art of traffic manipulation. In fact, this guy pulls massive profits from just about every traffic source available, many of which you’ve never heard of.
Day in, day out, he averages nearly $10,000 every 24 hours. And the profit margins are astonishing.

But here’s what really matters: Alex Goad has taken his hundreds of pages of notes. Every morsel of information from the Brazilian Insider’s mind; every source, tactic and trick and laid it out in a step-by-step guide called Google Payload.

It is not about affiliate marketing, product selling, copywriting or SEO. It’s fair to say that this is the freshest and most uniquely profitable business system to hit the Internet for months if not years.

And you’d think they’d be charging an arm and a leg for it, but here you’ll be surprised again. Google Payload has just opened its doors and you can grab the core manual, quick start guide and 8 Deluxe Payload templates for only $77.

That’s a special launch discount for those that act fast. Don’t wait. Go acquire your own copy now.

* How To Set And Achieve A Goal *

How To Set And Achieve A Goal

More than ever as you and us continue to strive to make our online businesses better and more profitable, or that you are now fast absorbing as much of the information which you downloaded over the festive season as you can so that you will start one within the next month, the fulfillment of your LIFE has become much more important than anything else, including your business!

Admit it: we don’t live to eat from hand to mouth, or to make money till you realized “Have I missed something?” Therefore, it becomes so important to define your life goals with clarity because it convicts you into an irrevocable momentum and a sure direction towards which your life must head.

If you never had a chance to put down proper personal, business, spiritual goals etc. on paper, here is a very good package with which you can finally set things in order! Arina Nikitina’s “How To Set And Achieve A Goal” pack consists of the main book + worksheets to aid you in defining very clearly what you want out of your LIFE!

This book is obviously written in a process-driven manner, so that at every step of the way you will know when to fill what worksheet. If you think setting a goal is simply stating an objective, then you must read Arina’s 8 specific techniques just for ‘preparing for success’, 7 steps to ‘setting a goal’, and 7 methods to ‘staying on track’. We are not saying this is easy. It is a very good work because everything is written clear-cut as a 3-stage program and no stones are left unturned as far as possible.

What’s more, “How To Set And Achieve A Goal” has high usability value because you can use it again in 2007, 2008 etc. and at any time of the year.

We look forward that you can get a great headstart over most other people and take firm control over your life…right here, right NOW, because your Destiny is all that matters.

* 6 Rebrandable E-Books *

If you ever wanted an arsenal of top-notch e-books written professionally that you could brand, and put your own affiliate links in and then give away, then check these out.

You can sell them, or give them away, or even use the complete reseller site included in the package.

Anyway you slice or dice it, there are a million different things you can do with these e-books. 

Use them to gain optins. 
Sell them to make money. 
Give them away and earn massive affiliate commissions.

You will be pleased in the titles of the e-books, and the fact that you can rebrand 4 links inside each e-book to make instant affiliate commissions paid directly to your PayPal account and other affiliate income paid monthly and even recurring.

This is a great opportunity for you.

Can Chris McNeeney’s enormous success rub on you?

Google Assassin 

Chris McNeeney finally unleashed the Google Assassin on the Internet Marketing community.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the $1.6 million ClickBank video Chris had up a few days ago then let me recap for you why you need Google Assassin as one of the main tools in your weapons store.

Chris created a cult following by bring every dark secret about Internet marketing to light with his series of e-books and broke all ClickBank records with “The Day Job Killer”.

Since then Chris has been working on his ongoing training and software arsenal to automate and implement the Day Job Killer techniques in a 100% automated way.

If you have heard of, purchased, used or even know of the huge success Day Job Killer brought to thousands of Internet marketers then you already know why the Google Assassin is a required resource.

If you found yourself loving the concepts and ideas of Day Job Killer but have yet to implement them, then this is especially for you as it makes the process such a no-brainer!

There are only a few people I include in my shortlist of go-to marketers in this industry and Chris X is by far the most unique. What he teaches make you money…

If you get locked out of this one you will regret it because every minute you wait, the window into this underground marketing world closes a little bit more.

Grab your spot now before the price increase.

* SEO as easy as A-B-C *

If you’ve keep track of my occasional writings about SEO, you would have learned that it isn’t rocket science. There are at least 3 key SEO factors you must know at the back of your hand:

1) optimal keyword placement
2) HTML tags insertion
3) backlinking

But I’m afraid some folks may misconstrue SEO as a one-time assignment, as in, once you did the 3 things above, your pages will start to appear in the SE results.

In truth, SEO is a never-ending process, a journey, but surprisingly, SEO strategies haven’t really changed that much.

Again the part where webmasters fail is the lack of consistent SEO application.

The next question that comes to webmasters’ minds is: Well then, just which SEO strategies are worth applying consistently? I don’t have time, and I don’t want to do all that I can and then…no results!

Have you heard about Lucid SEO from David Congreave?

This is the perfect SEO guide to pick up (and it’s far more than an e-book). It boils down to the essence, helping readers who don’t know much about SEO to easily understand what they must do to maintain SEO performance.

If you’ve been longing for free traffic from the search engines, but you though you had to be a PhD in search to make that happen, you MUST grab Lucid SEO for yourself. Here’s why:

* It gives you 14 practical, easy-to-implement tips you can implement within an hour or two of reading the book.

* It tells you the ONE tag on your pages you have to hit like a ton of bricks.

* It reveals “insider” tips and tactics that even some so-called SEO experts miss.

* It even makes the distinction between one-time and regular SEO jobs.

Lucid SEO skips past all the theory and gives you practical advice real people can understand and implement.

SEO isn’t mysterious, and you don’t have to be a propeller head geek to understand. The Lucid guys are regular people who figured out how to manhandle SEO and crush the search engines within a couple months.

Bottom line: Do you want to be on the first page of Google for kick-butt keywords in your niche within 30-60 days? Then you need this immediately. Go here to see what I mean.

An AdWords Blueprint even novices can follow!

AdWords In A Box 

A quick quiz: “Are you SATISFIED with your current AdWords campaign now?” Are you making money from it?

If the answer is NO, then this is going to change the way you create Adwords campaigns…

…in a DRAMATIC manner.

For real? Is it even remotely possible? This 22-year-old kid thinks so.

My friend and niche marketer, Peng Joon, had been quietly making money from multiple hot niches and for the first time ever, he reveals his insider secrets to how he rakes in more than $6,000 per month in revenue…

– From just *ONE* red not niche alone,

– He doesn’t fork out near half as much in Google AdWords expenses compared to his competitors,

– And duplicates the same ‘system’ for the rest of the other niche websites he owns!

If you relish the idea of making passive income at a small fraction of the costs that your competitors are paying for, then you should seriously consider an AdWords blueprint which I know is something that ANYONE can understand and do too!

* AdWords In A Box *

Get your squeeze videos to raise your sales bottomline!

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Jay Douglas, but my guess is you’ve seen one of his squeeze videos SOMEWHERE, maybe the talking dollar one for instance?

What he’s done is excellent news for you and me, and there’s a real buzz going on about this.

Essentially, once a month he goes over to ClickBank, chooses a selection of the most popular products and services selling, picks 10 of them and then creates 90-second professional video infomercials for all 10 products.

Why is that such a big deal?

Because only the first 500 people who get over to his website and register will get a shot at getting these videos, and they’re perfect for affiliates looking to promote the hottest Clickbank products.

Jay is considered one of the best, if not THE best at Internet video infomercial production.

He’s been doing it for years and he normally charges $1275 for each video he produces for his clients. That’s not a hyped up figure, that’s exactly what he charges his clients because his videos get results!


Over the past few years he’s produced video infomercials for the biggest names in Internet marketing. And now, he’s literally making the same quality of videos available for you.

But that’s not all…

Jay also provides 10 matching affiliate squeeze pages each month, along with each video. The squeeze page includes a headline, the video and an opt-in form to collect visitor details.

And it gets even better…

Each video is encoded with your Clickbank affiliate link so when the video stops playing it AUTOMATICALLY REDIRECTS the viewer through YOUR affiliate link to the Clickbank merchant’s page. This way you automatically get credit for the sale when a purchase is made.

There’s lots more to tell. But the important thing is for you get yourself over to Jay’s web site right now before all 500 spaces are gone. And they WILL go fast.

As I write this, the 200th slot hasn’t yet been taken but at the rate it’s selling it can’t be long before it’s gone. The reason I point that out is because there’s an INCREDIBLE bonus for the first 200 people that sign up and stay a member for a year.

If you leave it too late and the bonus has gone, I’m really sorry you’ve missed it, but even so this is a fantastic bargain for the quality of videos that Jay will provide.

Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate

Very quickly, I wanted to tell you about the most unique approach I’ve *ever* seen for a “sales letter”…

…Written by someone who actually walks the talk.

Chris Rempel gives away half of his blueprint ON the sales letter—yeah, you can get part of it for FREE just by going there and reading! I bet you haven’t heard that before…

He has a method to make $19k per month from niche marketing.

Everyone has 24 hours, so what makes Chris special for not doing much?

His e-book “Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate” is cheap, packed with truly NEW and SMART information, about uncovering niches, driving traffic to your websites, actually pulling more cash from your sites, and more…

If you want to go and read about his methods right away just click here.

AdWords update on site-targeting.

Google has made some changes to make site-targeting in AdWords a little better. Now branded as “Placement Targeting”, you have the opportunity to bid on the specific web pages that you want to advertise on, compared to bidding on keywords, traditionally speaking. That means your AdWords ads can appear on precise sub-sections such as the football pages of a news site, the showtimes section of a movie site, or even a specific ad unit on a particular website or blog page.

Site-Targeting also used to support CPM (or cost-per-impression) bids, so as with traditional banner advertising, advertisers were charged every time their ad was shown (as opposed to PPC where you’re only charged when someone clicks on the ad). Placement Targeting is reverting back to cost-per-click mechanism.

You can see what Google has to say about these changes by going here.

Your FREE report on Web 2.0 traffic generation.

Is all the buzz about Web 2.0 going right over your head? Are you confused about what it is and why you need to know about it?

Garrie Wilson just released a FREE report on Web 2.0 called Web2.ology.

Discover what Web 2.0 is all about and how you can use it to drive serious traffic to your websites for FREE!

In Web2.ology, you will learn what Web 2.0 is all about and how you can use it to increase your traffic, sales and ultimately grow your business.

The lifeblood of any business is traffic and many online marketers are now generating huge amounts of traffic with Web 2.0…

Join other successful marketers to find out how you can finally benefit from Web 2.0!

How To Ensure Your Article Submissions Are Not Rejected by Toon Chooi

Your article marketing strategy will prove to be useless if your article will not be accepted by the publishers who reviews what you have been submitting.

And to ensure the probability that your articles will be accepted, here are some important points to remember before you go into submissions.

1. Check and proof-read your own article. Some authors do not proof-read their articles because they find it takes a lot of time. But if you want your articles to be accepted quickly and easily, it is your duty to make help out the publisher. How do you do this?

The first thing you should do is to check and review you grammar and spelling more than once. You might have missed something when you checked the first time around but you will come upon it the second or third time.

It is also best if you have and know someone that will review it for you. Ask that person to look for anything that does not seem right. This would be from grammar to sentence formation. They are more likely to see mistakes that you have missed.

When writing articles, you get very familiar with the content that you will not anymore aware of mistakes committed.

It is very easy for writers to miss out obvious mistakes. Adding some familiarity into them does not help either. You will just commit more because of this. By having someone read article, this problem will be eliminated.

2. Your articles should have value. If you want free traffic for your site, articles are the best ways to do it. But keep in mind that they are not supposed to be an advertisement. That is why you are using them in the first place. Making your articles appear like one will make publishers delete them so fast you would not know what hit them.

Put yourself in the publishers’ shoes. Their primary concern is to look for some new, fresh and useful content to supply to their readers. For them, good articles are personal commentaries about the latest trend in the industry or reviews about a certain product.

Trying to include a link to your site is obviously advertising. The instant they see that, they dispose of them quickly without bothering to read that you have written a good content. All you efforts thrashed.

Try to go back to the time when you were just new in the article marketing business. You were hungry to get the freshest and the most valuable information. Your articles were all precious to you.

Every writer has the right to a resource box space at the end of each article. This will serve as your advertisement. And this is as far as you can go. Readers who have found your article interesting would surely want to go visit your site to get more information about you and what you are offering.

As small as they seem to be, resource boxes serve much greater purpose if you compare it with others that are promoting visibly and with obvious advertising mediums posted.

When writing your resource box, try to be as brief as you can. They do not have to be near as long as your article. Try to also limit the number of links you put into them. The standard resource box consist of only 4 to 5 lines.

3. Articles should be straight and up to the point. An article is written with one key point in mind and that is to be informational. Do not beat around the bush, be as clear as you possibly can. Keep in mind that your readers are of varying intellectual capacity. Not all can understand idioms or figures of speech.

It is said that an article that is appears to be boring to you may be clear and understandable to your readers. You should have a writing style that is not too difficult to follow. Nothing turns a reader off more than reading an article that seem to go on circles.

Creating a quality article can be easy. Just try to consider your content, your readers and the publishers and you are on your way to a fast and steady start to profits.

The Most Powerful Unfair Advantage For Affiliate Marketers Everywhere!

Affiliate Elite 

The past few weeks have seen heavy buzz surrounding the upcoming launch of Brad Callen’s Affiliate Elite. Will it do any better for your marketing? I found out that it does more than just being an AdWords spying program. It also identifies profitable niches, reveals bestselling products and helps you locate and liaise with potential JV partners.

Essentially what Affiliate Elite does is:

1. Find profitable affiliate products to promote: The system makes sorting, organizing and filtering potential affiliate programs an absolute breeze. The program imports the latest ClickBank and PayDotCom affiliate programs daily, allow you to sort by keyword, date added, category, Clickbank ID and more. It also allows you to see trends and easily pinpoint which programs you will want to promote and which ones to avoid like the plague.

I can’t emphasize enough the speed at which AE is able to complete this task so you can make more income in a short amount of time.

2. Reverse Google Search: Enter the domain name of a website and AE will return, within seconds, the keywords, position rankings, ad title, ad body text, and destination landing page URL for each PPC ad on Google AdWords pointing to the website. This works for any website, not just those selling ClickBank or PayDotCom products services.

This gets you an instant and profitable keyword list for you to market the very same product and using the same, or improved, details as your competitors.

The resulting data in the displayed output will also contain organic listings, and of course keywords with SERPs positions etc. This is all very valuable information, which can also be sorted easily into ascending or descending order for research and analysis.

3. Analyze AdWords competition: You simply enter your list of keywords and let AE’s AdWords spy tool run on a scheduled basis, for as many days as you want and track which keywords are being bid on and which ones are not. It will then start to show you an extremely powerful list of words that are being used by the same companies for extended periods of time. These keywords are most certainly money-makers because advertisers do not like to waste money. The second best part is once you have identified which sites are using which words for extended periods of time, you simply go back to the reverse search and find all the words those sites are using and watch those as well. You will accumulate all the data you need to chart performance over a timeline and determine which of the ppc ads and keywords are profitable.

4. Find super affiliates: You can easily find affiliates who are already promoting similar products as to what you have and contact them to promote your product. You can also find all the products that any affiliate (such as a guru who mails you) is promoting and then using the reverse search, you can uncover everything (keywords, sales copy and ad copy) that they are using.

2 main drawbacks are that:

1) It is limited to working only with Clickbank and PayDotCom. Hopefully AE can include more affiliate networks in a future upgrade.

2) The price is likely out of reach for some people, especially when there is a recurring cost of $37 a month. It seems like AE has to query, crawl and update 4 billion web pages on a weekly basis and the cost will have to justify server load and performance.

All in all, Brad Callen is definitely not just another hyped-up product pimp (not like me) and he is bringing to your table a powerhouse application that custs your time and speed up your marketing effectiveness. Save your affiliate marketing performance with Affiliate Elite today!

Your 2 “SEO by blogging” tips are…

My friend, Tan Kian Ann the Blogopreneur, was recently excited over a new blog post getting indexed on Google’s 1st page within 17 minutes.

I still remember when I just got started with regular blogging, is my first personal case study as I try to observe what works. In terms of Alexa ranking, shot up very fast in its early days.

I am definitely grateful for what he did successfully so that I am able to follow suit. Out of gaining insights about his blog, I have formed 2 of my own tips, very fundamental and simple ones, which you can take away and apply consistently everyday into your own blogging activities. These 2 tips are not so much techniques as they are about the mindset. Tell you soon.

I don’t want to sound like a party pooper, but the blunt truth is search engine results have always been fickle. One day you’re on first page and the next, completely drop out of sight. So upon reading Kian Ann’s achievement, I am beginning to form personal doubts about the TRUE result of the post.

If I should just type in “SPH search” (without the inverted commas), as I see from my screen here, the key phrase is ranked no. 9 today. But if you are a U.S. resident, you may see the phrase ranked at no. 11. Please do a search and comment to me if I’m correct.

Why is there a difference?

I can’t remember how it exactly took place; the cause of this difference lies either with how you configured your time and location settings on your PC, or at that time when Google asked for your configuration online when you first installed the Google toolbar (I think it’s this one).

What happens is as I, a Singaporean, access the search engine by typing, the browser jumps straight to on the presumption that the resulting search will ‘fit’ closer to my ‘local’ taste.

You see, doing a normal search based on your location in different countries can unknowingly throw up completely different set of search results if you’re not aware of what’s going on. AdWords advertisers are a lot more sensitive to their ad performances since AdWords give them geographical control over where they want their ads to be targeted, down to city level.

So let’s say I do a quick search for “SPH search” and the Google SE just throws me a “1st page”. If I want to check how Kian Ann’s post ranks in U.S. context, add &gl=us to that whole string of URL in the address bar:

‘gl’ is the geographical parameter for the Google SE. You can apply all possible 2-letter abbreviations like uk, ca, my, sg, au, etc. I’m not exactly sure if it works with Yahoo! and MSN. Any SEO geeks out there can tell me?

Now, searching “SPH search” WITH inverted commas yields slightly better rankings because there’s a tighter definition for an exact phrase and you also filter out competition coming from web pages with scattered keywords.

I am also prompted by Kian Ann’s post to revisit a previous post I have published. Please have a read. In that post, I mentioned the ranking result for 4 search terms. As I review these 4 terms today:

1) blog announcer pro (drop out of sight)
2) google wealth wizard (5th page)
3) desktopbucks (still 1st page)
4) auction traffic mastery (drop out of sight, scattered keyword results on 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 14th page)

Note: no ‘gl’ mode.

The results for “auction traffic mastery” are quite interesting. I once had a friend who laughed at all the buttons I had in my sidebar thinking I fancy at becoming an “army general”. If you had somehow arrived at my blog by doing a search but coming from a blog directory directly, that’s what happens when some of the SE rankings I can claim are dependent on the PageRank of 3rd-party sites and how that PR translates into a boost for its internal pages.

In recent weeks if you have caught up with Howard Schwartz’s Google Domination event, that’s exactly what he did essentially: rank for a consistent key phrase in every possible social networking/bookmarking site and take up all 1st 5 pages of the Google SE! Ranking on 1st page ain’t enough; I gonna blanket my presence from no. 1 to no. 50!

What this tells you is blog submission, like article submission, link submission and other forms of submission, is crucial in the long run. Before submission takes place, you must:

1) Blog everyday (or do advanced posting for 1 post a day).
2) Know all the relevant keywords of your industry that are supposed to HELP your business. I can try to rank for “SPH search” if I want to, but I won’t.

These are my 2 key tips for you, and see if you can reach at least a PR4 one day.

That’s the end of my story. Of late, I gleaned 2 interesting SEO facts.

Sometimes when I do a search for some products, I see a search result title like “Is so-and-so a scam? Read this first before you buy.” When I click to read the content, what the hell, it’s a pre-selling review asking you to buy at the end.

Perhaps it’s just my illusion, but I have the impression that Google seems to place some kind of importance on scam warnings, so they rank such pages highly.

Another friend, Uncle Jolly, published a website on parenting about 4 months ago. It ranks no. 2 for “parenting tips singapore” (no inverted commas). If you go to the home page, not a single “singapore” word appears in the main body. Only by going through the “Page -> View Source” option will you find “Singapore” in the meta-tags.

The current situation right now is most webmasters are ingrained with the idea that “meta-tags are no longer influential” on search results, but Jolly’s site shows otherwise.

I thought of something that I want to rank for…”ron paul”. Who wants to compete with me?

Feel free to say whatever you want to complement my “2 cents”. Thanks!

How to stop theft of your info-products!


There’s a video that’s been going around recounting how Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript is literally ripped off from the buyer’s download page!

I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but buyers are bookmarking the product download page on Digg or and exposing it for search! In the end, you can either change the HTML file name or move it to another location but another bookmarking act will spoil your efforts.

It’s really shocking, but don’t worry. Help is at hand with SmartDD to encrypt your download page. You will thank the gods for a FREE software at least. Watch the video and be shaken and stirred.

More 3D E-Covers To Entice Your Prospects’ Visual Sense…

3D Ecovers 

Special discount at $20 off!
Coupon code: 3DOFF20RF
Expires: Nov 15, 2007

If you are like hundreds of other people wondering why your conversions are not shooting up or why you are not making any sales, then you are going to be very interested in what I am going to tell you in this e-mail.

It doesn’t take much to get those numbers going up. Sometimes just one little change can propel you to the next level. A tweak here…a key addition there…and conversions start shooting up.

This is especially true in sales letters. Just a slight modification in headline, graphics, or offer can mean the difference between a 3-figure launch and a 6-figure launch.

That’s why I was so pumped when I saw Erum Munir’s new 3D e-covers package…

Now, I’ve known Erum for a while. And I know how she always over delivers on her products. It’s just how she does business.

But this…well. let’s just say she went a little overboard.

With 3D Ecovers, you’ll finally have the tools to step up your graphics game and put you over the top.

This full-featured (yet amazingly simple) package gives you everything you need to create amazingly realistic, high definition ecovers with only a few clicks.

How realistic? Glad you asked. There’s a great story about that on her website. You GOTTA see this!

For the price, I don’t know of any e-cover generation system that can match what Erum is offering with 3D Ecovers.

Honestly, when you throw in the video tutorials and the monster bonus package, nothing else even comes close.

So if you’re ready to take your sales letter to the next level with crisp, hi-def graphics that literally leap from the screen, then you owe it to yourself to check out 3D Ecovers.

What is SMO?

SMO Elite 

Driving quality targeted-traffic to your website is probably the most crucial part of Internet Marketing. Of course, some so-called “online gurus” will tell you otherwise and brag about how their SEO techniques or fool-proof traffic software that will easily increase your traffic exponentially.

After months of quietly earning thousands of dollars using their secret traffic techniques, Errol & Ivan decided to share with you their most closely guarded methods so any new Internet marketer or seasoned Internet pro can grow their online business and explode their web traffic with minimal use of SEO, PPC, traffic software, and directory submissions.

For the first time ever, they put together traffic secrets the big honchos don’t what you to know about! With SMO Elite you will learn how to get your website to the top spot and gain instant popularity—the hush-hush traffic secrets the top websites use to explode their web traffic! SMO Elite will benefit you and your online business by increasing and exploding your website(s) traffic and will generate you income through the ethical methods of Social Media Optimization.

This amazing package includes:

* Full Access SMO Elite Login Membership
* Getting Started with the SMO Elite e-book [PDF Format]
* Over 4 Hours of SMO Elite Video Training & Tutorials
* Extra Bonuses Valued Over $497.00
* Online Digital Format for instant viewing and download
* And so much more!

All together, this is one excellent package you will truly find useful.

Finding Cheap Skilled Helpers by Andrew Hansen

Carrying on with our discussion about using the skills of other people to grow your business.

Firstly here’s an important part of this process that I forgot to mention last time.

As an individual, you have certain skills and abilities. You also have certain things that you suck at, you will always suck at them and even if you try it will take you a long time to learn them, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Part of running a good online business as any business is finding the things that you are most skilled at and focusing on those things, then designating the tasks that you aren’t as good at, to people who are better at them! The result is a much higher quality output.

Moving on…

First, here’s the basic outline of the flow of events in case anyone isn’t familiar with it:

– You create an account at one of the main freelance services ( is a good place to start) and you post a request for bids on your project.

– As bids start to come in you select from them a freelancer who best suits the needs of your project.

– You communicate through the freelance site back and forth with the freelancer until the project is completed to your satisfaction after which time the remainder of a payment balance is forwarded to the freelancer signifying the completion of their work.

Here’s some tips on going about finding the best kind of people for a great price, whatever kind of work you’re looking for.

Consider the location. Don’t get me wrong, freelancers from developed countries are great but depending on the kind of work you need done, you’re often likely to get great offers from people in developing countries too.

I’ve had high quality work done by writers from the Philippines and Romania, coders from Russia, Egypt and India and so forth.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can get people from these countries who can do great work and are willing to do it for A LOT less than people from America, Australia or the UK.

Of course you can always use the sites feedback system to see whether the freelancer in question is of good quality and you can also test them with smaller but similar projects prior to hiring them for your main desired job. Doing this does as close as possible guarantee that you’ll get a high quality result.

Next tip, and this is a bit sly but it’s the truth: You want to assess the freelancers circumstances as well as their skill in the desired task.

You’ll come across young freelancers who accept projects in their university holidays and so forth—big no no! They’re always in between tasks, always have interruptions, you’ll rarely get your project done on time. My point being that you should have a look at the coders circumstances if you can, check out their profile, even don’t be afraid to ask them questions about their work on RentACoder etc.

Here’s the bit that sounds a bit harsh: Ideally you want to get people whose circumstances make them desperate to complete their work and get their money. It sounds harsh but for getting work completed on time, people with mortgages, kids to feed, debts to pay etc are the ones most likely to get their work completed on time.

Next tip: You can literally get ANYTHING done by freelancers…

A lot of people get stuck online because they get to a point where they don’t know how to complete a certain task—the thing is you don’t have to waste time deliberating over how to do it—you can have someone do it for you!

Once you get good at describing projects and negotiating for good prices you will be able to get any task done quickly and easily.

My last and best tip for using freelance sites is this—and it’s a bit controversial too…

The best thing you can do particularly when you find people who are good to work with is try to get some information by which you can contact them outside of RentACoder.

RentACoder in particular doesn’t like you getting the freelancers contact information because obviously they’d prefer you to keep buying projects from them from within RentACoder so you pay their fees and commissions. They’ll even sometimes close projects when you ask for instant messaging addresses within the conversation of the project.

What you can do is try to e-mail them personally to ask for their MSN, Yahoo, or Skype ID so you can talk to them.

The reason this is so good is because once you can contact them privately you have the potential to be able to negotiate ongoing work (instead of one off projects every now and then).

I have found a couple of our now full-time employees this way. They started out doing one-off projects, I got chatting with them in instant messengers and organized for them to do ongoing weekly work for a nominal fee—powerful stuff!

Well that should do it for today. I hope my tips have opened your eyes to the power of outsourcing and how you can find quality help in the pursuit to build a successful online business.

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