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$526,422.83 Bidding On One Keyword?

Commission Blueprint

There’s been a ton of buzz around this over the past few days and if you are one of the few who haven’t heard about it, and didn’t have a chance to see the video, here’s the inside story….

It’s called the “Commission Blueprint Evolution”, a radical system created by Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton that exploits Clickbank and Google in such a devious way that the resulting profits are in the realms of the *insane*.

Now you’ve heard this kind of thing before…in fact you hear it every week…but in this case I can confirm that it is the real deal.

Let me just throw some figures your way…

– $6,513.04 in one day

– $153,426.72 in 6 weeks

– $526,422.83 in 7 months.

…and the crazy thing is, these numbers were generated by promoting ONE Clickbank product, bidding on just ONE keyword…and without ANY help from JV partners or even an e-mail list!

…not to mention the fact that this simple affiliate campaign took just a few minutes to set up.

How was it done?

Check it out the story here.

To be honest, the fact that they’re revealing this stuff is totally bizarre and if it were me, I would’ve kept my mouth firmly shut!

There is bad news though…

There are only very limited spots available and judging by how fast this has spread around the net, they’ll go ultra fast…possibly in the next few hours.

It has literally just gone live though so you should be in time…

End result?

Affiliates who FAIL to get hold of this information will be left fighting for scraps and ultimately will be in a world of hurt from now on; that much I can assure you…

You can’t afford to be left out of the loop with this one…

Here’s the link.

Mike Stewart presents video marketing at WIS UK.

If the Olympics is “coming home” to London, so is the World Internet Summit…and much sooner than you expect.

Mark this date down and DON’T FORGET: September 11-14, 2008.

If you haven’t heard of World Internet Summit UK or registered to attend this event at London, here’s a strong reason why…

Mike Stewart is showing you how to use video to succeed on the Internet. Don’t think it’s possible? Well here’s proof…

Watch this video to see how he does it:

STEP 1: Go here right now

STEP 2) Scroll half way down the page to the photo and video of Mike Stewart

STEP 3) Click “play”

FOR A LIMITED TIME it’s only US$197 (approx £97) to attend!

Why so low cost for such a huge event over 4 days? Simple…this price is an early bird price only. And secondly, the event has a sponsor, which takes the pressure off to charge you the full $997 ticket price.

But this deal won’t last. Tickets are selling fast for this London event and already, over 323 people are registered.

So check out the video now and then secure your seat to what is going to be an incredible 4 days with the world’s best Internet experts:

Look forward to seeing you in London!

New Twitter Report Is Available!

Twitter Report

Walt Prorok & Chris Vendilli just joined forces and created what will soon be known as the Internet’s premiere resource for Twitter tips.

These guys really break it down and show you how to setup all of your Twitter related accounts and resources so that they’re all geared for one common goal: TRAFFIC.

When you download the free Twitter Report and go through the steps and suggestions they outline, you’re guaranteed to see some free traffic from Twitter come rolling your way.

Upload your videos to multiple sites in one shot.

Upload Video Pro

There is no doubt that in today’s day and age, video is a hot medium to use to spread any sort of message.

But to get REAL traffic to your videos you really have to post them on multiple sites. This can be a very time-consuming process.

Now there is a simple solution. If you’re into video marketing, Upload Video Pro will pay itself off in a TON of time savings.

Today’s price INCLUDES UPDATES which will be provided at no additional charge as some of the video sites regularly change their posting URLs.

The question is: do YOU wanna waste hours posting to multiple sites? Or would you rather automate the whole process for next to nothing?

Work smart, not hard…

Marlon Sanders’ “Point & Click” System Made Easy For Newbies.

Promo Dashboard 

Marlon Sanders is back with the latest addition to his family of Dashboard solutions. Promo Dashboard seriously aims to bridge the gap between what you know (or not know) and what you can do! With this software you’re going to get hands-on with creating podcasts, PDFs, videos, CDs, teleseminars and courses like an expert.

Marlon Sanders will walk you through the best designs for landing pages that will attract subscribers like venus flytraps, and this is the key promise of Promo Dashboard: step-by-step, point-&-click promo system turns targeting your potential buyers, building your e-mail list and making sales into a virtual no-brainer. When you’re happy with how it works for you, Promo Dashboard has done its job.

With Marlon’s trademark guidance process using big visual cues and screenshots, newbies will have a lot to like, even if they can’t differentiate FTP from PDF. Marlon says this is a crime and he’ll make sure you won’t commit it!

He has also included advanced stuff like how to pass a subscriber’s name from the squeeze page to the thank-you page, and how to send out e-mails that make the customer’s name appear in headlines, and some highly professional advice on video production, like lighting and set pieces.

As this is a new product, the first 50 people to respond to this offer will get a chance to grab several bonuses worth at least 5 times the cost of the Promo Dashboard. Success is just ’round the corner now. Don’t be left out in the cold without Promo Dashboard.

Get help with aMember Pro tutorial videos.

Membership Master

How would you like to start your own online membership website?

If you answered yes to that question, but you have never quite known where to start, then read on and I will tell you all about it!

I’m sure you have heard how membership sites are the ‘foundations’ to every successful online business, you may even be part of one already. Well just imagine owning your very own membership site, where hundreds or even thousands of members are paying you a fee every single month!

On the Internet and in the world around you, members-only clubs are sprouting everywhere, whether paid or free. This is because membership sites generally provide access to something that is unique from other sites. They also build communities of people alike.

If you don’t have your own membership site already, it’s about time you started one. It doesn’t need to be difficult at all. Starting a membership site starts with a topic that you are passionate about. It can be anything at all as you will be in control.

So what’s the main thing that stops everybody from creating their own membership sites?

They simply do not have the skill to create a membership site, so they give up before they have even started!

That’s where Membership Master steps in!

You will learn everything you need to know in order to create your very own membership site built up using aMember Pro, the foundation for your business!

aMember Pro is one of the most popular programs online for managing recurring membership sites and is also feature-rich. It can do pretty much everything when it comes to managing membership sites.

You will gain access to in-depth videos on membership creation that show you how to do it step by step. The videos don’t just cover the surface level, they go deeper than that.

I know this will give you the know-how that you need to create your very own membership site, once you have done one, I am sure you will be creating many more and just keep getting bigger and bigger!

Common Social Networking Mistakes by Rebecca Beasley

There are a few mistakes that people make when using social networking sites to try to get more exposure for their business. These mistakes can be minor and not amount to much, or they can be fatal and cause you to lose your business and never make contact with anyone.

Naked Profile

If you try to use social networks by just signing up and sending bulletins and emails to people, you’re missing the point entirely. If you don’t have a profile that’s the first thing people notice. You’ve already ruined your credibility and made yourself look like a scammer. Anyone who doesn’t take the time to at least set up a simple bio page has nothing to present. Even if you add friends, what are they going to see? No one wants to do business with someone they don’t know. To them you’re like a stranger lurking in the shadows with no real identity. You also want to have a nice picture of yourself so they will see it when your activity comes up in the search engine of the site. If you don’t have a picture people see you as the default no pic blank photo and this makes you look like you’re not professional or trustworthy.

Your “About Me” Page Is All About Your Business Opportunity

This makes you look like you’re broke and you need someone to sign up for your opportunity because you need to pay your light bill. Your about page should be about you and who you really are. It’s not the place to promote or advertise. People want to know you, not what you do or how much money you make.

Too Much Hype

We already know that your business is the next best thing since buttered bread, but when you have too much hyped up claims about how your business is making you a millionaire in three days, we can see right through it. If you’re that rich why do you need to use social networks at all? You should be on a warm sunny beach somewhere enjoying your good fortune.

Sending Ads In Comments And E-Mails To “Online Friends”.

Oh boy..that one is a big no-no. When you use your friend’s comment box to post an ad or banner for your business, you’ve shot yourself in the foot. Do you honestly think they’ll sign up for your business just because you shove it down their throat?

Put a link or a banner on your profile just in case someone wants to know what you do, but the main thing you want to do is present YOURSELF as someone who is credible and has a handle on who you are as a person.

Social networking is all about making friends, being helpful, and being REAL. People want to do business with people they can identify with and who they can get to know as a friend first and foremost.

If they want to know what you’re doing to make money online they will ASK YOU. Then you have the opportunity and the PERMISSION to tell them and they won’t feel like they’re being sold to.

Rebecca Beasley has been online for 16+ years and has written hundreds of articles to help newbies and oldies alike.

Get unlimited quality e-covers for life!

eCover MAX Action Scripts

We all know that getting an e-cover graphic for your project can be a very expensive thing to lay out cash for.

You are going to get the same “action scripts” that pro-web designers use to make graphics that they sell for hundreds of dollars.

Everything you need to know is laid out clearly so that even a total newbie can make professional graphics with amazing speed.

Get instant access to the eCover MAX Action Scripts and dramatically change your life like you never thought possible.

2 ways to earn from Google…

Secret Google Tactics 

2 quick questions for you today:

1. Do you ever get frustrated logging into your AdSense account to see earnings of just a few cents?

2. Are you sick and tired of throwing money away on AdWords without making a single dime?

If you answered YES to any of those, make sure you read every single word in this message because it could be one of the most important letters you’ll ever read…

If I told you, I can give you a complete, total turnkey solution to profiting (almost effortlessly) from AdSense…would you be interested?

What if the very same system can ALSO help you pump out profits from AdWords at the same time?

Yes, I thought it was too good to be true too until I actually reviewed and went through the system.

You see, my good marketing buddy, Dylan Loh has just perfected a system that allows the “little guy” to profit from Google both ways.

With Dylan’s Secret Google Tactics, you can:

:: Relive the good ‘ol days of 5 cents clicks on AdWords

:: Get sky-high click-through rates on AdSense (ethically!)

:: Create magnetic AdWords copy (not the same rehashed stuff!)

:: Mine AdSense for their highest paying keywords!

:: And so much more…

If you’ve ever wanted to bring your AdSense income AND your AdWords profits into the next level you have to see this now.

5 Ways You Can Build Your Reputation With Social Networking by Bob Jenkins

Are you using social networks to build your reputation online? Whether you already are or you are just getting started with sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Ning, building your online reputation is your biggest responsibility. Here are five ways to make sure you do it right.

#1: Be Proud Of Being You

The first thing is, you have to be yourself. You have to be who you are. Because although you can get away with being fake for a little while, as soon as one person realizes that you’re not who you say you are, your reputation is destroyed almost instantly because of the power of social networking. So be yourself. And don’t be afraid of being yourself. Realize that you have some gifts and some knowledge that people need to know about, and those that want to learn from you are going to gravitate towards you. Those that don’t think you’re worth listening to are basically going to ignore you. And it’s at their peril, so don’t worry about them.

#2: Transparency – Never Hide From Your Audience

The second thing about your reputation is you should try to be transparent at all times. This means you keep everything real with your audience. For example, over the last year, I used social media to show you my move from Maryland to North Carolina, including drama with the movers, picking the house, and getting it set up. I also pulled back the curtain to show what it takes to run a product launch. When I did my last product launch, I was Twittering every day what I was doing to get ready for this site. Most of the gurus out there would keep everything under lock and key, and I was being very clear, saying, “This is what I’m doing to get ready for this launch.” It actually helped me have a better launch, even though I told everybody exactly what I was going to be doing. They didn’t think that they had some surprise or whatever like most people teach; they just were excited to be part of it and part of the story. So be transparent. Let people know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and they’re going to learn how to trust you.

#3: Be Positive For Positive Results

The third way to build your reputation is to be positive. There are folks out there who generally can do a good job of being negative. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find that to be a very long-term profitable strategy. It may get you some attention at first and spark some controversy, but that’s not the way to go. Be looking forward to the optimistic of your industry, of your business and what the results are going to be. It would be easy for you to go onto Twitter or onto Facebook and talk about how you’re having a bad day or this product sucks or this week sucks or this relationship sucks. But you’re not really there for a support network, per se. You’ll find some of that. If you have something bad happen in your life, sharing it with your followers will be very therapeutic for you and you will get a lot of support back. But when you’re just blasting negative things out, you’re going to get negative things in return, usually. So try to be positive as much as possible and look for the opportunities that are out there and look at them from that positive perspective.

#4: Build Your Reputation And They Will Come

The fourth thing you must do is to be patient. This is because, initially, your reputation is going to be built only by yourself and the first initial people who get to know you. But as time goes on and you get more followers and you build a larger network of friends and peers, your reputation will solidify to allow your business to grow. Once it hits a tipping point, your reputation and business accelerates at a very quick pace. So be patient and let it happen. Don’t try this stuff out for a week and then come back to me next week and say, “Well, it didn’t really work. I didn’t really get any results yet.” You’ve got to let social networking play out over a few weeks and then a couple months and so on. A year from now your business is going to be tremendously different compared to where it is right now.

#5: Contribute To The Conversation – Every Day!

The fifth thing about your reputation is you need to be someone that people look to as a contributor, not as a leech, not as a mooch, as a contributor. You have to be willing to be involved in the conversation, and you have to be willing to give as much or even more than what you’re going to get in return. The people who do that are growing so fast it makes my head spin. I feel that I’m a pretty giving person but I see some other folks out there that just keep on giving, giving, giving and they just build up a huge following and that social capital is a real asset to your business. So you need to make sure that you’re contributing as much as possible to the conversation. I don’t mean that as just go around randomly and try to help people. Within your specific task, your specific industry, the things you know well, you need to be at the forefront of letting people know how to do what you know how to do without charging them money at first. They’ll come and find your site and your products and they’ll pay you for that as time goes on and their needs grow. With social networking you need to be building your reputation up first. If somebody has a question, you should be one of the first people who answers and you need to answer without reservation not just, “Oh, I answered that in my eBook; go buy it”. They’re going to find your eBook if you just talk to them and give them solutions to the problem they are struggling with at that moment. Give people your input, your encouragement for them to get better at what they are trying to do. Any little quick free advice you can give, give it.

Actively Build Your Reputation With Social Networking And Reap The Rewards

You’ve got to be in this for the reason of having fun and really building that relationship. Dollars will come, there’s no doubt about that. But first, connect with people and really help them out. Understand that they’ll become loyal followers of what you do and see you for who you are. Follow these 5 steps to building your reputation online and you’ll not only beat your competition, you’ll have more fun doing it!

Bob Jenkins teaches business owners how to use internet marketing strategies effectively to attract more customers and get more sales without spending a fortune on advertising. Get more free social networking lessons at Discover Social Networking.

Develop your own promo codes…better than coupons!

Promo Code Software

I’ve just discovered a new piece of software that’s really going to supercharge my marketing efforts both online and offline.

It’s called Promo Code Software, and it’s more powerful than the name implies. At first, I thought it was just a coupon code generator but after looking into it I discovered it was much more than that.

Not only can you easily offer discounts to your visitors to encourage more sales…this software can fuel an entire marketing campaign and is designed to get your visitors involved PRIOR to the sale as opposed to AFTER they have made the decision to buy simply because of a discount being offered.

Coupon are great but they only work if you can convince your prospect to buy based on price. Promo Codes are different because they lead your prospect to the buying decision.

With this service, I can create unlimited, self-expiring, auto-generated, one-time, limited-time, or permanent promotions for any product of my own or for any affiliate program I choose to promote…and I can track the results of any campaign.

It’s only opening up to 300 Charter Members. By participating in the beta-testing phase of this new web-based software, you’ll get a lifetime membership with no monthly fees to worry about.

Don’t Look Back…

1. Don’t look back at the sins forgiven.

2. Don’t look back at the defeats that got you down.

3. Don’t look back at old conflicts that got you bitter.

4. Don’t look back at past victories and think we have arrived.

Alex Jeffreys releases new free audio.

Post Launch Profit Secrets

I hope you are not jaded with some of the free resources I have recommended, because the standard of ‘free’ has just been raised again, this time by Alex Jeffreys.

His “Post Launch Profit Secrets” contains extreme value, in that if you act on what is contained in the audio, you could experience making a life changing amount of money on the Internet.

Now we have all heard the term ‘the money is in the list’, well Alex Jeffreys takes this concept and explains how anyone can create a list. Not just any list, but one that is highly responsive and loves getting their wallets out every time you find a product that you think is worth recommending.

In this free audio the information that Alex gives away is phenomenal. He takes you step by step describing how he found out about this proven money-making system. Then he goes into great detail on how we can do it ourselves, without having to pay out the thousands of dollars that Alex did to set him on the path of success he is on now.

Along side him on the audio is Michael Cheney who also gives some invaluable insights into the very same money making system that makes him millions too.

Alex does like to mention a few famous Internet marketers’ names and talk about places he has been too, but it is all par for the course and doubles as inspiration for those of us listening and desiring that Internet Marketing lifestyle.

If you are anything like me, you will be thrilled with information contained within the audio, as it has helped me develop a master plan of success. Hopefully in 8 weeks I too will have the beginnings a list to be proud of and be able to shoot off an e-mail and make money. I’m sure that sounds good to you too!

I don’t even have to ask if you need a sales boost.

If you aren’t making the amount of sales you need then you’re lacking the secret techniques used by professional Internet marketers.

It really is possible to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year online but all too often we invest tons of time and money and get little in return. New marketers get discouraged and move on to something else just when another one of their peers found real success as if overnight.

Let me ask you:

Are you trying to boost your online sales?
Are you lacking the online income you desire?
Are you tired of driving traffic and making little sales?

Omar Martin, the same guy who brought us “High Performance Sales Secrets”, has just launched a revolutionary product that will surely level the playing field for Internet marketers like you and me.

Kick Ass Sales Page

What makes this product so special? Well, Omar has been able to ‘pick the brains’ of 9 expert Internet marketers and reveal their sales secrets here!

He provides detailed training videos and step by step instructions that WILL surely boost your sales page conversions.

Run over and grab your copy quick. I’m not sure how long Omar will keep it the price so low. Here’s the link.

How about servings of eBay-ready PLR info-products?

PLR Monthly

Two seasoned marketers, Daniel Sumner and Dave Nicholson are bringing you the ultimate in Ready Made Content, but it is not just about that, it’s about the tools, the videos, the support, the bonuses, and much much more. Business improvement is their aim, and it’s your business what they want to improve.

There is one thing I need to mention before you take a look, the countdown is on and these guys are only recruiting 200 members into PLR Monthly at the special intro price, and believe me when I say, there is not 200 spaces left anymore and the countdown timer is ticking!


There is also a fast action bonus for the first 100, this alone is worth an amazing $247.00.

These guys have put massive thought time and effort into providing their subscribers with nothing but the best top quality, fresh PLR products, sales pages, graphics and the list goes on.

Not only do they provide you with the best PLR around today, but they provide you something which I have never seen before: eBay-ready PLR! I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this but they provide for you a digital package ready for burning to CD, DVD, flash drive whichever way you would like to deliver your products. They provide for you the sales template image ready so you simply upload to eBay, there is no need for hosting. Also provided for you are all the graphics you will ever need and not just one style but multiple styles whichever that suit your taste.

Also as an added bonus they also provide you with a full video tutorial series to help you along the way, holding your hand from start to finish helping get you and your business off the ground.

In short this is the best PLR members area I have seen in a very long time and for the price, it is definitely on my list of subscriptions.

Nail the EXACT keywords that make you money!

Xtreme Conversions 

As an Internet Marketer, do you know:

* Which keyword does a buyer type in when they’re ready to buy?

* Which keyword will convert to a sale?

* Which keywords make money and which burn holes in your pocket?

This has always been the biggest challenge…and the biggest difference that separates the super affiliates from those who were happy to break even.

You can now take the guesswork out of your AdWords marketing campaigns. No longer do you have to “grope in the dark” or bet on a keyword to make you profits, because this time you’ll know FOR SURE what keywords actually bring you the profits!

A software called Xtreme Conversions analyzes your campaigns to find converting keywords quickly, and save lots of money and time as a result. All you have to do is to put a piece of generated tracking code on your landing page and the tracking ID of your affiliate link (regardless of whether it’s CJ, ClickBank, Linkshare, Azoogle, Amazon, MaxBounty etc.) into the software and the software will do the rest.

If the landing page is not yours, and you are promoting a product as an affiliate, you should consider contacting a publisher and asking to put the code on the page. Usually if you write a nice e-mail, publishers do that for their affiliates.

You don’t have to change the way you deal with AdWords thus far!

After a while Xtreme Conversions shows up the keywords that are making you money, and by spending more time on those keywords you will be able to optimize your campaigns for best results.

My brief description of how it does its job may not do justice. Nonetheless Xtreme Conversions is very user-friendly and you don’t need any special skills to use the software. It gives you regular instructions on your screen and updates on what is happening too. The complete package includes video tutorials on how to go about operating it.

The software is widely used all over the world by professional AdWords advertisers, who are enjoying the amazing features of Xtreme Conversions.

So if you don’t want to waste your money on useless keywords, you should consider using Xtreme Conversions to find the ones that will make you success.

3 Ways To Use PLR Products To Boost Your Blogging

Blogging requires you to produce a lot of content on a regular basis. If you do not have a ghostwriter writing your blog content, then it means you will need to spend some time writing some blog posts.

(Private Label Rights) PLR articles and e-books are very popular these days, and they can help you to unleash the power of your blogging.

Here is 3 ways how you can use PLR content to make your blogging quick and easy.

1. Buy PLR articles or e-books and customize them into blog posts. All you have to do is to look for PLR content that relates to your niche, break that content into smaller pieces and customize it to make it unique. Remember that for search engines to index your blog and drive traffic to your blog, you need to have unique information. After you have customized this content, put it into blog posts. This process will make it easy and quick for you to generate content for your website.

2. Buy PLR articles and e-books, customize them into your own e-books and make them available on your blog for free. This will make your blog very informative and helpful, which will make your visitors want to bookmark your blog and visit it on a regular basis. These regular customers will generate you some sales as they are likely to buy more products from you. By using PLR content and customizing it into your own e-books and reports, you make it easy for you to create e-books or reports which you can give away on your blog. Writing e-books from scratch can cost you a lot of money or take a lot of time. PLR articles and e-books make it easy for you create your own products that you can post on your blog for your visitors to read.

3. To attract traffic to your blog, you can compile PLR content into special reports, make them unique and give them away to your list. In these reports, you can add the links to your blog. This can be very powerful because on your blog you will be selling more of your own products or affiliate products. Using this approach can help you sell new products to your list on a regular basis.

These 3 tips can help you use PLR content to increase the power of your blogging. PLR content that you can quickly customize means that you can generate content for your blog very quickly. PLR content is also fairly cheap. The more unique and fresh content you have on your blog, the more traffic you drive you to blog.