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There’s a new offer of 3 video packages with over 600MB of video this week in these areas of expertise:

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TurboPLRBe honest: Do you have untouched PLR content sitting on your hard drive?

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The fastest, easiest and safest way to make a fortune.

You’ve already heard that joint ventures are simply one of the best ways—if the only one—to bring massive results to your business, be it in the form of new leads or new sources of income. It does not tax you heavily on effort and resources and is supposed to be the fastest, easiest and safest route to making a fortune.

It is common to come across people from different business sectors while conducting your own line of business. You establish rapport with other business people over time and at a particular stage, you can combine your marketing and sales efforts through a contracted, orchestrated and monitored joint venture.

Interestingly, a joint venture is, by its very nature, short-term, unlike a partnership, and many entrepreneurs would tend to confuse the two and mismatch expectations.

You can try a joint venture for a trial period of few weeks or months. New joint ventures can be refined from this initial effort and any joint venture arrangement you make proceeds only if it works to the advantage of both parties; otherwise, you could terminate the relationship. Ultimately, failure in JVs or partnerships often stems from inefficient, ineffective communication between the parties.

The Complete Guide To Highly Successful Internet Joint Venture Partnerships

In “The Complete Guide to Highly-Successful Internet Joint Venture Partnerships: How to Create Profit Windfalls and Skyrocket Your Online Business“, you have in your hands immediate access to the Rich Schefren model for setting up winning JV partnerships.

Simply put it is everything you need to have in order to create and maximize any joint venture deal that you can imagine. It gives you all the tools, resources, sample copy of introduction letters, etc. you need.

You will also learn how to devise a well thought-out plan for your JVs, what parameters to spell out in a signed contract, how to monitor action progress and income generated. Rich Schefren will also address many of the ways to avoid communication pitfalls in the sections on operating the joint venture. These are all points to be covered in this e-book.

With this book, Rich hopes to give every entrepreneur—from newbie to advanced—all the tools they need to quickly and easily establish those gold nugget JV partnerships, and help them turn their million-dollar idea into a million-dollar business. The JV formula has worked for him and now you can put his principles into play too!

Discover how you can build a 5-figure list size like Chris.

Automated List Builder

Hundreds of new marketers are closer to becoming millionaires since I last e-mailed you…

That’s because a few days ago, Chris Freville released his breakthrough list building system. It takes the once tedious process of building a cash-generating list of subscribers and puts it all on autopilot.

And I mean everything…

• Setting up squeeze pages…
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And it automates the entire process. Pretty incredible, right?

If someone told me even a year ago it was possible to totally automate the list building process…and do it faster than ever before…I would have told them they were dreaming.

But, here it is.

Kind of scary when you think about how fast you can get left behind if you don’t pay close attention these days.

Anyway, I don’t want that to happen to you.

Whether you’ve got a huge list…a small but responsive list…or no list at all…Chris’s Automated List Builder is a must for every marketer serious about making real money on the Internet.

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Chris has made 10 step-by-step videos to walk you through the entire process of list building. There’s even a frame-worthy mindmap outlining every step for quick reference.

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Full product research process REVEALED!

Previously I had mentioned some resources to aid your product research. You can read through the page numbers at the end of this post. This time I reinforce the idea of optimal use using the sites to get better profitable evidence for the type of products you should sell.

When it comes to niche marketing, it’s better to let business sense take over your passion because there are many things that cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Things like furniture sets, cabinets, beds and mattresses, electronics and jewelry fall under such categories. Well, they are either bulky or shiny.

Let’s say I’m going to attack the “jewelry” niche, and for goodness’ sake, you would think I’m the last marketer on earth to deal with it because I know next to nothing about it. Actually, I rather go into “home theater” but let’s see how deep I can venture into this.

So I go to Amazon which I feel is the best indicator for bestselling items. There’s a main category for Jewelry. There’s also a “Bestsellers in Jewelry” category. On the left menu of both pages, what I see are various departments of jewelry according to material, design, purpose, brand names and price ranges, which is incredible to say the least because the data is so comprehensive.

For a newbie marketer in jewelry like myself, I just need some time to let all the specifications and keywords sink in, and take good notes. Having noted the types of jewelry at Amazon, I’ll then research on those keywords with SEOBook Keyword Suggestion Tool and the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and see which of these types of jewelry are the ones that Internet surfers actually search for using the engines.

If I were to set up a niche blog. I would have literally duplicate some of these categories and departments. For a start I’ll have to be selective instead of covering “everything under the sky”. You may like to dispute with me, but where business sense is concerned, price is everything. Under “Shop by Price” from the main jewelry page, I can check out all the shiny stuff from $500 onwards if this is my minimal price criteria. Of course, in my niche blog I want to have a mix of bestselling (no matter how cheap) and expensive jewelry to appeal to the power of choice in the prospects’ mind.

I’ll start with earrings. This is Amazon’s page for earrings for $500-$999. 4,879 results is very nice. I go to the AdWords Keyword Tool and type ‘earrings’. In the expanded list, I find various types like ‘hook’, ‘clip’, ‘stud’, ‘teardrop’, ‘chandelier’, ‘pearl’ etc. I can go to SEOBook Keyword Suggestion Tool and repeat my search process to get a firmer idea for a slightly different set of search terms and statistics. I can also drill down each types to expand the earrings list even further at sub-levels.

I’m going to look into Froogle too. This resource is so rarely spoken of that it also slips my mind! You can sort your search results by price, relevance and ratings. There’s a “refine results” section at the bottom of the search results page. Again, note specifications like 14K, 18K, carat weight, white gold, diamond etc. and brand names.

As if it is not enough, go to eBay and click on the ‘Buy’ link at the top right corner. Holy Batman! Look for “Jewelry & Watches” and click “Earrings”. You can refine your search by looking at the left column, and I’ll stick to my price range from $500-$999. I have 737 results. Judging by the lack of bids, it seems like no one buys jewelry on eBay. Anyone like to comment on this?

Microsoft has changed the design of its page for the DOCI tool. This powerful tool reveals the “commercial intent” degree to which people are inclined to buy something. According to DOCI, what truly sells are items that don’t require much explanation, like gifts, HDTV, digital cameras and the like. Play with the DOCI tool long enough and you’ll get a solid idea what consumerism is all about.

Not only that, there is a “Demographics Prediction” companion tool. With “earrings”, I found 70% of customers are female, which is expected of course. If you drill down to more specific types of earrings the men-women ratio will be slightly different, but the majority still rules. I also know that purchasing power lies with those in the 25-34 age group. So when you sell your earrings in your blog, you write as if to address the needs and concerns of…you guess ityoung professional women who wants to better project their image or look more beautiful to attract guys.

Here’s where we reach the fun part: how to be an affiliate for earrings. Type “”(earrings type)” +affiliate” in Google! Example: “teardrop earrings” +affiliate. Look around the various sites to see what they have in their online stores and judge for yourself if it’s worth signing up for their affiliate programs. If there are too few results, consider if you need to eliminate a jewelry category/department. You also don’t want to sign up with too many different programs, otherwise you may scatter your earnings and it gets harder to have your cheque mailed to you if you need to hit a minimum sum. Usually, Commission Junction has the most comprehensive range of hard products affiliate can sell for, so you want to go there first and foremost. Associate Programs is another great place to search for highly regarded affiliate programs. This is the page for earrings. Some of the affiliate programs can help you with RSS product feeds so you don’t have to manually create blog posts yourself.

Once you have all your affiliate registrations in place, you can set up your niche blog. You want to have consumer advice and education to mix with your product recommendations and descriptions, like how to maintain your jewelry shiny, the right occasions for the right jewelry, what jewelry colors go with what clothing, the significance and purpose behind different jewelry and their implications on self-image, self-esteem and relationships, who knows? You’ll unexpectedly find “crossover topics” to write about too, like fashion (don’t veer too far though).

Content creation is the biggest challenge for niche marketers because it’s ongoing, but thank goodness, Digital Point is where you can engage article writing and blog posting services. There are many other services you can engage like link submissions so check this marketplace.

What’s a great blog template to use? Try Branford Magazine. It looks professional and easy to the eye.

That’s it! To summarize:

1. Get an indication of bestselling products from Amazon. Narrow down your departments. FOCUS.

2. Note niche keywords and specifications.

3. Go to SEOBook Keyword Suggestion Tool and AdWords Keyword Tool to get an expanded list of keywords.

4. Look into Froogle. Compare with Amazon and try to determine the biggest merchant sources for your niche products.

5. Get further evidence from eBay. Start with the ‘Buy’ section.

6. Play with Microsoft’s DOCI tool. It would be more interesting to input brand names.

7. Search for affiliate programs based on your niche keywords and products. Dropshipping is recommended as you can possibly earn more than 50% of the cost price of the things you sell.

8. Setup niche blog. For educational stuff, search “product” +advice. Example: “earrings” +advice

9. Consider outsourcing content creation. If you want to get ‘free’ service, here’s how: Get in touch with product dealers/merchants and ask them if they’re keen to blog on your site. The win-win proposal is you get content while the dealers can better expose their presence. Or if they’re already blogging somewhere, get their RSS feeds, or ask for their kind permission to publish existing corporate materials.

10. Later if you’ve a good idea for creating a mailing list, design a compelling offer to get visitors to subscribe. You would want to setup your niche blog at first.

So what else do you need? A $97 e-book? Well, I’m going to write one; so many marketers need to read this, but you know it here first. Cheers to your niche profits guys and gals!

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Have The Weatherman’s Voice Introduce YOUR Product!

Todd Gross VoiceoverOver the past two years, my colleague Todd Gross, the Internet Marketer, Weatherman, and Announcer (on the air now for 30 years), has become “The Voice of Internet Marketing”. The combination of marketer and broadcaster means he *knows” how to introduce products on Websites in all niches, worldwide. His welcoming voice is “real”, not canned.

Todd can only make a limited number of custom “voiceovers” to serve his customers’ sites. A custom audio for your website will set it apart immediately. Todd Gross will take it to the next level with his “welcoming voice” on your site. Since he hit the scene two years back he has become the Marketer’s Marketer, as he is magically able to ‘engage’ whoever listens. This has fascinated so many Internet Marketers that they contacted Todd from day 1 to work with their sites.

This includes Harris Fellman, Andrew Fox, Derrick Van Dyke, Matthew Glanfield, the Space Hogs, Robert Puddy, Reed Floren, Mark Sandquist, Frank Salina, Bob the Teacher, Richard Wing, Soren Jordansen, Nick Marks, and even Ewen Chia!

But the window of opportunity may be closing: Last Tuesday, an Internet Marketing “Guru” contracted Todd to do a read of a 100-page e-book. Last Friday, a marketing firm that supplies instructional DVDs for companies worldwide contacted Todd, deciding to dump their current “radio-type” voice in favor of what they called  a “simply phenomenal” set of “inflections”. Sheesh, either he’s drinking plenty of water or he’s reciting in his sleep!

And Todd himself provides plenty of examples of his latest website work here.

The script for the audio? Now this is really cool: Todd will help you write it if you get stuck, and if it isn’t ready yet, you have a full quarter of a year to send it to him. There is absolutely no reason why not to reserve your spot right here, right now. The price for this welcoming voice on your website is ridiculously affordable, one of the least expensive components on your site, and better yet, the price for 3 will simply jump off the page.

Be part of the elite club that uses Todd’s audio to spark opt-ins, sales, and more.

He make more $$$ with 1 blog than others with 5.

Blogger's Paycheck

I won’t tell you a long story about how this blogger came into prominence, but this time my friend John Yeo makes $1000–$2000 per month using just ONE blog…And he’s giving YOU the exact system to do it too! See Blogger’s Paycheck for yourself.

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Affiliate Director 2.0ClickBank Affiliate Cash

Are you an affiliate marketer?

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I bet you answered yes to most of the above questions so that is why this package is for you.

You will improve you affiliate marketing, use ClickBank like a pro, stop your affiliate links from being altered, analyze your e-mail link conversions with graphics and make your links irresistible.

You can now e-mail with confidence and results so lets get the best training using one of the top affiliate marketplaces on the Internet, “Clickbank”.

You will receive straight to the point audio information that will propel you to ClickBank marketing success.

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It’s easy to design a salesletter with this free drag-&-drop web page builder.

Matt Callen has been working on it for the past 8 months called BlinkWeb.

You may have heard about this before. The last time it opened doors, 1000 folks signed up in a minute and it was gone in 60 seconds!

Matt put a limit to the first 1000 members because he wanted to ensure the web servers can cope.

The good news is BlinkWeb is now accessible for good and you can create your account with the latest, free-iest and easiest-to-use online web editor to date. I know XSitePro has also launched a version 2 of its software and both are easy in the operational sense (drag-and-drop page builder), but I would be doing a disservice for not telling you about BlinkWeb, though I’m not sure what Matt is thinking by dedicating 8 months of work just to give it away. I can’t find anything he might be selling inside.

What’s even more surprising is you can get a free domain name for your BlinkWeb site. Yes, Matt’s going to pay for you, not, and should you choose not to host with BlinkWeb, you can download your entire website easily as a convenient .zip file, in which you can then upload to your current web host. Plus you can find 5 lessons on how to make money with your BlinkWeb site.

Matt’s on a mission to make it practically impossible for someone (including you) to come up with an excuse that they cannot make cash on the Internet.

If you haven’t done so yet, I HIGHLY recommend you head over to BlinkWeb, sign up for your free account and create your own website today.