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$16,888 of Internet Marketing Tools + a free iPod!

Extreme PLR Makeover

Can you use a free iPod and some great Internet marketing tools to start your online business or take it to the next level?

If you’re like most marketers online, I’m guessing the answer is yes…

Brett Ingram lets you download over 100 hot customizable e-books AND builds an opt-in e-mail list for you at NO cost! And he’s giving away new iPods every 2 days! Extreme PLR Makeover is designed for people who want to minimize time spent on product creation and work with PLR products quickly.

It’s perfect if you want tools for customizing the PLR product, such as an online e-cover creator, automatic front-to-back tag replacement of title, author and many other tags.

And each month, Extreme PLR Makeover will add many new products to the library.

What’s in the membership?

Here’s a quick summary:

– A Product Library with 100+ PLR products in several categories with more added every week

– Product Workshop that lets members rebrand, edit, and rename PLR products in a snap

– eCover Generator that members can use to generate professional ecovers in just a few clicks

– Sales Page Workshop members use to edit sales pages, add graphics, and link to their own payment processor account

– Rights Workshop that allows users to customize the resell rights certificate they offer with the products

– Gallery with tons of graphics, buttons, bullets members can easily pop into any product or sales page in seconds

– Intuitive, easy to navigate and use features so even the total beginner can make it work

– Simple, one-click download of finished product delivers e-book in Word and PDF formats, sales page, thank you page, rights certificate, and images folder all in 1 zip file!

– and so much more!

Extreme PLR Makeover will help you streamline your product development so you can focus on building your business to greater heights and having more fun in your life

The easiest way to explain is for you to see it for yourself. Just go here.

What is 3-way linking?

You might hear 3-way linking being called some other names, like “A B C Linking” or “Pyramid Linking”. They all mean the same thing.

3-way linking is much like reciprocal linking, however instead of 2 webmasters being involved, there are 3, or 1 of the 2 webmasters has 2 websites.

Reciprocal linking is most easily explained by “site A links to site B, then site B reciprocates by linking to site A”, pretty easy, right? But in Google’s eyes, reciprocal links “even out” the endorsement effect, so it doesn’t affect the PageRank as much as 1-way links do.

3-way linking is explained like this: Site A links to site B, Site B links to site C, and site C links to site A.

The webmaster with 2 sites must be mentally prepared to “give up” building a high PR for one of his sites. That does not mean that the site to be “given up” is a hastily setup junk site. This is the most glaring problem when it comes to motives.

So when Google or the other search engines send their spiders out, they can only see that there is a link pointing to your site, and not a link pointing back to the site linking to you. They then make the assumption that your site must be really good quality to have all these other sites linking to you with no link back in return.

Herein lies the beauty of 3-way linking.

3 Way Links

For your info, Jonathan Leger has launched his 3 Way Links program for systematically exploiting the concept. Any website in the 3 Way Links network will have 250 one-way links. This can really work wonders with search engines if users select the anchor text carefully.

The benefits of using 3 Way Links are:

  • Links Are Not Reciprocal
  • Varied Link Text
  • Links Spread Slowly
  • Links Pages Are All Unique
  • Links Come From A Large Variety Of IP Addresses (Class C)
  • Nothing Links Back to 3WayLinks
  • Link Networks Are Kept Small
  • A Quality Network fo Links
  • All Links Verified Daily
  • Your Sites Never Link To Each Other
  • You Get What You Want
  • You Can Put 50+ Sites In The Network With One Account

Key features of 3 Way links:

No footprints – The linking process grows slowly. This should help website staying under the radar of search engines. If all 250 links were to appeared suddenly, this would have been a big red flag for SEs.

Link page – Link pages are all randomly generated using an algorithm. Hence no link pages will look alike.

Quality of Sites – Majority of websites are already indexed and have a PageRank. Some sites even have a Page rank of 7. Only websites with similar themes are linked.

Multiple IP addresses – Websites are being contributed by different users with different IP addresses. Search engines give more weight to linking from different IP addresses.

It only costs you $47 a month for the 3 Way Links membership. It is definitely a very good deal and worth for the money you invest. That is less than $0.20 per link back.

Be mentally prepared that there is no guarantee for you to see substantial results in a month, though most members like what they see in their membership. Jonathan Leger is also someone I know who’s quite obsessed with writing about link exchanges on his blog, and I’m sure he is passionate and helpful enough to render all his expertise to fulfill your enquiries. Why not give 3 Way Links a shot and see where it lands you?

Want A Push Button Viral Marketing Tool?



You know by now how important viral marketing is and the money that can be made from it.

I have a special gift for you today and this one is going to blow you away.

I’m about to hand you all the tools you need to quickly create your very own branded e-books stuffed with your own cash-producing affiliate links!

This is the most powerful viral marketing tool you’ll find online and it’s yours…for free!

With Viral Ebook Explosion you are handed professionally created e-books to brand and all you have to do is simply fill in your affiliate links and press a button.

It’s as simple as that!

Here’s just a small *fraction* of what you’ll be able to do with your own viral e-books:

==> Generate easy cash when people click your affiliate links and purchase.

==> Upload your branded e-books into free e-book directories and have them distributed all over the web with your affiliate links.

==> Build a name in the Internet Marketing community by participating in giveaways with your branded e-books.

*NEW* Software Extracts Hot Items From eBay…

Hot Item FinderEvery now and then, someone releases a new product that makes the rest obsolete. Those are rare, but this is one of those times…

Dave Guindon, one of the most brilliant software designers for developing software tools that make you money has just released a new version of his famous Hot Item Finder software. Watch how it works here.

Basically, this powerful tool takes all the time out of searching for that “perfect product” to sell on eBay!

Here are a few powerful features this new software offers:

=> Extract hot items from,,, or

=> Find the hit counts of all your hot items

=> Generate all the top popular search terms for hundreds of eBay categories!

=> Extract all the most watched items for hundreds of eBay categories!

=> Extract the top popular products for several categories

=> Download and search the eBay keyword database

I highly recommend this eBay research tool and believe it will really benefit your online business.

Who Loves Money?

Who Loves Money

Who Loves Money?

Despite a hokey title, unlike lots of other marketers, the authors (Kyle and Carson) from “Wealthy Affiliate are not trying to sell you a “Get Rich Overnight” scheme. Nope, they’ve offered a real plan that takes you from niche research, to keyword selection, landing page development and right on through traffic generation and making that first sweet sale.

Along the way you’ll see first-hand how these 2 very talented Internet millionaires approach their work. One excellent antidote shows how they took a very public event, did a little out-of-the-box thinking and turned it into a $60/minute profit powerhouse. They actually divulge the niche, what they sold and how they sold it. The best part is niches like this are all over the place if you know were to look.

More then just a 106-page e-book, Kyle and Carson also offer videos to explain some concepts plus they give you some cool online tools to help out with web copy development and product research, lastly they give you fully customizable landing page templates that you can use to start making money right away.

The e-book is jam-packed with awesome tips for getting an edge on your competition. Concepts like finding profitable keywords (the kind where the customer is already reaching for his wallet) and legitimate ways for getting free web traffic are fully fleshed out. They show you the how the super affiliates become super.

The Table of Contents contains:

Section 1 – Introduction
Section 2 – Niche Hunting
Section 3 – Which Keywords Sell
Section 4 – Clickbank Money
Section 5 – Quit Paying Your Web Guy
Section 6 – Doing it Smarter
Section 7 – The Slow Roller Technique
Section 8 – Penny Pincher Traffic
Section 9 – Turn-Key Money System
Section 10 – It Our Turn Now
Bonus – There is a bonus download written by Travis Sago

Finally, sticking with their “zero investment” promise, Kyle and Carson offer some excellent free resources. They actually show you how to get on the web, start getting targeted traffic and start making sales without any monetary investment. That’s right, they show you free sources for web hosting, free web development tools and free promotion techniques.

In summary, these are what you get:

* $60-per-minute niche industry revealed and how they did it

* Packed with revolutionary and innovative affiliate marketing techniques

* Well laid out and easy to understand

* Actual case studies and examples

* Outlines bullet-proof money-making techniques

* Free website templates provided

* Lifetime updates and support

With this package and a little ambition, virtually anyone can be making money on the Internet within days. Get your copy right now!

Interesting way to get your unused domains start earning AdSense income.

If you currently have unused or dormant domains, you can do something quickly and increase their value using a unique domain parking service. You can also move domains from other domain parking services to this one. Read this article.

How To Find Bestselling ClickBank Products In Seconds!

CB Affiliate Revenue

In this previous post, I wrote about the difference between market and keyword research, and there’s also product research.

Product research empowers the marketer to become more selective over what s/he chooses to sell and yet earn more from a bestseller. CB Affiliate Revenue is one software that helps you pinpoint the *perfect* products to promote by letting you  download the entire ClickBank Marketplace database and sift and sort through it any number of a zillion ways.

So if you only want to find products that pay out $20 or more AND pay commissions greater than 50% AND have a gravity score ranging from 50 to 120, you can find every single product in the ClickBank database that meets those parameters in about 3 seconds!

You won’t have to waste any more of your precious time poring through the ClickBank Marketplace trying to find the perfect product to promote.

You’ll find them in seconds using this absolutely great tool, and your buddies are going to be left scratching their heads trying to figure out how you got to be so darn smart!

It will all be because you’ve got the perfect ClickBank suggestion tool! Watch CB Affiliate Revenue in action below.

Lunarpages Easter Special

In recent weeks, the web hosting service I’m using came up with a permanent offer I haven’t seen or heard elsewhere: unlimited add-on domains! This is really unprecedented because previously Lunarpages can afford each user account at most 20 different domain names. I’m not sure how domain names tax server resources, but this time you can really host as many sites as you want in one account.

Not only that, Lunarpages have an Easter special where you pay $5.95/mth on a 2-year plan (minimum). That’s $1 less every month. Enter savings code: easter

If you just happened to be thinking about moving host, you’re in luck my friend. I’ve been with Lunarpages for 8, 9 mths now and I have nothing but compliments.

Gain Hundreds of Links, Supercharge Visits & Catapult Site Page Ranking.

We know one major factor that determines search ranking on Google is the site’s PageRank, the score of which is, in turn, determined by the number and quality of backlinks the site can accumulate.

30 Minute Backlinks by Michelle MacPhearson comprises of a set of video tutorials showing you how to create free software which results in supplying one-way backlinks.

The process for creating 30 Minute Backlinks is easy and simple and can be completed in 30 minutes (pretty obvious considering the title). The process can be duplicated as many times as you want to create a plethora of sites that are linking to you.

You discover a unique way of submitting your software to the directories which literally forces them to link to you with your keywords; this in turn increases your site’s search engine traffic.

This sounds different from the normal convention of submitting your site directly. Here’s how it works:

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of shareware and freeware download sites out there. A software developer can make software and upload it to all these shareware download sites, and many of them will link back to his website. All these links will grow the software developer’s own search engine ranking, so he’ll get more traffic.

I can hear you wonder, “What the heck do I want to create some software for my bankruptcy site?”

That’s precisely the genius about 30 Minute Backlinks. Michelle shows you how to easily create useful software for your site that you don’t have to sell or even offer as a download.

It’s called shareware.

Did you know that any site, yes even yours, can have a screensaver that could be listed in the software directories with a link pointing back to your site using your favorite keyword phrase?

This technique uses a standard practice that the Shareware Professionals Association has been using since 2000! Michelle’s method actually sets you on the path of software development and it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Jim Morris has recorded an interview he did with Michelle for over 2 hours, getting her to unveil her simple 3-step process and answer every possible question about her breakthrough method.

In summary, 30 Minute Backlinks reveals to you:

* How to develop your own software, for free, with no programming experience

* How to distribute your new software to all the software directories in the most efficient manner

* How to force the software directories to link with YOUR anchor text—this is how you site increases its search rank!

It’s very step-by-step so there’s no confusion as she walks you through the process as she does it. If it sounds techie, it’s not!

You will need your own web hosting account to use this product. This system works in any niche, for any website, and will bring both human visitors and increased search engine rank when put to action.

– You can create as many pieces of software as you wish and, in that way, compound your results.

– Each new software you create and submit will take about 30 minutes to make and submit for links.

– You have creative control over the software you create and can ensure it’s up to your standards. You will make software you’re proud to put your name on.

– Every resource is point-and-click, fill-out-a-form simple. You do not need coding, programming or other technical experience.

You can expect to be able to create a huge number of incoming links to your website/blog that are relevant to your chosen keywords. You can expect the number of links to increase as time goes on even after you have stopped using the process; this is due to the way you gain the links. And the prospect of creating over 200 incoming links quickly is very possible depending on the amount of effort you apply.

Link building is one of the most important aspects of running a site and backlinks implies more traffic. Get the details and watch a video presentation here.

PHP source code specially programmed for getting online sales.

Internet marketer and web programmer Robert Plank has just released a set of a low-cost e-book, special PHP script source code and a video course called Black Hat PHP. It allows you to turn underperforming sales letters into cash machines that shine and increase your monthly income.

You receive Camtasia video tutorials showing the script in action and how to plug it in with no problems, the full PHP source code so you can simply upload the files to your site and you don’t have to copy code out of the book, a PDF installation guide showing exactly how Robert created the script and how it can be customized to do whatever you want and a killer black-hat idea that could be the basis for your next product membership site.

You don’t need to know how to program, all you need to know is how to cut-n-paste and follow simple instructions.

On the other hand, if you are a “get your hands dirty” kind of site builder, he will give you some detailed instructions on how you can totally bend these profit-boosting scripts to your will.

Here is the quick and neat recipe for product creation.

* Step 1: Create (or find) a simple product to promote.
* Step 2: Create a list to funnel leads into, both BEFORE and AFTER a sale.
* Step 3: Write a sales letter to explain your product and take orders.
* Step 4: Drive traffic to your sales page from sources by building authority sites, marketing to forums, buying pay-per-click traffic, or posting to blogs.
* Step 5: Test small changes on your sales letters to turn a trickle of sales into a waterfall of income! (This is my favorite part!)

With these 5 easy steps in mind, Robert Plank has created Black Hat PHP.

Here is a list of the 7 action-packed videos you get that will take your website to the next level:

Tactic #1: Revisit Reminder: Add A Reminder to Visitors’ Calendars With One Click to Get Them to Come Back to Your Site on A Recurring Basis

Tactic #2: Aweber Auto Submitter: Integrate Any Third-Party Payment System with Any Third-Party Mailing List!

Tactic #3: Link Manipulator: Are You Leaking Traffic? Plug Those Leaks and Avoid Newbie Site-Building Mistakes

Tactic #4: Whitelist Wizard: Re-Capture the 40 Percent of Your List That Never Receive Your E-Mails… Because They Failed to Confirm Their Address!

Tactic #5: Affiliate Link Generator: Use Multiple Sales Letters to Leverage More Profits From Affiliate Traffic!

Tactic #6: Time of Day Personalizer: Subconsciously Connect With Your Readers In A Subtle Way That Keeps Their Attention Long Enough to Hear Your Sales Message…

Tactic #7: Licensed Reseller Script: Reward Top Affiliates With Passive “Loyalty” Income By Ensuring That No Traffic Goes Unclaimed!

Most of these scripts require zero customization! Some can be running on your site in less than a minute. Just Think: If you act quickly, you could have a better performing website and see an increased number of sales by lunchtime!

Why Would Jeff Show His Mistakes?

I bet you have heard about viral marketing.

If not then viral marketing is when your marketing message spreads like fire on its own on autopilot.

Many of the top marketers online make a significant income thanks to viral marketing.

Well, Jeff Dedrick has released a video that most people would never release.

It’s a video that shows some of the major mistakes he made in one of his last launches and the steps he has taken to never make those mistakes again.

You can check it out right here.

I bet you will discover some cool viral techniques that you will be able to use in your business right away.

Make sure when you are there you sign up to get even more no-cost viral marketing videos and audios that will show you more great techniques and secrets on viral marketing.

How to turn your WordPress blog into a portal.

WordPress Dream Theme

Heard of magazine style WordPress themes? While I’m not sure when it started, such theme designs are gaining popularity for their layouts so stylish you wouldn’t have thought for a second you are staring at a WP blog.

Most themes go premium and they don’t come cheap. Luckily I found this page that lists free themes for downloads. There are other resources like it so keep looking around.

One of the most popular premium themes is called Revolution Theme. Lately, the WordPress Dream Theme makes itself known within Internet Marketing circles. Forget trying to customize your own theme or spending hours on end trying to get a specific plugin to work on your site! WordPress Dream Theme comes with all the plugins you need to maximize your WordPress blog so you can take the design of your site to the next level without messing with technical details.

Still not convinced? Check out these additional features:

* Easy integration with Feedburner & Google AdSense
* Custom theme options page to control the layout of your home page
* Add featured post and thumbnail images to your site
* Widget-enabled theme with four editable sidebars
* Multiple page layouts available
* Easily embed videos in your sidebar, or in posts or pages
* Add RSS feeds directly to the home page of your site (not just in your sidebar) to feature additional content
* Showcase your most recent post in the “Feature Article” section
* Add your own banner ads or images to the footer of the home page, linked to wherever you want without editing any HTML code

How To Use Twitter To Generate Traffic

Twitter is still a relatively new social networking site, and there are still thousands of marketers who are not using it to its full potential. Some are not using it at all. As with just about any other social networking site you can mention, you have to put in the work at the start to establish yourself as a credible, helpful contributor who is there to do more than just give a sales message and win customers. Using Twitter is an art form all of its own, and is totally unlike anything you will do anywhere else.

The short length of the messages you are allowed to send means that you have to approach the task in a completely different way. The underlying principle does not change, however, and if you are looking to build a long-term business presence, you will need to take a long-term view and work to build up your network of friends. These friends can see your twits on their Twitter home page, so it is well worth making the effort to cultivate as many as you can. You are allowed to put links in your twits, so you will need to restrain yourself from getting carried away and posting links too often.

As ever, it takes a bit of work and a bit of thought to use Twitter effectively. Make sure that your twits are of value and interesting. If you can keep abreast of breaking news, and the latest trends in your area of expertise, you can build up a reputation as being someone to watch out for. This will keep you on people’s friend lists, and give you the chance to broadcast an occasional message about your own website or profile which will encourage them to visit. Driving social network traffic is never quick or easy, but you can build up a reputation which will result in regular visitors to your site, who have every chance of becoming regular customers.

This PLR membership site has my personal thumbs-up.

I’ve been with this PLR membership site for a few months now and Kanicen Nix has been prompt in e-mailing updates with regards to the latest content included every new month.

These are what you are getting for your Platinum Elite membership:

* 30 high-quality fresh Internet Marketing and business e-books and resources with Private Label and Master Resell Rights

* 20 highly relevant quality e-books with PLR sites, written by experts in their field about general knowledge and information

* 600 unique and exclusive articles (very limited) in over 20 different categories every month written by expert writers

* 10 Internet Marketing, SEO and Miscellaneous softwares to grow your business and increase website popularity

* 10 turnkey money-making web scripts and extremely useful codes to upload and use for SEO and Marketing

* 10 easily configurable and implemented HTML, CSS, PHP, FLASH, WordPress and CMS templates and themes with PLR rights

* Web graphics, icons, logos, PNG files, and e-books on web design and tutorials with full editable source

* PLR videos, screen recordings and teleseminar tutorials on Internet Marketing and how-to tips for newbies and pros alike

* PLR audio books, speeches and recordings on Internet Marketing and niche topics on all kinds categories

* Premium and high-value AdSense-ready turnkey niche web scripts and whole start-up sites PLR/Personal Rights.

Of course, you can also get in with FREE membership too!

Depending on the Private Label License that comes with each product in the membership area, you can do VIRTUALLY ANYTHING YOU WANT! The most important fact is you have all the resources necessary to get your online business up and running without spending any more time preparing all the background work and from ground up. Time is too precious for that and if you can ‘flip’ a good PLR product for 5 times the profit based on one sale alone, I think it’s a no-brainer how PLRSifu can be your best possible investment. Consider more work as being outsourced!