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Very cool link analysis tool by Jonathan Leger.

WebComp Analyst

Jonathan Leger already has something up his sleeves when he presented his solid link analysis video (check this post), but it is only recently that he launched WebComp Analyst, and boy, what a tool!

WebComp Analyst is essentially a link analysis tool, yet it ties in with keyword/niche research so perfectly any more amount of words here won’t do further justice.

This much you should know, and the people who subscribe to his list know this: This is yet another quality product by Jon. With WebComp Analyst you’ll know exactly what keywords are popularly used as anchor links to competitors’ sites and you can beat them at their game using those keywords for your own site submission.

With those keywords you can brainstorm for more AdSense and affiliate marketing ideas anyway.

What I really recommend is you watch Jon demonstrates how he uses the software in his introductory video.

Giving thanks with a purpose.

I know this is a US-centric holiday and I even had to do a Google search to find out which day it actually falls on. Sounds kinda ignorant of me, like “which day should I start giving thanks huh?”

I suppose Thanksgiving should not be a day, but an everyday attitude of gratitude. The self-development coaches and trainers may say we give thanks for every little thing that sustains our lives (and dreams and hopes), but most did not explicitly say to give thanks for what purpose. “They tell me to give thanks to God. I give thanks. Now what?” I actually once found myself questioning this.

Well, here is my personal answer/opinion: We give thanks so as not to take further risk.

Whatever things that come blessed unto us, they are results arising from our actions and productivity. We can give thanks by remaining consistent and congruent with how we do routines while finding ways to IMPROVE upon them (like stepping stones), not always finding NEW ways to do things as if starting from scratch. A person can only have so many starting points in life, so say a speaker. If we missed that one crucial starting or turning point, you’re going to wait quite a while for another milestone. By then we have grown older and may be perceived as a “late bloomer”. But by remaining consistent, you’re solidifying your position to usher the next foreseeable milestone closer to your destiny.

Blessings almost always come by God THROUGH the people around us, who give us chances and opportunities for expansion. So they are the ones who can see whether we are consistent or not.

So next time, if you don’t know who or what to give thanks to, at least give thanks to yourself as a reminder not to take any more unnecessary risk, and remain focused on building up that very first foundation you so aspired to. Do you still remember what it was?

Thank YOU for being an IMC follower.

Discover An Easier Way Of Getting Everything You Desire…

Super Mind Evolution System

The Super Mind Evolution System is now available!

For the first time ever, you can now get reports from just $6.95 containing cutting-edge information derived from the world’s most serious mind power research yet.

They’re NOT theoretical “mumbo-jumbo” documents designed to merely titillate your interest, then leave you with no practical formula to follow. They are hands-on instruction manuals which have been developed in a dedicated research laboratory.

They are designed to take you through the various mind-power disciplines STEP BY STEP so that you can understand, learn and use them.

Now with unique and powerful audios from just $14.95…

These audios will help you control your thoughts at a subconscious level so you automatically control your behaviour, actions and the results you get in life…

Not only that, you’ll learn about the energy created by your subconscious mind, and how to project this energy to manipulate your reality.

…A NEW WAY to achieve your dreams…

…and a journey of self discovery…

Read these testimonials:

“The Super Mind Evolution System has taught me a lot about the mind and life…It has taught me how the mind works, therefore giving me a better awareness of life and what power I really have deep inside.”

“Awareness is crucial. You can read tons of stuff on awareness, yet all of it may not help. It normally happens in a “eureka” type of moment. Everything finally “clicks” and you are aware or conscious of the power you have.”

“This system is like a stimulus for this eureka moment.”

“It may take a few minutes, maybe hours, days or a couple of months, depending on how much work you actually put into it and how you think. But trust me, it will work eventually.”

Unleash your full potential NOW!

Internet Marketing Strategy is The Way Forward for a Modern Business

Telemarketing is a pretty old business. Telemarketing got its start in the 1950s and has not changed much since it began. The laws that govern telemarketing have become stricter, so it has become necessary for the direct marketing industry to change their focus. One of the new avenues of business that telemarketers are getting into is an internet marketing strategy.

The earliest forms of telemarketing were generally used to sell magazine subscriptions to customers through the phone, using a system of database marketing. Gradually, more and more soliciting was done over the phone, until it got to the point that telemarketing calls were being made at all hours of the day and evening. At this point, the government stepped in and started invoking laws for direct marketing so that the telemarketing companies were not able to call as often. This was good for customers, but of course, it was bad for the telemarketing companies. Some of the laws that were imposed on the telemarketing companies encompassed things such as the time when they could call, being required to stop calling if someone asked to be removed from the call list, and introducing the national do not call registry. This enabled people to take themselves off of any telemarketing list, making it illegal to call them for any kind of solicitation. With so many people taking themselves off of the solicitation lists, the telemarketing companies have had to turn to other means of income generation to keep themselves in business. Now, many telemarketing companies are turning to online marketing to keep turning a profit.

The traditional telemarketing sales format is not used in an internet marketing strategy. Some companies are still using outbound telemarketing by having people set up appointments on the phone to be finished later with internet appointments. Another way to bring telemarketing into the future is through the creation of the virtual call center. This saves the telemarketing companies money because people are working from home for a reduced salary, thus reducing their overhead costs. Instead of using database marketing they just use online marketing. People are more likely to visit online advertising than they are to listen to telephone calls.

As you can see, a good internet marketing strategy is needed as the internet has a much larger role in the world of telemarketing. Some companies have completely switched to the internet as a means of saving business costs by having people call from home through a virtual call center. Other marketing professional companies are changing their focus completely to address the new interests of today’s society. Overall, the world of telemarketing and direct marketing is changing and will never be the same again.

What is the best strategy for Internet Marketing – Short Term or Long Term

Most frequent question with the newbies is what to take between the short term or long term. I am sure as newbie you have already wandering around the net and have seen some marketing for the short term profits and some advice on long term.

You gather information day to day and finally sitting confused. Which is the right way to go?

Relax my friend. I will try to make you clear. Let’s see what is short term, long term and its pros and cons.

Short-term profits in internet marketing are a sudden burst of sites (ready made sites) and dropping some AdSense and affiliate programmes in it. People who always teach short term teaches more of AdSense sites. You may or may not aware pure AdSense sites has got hit long back. Google doesn’t want junk sites which is of no use to the end users.

People who advocates this concept talks about volume, more sites more money. They even go to the extent of saying register the domain for one year and dump it after a year.

What is the final effect on this? You may earn some on this with little effort. Little effort because you have readily available site builders which creates thousands of pages on a click of button with junk content or recycle content. One day you will find that your site is banned  by the search engines and do not have any visitors.

In short this concept is like building your house on the sand. No foundation and expect the worst any moment. If you lose the site all your work is gone. You have to start from scratch.

Long-term strategy is similar to the above, in the sense you create a site on a niche. The difference is like building a proper house. You do your foundation strong, select the design, front view, color, number of rooms, garden, fitting and fixtures etc.

Similarly you buy a proper site builder, design your site on your own, arrange for a good site header, write articles or outsource it, do keyword research, drop some good images, at the end blend Google AdSense and affiliate program. The main difference is you do everything on your liking, you do a proper site with value. The visitors who visits your site will have value. They become interested on you views and buy the products you suggest. This may take some time but the business is rock solid and improves day by day.

By doing this you can have three or four sites in a year. If you are thinking about the volume stop. You are focused on quality and value not volume here. When you focus on quality and value—less is more.

This is the method I strongly believe and advocate. This can be taken as a real serious business. Develop and grow with it.

Get your Internet projects done faster with these checklists.

There’s this movie called The Edge starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin in 1997. The story is about these 2 men getting stranded and unequipped in a dangerous wilderness due to a plane crash. There is a sequence where they trekked day and night and suddenly realized they have come full circle to where they have started! Likewise, it’s easy for newbies to get lost in the forest of online marketing when they don’t have a map. Cashmaps are one thing, but to be sure you’ve passed by a stage or a location you need to make a tick on a checklist…

…Which brings me to the Newbie Checklist PLR Package.

This is a perfect package to help out newbies, because it’s so simple. I am not kidding when I tell you that it’s so much easier to learn from a simple checklist than a long drawn-out e-book.

And since it comes with private label rights, you can easily brand them and put out as your own, and start helping your clients and customers out.

With these checklists you can…

  • Add them to your existing product and INSTANTLY increase the value and effectiveness of your product. Your customers will thank you for it!
  • Rebrand them and sell them in a neat little bundle like this with Resale Rights and start earning an extra income on the side without effort!
  • E-mail your list for a quick (huge) turnaround for your purchase price. In fact you are start making a HUGE return right now!
  • Add this to your membership site, and help out your customers while adding huge value… without effort!
  • Create an entire new product based around these checklist, and create a new revenue model easily!
  • Use them as a simple coaching program. Every week they get a new checklist, and person coaching…
  • The options are endless!

Creating Your Own Internet Marketing Course In Various Ways

You’ll hear lots of marketers talking about a big payout. If you want the same, you’ll find they always have one thing in common: an online marketing course. It’s hard to make money at a constant rate online unless you actually have your own products to sell. Within this article you will find three ways to create you own Internet marketing course if you chose this is right for you.

Product Creation Method #1 – The Power of Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights (PLR) are all the rage right now online. In short, PLR means taking an existing product or item for which you have purchased the PLR rights, make it your own product and sell it. PLR rights basically mean “The Rights to Label it as your Own”. The major drawback is that they can become ineffective when so many people have access to them. You might strike gold when you secure PLR rights to a product that’s not widely distributed. Just hire someone to rebrand the product, repackage it with your own graphics and promote it and wait for the money.

Product Creation Method #2 – Develop Some Videos

If you haven’t noticed by now, videos are becoming the wave on the Internet. The same goes for courses that are marketed online. With videos, customers can be given step by step instructions that they can follow along with. A different but terrific way to utilize video is by making instructional videos around a product for which you are an affiliate. After making your instruction videos, offer them as a free reward for people who make purchases through your affiliate link (for which you get a commission).

Regardless of which video-method you choose, keep in mind a video is going to make a deeper impression than a written report any day.

Product Creation Method #3 – Do Interviews and Record the Audio

I really like this method since it gives you credibility even if you’ve never done any of this before. Also, there are not a whole lot of people already doing this (unlike PLR) so you will be able to stand out more. For free publicity there are a lot of marketers who will give you an half-hour or even an hour of their time. Just approach them and ask for an interview. Tell them you will be including an audio recording of it in an upcoming product you plan to promote heavily. It also doesn’t hurt to briefly tell them about some of your marketing plans so they know you’re serious and won’t waste their time. They will typically be happy to do the interview if you promote their products and services throughout the course. It’s as easy as recording the interview and adding some “packaging” and you’re set. Rinse and repeat with other marketers and ensure you have some exclusive and valuable information and you have yourself an Internet Marketing course.

There are many ways you can make a profit over the Internet. Writing an e-book, creating and selling graphic artistic work, or creating a software template are just a few other common ways to make money online. The most important step you must take after developing an Internet Marketing course is to do proper promotion of it from a variety of outlets, the most important one being affiliates. Deposit your checks, and remember to send me some of the proceeds

Intelligent software “dumbs down” your marketing message.


Whether you’re copywriting or e-mail marketing there are some classic rules to stick to.

As you can see, rule no. 8 is “keep your sentences simple”. Another way to keep sentences simple is by being conversational just like the way you talk to connect with strangers.

If you aren’t sure if you can dumb down your writing, just to let you know Paul Smithson of XSitePro has released a free text editor called XMailWrite that allows you to check readability statistics including number of words, sentence length etc., all things that help make comprehension more difficult. It also assesses spam level as it was designed initially for writing e-mail messages.

Robin Henry, a fellow online friend uses it to write instructional media for Arabic students who speak English as a second language and he highly recommends it. Thanks to him, you get to know about this new toy too.

Start A Membership Site and Bring In The Profits

The popularity for many internet marketers today is to start a membership site. The Internet has allowed the opportunity for millions of entrepreneurs all over the world to build an online business without leaving home. Internet technology has made promoting businesses worldwide so much easier. Due to the trends in online marketing over the recent years, it has influenced the creation for people to start a membership site.

Membership sites are successful because of the extremely high popularity of obtaining online content. People today are very interested in purchasing information that can help them grow their own businesses, and they will eagerly join any membership site that can offer them such products.

As of today, only about 10 percent of all Internet users have actually purchased some kind of online content, but this number is growing very rapidly. This means that there is a huge market potential for more online products in the next few years. If you are a serious internet marketer you should consider building a niche membership site and take advantage of the market.

The beauty of membership sites is that they work well regardless of the niche you are in. Whether you want to teach people how to market online, or share with them your secrets to weight loss, there will surely be a large number of potential customers just waiting for you to offer an online content product that they can grab a hold of and use to their advantage. To achieve online marketing success you have to provide information and the right product for your niche.

Building your own membership site requires original content but it does not require a lot of capital to get started. Considering the amount of profit you can earn from your membership site when it is established, the start up costs are ridiculously low.

You don’t even have to know all the details about technical issues because you can easily hire people or outsource. In fact, the only things you are require to have are the passion for your niche and a desire to succeed.

Membership sites are an excellent source of repeat income and are just one of the many profitable internet marketing solutions.

Advertising Guide and all you should know about Facebook

Facebook is more than just a social networking site that brings people together to find friends. It is also a way people put out their advertising services so that they can make money. They create banner ads, profiles and bulletins so that people will come to their website and make a purchase. It is how Facebook makes its money because it receives a portion of that revenue. Unfortunately, there isn’t an advertising guide that can help you make the decision on whether or not you should advertise on Facebook.

Facebook is a social networking website devoted to promoting interaction between its members. You can use the Facebook application as a way to share stories, find friends or if you are trying to make money blogging, use it as part of your Internet Marketing strategy. You do this through blogging and through bulletins found on the Wall within Facebook. You can post networking news for the world to read through your profile. Again, if you are trying to build a passive income stream and wish to display blogs products from an online store, then simply upload photos into albums so that visitors and friends can see your merchandise. Clicking on these pictures will lead them into your online store and hopefully to a sale, all without doing nothing more than a few posts in your Facebook account.

Business experts can be your advertising guide. Take a cue from them and see how it is that they get so much business through ads. Another great way to understand how advertising works is to take a look around at different websites. Do you notice the flashing banners and advertisements that are lit up? They beckon people to “click here” and be transported to their website.

Often times, we hear about merger news about Facebook being acquired by a large company, such as Google or Yahoo. As of yet this has not occurred and if founder Mike Zuckerberg has anything to say about it, it will not be happening anytime soon. This means that for now your advertising services are still in need. When you advertise through a banner ad, Facebook gets a portion of the sale. It is this portion that allows Facebook to remain free to the public. It will stay free as long as there is daily advertising by companies and businesses that want to put their banner ads onto the site.

As mentioned above, media facts are not always correct. Everyone posts stories about how Facebook is failing to generate enough money to keep operating. They say that it will eventually be totally eclipsed by social networking giant MySpace. You cannot heed all of these news stories if you are trying to create a business with Facebook. Any advertising guide will tell you to research the facts but it still takes some luck to make it all work.

Corner Stay Ads – New Form Of Web Page Advertising

Corner Stay Ads

Peel Away Ads are passé!

Peel Away Ads may look attractive, but your ad is restricted to that triangular area either in the top right or top left area.

Now Harris Fellman and Richard Osterude have gone one step further…no, make it 4 steps! Because they have created a new software that allows you to make full use of all 4 corners of your browser window.

You can present videos, news feeds, opt-in Forms and all possible kinds of HTML code that Corner Stay Ads can read. That’s total freedom. More importantly, it’s totally unobstrusive and your ad becomes complementary to your page content instead of fighting for eyeball attention.

This kind of advertising effect used to be the toy of the big corporations and now you can profit from this script at an affordable price!

The Benefits Of Having Your Own Website

Benefits of owning a website are:

1. Exclusive Recognition: Without a website, most businesses have to use e-mails and web addresses provided by the ISP or host. For instance, a web address would be and e-mail would be Instead people who have a website signify they have their very own real estate on the Internet.

2. Increases Credibility: Owning a website makes any individual or business look more professional. This is responsible for making a better first impression.

3. Self-marketing: As your company grows, you naturally think it unnecessary to represent others, and the ranking achieved over time is not important. However if you have your own website, all that the webmaster is required to do is change the content on the site, remove the affiliate link and add a new one. This way you still retain a presence on the Internet.

4. Multiple Product Promotion: When you own your website and use an affordable web hosting service like Lunarpages, you have a better opportunity to endorse numerous products from a single website. In this way, while using sites like Ryze, MySpace, DirectMatches etc. for marketing, without adding affiliate links you can guide people to your site.

5. Demonstrate Platform: Business can have world customers, so having a website can let you showcase all the work you have done to future customers. The clients can be located anywhere in the world and yet be able to see your work anytime. What you need to do is direct them to your site.

6. Quicker Communication: If you run a company, having your own website enables you to communicate with your staff, customers, associates etc. on a 24/7 basis and with more immediacy in response.

7. Global Audience: We all know how huge the Internet is, with the right content and good search engine optimization you can earn a higher website rank and get an increased number of customers from the world over.

8. Location: Owning your own website puts your business on the global map. This way your business is omnipresent and mobile, since it has worldwide access.

Important link analysis process you must know!

Credit must go to Jonathan Leger, who has presented one of the most exciting Internet Marketing lesson in recent days.

Everyone knows and says inbound links are key to ranking high on Google but he actually shows the numbers with an unlikely tool from Yahoo.

Check out his post and watch the video.

A commenter has pointed out that Jon takes into account the quantity of links, but nothing about the quality of links.

In this respect, there is a company that tabulates a fairly impressive representation of how many external links, of certain PageRank values, are required to achieve a certain Google PageRank. This still doesn’t give you a complete picture just yet.

Always remember that PageRank ranks pages, not websites. 99% probability is webmasters accumulate backlinks towards the index page, and every other page is considered secondary for one major reason and that’s because the information contained therein is short-lived in its validity. I need to quote an example.

Consider this piece of news by MarketWatch which I found through Google News.

The PageRank bar for this page is greyed out not because it’s banned but there are several other possible reasons:

1) This page is fairly new.

2) It’s a page 5 levels deep away from the main URL. A theory goes that it is at least difficult for search engine spiders to probe 3 levels deep (but backlinks may circumvent this difficulty).

3) ‘Newsy’ information are always dynamic. In this sense they are not influential in a classic manner. One week from now not many readers will come back to this. The page may even be taken down.

4) Because the page’s influence won’t last long, you won’t expect many websites to link to it…not within a short period of time.

However, the PageRank for is 7, definitely an acknowledgement to an authority online publication.

What I want to do next is to contrast the MarketWatch news page with another that’s totally opposite in nature. In what way is it opposite? These web pages are not as slickly designed as business ones. The webmasters don’t bother about creating tables or even change fonts (it’s always Times New Roman).

But I just want to show you this page which I found straight on Google’s 1st-page search result based on the phrase “how to market corporate websites”.

1) It’s 5 levels deep.

2) It’s likely to be around for some time, enough to get a PR 2.

What baffles me is the Yahoo! Site Explorer fails to detect any external inbound links that may contribute to its PageRank. Maybe it has its PageRank passed down from other internal pages, like the index page.

Truth is I have come across such sites to know there are pages like this with PR 3 or 4. Visitors must have quoted these pages, linked to them and send even more visitors. Effectively, spiders would also take notice and come back just as often. Spiders seem to use a ‘trained’ schedule to learn that your page always stays up-to-date and come back to take a look.

My final question is how to get ‘newsy’ pages with fleeting information indexed and ranked in search engines, especially as Internet marketers we know there’s always new information to come up with, and mostly this is done by blogging. For others, they accumulate pages with article directories. But not all article directories are known to incorporate RSS feeds, which is the key to getting more inlinks shown on Yahoo! Site Explorer as I found out with my own blog.

2 things you can do:

1) Like what Jonathan mentioned, check out your competitors’ pages and run them through the Yahoo! Site Explorer. Look out for possible directory links. These places could be where your competitors have submitted their content. Technorati is one prevalent example. Submit your RSS feed to these places and it will be automatically published for as long as you pump your blog with new information.

2) The quicker thing to do is refer to this list of RSS directories and RSSTop55 and submit your feed. Also social-bookmark your posts for more backlinks and exposure.

That’s all I have to say. I really appreciate that if not for Jonathan’s presentation my brain juice would not have flowed to write this. Yahoo! Site Explorer is a crucial piece of the puzzle to discover and compare how many inbound links are needed for what search rank.

The secrets to win-win alliances on the Net…

The Ultimate Guide to Building Lasting & Profitable Relationships

There is ONE THING and one thing only that you need to be focused on in your business…

* It’s NOT building a list
* It’s NOT creating more products
* It’s NOT doing more marketing
* It’s NOT AdSense
* It’s NOT SEO
* It’s NOT anything you’re thinking about…


You weren’t expecting that one, were you? Well, that’s *exactly* why you need to pay attention.

You see, you’re not the only one who’s missing this key ingredient. Almost everyone gets this wrong. In fact, I’d estimate that 99% of all entrepreneurs fail at this, and it’s the #1 reason their business fail.

If you want to learn the secrets of how to build “Lasting AND Profitable Relationships” starting today, then go ahead and download “The Ultimate Guide to Building Lasting & Profitable Relationships”.

Think about this for one second: Every single aspect of any business is governed by relationships: customers, employees, prospects, subscribers, partners, affiliates and Joint Ventures.

If you learn the secrets to building “Lasting AND Profitable Relationships” first, then you will always have everything you need to succeed in business.

And the best part is that you can *start right now* with:

* No List
* No Products
* No Contacts
* No Existing Business

But once you are able do the secrets successfully, your new ‘friends’ will help you:

* Build your list
* Develop new products
* Make more sales
* Earn more money

It’s all about relationships, so get your copy and get started today!

Achieve Independence By Setting Your Financial Goals

You must plan carefully and always return to your plan after the inevitable deviation.

I was in the park the other day and a young lady walked passed, pushing a pushchair with a cute baby asleep in it. As I watched them pass by, I started to think about the high dependency factor of human babies. They are totally dependent on whoever is looking after them. The only thing they do for themselves is breathe, pump blood around their little bodies and, well, pooh, wee and be sick. None of which they have a great deal of control over!

Now isn’t it a strange thing. The young of other species are much more self-reliant than the human baby. A newly born calf, for instance, can be up on its legs and tottering around in minutes of the birth.

The human baby, on the other hand, takes about three months before it can do the most rudimentary things for itself. And it takes several years for it to reach some form of independence. If the truth be told, I can’t see my two eldest children, well into their twenties, actually reaching independence in the true sense of the word for many years ahead!

Does independence come when a person reaches a certain age or status? No. Is anyone truly independent…ever? Probably not. But there are levels of independence depending on each individual’s circumstances.

We are all dependent on the person who pays for our everyday needs and desires. Whether or not this is an employer who pays you for the work that you do or a customer who pays you for delivering goods or a service, or whoever it is that supplies your money. Without that support, your life would be immeasurably more difficult.

So why do people strive to become independent?

Well, it’s probably the worry that the source of that life saving money may be cut off for whatever reason. Redundancy is now in the air as a threat to people’s way of living. But of course, many other things can threaten someone’s livelihood.

  • If you fall seriously ill, you will more than likely be unable to work. A fall in your living standards is probably the consequence.
  • If the company you work for becomes bankrupt, you’re unlikely to receive any golden handshake with the inevitable worry and fall in living standards.
  • If your partner becomes so ill that you need to stay at home to look after him/her, life can be financially as well as emotionally difficult.

How can you prepare for these occurrences?

Well, the simple answer is to work for yourself from home.

This is about as close as most people get to independence. Of course, you’re still dependent on numerous people, but the thing about working for yourself from home is that you feel far more in charge of your own destiny. You can arrange your own work schedule. If you want to work, as I often do, at 3 o’clock in the morning, that’s fine, because you can stay in bed the next day if you want to.

You have to be focussed and disciplined, of course; otherwise you could slip into lazy habits and start struggling to make money. But if you can steel yourself against the many distractions you are bound to face, working from home has many advantages.

Now the internet is a fantastic source of home work. Set up your own little office with your computer and internet connection and the world is your oyster! Sounds idyllic and if you plan things properly there’s no reason why you should not succeed.

What you need is a good plan along with a sense of direction.

Write down your goals….Long Term, Medium Term and Short Term.

Then break down the Short term goals into Monthly, then Weekly, then Daily activities that you are certain you can achieve.

Tie your Short term goals to your Medium term ones and then do the same for your Medium and Long term goals.

It’s like driving from say Brighton to Edinburgh. You probably could do it by just setting out and pointing the car in the rough direction of north. Use the direction of the sun and the prevailing winds and the North Star at night! It would take some time and a lot of false turns, but in the end, you should arrive in Edinburgh.

However, how much easier the journey is with a map and even easier with a Sat. Nav. You can make detours to explore something interesting on the way, but then you can return to your planned route and continue confidently on your journey.

That’s what your written goals can be. A map or plan of action. If you need to stop for a while and move sideways, that’s no problem, because you can then get back on course again by looking at your daily, weekly and monthly goals.

So, prepare carefully, plan wisely and set your goals.

How to flip websites and blogs for cash.

Project Archimedes

If you’re new to the idea of creating websites and blogs to sell, I highly recommend you take a look at “Project Archimedes” by Ben Shaffer.

Like many other things in life, the secret to making money flipping websites is simple.  The secret is, you have to have a method, a strategy that works time after time, something that is repeatable no matter what market conditions are and irrespective of how the economy is doing.

Ben has done an excellent job at showing you exactly what you need to do to get started.

Reseller Website Hosting

The quickest growing part on the Internet now is the web hosting market. Using Website Source Turnkey Reseller hosting plans has made it possible to build flourishing online businesses and excellent search engine marketing. Using a private label, you can resell your web hosting space and make money as well. Doing this can compliment your main business and is an ideal venture for home based entrepreneurs. The whole of idea of reseller web hosting is to sell different kind of web hosting solution.

But small hosting companies purchase a small reseller hosting plan or a dedicated server and set up an establishment that sells hosting solutions to individual customers. This is done by bigger hosting companies too, but on a larger scale for higher profits. Some of the firms that accept this idea are BlueHost, HostGator, etc.

For the purpose to begin a Reseller web hosting business, this is a one-by-one step of how to begin this business. At the beginning, you have to choose the platform that you want to use. There are plenty of open source software programs compatible for Linux as compared to those available for Windows. This is the reason that Linux falls cheaper. The next step is to select the control panel. The control panels can used can be anywhere from basic to fully loaded. For web hosting resellers, a control panel is available to set up the other web hosting accounts. The third step is to select a good web host; the success of the business depends on the quality of the web host provider. So when looking for a web host, most customers consider support, uptime, communication and price.

The another step in beginning a Reseller Hosting business is to setup the package and cost of web hosting. The ratio of the bandwidth and disk space that can be offered by you depends on the ratio of bandwidth and disk space you have. Yahoo hosting provides best web hosting server for reseller. Think about every possibility and if required you can change to a better plan and provide the web hosting packages on this support. This should then be followed by setting up a business website, which helps in promoting your plans and is a necessity if you are a part of the web hosting industry. Other things that should be taken care of once you are settled is to make the website e-commerce equipped, with the help desk, billing and e-mail responders, including welcome mail and an excellent marketing strategy.

Large Business Case Study—How To Fail by David Vallieres

When I was the director of economic development for the municipality I lived in, I would frequently be contacted by businesses in the area who wanted to get a low-interest loan (generally 1%-3%) from our economic development fund.

The fund was there to help create jobs for residents of the community. In exchange for a low interest rate, the company would promise to create as many new jobs as they could. If they requested $50,000 they had to create two new jobs, if they needed $100,000 they would have to create 4 jobs, etc…

While I was director of the fund, one of the companies my predecessor had provided a low-interest loan to started missing their quarterly payments. It was my practice to call the owner, schedule a meeting with them that included their financial director and/or accountant and review the reason for their missed payment. Of course, I would be there to get them to make an immediate payment, or at least get a firm date when the missed payment would be made.

During the course of this meeting I would always inquire about their current business situation. Did they have sufficient working capital? Were orders increasing or declining? Were there any changes to their fixed or variable monthly expenses and overhead?

Were they in the middle of labor or contract negotiations? etc…

The last question I would always ask, if there weren’t any significant changes to their operations, was about their *marketing practices*…

I asked them if they had products and services they could provide to their past customers to help increase their cash flow. They said that the company’s reps keep in touch with customers to make sure they are serviced and take orders for supplies and parts, etc… but during these ‘service calls no additional offer is
ever made to the customer. If the customer needed something, they said, they would ask for it.

I asked when the last time a letter with an additional offer, or even a catalog was sent to their customers. “Never” or “years ago” was almost always the answer.

In the case of this one company, it became clear that they didn’t have a clue about the lifetime value of a customer, how to work backend products and services or the idea of an endorsed mailing, up-selling, cross-selling, etc.. They had a customer base of 35,000 and had NEVER mailed to them or tried to sell them anything else! They never tried an endorsed mailing or any kind of joint venture.

Is this typical?

Sadly, for most established business, yes, it is typical.

When I asked the president of the company about this he said, “What would we write to them about? Besides I don’t want to ruin our relationship. We’re not barkers.”

The reference to a ‘barker’ was a pretty typical mindset by most well established companies. They didn’t want to appear too aggressive to their customers, like a sideshow at a carnival the ‘barker’ yells out at passersby to come and see the lady with the 14 fingers. If it wasn’t for the fact that they has a good product that was in repeat demand by their marketplace, they would have been out of business a long time ago. The only thing keeping them alive was repeat orders, but even that was declining and was the reason they were missing payments.

They had a customer list of 35,000 and never mailed to them!

This mindset he had was simply wrong for the market conditions he and his company were facing. Instead of ruining a relationship, bringing excellent products and services to the attention of your customer base can only strengthen the relationship. As long as the products are really going to benefit your customer, you are doing your customers and prospects a favor!

No wonder they were having trouble making their payments. They had a very negative image about being too aggressive with selling company’s products and services to their customers and it was hurting their business.

Don’t ever assume that just because a company has a big building and several hundred employees that it understands how to build relationships with customers or how to effectively market themselves.

In this case, the company was built by a very dynamic and entrepreneurial individual (the current Pres/CEO’s grandfather) and has been on cruise control since he passed away years ago.

If they don’t fix their mindset soon (to be more like their grandfather’s), they will be out of business.

Essential AdWord Tips

If you have started on your very first Internet marketing venture, some AdWords tips can help get the ball rolling for you. Making money with Google AdWords is very easy, and yet most people fail miserably at it! Using AdWords effectively requires a precise combination of art and science. You should be able to get that creative edge on your competitors, and you should also be able to manipulate the numbers game!

Designing The Ad

  • Be specific. This is the most important of all AdWords tips that you’ll get. You only want clicks that can convert to sales. So be specific in the header-line of your Ad. If you sell floral pattern bed sheets, mention the entire thing in the heading. You don’t want people looking for geometric patterned sheets clicking through!
  • What’s-In-It-For-Me. Yes, tell the customer how they would benefit by using your product. Find out what they need, and then provide it to them.
  • USP. What makes your product unique? What is the advantage in choosing your product over any other brand?

Keyword Selection

  • Cost. Most articles on AdWords tips will tell you about finding a balance between the popularity of keywords and their CPC. Sometimes incorrect spellings can also get you an abundance of targeted traffic while keeping the CPC low.
  • Targeted traffic. For exact keyword phrases, use quotes and square brackets, like NYC Theatre Tickets or [Lion King Broadway Tickets].
  • Freebie hunters. Use -free to keep them away as they aren’t likely to result in any sales.

The Extra Edge

  • Own website. What most articles on AdWords tips fail to tell you is that it is also important to have your own website, with a proper opt-in form so that you can build a mailing list of all visitors. People who don’t buy now can change their minds later.
  • Landing page. It is better to have a separate landing page for each of your products, just like a separate Ad for each of them. This ensures a better customer experience and makes it easier for you to track the individual conversion rates of products.

Number Crunch!

  • Budget. Another hard-to-find point in the most common AdWords tips lists! You need to make a budget, as to how much you can bear to spend per sale, and then stick to it.
  • Profit. Ascertain your profit/sale. Then use that data to work upon decreasing cost or increasing sale, so as to reach the desired profit.

So that’s about it! The above five AdWords tips can help you get your profits rocketing up. Oh, did I miss the fifth one? Well, the last tip in my list is Testing. You can simply never have enough of it. You need to keep testing and re-testing; keep changing a word here and a phrase there; keep improving! And don’t forget to enjoy the experience!

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