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The difference between market and keyword research.

In a recent mailing to my subscribers, I mentioned a great blog post by Jim Morris debunking a major myth that people can determine the profitability state of a market solely by doing enough keyword research to make such a confident opinion; in other words, “if a lot of people search for something, the probability is some people are going to buy it”.

In summary, Jim has 2 central messages to the fundamental difference between market and keyword research:

1) Keywords are also found outside the search engines, i.e. on the bus, in shopping malls, airports, newspapers, magazines, advertisements etc.

2) Keywords found outside the search engines give a stronger indication of a real market precisely because advertisers pay for ad spaces in these places, and at the end of the day, they too want to make a profit.

Years ago, I heard a famous Internet marketer said, “If a surfer put in a search term with at least 3 keywords and more, including brand name and other specifications, ready buyer interest is indicated.”

This statement may and hopefully still be a significant factor today, but it is only one of many factors. I would like to express my take on market and keyword research as a companion piece/extension to Jim’s immense wisdom and look forward that you can take away some ideas here.

Well first and foremost, if you’re in the business of making money, it is perfectly right to say before you set up a website or blog, you first enter a market. During my social networking rounds, I’ve seen blogs that seriously reflect how knowledgeable the blogger must be about the subject matter. Unfortunately the blog is just that: a platform to dispense free information. There’s not even the slightest intention to build a list or do some affiliate marketing.

What’s the difference between market and keyword research? Market research explores and digs out keywords related to an industry or niche. Keyword research examines the monetary value and search performance of EACH keyword.

Once I told a property agent that in order to fill enough ongoing content for her site and fully express her professional knowledge, she must conscientiously recall the keywords of her profession: housing loans, real estate, HDB (Housing Development Board) flats, maisonette etc. What are the keywords you have to deal most in your profession on a daily basis? Write them down. These keywords come together as composites to form the single market identity, which in her case, is property.

To examine each keyword, she can use SEOBook Keyword Suggestion Tool, WordTracker which has the new feature of showing each keyword’s Google trend and the ever popular AdWord Keyword Tool. Increasingly there is likely going to be more free keyword research tools and tutorials on how to go about it (search “keyword research” at YouTube).

What we do have is an abundance of keywords out there. The real challenge is which market to invest our time and energy in. In fact, entering a market requires a whole different way of “assessing a situation”.

Double Your Dating (DYD) has fascinated me a lot with its single page opt-in entry point. What you see on its home page is like the tip of the iceberg and underneath the ocean is one huge massive mountain of ice. It is in the dating niche; it is also in a dating sub-niche. These 2 benefit points show:

* How to use “secret” body language to keep a woman’s attention.

* How to approach a new woman that you’d like to meet—and exactly what to say to start a conversation without “pick up lines”.

If dating as an activity is an A-Z process, DYD has narrowed down its USP as the initial stage of making that first impression.

Now this is not the case where a dating sub-niche is more lucrative than the rest since it’s making like $8 million a year. I don’t know if there’s a proper name for this sub-niche. People had set up all kinds of impressive Wikipedia-like information portals and hardly made more than a month’s job income. DYD does employ Internet Marketing strategies, but more importantly, it has done what marketers had advocated all along: drill down to sub-niches to better target buyer demand and also define the USP or problem accurately without total disengagement from the main niche. Perhaps the second half of the bold statement (in red) wasn’t emphasized more clearly elsewhere.

What I know about marketers’ fear of entering sub-niches or evaluating “market size” is they would ask themselves, “If the market is this small, would I be stuck with this quantity of market demand?” It’s all the ‘fault’ of the search numbers churned out by keyword tools that influence how marketers determine a ‘size’ which leads them to think, “If I serve this 1.3% of prospects (based on so-and-so golf keyword), I’m going to miss out 98.7% of the whole golf market.”

There is absolutely no basis for a scarcity mindset! Just make sure you do not disengage from a main niche. Let me quote 3 examples.

I listen a lot to guitar music published by Windham Hill and Narada so I know some of the most beautiful tunes are played by guitarists using the fingerstyle or finger-picking technique (not using picks, not strumming). Although the phrase “fingerstyle guitar” is woefully missed in daily search statistics (according to WordTracker, only 49 daily searches. Perhaps not many guitarists know the technique name), I passionately believe guitar owners should learn to play using this technique and this applies widely to the whole guitar world.

Or how about “How to train your dog into a guard dog”. Small niche? Think again: You have effectively crossed over into the dog training market, the home security market and possibly that market of people concerned with housebreaking issues, if they don’t mind having dogs as an option.

Recently I came to hear about wine investment and in terms of search results and search demand, both have very low statistics, but this is going to be lucrative and anyone who is interested in investment programs would likely want to discover what’s this about too. Based on the information I had gathered, I know I’ve become enthusiastic because of the gut feel I have.

And I think that is all the requirement there is to entering a market: a final gut feel or impression after the evidence is accumulated. I haven’t said that you would be stuck with selling just info-products. Interestingly, such sub-niches provide great opportunities to promote high-ticket items like workshops and investment packages. I recall Dr. Mike Woo-Ming mentioned he was once interviewed on MTV because he published information about an obscure finger condition acquired from twiddling the video game console without resting, thus opening up a new door of opportunity.

All these show that keyword statistics have very little bearing on markets. They only give you a very good idea what is to be expected. It’s perfectly normal a surfer won’t buy a thing immediately after putting in a search term with at least 3 keywords and more because the human mind does not think one-track. A classic scientific study published that the mind flashes tens of thousands of thoughts within 24 hours. While you’re asleep, the mind is still working subconsciously, so what gives?

To start spotting for markets, train your eyes, ears and mind to look for industry, product and service-based keywords. You can get the best clues from categories in article directories like Ezine Articles and Article Dashboard.

Train yourself to make distinctions and correlate between generalized and specialized keywords. Example: general – guitar, specialty – guitar polish, general – golf, specialty – business golf etiquette. When you feel you have what it takes to create enough content, create specialized sites. In other words, be specialized as far as possible. 2 positive outcomes arise:

1) It’s easier for you to forge joint ventures when you can complement a fellow marketer instead of being the same as everyone else.

2) It’s easier for you to dominate the market. Think of it another way: enter a market like you would fill a gap between 2 entities.

The second point reminds me of the word ‘entrepreneur’, which apparently originates in French. The word can be broken down as:

Entre – Enter
Pre – Before
Nuer – Nerve center

An entrepreneur is someone who enters a business—any business—before others, to form or substantially change the business nerve center. You can say changing the ‘nerve’ has to do with tampering with core conventions and practices. Isn’t that what DYD does?

There’s no better person to exemplify entrepreneurship than Richard Branson himself, who just entered—or rather, create—the “space travel” market with Virgin Galactic.

Another way to enter a market is via product research which Jim Morris has mentioned in his post. If there’s already a product, there MUST be a market and ready buyers. Check:

1) The categories at Amazon.

2) eBay Pulse. eBay also puts up a PDF report of their hottest products each month.

3) Affiliate networks like ClickBank, PayDotCom, Commission Junction, RegNow (software and business), Affiliate Future, Plimus (software and business), Associate Programs, NicheBOT affiliate directory, ClixGalore, LinkShare, Click2Sell and Shareasale.

4) Cody Moya’s Niche Products Package

Other avenues include tapping into conversations at Google Answers, Yahoo! Answers, Google Groups, Yahoo! Groups, MSN Groups, MySpace Groups (click on ‘Groups’) and niche forums, niche market reports and free daily niche updates.

I list out some types of market opportunities and choices:

* Specialized health problems
* Specific financial challenges
* collectibles and hobbies
* People finding people…not just MLM, but also online dating and other forms of community building
* self-development (workshops)
* Corporate training (workshops)
* Relationships
* Seasonal/ethnical topics: festivals, Christmas, Chinese New Year etc.

That’s all I have to say. I leave you with the words of Richard Branson. Once you arrive at a conclusion about a possible market situation, “screw it, just do it!”

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Joe Polish interviews THE $7.8 Billion Knight.

For those of you who don’t know Joe Polish, he is an absolute marketing genius and has helped countless people improve their marketing results exponentially throughout the years via his techniques and strategies.

One of Joe’s greatest gifts, in my opinion, is picking the minds of some of today’s business legends in detailed down-and-dirty interviews.

He did it with Eben Pagan prior to Eben’s Get Altitude workshop. And he did with this guy whose whole array of businesses has a combined turnover of $25 Billion dollars…capital ‘B’ mate!

The name is *Sir Richard Branson*.

Now I would be going like, “Whoa, how did he land an interview with him like that!”

Nevertheless, thank Joe Polish for this amazing interview with the one and only Sir Richard Branson, for your listening and learning pleasure.

Get a taste of Maven Strategies for FREE!

Just when I think Rich Schefren has topped himself, he shoots up the ladder another rung…

I just finished reading his new Special Report he wrote with marketing master Jay Abraham titled “Maven Matrix Manifesto” and I gotta tell you—I can’t believe he’s giving this stuff away.

The Maven Matrix Manifesto is 60-plus pages focused on one thing and one thing only—How To Become A Maven In The Fastest And Easiest Way Possible.

Rich and Jay simply lay it all out for you, step-by-step, and show you exactly how to reach the elusive Maven-ship level and slingshot your way to superstardom (and super profits) in your niche.

And they’re charging nothing for it.

Scratching my head over that one (this could easily go for $197 or better) but hey, who am I to question 2 of the world’s top Mavens?

Inside this jam-packed report you’ll discover:

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– Why Maven Marketing gives you an almost unfair advantage over 99% of your competitors…

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– 24 different maven personas that create enormously successful businesses…

– Why hate mail is the mark of Maven Marketing success…

– The real reason why social network marketing works—and how you can harness it for almost instant success online…

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And lots MORE.

This one document alone could literally mean the difference between a good year…and a RECORD-BREAKING year. And you’re getting it for nothing.

So fight, scratch, claw, knock somebody over, whatever it takes—just get your hands on a copy now.

You’ll thank me later. I guarantee it.

What’s inside “Top Secret Automatic Money”?

Top Secret Automatic Money

Top Secret Automatic Money is a compilation by Jamie Lewis. Jamie puts together different ways of making money on the Internet in his compilation. Top Secret Automatic Money tells you how to churn out thousands of dollars from the Internet using simple techniques and strategies. Jamie asserts that this is not any get quick rich scheme. Instead, all strategies discussed in Top Secret Automatic Money are through proven and tested principles.

Jamie Lewis compiles various videos within Top Secret Automatic Money. There are a dozen videos offering your advices on how to make maximum gains from the Internet. The Irresistible Gift video offers you ways of marketing counter bonuses to fight away competition. It trains you to be the highest commission earner by dominating keywords and becoming highest-paid affiliate. 

Another video, The Affiliate Annihilator, offers simple strategies to do away with any competition in your chosen market. Even if you are a late entrant, you can score over your existing competitors easily. Another video in Top Secret Automatic Money is Instant Affiliate Marketing. It offers risk-free strategies to get a minimum of one conversion every day. You can easily score over other affiliates in the market using easy techniques discussed in the video.

The Sniper Rifle video gets you keywords having high conversion rates. Techniques in use are time tested and proven. These techniques deliver positive results every time you use them. This video offers you simple methods to create innumerable advertising campaigns that can increase your conversion ratios to dizzying levels. You will soon be in an elite class of Internet marketers.

Keyword Blast Arsenal video can easily transform non-competitive markets into highly competitive ones. You do not have to try for keyword optimization. It all works on autopilot. Octopus Campaign Theory offers a four-step method in use by super affiliates. This video produces nerve-breaking results and you will be able to earn unimaginable money without any great effort.

Brad Callen reveals how he thinks about SEO.

Anyone who has a website obviously wants it to rank as well as possible with the search engines and especially with the largest search engine of all, Google. Getting a higher search engine ranking means more visitors to your site, which means more money for you. In this article you’ll get some very important tips for how to improve search engine ranking with Google.

The exact way to get a great search engine ranking isn’t exactly known. This is because Google uses a proprietary formula to rank websites and nobody knows what the precise formula is. Plus Google changes the formula regularly. But there are some important criteria that Google uses and if you concentrate on these areas then your sites will rank very well with Google.

1. Backlinks: One of the major criteria Google uses to rank websites is the number of links that go to your site. These links are called “backlinks” since they lead back to your site. The more backlinks your site has the better it will rank.

2. Quality of content: You want to have good content on your site and you want the content to all relate. Google will look to make sure that you have related topics. The more related topics you have, the more information on one subject, the higher your site will rank. If your site is sparse of unrelated information then Google will penalize it.

3. Visitor’s time on site: Another important factor for search engine ranking, one that’s often overlooked, is the time visitors spend on your site. If people click on your site then immediately click back out then that tells Google that your site must not be any good. Therefore your site will get knocked down in the rankings.

4. Age: The longer your site has existed the better it will rank.

5.Keywords: You want to make sure you include important keywords throughout your site. And then you also want to make sure you include related keywords too. This will help your site come up when the keywords are searched and it will also tell Google that your site is full of great information. This will greatly help your ranking.

These are the 5 very important tips for how to improve search engine ranking with Google. If you concentrate on these f5 things then you will improve your site’s rankings over time. The good thing (or bad thing depending how you look at it) is the higher you rank the easier it is to rise to the top. It’s like getting a giant ball rolling down hill. So focus on these 5 aspects for how to improve search engine ranking with Google, and you will see better and better results.

SEO Mindset

Hot off the press! Brad Callen, the creator of SEO Elite spent a great deal of the past year creating this e-book on how to get top search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

SEO Mindset contains 100% of everything he knows about search engine optimization and he guarantees you’ll be an expert yourself on how to get top rankings. Enjoy this one.

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Is your business doing the same?

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Whether you’re a beginner or a long-stand socialite on the web…

There’s a TON of research to be done—to determine which sites will be here in the next 24-48 months. Also, knowing which sites give you the best opportunity for success in 2008!

Did they just appear on the map as a hot new social marketing site? And if so, are they really getting good and rich content, with great traffic, substantiated with many other positive factors which make them an extremely viable option for successful marketing in 2008?

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Definitive Guide To Finding The Best Social Marketing Sites

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There are ** Limited Bonuses ** available that not only direct you on what to do, but tell you exactly how to do it in Social Marketing.
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Make 2008 a year to grab the low-lying fruit for success. And, add this no-brainer, must-have traffic weapon to your arsenal to use right away.

Again, there are only a limited supply of bonuses available, so secure your copy today!

Review of Domain Graduate

Domain Graduate is a very interesting e-book that discusses not only the buying and selling of domains, but takes it to a new level with monetization methods for the domains that you already own. Sean Stafford teaches you how to get good value when you buy your domains and explains tricks that work while also pointing out common mistakes. However, the real gem of this e-book is how he clarifies the road to wealth and the possibilities of making your money (and parked domains) work for you.

Domain Graduate opens with an outline on the situation in the current domain market and what potential opportunities are still available for new entrants to the market. This is no mere introduction as a formality because Sean knows why some entrants feel they are being cornered or pushed aside by bigger players. The truth is he has a domaining road map for the masses.

Perhaps the main theme of the e-book is how to evaluate a domain’s intrinsic value. It all boils down to proving this value so you can resell the domain for a profit, isn’t it? Sean  highlights and explains key factors that affect a domain’s value like the type of existing traffic it receives, its keywords, history etc., and also the pros and cons of engaging parking companies and various possible options on how to increase the value of your domain portfolio, including whether you should develop domains into some forms of content site at the expense of time.

I think Sean has written with a unique take from his own perspective and experience as well and Domain Graduate does succinctly address the concerns of new domain owners and point them in the right direction in its 85 pages.

Super-charge your article writing speed by 200%.

Content Infinity 

Content Infinity can actually build original content articles on the fly. Give it a topic, pick which sub-topics, and tell it how long of an article to build, and it’s off and running.

To Jonathan Teng’s credit, there are videos of it in action, and even a working demo where you can build up to 15 articles just to prove it. And of course, a 2-month money-back guarantee.

So if you could use a hand churning out those articles, Content Infinity might be the product for you.

SEO Equalizer helps you build link popularity faster, saves time.

Till today, link popularity still plays an important role in getting top rank and search engine placement.

However, achieving a high level of link popularity takes a good deal of ingenuity and expertise.

Do it right and you’re guaranteed amazing results…

Do it wrong and you’re guaranteed to suffer grave consequences!

Let’s face it…

The last thing you want to do is accumulate the kind of generic links that immediately cause search engines like Google to want you off their search engine grid entirely!

The solution is to make certain all your links—both coming and going—are totally and completely relevant to your page content.

In other words, they must be valuable in the eyes of the search engines.

BUT, accomplishing that task can use up so much energy, you’ll be blurry-eyed and brain-dead when you’re done…

And that’s after ONE website!

What happens when you need to repeat this process for dozens or even hundreds of sites?

Most likely, you’ll wind up cutting corners. Just get yourself a few decent links here and there…

Or worse yet, not even bother to accumulate links for the rest of your sites.

We all know that’s not really an option, especially if your goal is to generate substantial online income.

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Get more subscribers from an unlikely list-building source: eBay

Auction Traffic Explosion 

As usual, if you are in the least wee bit interested in getting more visitors to your sites no matter what the platform is, as long as you care to learn, then this one is for you.

John Thornhill (eBay ID Planetsms), author and promoter of some of the best e-books on eBay  has an exciting new e-book re-launch.

You may not know this but there are over 30 different ways of driving traffic to your websites using eBay and information products. And it is all 100% compliant with eBay’s terms.

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So take a look at the re-release of John’s latest updated masterpiece! It really does take the cake with regard to generating traffic to your websites and eBay auctions.

The first version was excellent, but now he has added more tips and ground-breaking info to make Auction Traffic Explosion a true expert’s guide to creating auction traffic.

Hidden Profit Secrets In Article Marketing Revealed.

Entrepreneur's Guide To Article Marketing 

Article Marketing has emerged as one of the most popular, risk free ways to jumpstart an online business. Whether it is more traffic you want, more sales or just more publicity, Article Marketing can accomplish all this and more!

If you have an online business, you should consider using articles to drive traffic to it. But what is Article Marketing actually? How can one market a million-dollar business with articles?

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Something to help you better focus on your work.

Laser Focus

The single biggest problem EVERY Internet Marketer I know has in common isn’t a lack of information…

It’s information overwhelm. It’s a lack of focus. It’s the constant distractions that take you away from doing what you KNOW you SHOULD be doing.

Open your Windows Explorer, sort your files by type, and count the number of PDF files you’ve stored. Now ask yourself:

1) How many files are there?

2) How long have you been doing IM?

3) How much of a percentage have you retained of the know-how from the PDF files?

Well, I’m with you. It’s hard to pull away when you’re in learning mode and trying to execute tasks at the same time. You need to be mentally focused on ONE THING for a period of time you set aside and here’s an audio program to aid you in your work.

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Review: Instant PopOver 3.0

Over 20 Sleek PopOvers Capture The Look and Feel YOUR Visitors Are Searching For!

Instant PopOver

Empirical Proof That Instant PopOver Works!

There are a lot of popup tools available on the market. Each of them has their own angle and unique qualities. Which one you choose to use is dependent upon your level of comfort with popup marketing, your audience, and what your ultimate marketing goal may be. For some, no single tool will do everything, so a combination of tools may be called for. That is before Instant PopOver was released to the public.

If you haven’t heard of Instant PopOver, it creates personalized unblockable popups (popovers, hover ads, floating ads) including the highly anticipated post-it-note design, Sticky Note popovers!

Most of you probably know how powerful popovers can be for your site, but for the few that might not, popovers have been proven to increase opt-ins and click-throughs by over 400% in just 24 hours. The testimonials speak for themselves!

Basically, the popovers act like popups but aren’t actually popups, so they never get blocked by popup blockers. Which is obviously good news because it gets through to 100% of your visitors.

There are other popover software products out there, but the problem with most are that:

1. They’re not very user-friendly. Many of them don’t even have instructional demo videos to show you the features and exactly how to use the software. You can see them here: Video#1, Video #2

Also, within the software, Instant PopOver offers 4 demo videos in case you get stuck or need a helping hand. And if something happens that you can’t figure out, well, they’ve got the best customer support when compared to any of the other products. In fact, the creator and owner of the software answers almost all of the support questions.

2. They cost an arm and a leg to purchase (and a few of the Post-It-Note style software programs even make you fork out monthly payments).

3. They’re not very customizable. Instant PopOver allows you to create 1000s of different styles to YOUR liking. It also has over 20 different post-it-note images included in the software, not to mention that you can add any personalized, custom image of your own. There’s really no limit to what you can do with your popovers!

This is what sets Instant PopOver above the others. It’s very affordable. It’s cheaper than any of the other well-known software programs that create Post-It-Note style popovers (what we call “Sticky Notes”). And it’s the most user-friendly PopOver product on the market. Seriously, my grandma could create a PopOver with this software.

Take a look for yourself. The testimonials speak for themselves! This popover creating software is by far and away the best one on the market! I can’t get enough of it. To see for yourself, click here.

Info Products Made Easy!

Info Products Made Easy!

Billed as “The 6-Week Course That Is Changing People’s Lives”, it’s easy to see why!

Everyone knows that the real key to making a massive income online is to have your own information products to sell. If you look around the Internet, you will see that the guru types that are making the real money are all selling their own products.

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There is, of course, a right way and a wrong way to go about creating your own info-products. Get it right and you can be on the road to riches that you never thought possible. Get it wrong though (as most people do when they try to create their first info-product) and you will crash and burn!

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