Organic Search Engine Optimization Technique You Must Use

If you think that search engine optimization is all about looking at your web page and optimizing it according to what the SEO experts tell you, you are wrong! Long gone were the days when you can insert a keyword there, throw in a couple of meta tags in your HTML source code and you can gain top 30 in Google.

More and more people are hoping into the Internet Marketing wagon. More and more people are trying to make some cash online and definitely dream of one day that they can make a living on line. Hence, more and more people are abusing the system and therefor companies have no choice but to make the search engine smarter and make them evolve.

Now, to get high into the search engine rankings, you need to do one thing: organic linking. A site that has many inbound links is a proven way for the search engine to know that your web page has many votes and hence an authority in that particular industry, but you need to find a way to build your inbound links naturally without taking advantage of the system. This is a rock-solid method to get top recognition from the search engines that your site is the one that people should go to and read. OK, without going on and on about it, let’s get to the meat of the matter. The first step in this search engine optimization technique is to develop rock-solid content. The content must be valuable, interesting and informative. You can either write it yourself or hire a ghost writer to write it for you.

Then, when you convert it into a web page, include social bookmarking button from AddThis. It is an icon where your readers can click on it and tag it or share it in their social bookmarking websites. This means, if your readers love your content, they can tag it in their Digg, StumbleUpon, Technorati or Blink It! account.

After you have published the web page, announce it to your mailing list and ask them politely to share your content with their friends. Announce your article in Facebook too so that your friends there can help you tag your web page. Now, is this organic linking powerful or what! This SEO tip definitely can get you ahead of your competitors! There are many more SEO techniques you can use and if you utilize them all correctly, you will be getting tons of free targeted traffic coming to your site for you to make lots of money! comments disabled due to abuse