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Mark Ling’s Ultimate Blueprint To Affiliate Success


I’m a strong believer that if you are going to succeed online, you really need a well thought-out blueprint in order to achieve the goals that you are working towards.

With that in mind, you’d better get your hands fast on the best blueprint to making money from affiliate programs that I’ve ever come across. And the sales campaign is going to end very soon!

When AffiloBlueprint was first released last year, it contained the recordings of a webinar series where super affiliate, Mark Ling, recorded himself building a website from scratch in a market that he knew NOTHING about and by the end of the series of webinars, the website he built was making over $500 a week in affiliate commissions.

Since it was released last year several of his students have copied his formula and have gone on to make incredible amounts online and what’s even better news is that Mark has actually been spending his time re-recording every single lesson and adding extra software and other features to make his AffiloBlueprint course even better than it was last time!

I can’t emphasize enough how good this is and how well it works. It contains:

* Over 60 step-by-step video lessons, plus written versions of every lesson
* A private members forum
* Comprehensive SEO Strategy
* Comprehensive PPC Strategy
* Cutting-edge special secret software
* And a whole lot more.

There are tons of extra content including a specially designed WordPress template that can help even the most novice affiliate create a profitable niche website.

Even for a seasoned affiliate, this course offers a proven model that can be repeated over and over to create multiple passive income streams from relatively self-sufficient sites.

I highly recommend you check this out, the doors are open now and will be open for 5 days.

There are also great bonuses available for the first 100 and first 500 people who join. I must repeat this: AffiloBlueprint v2.0 will stop selling so you must act fast asap.

Use AutoResponders To Make Money Online

Some people reading this might be wondering what an autoresponder really is. An autoresponder is a piece of software, or a service that automatically emails a mailing list. Most would wonder what use someone would have for an autoresponder? Just how many people do you think sign up to get email from you but do not buy anything? What if you could mail these same people more offers at a later date? Know that all the effort you took to get someone to your website is being wasted on a one time impression. Some statistics say that it will take some individuals up to seven impressions to decide about a product purchase.

Using an autoresponder you can use the opt-in list from your site to send out offers daily. Now you have extra opportunities to make a sale by mailing your list. Maybe that person wasn’t fully awake when they first saw your offer. Suddenly they get your message and have no idea why they passed it up and then make the buy!

You should now realize why people claim the money is in the list. It’s true. You can continue using your opt-in to add addresses to your autoresponder. The larger your list the happier you will be! Imagine having a few thousand subscribers on your mailing list, you can easily contact them all about a new product or offer, just by clicking a button or two. However, you need to have a good autoresponder service to ensure that your emails get through and do not end up in the junk box. Make sure that you do a couple searches for best autoresponder reviews before you sign up for a service.

You could also look at the following searches before buying an autoresponder: AWeber vs. GetResponse and AWeber reviews. Selecting the best autoresponder can be tough so do some work researching before buying.

Now what are you waiting for? Start making money from all those readers!

Which 3 Things Benefit This Wealthy Affiliate Member

Being a wealthy affiliate member for more than a year already, my journey in making money online has been a great experience. If you think making money online is a hype and scam, you are actually really far from the truth. One of my success factors in internet marketing is being part of a great community called the Wealthy Affiliate.

Sitting down now and really to think about it, I do owe part of my success by being a wealthy affiliate member. Let me point out the 3 key benefits below (well at least how it benefited me).

Easy to Understand Course

When you join as a wealthy affiliate member, the first thing you will be presented is to go through the 8 weeks action plan. For people who are new to internet marketing, the 8 weeks action plan can act as a step-by-step guide introduction to internet marketing. The Wealthy Affiliate strategy simple and can be easily applied by anyone who is serious about it. Their philosophy in internet marketing is that you get your foundation right and make internet marketing as a long term strategy. It’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme.

Motivation from Other Wealthy Affiliate Member

One noticeable benefit of being a wealthy affiliate member is the great number of existing members in this community. My best guess that there are probably more than 10,000 members in the Wealthy Affiliate community. Well, not that every member is an active participant in the forum but with such volume, you get sufficient quality members who are inspiring with their success stories. During my 1 year journey in internet marketing, whenever I need some inspiration, I would just go in the Success Stories section of the forum and get motivated again. It’s just a reminder that if this wealthy affiliate member can do it, so can I!

Rich in Resources

In the wealthy affiliate membership area, there is a section called the ShareZone where wealthy affiliate members freely share their knowledge and you can find some real gems in here. This is slightly different from knowledge sharing in forums as in ShareZone, the wealthy affiliate members are actually producing tutorials, pdf documents and videos to share among other members in this community. Learning is very different over here. So it’s a no brainer that it’s called the Wealhy Affiliate University. It has a lot of materials here. Apart from the ShareZone, you will get niche ideas from Kyle & Carson in the area called NicheQ and of course another great resource is the famous Wealthy Affiliate forum.

There are many other features and benefits of being a wealthy affiliate member but if you were to ask me, I will say the above 3 points are the key to my success. If you would like to know more about these features and how I utilise them, you can visit my journey as a wealthy affiliate member blog.

New keyword research software debunks market saturation.

Precision Keyword Finder

Did you check out the video that shows how under-radar SEO engineer Brandon Bourne uncover profitable keywords in markets that were thought to be saturated already?

The results speak for themselves.

If you want to have at your fingertips the same techniques that he has used to rank high in google since 2005, then I strongly urge you not to miss his video and cutting-edge Precision Keyword Finder software.

Holly Mann’s Honest Riches 3 Is ‘LIVE’!

Honest Riches

If you have been searching for a truly honest way to make an income online, and are sick of the scams, your wait is finally OVER. Honest Riches is here and will take you from poverty to prosperity through honest, time-tested and proven methods to making money online.

If a single mom with no money can break into this and turn her life upside down from having nothing to having full financial stability, so can you. It was 5 years ago, when Holly Mann went from being completely broke to earning a steady 5-figure income per month. She went from $0 to $12,000 in less than 4 months. She REVEALS all of her methods to success in Honest Riches. The financial freedom has enabled Holly and her son to travel the world—from Thailand, Malta, Paris, Cabo San Lucas and back to the USA—all because she is working online.

Holly is one of the Internet’s most respected marketers around. She has been successfully earning a very lucrative monthly income for the last five years. It’s simple really, Holly knows what works! She also knows how to do it legitimately and honestly.

Holly Mann’s Honest Riches has already sold over 35,000 copies! This Honest Riches has been updated in 2009 and includes 10 full mini-books, which take you by the hand and teach you how to skyrocket your income online. No experience or startup money is necessary—just an openness to learning and applying the techniques. In this guide, Holly didn’t leave a stone unturned. It’s that good!

Holly has had thousands of satisfied customers since the inception of the Honest Riches series. Honest Riches 3 will be her last edition ever to be released. It is one of the most complete *professional* guides ever to be released to the Internet Marketing community.

Isn’t it time you pulled yourself up out of the financial rut? You could pay off old bills, save for the future and create a blanket of financial security. If you’re ready, grab it now…it’s the her last one ever!

1 tiny script + 5 mins = $4,329…WOW!

Exit SplashYour visitors are slipping through the cracks, and your hard work is going down the drain.

It’s a FACT that most visitors leave websites without buying anything, without opting in, and without taking ANY action.

But here’s the good news…

My friend Dave Guindon has just released a new program today to GRAB those wasted visitors and turn them into sales and subscribers!

Can you imagine how much more profitable your business would be if you could literally STOP those people from leaving your site, and force them to take action?

It could change everything.

One of the first beta testers already reported a 325% increase in his opt-in rate!

325%!!! That’s massive.

Others have added thousands of dollars to their income…in a matter of days.

Here’s the best part: In a matter of minutes you can implement this amazing new tool on your own website.

Exit Splash really is a game changer, and it really is so SIMPLE that you can add it to your website quicker than you can read all your e-mail.

I should also mention…as a “launch special” Dave is letting you grab this tool for a ridiculous price, but you need to hurry because the price is about to go up by 40%.

I recommend that you go here right away and grab it today before more visitors leave your site as if they have not entered it before.

Website Copy Is Extremely Important

XSitePro 2 Video

Do you think that the text on your website isn’t important? Then you should reconsider that! The MOST important part of you website is website copy. If you have a nonprofessional website copy then you shouldn’t expect high-quality success. If your graphics look awesome and your products are in mint condition; your site could still fail. That’s not very good information to somebody who is trying to get people to buy their goods by using their website. If the visitors won’t hang about on your site to discover why they ought to buy from you how are you going to create even a few sales?

The initial few seconds of when the visitors arrive on to your website is crucial to having a successful website. You NEED to get their attention as soon as they land on your site. You must continue to interest them or they’ll reach for their mouse instantly leave.

Potential customers are always looking for information on specific subjects. As soon as they’ve found your site, they will rapidly browse your material and observe your site to see if it has the information that they came looking for. You could lose a sale if you don’t get their attention right away.

If your website has badly written web copy it’s doomed to fail. Those that do poorly usually have these mistakes: provide information not related to their website topic, boring text, fancy or small style fonts, and or contain several spelling errors. Because there are so many mistakes you could make concerning the copy, these will give you an idea of how poorly written copy can hurt your website.  If you haven’t decided on a website builder yet you may want to look into XSitePro Editor as it can help you avoid many of the errors new webmasters make.

Try to image what your customer is thinking. If you were browsing to buy the same goods that you presently plan to offer what copy would you like to see on the site? Would you like to read unrelated material that’s boring or something that grabs your attention?

You will probably want something that catches your attention. You can accomplish this by… You always need to think who your target audience is. What do they enjoy and what do they despise?  Learn more about your visitors. Provide the visitor with interesting copy to keep them reading.

Your target market is moms with young children, for an example. They’re not going to want to read lots of text since they have young children and are busy. Its highly probable that they’re going to quickly glance through the information and pick out parts of text that interests them. Do you think your copy should be geared toward astronauts? Now way! If you use a bunch of big words they don’t understand they will just end up leaving your site.

They’ll want to read more if you write in simple terms. A website relies on grabbing visitors’ attention and keeps them there. Don’t put some copy on your website just because you need some; make your web copy something that means something to you. Provide them with what they would like to read and enjoy the profits you could make from them.

Affiliate marketing mysteries unveiled in 5 interviews.

Super Affiliate Insights

Are you finding it tough in the competition of affiliate marketing? Or paying too much for traffic to presell a product that is not your own?

Super Affiliate Insights” addresses these 2 questions and lays to rest the mystery of what top affiliate marketers did in the background to earn so much more than the rest of us. In Q&A format, Codrut Turcanu interviews 5 top affiliate marketers and unearths their proven free traffic-getting and selling methods that enable to make a full-time living online while working part-time, with questions like:

* What attracted you to affiliate marketing and why did you pursue this career?

* What is the No. 1 thing you learned about AM that has impacted your bottomline and made the difference between success and failure?

* When did you get involved with ClickBank as an affiliate and what did you learn by promoting other people’s products?

* What big mistakes do you see other affiliates make?

* How do you select the best niche affiliate product to promote?

* What are your top 3 strategies for getting no-cost traffic to your affiliate link?

* How do you use your landing page if you use one?

* If you have to start from scratch as a ‘nobody’, what will you do in the next 30 days to get from newbie to Super Affiliate status?

* What do you think is the single biggest secret you’ve discovered or learned (the hard way) about AM?

These 5 interviews in 67 pages are so important and crucial you might even want to FORWARD this message to your friends. 2009 could be YOUR year when you stop paying more for traffic and start to MAKE more money online. Click here to find out who these 5 gurus are.

Monthly reports reveals top-paying keywords…no monthly fees!

If you’d like to know how to get free targeted traffic to your websites, here’s one nasty real-life case study.

Eric Rockefeller pulled in to the tune of $43,430.37 just from using traffic at Google…which he didn’t pay a cent for!

He’s already taught well over 30,000 people his secrets and today at 3pm EST Eric is launching access to his SEO secret society of 80 interconnected global gurus.

Eric has talked 80 SEO and other traffic experts to form the ‘closed door’ community…

…And you benefit from his sneaky plan!

Tap into the brilliant minds of well over 80 traffic generation experts all in one place here -> Underground Traffic Society.

All the Twitter strategies and cool tools you must have.

This is a screenshot I took yesterday of the rate of new followers coming into my Twitter account. On April 12th, the graph just shot up and left me a little bewildered but I supposed there’s no one ‘secret’ I can pinpoint that created this result. I kind of figure things out and do all the little things that come together to create the impact. In fact, on April Fool’s Day, I was still as clueless as a personal friend who asked me what Twitter is all about.

Honestly, I really felt like an idiot that day. I mean, here was I, aspiring to be an Internet Marketing coach, ended up discouraging an old friend of 10 years from understanding Twitter! How stupid can it get? Throughout the one hour I had after he typed, “I need to learn from you…” I kept thinking, “Why not? There are success stories of using Twitter for effective customer service. Dell made $1 million via Twitter…Jonathan is a trained accountant. Surely he can twitter to clients…” I begin to see any professional can make the act of twittering productive and profitable in more ways than just from an Internet marketer’s point of view.

It just goes to show how difficult it is for newcomers to fathom this open-ended social communication platform, because for the first time we are encountering a site that doesn’t set its own rules; you set your rules according to how you use it. The only 3 rules (or catches) are its 140-character limit per tweet (post), the inability to add pictures and the 3rd one which I’m going to mention later has to do with following-follower ratio.

Thus there are several ways to using Twitter depending on how you look at it, but first, let me draw a metaphor for Twitter as a loudhailer. This special loudhailer has a 140-second run-down time limit. You have to turn a knob to restart the time limit. If your message is more than 140 seconds, it will be broken up and ultimately your presentation is affected, so the point is to capture the full essence of your message in one tweet.

Now you can use the loudhailer on several different occasions, like during a rally, to direct people in a fire drill or supposed a one-to-one conversation, if ever 2 persons talk like that. Likewise, what is the context you want to build up from your tweets? What is the default impression you want to give to your followers?

I think first of all, you got to have a big picture of what insights you want to drive into the minds of your readers or followers. Writing entries like “I just woke up and brush my teeth” or “I’m getting ready my new PDF report by next Friday” doesn’t mean anything until they figure in a larger picture. For this picture to materialize, the twitterer must have 2 consistencies:

1) The frequency of twittering.
2) The focus of the tweets.

But let’s start with defining the big picture. If the picture is “The lifestyle of a millionaire Internet marketer”, then the entry “I woke up and brush my teeth at 7.30 am” will be a very intriguing post to start with because everyone else would love to copy what a millionaire would do, right? Your frequent entries will give an overall insight into a general pattern or rhythm of all your actions so people can deduce for themselves what they should do.

The challenge is only celebrities have the clout to pull this off. Most people’s lives are too mundane to extrapolate and project eventful moments out of. Watch this cartoon clip. Someone commented, “I couldn’t imagine wasting my time reading people’s boring notes about their everyday lives.

6:00pm – Ate Dinner
7:03pm – Watched Family Guy
7:14pm – Took a piss
7:20pm – On Facebook
7:33pm – Written Essay
10:29pm – On YouTube

Who gives a shit???”

Clearly, twittering about activities which the rest of the human population is already doing does not add value to the readers. Before I suggest what information to best tweet about, I want to touch on the dynamics of adding followers.

As you saw in the clip, Daren said, “None of you have any friends!” Adding followers is not like adding friends. Unlike Facebook or any other social networks, there are still limited characters for introducing your bio. You can’t learn much of a person from that short bio, which brings our attention back to the main content of Twitter: the tweets. Do you begin to see Twitter epitomizes the game of influence? Either you follow or are followed. I have never directly appealed, “Follow me!” by revealing the URLs of my 2 Twitter accounts because the true test lies in how the netizens find me. Michel Fortin has fired his salvo in the never-ending debate for and against auto-following or unfollowing. Meanwhile, it looks like Cameron Johnson, a famous entrepreneur, is swearing off following anyone. As for myself, I auto-follow somewhat as a response to placate the follower, but usually the same old Internet marketers and new faces follow me first since they already know what I do for a living online. The point is each time you are being followed, you can assure yourself that you have scored leverage over a follower and depending on who your followers are, that speaks volumes of how much expectations the followers have placed on the value of your tweets. And since I auto-follow anyway, I can stay relevant with the grapevine and get a big picture of where my “like-minded community” is up to.

Thus the value of your tweets almost always lies with work-related issues (outside of work, the question is how you add value to your family and loved ones). So regardless of your occupation and if your work takes up a significant portion online or you’re already interacting with professionals in the same industry, you can consider creating another space in Twitter for interaction.

Speaking of interaction, one of the better forms of twittering is to carry out a conversation. You know what a conversation is? A 2-way street filled with short sentences. The thing about conversations is they sound highly personal. Friends might have teased you for being a nerdy, walking encyclopedia but to talk likewise in Twitter won’t cut it. Anything beyond 140 characters becomes a speech. And you can forget about spamming. Twitter is the worst place to spam. Think about this: if an affiliate link takes up 50 characters, that’s 35.7% of the whole tweet length and you have 90 characters left to say something good…still shorter than AdWords! I hope you couldn’t imagine posting tweets like this every 24 hours. From what I see through Internet Marketing lenses though, most of us like links to a page filled with 10 or 20 quick tips to doing certain things, like “20 easy ways to optimize your blog”. If you want your web page to get tweeted, you should write this kind of quick-and-easy-to-digest content. It’ll get passed around.

Therein lies a certain way of vindicating the value of your tweets and is a crucial key to building up the number of followers. Part of the culture/etiquette in Twitter is to retweet a good tweet and give credit to the twitterer who started it. Example:

I’ll come around to the Twitter commands. RT stands for retweet and is like mail forwarding. It’s not a system command so the site does not act on it. In this case, Mahesh liked what missrogue has sent out, so he replied (represented by the arrow icon. When you reply someone, @someone appears), put RT in front, copied her message and tweet out as well. He did not necessarily reply to her, but by replying, not only had he credited her for a good tweet, his followers—which missrogue otherwise would not have—could see that same tweet and missrogue’s account link too. missrogue stood a chance to win some of Mahesh’s followers.

If there’s any one good philosophy you can take away from this chapter, it is “retweet and be retweeted”. Apparently when I checked out Mahesh’s page, almost all he does his retweeting! Not very original, but he has surpassed the psychological “1000 followers” level. Perhaps Mahesh has developed a habit out of searching for earlier tweets to make sure he was not the first.

A retweet can mention more than one username and whoever had passed the message around; just do a copy-and-paste of other usernames. Someone had even tweeted back to thank me for the mention. The exposure can get incredibly viral. You know some things are working when you get more new follower notifications than usual in your inbox.

And if you do reply to someone, even as simply as saying, “Wow, your tweet just made my day. Thanks!” That someone’s username will nonetheless be exposed. Every seasoned twitterer knows and appreciates what an active conversation can do to increase exposure of the 2 talking parties.

All these mean that unless you think you are an influential personality who can live well with following no one, you are better off with following some in order to build up your follower base by staying engaged within your group of people. It doesn’t mean you’re technically a loser if you follow more people than being followed. Who knows if you don’t read their tweets? But here lies another challenge that not all your followers are loyal to you too, so you need to have much more followers to see a significant size of that critical mass of ‘true’ followers.

Anyway, the 3rd rule is Twitter limits you to following only 2,000 people until you get 2,000 followers yourself, then the limit is lifted…not that I care as long as I am either influential, or provide tremendous value.

For more system commands and symbolic abbreviations, read this Twitter FAQ. Of importance are the hash tags (#) which are just keyword tags you can search for in Twitter and also insert in your tweets. Out of all these hash tags is one #followfriday. Read the FAQ and search for it in Twitter. In a positive light, it is unconditional recommendation of a good twitterer. In a not-so-positive light, it can be used as a subtle means to pimp followers in an “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” manner. But make it a point to include #followfriday as a regular feature in your tweets and as more followers take notice, perhaps your favor will be reciprocated. Also thank whoever recommended you in the last round. Gratitude is powerful.

Like I said, you set your own rules for using Twitter. Other than retweeting, you can also tweet to build up anticipation in the midst of preparing a product launch. Your series of entries provides a running commentary for an event and this gets your followers excited on their toes in real time.

Another thing I realized about Twitter is it can be a darn good place for prospecting. Read this news article about how a CEO clinched a deal. What does it mean to you? Go search for all the keywords of your niche in Twitter. You never know you might come across someone in need of help. Plus when you give your personal touch in such a conversational environment and the other person responds in kind, where do you think the interaction can lead to? Wouldn’t that whole experience be awesome?

Search around for other Internet marketers’ Twitter pages and see what you can learn from them.

At the end of the day, I still know of at least one brand-name marketer who only posts affiliate links. If this is to your liking, I suggest you set up 2 accounts to separate your product recommendations from your real meaty/informative stuff.

Thus this is as much I can surmise about Twitter dynamics today. One final big takeaway is twittering is not capable of falsehood because you have to get to the point within 140 characters plus the fact that you’ve to maintain consistencies. When you adopt a strong twittering discipline, you can establish a rock-solid presence that demands the attention of the faithful, and will not fade into the Twitosphere.

As the growth of Twitter explodes, 3rd-party Twitter-related resource sites keep coming up. Unfortunately, my sad prediction is unless these sites have sustainable financial backing, some of them are going to disappear over time. At least, whatever I can recommend below (essential ones), please make the best use of them. By the way, the ability to tweet over 140 characters is still a myth. Any solutions for tweeting over the limit are strictly technical workarounds.

a. Twhirl, Seesmic or TweetDeck: 3 popular Twitter desktop clients. Another 4 are DestroyTwitter (nevermind the name), Snitter, Spaz and Tweetr for iPhone, though the first 3 are more popular. Once you can get around to using the clients instead of logging into Twitter, you’ll begin to feel how fast and addictive you are getting your tweets. I’m using TweetDeck.

b. TweetCube: Posting pictures, videos and audios in TweetCube gets immediate update in Twitter. Twitpic is an image-only alternative.

c. SocialOomph: Schedule tweets, automate welcome DMs to new followers, auto-follow those who follow you and auto-unfollow likewise. There’s even more automation when you subscribe to a professional account!

d. Twitterfeed: Crosspost your blog feed to Twitter,, HelloTxt and Set up another Twitter account to propagate your blog feed because if you post every day, it would look impersonal in Twitter.

e. Twitter Blaster: A brilliant piece of invention. Twitter Blaster is a PHP script that will bring viral traffic to your site using the Twitter network. You can build a list very quickly using this technique and increase your profits.

f. Twollo: Find and follow twitterers with similar interests to you automatically for FREE!

g. ViralURL + ViralFollower: Character limits give us compelling reasons to shorten our links, so why not use programs that are monetizing such a service or have a side benefit in list-building? Basic sign-up is free.

h. Twitoria: Twitoria lets you quickly find out which of your followers has not been actively tweeting. Easily sorts through your network of followers and purge the inactive users.

i. MyTweeple and Tweepi: For those with an ego, this is the perfect site to unfollow those who do not follow you back on Twitter. You can also follow those who follow you but aren’t being followed by you. Saves time, but do it with care. If you follow someone first, it may take some time for the other person to follow back. Twitter Karma, UnTweeps and ManageFlitter are other similar tools. UnTweeps and ManageFlitter are best for removing inactive twitterers.

Twitter has a term that disallows 3rd-party websites from providing a “select all” checkbox for Twitter management, making work tedious, but there’s still a trick: Install CheckFox add-on for Firefox! Next time you manage your account, right-click, hold steady and drag across all checkboxes, then left-click and choose ‘check’.

j. Bubble Tweet: Unique application lets you post a short video message that pops up on your Twitter profile in a bubble shaped player. You can personally introduce yourself and/or your business to anyone who visits your profile.

k. Twittersheep: Generates a word cloud based on keywords found in the bios of your followers. It gives you an idea how like-minded your overall community is. Who knows you might find a big product word in there, like…shoes.

l. Retweetist: Find out the hottest tweets likely to get retweeted. Retweet them and stand a chance to get retweeted yourself.

m. TweetBeep: Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates! Refer to Chapters 3 and 4.

n. Tweetmeme: Tracks the hottest retweets in the Twitosphere. Participate in retweeting and get retweeted yourself. Other similar sites are Retweet and Topsy.

o. Twitscoop: An advanced tool that allows you to see friends in real-time conversations. View the history of a niche or keyword phrase at various time frames, and measure a trend’s credibility.

p. Monitter: Similar to TwitScoop. Displays real-time conversations containing your keyword or phrase. Allows a user to have multiple windows open displaying conversations simultaneously.

q. Twemes: Twemes follows tweets that have embedded hash tags. May be better than Twitter’s internal search engine.

r. WeFollow: A user-powered Twitter directory to add yourself in.

s. TwitterCounter: This analytics site charts a time graph on your “performance” at adding followers. Not only that, look to the right to see a TwitterRemote widget. This works similarly to other visitor widgets like MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog. So next time a twitterer visit your site, reply to thank them for their visit.

t. TwitHawk: This marketing application is very good for location-based, local businesses. It helps you connect with consumers in your area and related to the keywords you choose. TwitHawk will send Twitter users your custom response when they tweet your keyword in locations that you specify. Say you sell shoes and you want your response to reach anyone within a 20 mile radius of your business. When someone 7 miles away tweets about shoes, your response will automatically be sent to that person.

u. twtQpon: Create exclusive coupons for your business services or products and share them with your Twitter followers.

And tons and tons more Twitter applications can be found here. I also found 2 Twitter monetization programs:

v. TwittAd: Monetize your profile by serving an ad on the background of your Twitter page.

w. Magpie: Let advertisers publish their ads as your tweets and earn based on per-view, per-click, per-lead or per-sale conversions. Run this under an account that is sustained by Twitterfeed.

Other articles on Twitter:

1) 26 Reasons Why I Love Twitter

2) Your Guide To Micro-Blogging And Twitter

3) How To Use Twitter—Tips For Bloggers

4) How To Use Twitter To Generate Traffic

5) Tweet This! A Twitter Manifesto by Randy Gage (good one)

6) 5 Steps To Going Viral On Twitter: It says retweets see sharp increase between 9am and 6pm EST. My hunch is if you stick to a certain time period in which you release your tweets, whether on schedule or tweet actively, you create expectancy on the part of your followers to pay attention to your online presence on time.

Using SocialOomph, the best automated Direct Message (DM) you can send out is “Track my tweets from 9am to 12pm EST. I aim to be available around this time.“.

7) How To Power Up Your Twitter Search Techniques

Yet one more marketing tactic has to do with designing a Twitter background with a message through which visitors can learn more about you. One terrific example can be seen at Mieke Janssens’ account.

However, I took the screenshot based on my 12.1″ laptop screen at 1024 × 768 resolution. At 800 × 600, the main text area engulfs the whole window. You would want to spare a thought for others who have poorer LCD screens than you do as you design your background. You can right-click and save Mieke’s background and use it as a reference for the dimensions of your message.

Wait, there’s another smart tactic. See below:

The last time Mike Filsaime gave away Butterfly Marketing 2.0, he had a strip of graphic asking visitors to tweet the page, social bookmarking style. Later Frank Kern did a video showing how easy the source code is implemented. Kudos to these 2 guys. You can see the Twitter banner at work here. Download the graphics. The code starts at the ‘body’ tag. I show you an example from my site:

The 4 margin parameters are there to push the graphic to the edge of the browser window as a matter of design aesthetics. So far I can only do this for plain web pages. I can’t quite get it to gel with the WordPress blog codes so maybe someone out there can e-mail me when s/he finds a solution.

Twitter and are not the only microblogging platforms around, though Twitter has the lion’s share of the market. Also check out Jaiku and Tumblr (you can import your blog feed into Tumblr). As you may already know, is a script with which you can set up your own microblogging platform. is based on it.

Hopefully by now you can’t claim you don’t know what the hell Twitter is all about! If you adhere to the proper usage of these Twitter applications and apply good twittering practice, you can stake a sizeable claim of online presence in Twitter.

This is Chapter 8 of your special Web 2.0 report “Monetizing Secrets Of Going Web-Social“. Download for free now!

Goldmine Secrets For WordPress Profits

WordPress Goldmine

While most affiliate marketing guides get you to focus on finding a product through Clickbank and then create a blog for it, WordPress Goldmine takes an in-depth look at not just the processes but also the different kinds of sites one can build. Different aspects relating to the process of finding the right domain names and what products to promote on the site are covered.

WordPress Goldmine breaks up in 5 sections. In section one it looks at the ways of building a WordPress blog, plus the steps one needs to take in order to get your blog up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. This section has some bonus videos which can help you to understand the whole process from beginning to end.

In section two of the book you will learn about the different kinds of content you can use in your blog. Mark Thompson, the author, covers everything from using PLR articles to original content. In here, you will also find out how to get unique content posted to your blog regularly and completely for free in no time at all.

When one reaches section three, this is probably a real gem as the author shows you a number of different ways in which you can monetize your WordPress blog. Be prepared to spend some time on this section as it provides a detailed explanation on how the author himself made $15,000 in income through just one blog post. Of all the sections you will probably find that this one alone is worth the money that you have spent purchasing the book. It is also here that you will learn about the ways to make money offline. Making an extra $1,000 per week is actually achievable if you understand the principles behind the methods.

Section 4 reveals the various ways to promote the sites that you have built. You will find a very easy-to-follow traffic generation diagram and a list of promotion sites which can make the difference between your success or failure.

Section 5 suggest ways with which you can take your sites up to a level where they can compete effectively against any competitors. Though a few folks may find this section a little formidable in the beginning, the writer does include several warnings that you need to have mastered the earlier sections before you move on to this one.

When taken as a whole WordPress Goldmine is a superb guide to help with affiliate marketing. The emphasis on using common sense over unnecessary hype certainly makes for a pleasant change and could well lead to more Internet marketers actually producing books of a calibre similar to this one.

WordPress Goldmine contains 110 pages and is great value for money. It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner or have been an Internet marketer for some time; you will find advice and tips contained within its pages that could help to increase your income. If you are only going to buy one e-book this year then I would recommend that you buy this one.

Only 500 Copies Of IM Niche Formula Available.

IM Niche Formula

Mark Dulisse has finally done it. He has come out with a launch that is worthy of your attention. IM Niche Formula will provide a massive value in terms of content and teaching.

Mark started just last June and now earns over $10,000/month from just one website. The biggest advantage of his methods is that it comes from totally free traffic, no PPC advertising. All this in only 9 months!

The IM Niche Formula consists of 8 modules, which will be delivered over 6 weeks to ensure you implement the formula correctly, Mark also has an e-mail support center that will handle all of your questions when implementing the IM Niche Formula:

Module 1 – What Is A IM Niche Authority Product Site? (Bonus Secret Weapon Revealed In This Module)

Module 2 – The IM Niche Formula Overall Processes (Includes Newbie Training)

Module 3 – Building A SEO Magnate Niche Formula Authority Site Step-by-Step

Module 4 – Proper Monetization (How, Where, When, and What)

Module 5 – Super Charged IM Niche Free Traffic Formula

Module 6 – How To Use Web 2.0 To Build & Brand Your IM Niche Formula Business

Module 7 – IM Niche Formula List Building & Customer Support – Turning Your Customers Into Loyal & Repeating Clients

Module 8 – How To Leverage from The Influence Of Other People: Mistakes, Successes, & Strategies

Bonus Module 9 – The IM Niche Formula Branding Factor: Where YOU Become The Hunted

As you can the IM Niche Formula is a complete package that takes you step by step to making $10,000+ every month. To keep the information contained in the IM Niche Formula exclusive and to ensure that the people who purchase the IM Niche Formula take action, only 500 copies of the IM Niche Formula will be sold. Once all 500 copies have been sold the IM Niche Formula will be taken off the market.

Web Hosting

In the early days of the internet, having a web site was an expensive proposition with some companies choosing to stay offline due to the cost.Some companies were having their own domain name which cost them a couple of hundred dollars but this domain was not available online.As days passed demand for Internet has gone up and lot of affordable web hosting services have come into being. This has made Internet available at an affordable cost and Internet has come within financial reach of nearly everyone.

With the improvement in technology and economy of scale due to increase in demand the prices for servers have dropped considerably and hence web hosting has become affordable which in turn lead the charge of internet business.The Internet has improved the communication between various businesses and customers; further the capability to do online financial transactions through Internet has improved the prospects for online business.Nowadays families have their own websites since the cost of having a website has become reasonable.

Even now a lot of free web hosting companies provide yeoman service; however free web hosting companies suffer from the following disadvantages.
1.  Free forum hosting, when added to affordable web hosting allows business and personal visitors to a site to communicate with each other and can help drive interest in the site among a wide range of users.

2.  Free hosting services will usually have an extended domain name that also drives customers away that want to have their individual online identity.

Free forum hosting in conjunction with affordable web hosting facilitates business and personal visitors to a site to communicate with each other; this helps a wide range of users to visit the site.

Keeping Business Active Helps Sustain Future

Most businesses will go through cycles during which their income levels are not consistent. Using the services of an affordable web hosting company will help the business to plan their budget and also reduce the total expenditure.After signing of the agreement for a plus web hosting there won’t be any escalation in rent and utilities for the online business whereas this is not the case with traditional brick and mortar business.

By using an affordable web hosting company the website availability for visitors improves dramatically as compared to using cheaper or free web hosting services. There are also no outside advertisements included in the agreement for affordable web hosting, allowing the site owner to have complete control over the content of the site.

Designing the site and keeping it updated is often a concern for many online business owners, since many do not have the knowledge to perform these tasks. Many online business owners are worried about these two activities since they are not knowledgeable on these aspects. Many of the affordable web hosting companies helps the subscribers in design and updating of website by offering them discounted rates. This is a bit costlier but is worth the extra expenditure since it keeps their website looking clean, neat and organized.

The Traffic System Of The Decade?

Slumdog eMillionaire

Sooner or later, someone is going to capitalize on this year’s Best Picture’s title, but it’d better be a marketer who is up to the standard!

Latif, of “Google Snatch 2: Free Click Formula” fame, is BACK with a vengeance. If you haven’t seen the video proof you better get to the site quickly (now if only I have that amount of mail for sales rather than Twitter followers).

Imagine being able to get SO much traffic to your website without:

– Blogging
– Articles
– Link Building
– Classified Ads
– CPA Networks
– Web 2.0
– Social Networking

It seriously begs the question: “How can this be??”

It IS now possible for *ANY SLUMDOG* to get server-blowing, targeted, FREE traffic with an endless supply of paying customers WITHOUT paying for it!

Discover the TRUTH about Slumdog eMillionaire yourself and decide if it can be done.

How To Rank High With Search Engine Optimization

Knowing how to raise your Google ranking through SEO and is a vital part of being successful with your websites. Most people use search engines to find what they’re looking for, Google is the leading search engine. If you want people to find your site on the internet, you need to use SEO if you want to get high search engine rankings. These eight pointers will help you get there.

Develop Good Content!

As the saying goes, content is king. The importance of having high quality, relevant content that is updated regularly cannot be understated. If you have a quality website, it makes all the other steps easier.

Write Articles

Submitting articles has become one of the most popular methods to drive traffic to your website. Not only do the articles generate traffic, they provide non-reciprocal links, which are the most valuable kind of links according to Google’s ranking system. Make sure the content is relevant to your site, and that the quality of writing is as high as what is on the website; these articles are your best advertisement for what your site has to offer.

Use Smart, Targeted Keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into a search engine to find what they’re looking for. The keywords you choose will define your site and who see it. Know your niche and who you want to reach. Research your target audience, research your competitors, both successful and unsuccessful and learn both from their successes and mistakes. You can also maximize your keywords by optimizing different pages within your website to different keyword phrases.

Submit Your Website To Directories

Directories are a fast and easy way to get non-reciprocal links. There are hundreds of directories that you can submit your URL to for free. It is time-consuming, but this search engine optimization tool is worth it for the traffic it builds and how it will improve your Google rank. Most directories are edited and maintained, and your posting must be approved. While the sheer number of directories may seem daunting, try applying to 5 per day – you’ll have over 1500 listings after a year.

Don’t Forget Your Metatags And HTML Code

While optimizing your website content for the proper keyword density is an obvious choice, don’t forget about the text that you don’t see, but Google does. Good search engine optimization includes adjusting all of your meta tags and HTML code to also reflect your chosen keywords. If you have a website about dog breeds, why label a picture “photo 1” when you can label it “purebred Yorkshire Terrier at play”. These are a great way to up your keyword density without making the content sound unnatural.

Use PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is not the steal it once was, with popularity of the search engine optimization tool driving prices up, but it can still be a valuable and cost-effective method of improving your ranking when used properly.

Get A Sitemap

An easy way to make the most of your search engine optimization is to ad a site map to your website. You can either have an actual webpage that can be used by both your viewers and Google, or you can also use an XML file, which, while not visible to the public, will also Google to easily spider your site. offers free tools and scripts to help you easily build a site map.

The last point, number 8 is the most important: TAKE ACTION. All the reading in the world, all the research in the world means nothing if we do not take action; massive concerted action using a plan that includes all of the other 7 points.

How To Effectively Sell High Priced Programs

I seriously thought the positioning of Glenn Dietzel’s expertise could not have come at a better time, not when people are cutting back on spendings during these bad times.

You may not have heard of Glenn, but for those in the know, he has been providing keynote speeches, seminars, workshops, teleseminars and bootcamps in which he shared the floor with self-publishing guru Dan Poynter, and his entrepreneurial authoring program have been recognized throughout the entire industry.

As a former Vice Principal with 2 post-graduate degrees he replaced both his and his wife’s income in record time—127 days—with a system he now teaches his clients. From Hong Kong to Hawaii, Glenn teaches people how to appropriate the attitudes and skills not taught in any MBA program regarding how to build a successful business both offline and online.

Right now you can have free access to his latest e-book which is about to go into print, and when it does, you may have to pay a lot more just for morsels of basic information.

You see, the title of his e-book is “How To Effectively Sell High Priced Programs“. How appropriate it is for anyone who is selling him/herself as a coach, network marketer, trainer, speaker or anyone who runs some kind of training or development events that cost up to 5 figures per attendee.

Imagine just how little tweaks to your overall business model might compel a lot more sales conversions out of your prospects, and that one more sale could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars more in profit figures. All these mean exponential results.

Moreover, Glenn will also conduct the Sell High Priced Programs teleseminar on Wednesday April 22nd, 2009 at 1 PM EST. Registration reaps you 2 exclusive bonuses. Make sure you don’t miss these resources!

Your social media formula to gain more visitors!

Social Media Formula

Social Media is hot right now, and in all actuality it’s just the beginning. Right now is the best time to capitalize on the large income potential.

Imagine if you could stand in the middle of the busiest highway and point your finger to direct traffic to your site. That’s what this is.

There is already a bunch of traffic speeding by, you just need to direct that traffic to your offer.

Michael Copeland and Matthew Sherborne have developed a formula that will show you how to bring that traffic right to your door!

Social Media Formula is the latest phenomenal course that shows you EXACTLY how to launch a social media traffic campaign. You probably have many accounts with StumbleUpon, Facebook and the like but you just don’t have the right formula to capitalize on these huge traffic pools.

If you want traffic from Web 2.0 sources, including valuable backlinks to your site, I urge you to discover how you can orchestrate social networking and bookmarking and kickstart market conversations to attract the right visitors to your websites!

How a Wholesale Directory Can Benefit Your Online Business

Discovering reputable wholesalers generally is the most difficult parts of selling via the Internet. What is really handy is to have a resource to assist you locate suppliers that you can do business with. It is good to use a wholesaler directory to point you in the right direction to find companies that can be trusted.

Below you will find five reasons you should be using a wholesale directory if you are an Internet retailer:

1. Locate trustworthy suppliers – Often times it can be tough to find reputable wholesalers of the quality items you desire to offer for sale. If you have a wholesale directory, your task is made easier.

2. Purchase smaller quantities – When selling online, sometimes you need to only purchase a small quantity of an individual item, so that it is not necessary to have a lot of money tied up in a single product. Low volume suppliers, which includes a wholesale dropshipper, will let you purchase in smaller amounts.

3. High volume wholesalers – Usually, the more of a single item you purchase at a time, the better price you will receive. Discovering a wholesaler that is willing to give you volume discounts is where a wholesale directory shows its use.

4. Liquidation merchandise – If you want to sell brand name merchandise that is being liquidated by the manufacturer, you have to be informed of how to locate it. Liquidation suppliers are easily found when you use a wholesale list.

5. Suppliers and products – The main advantage of having a reputable directory of wholesalers is to quickly find the items you want to sell, from suppliers that are trustworthy, like eBay dropshipper suppliers. Making sure you obtain goods at low wholesale costs is the only way to have a profitable business.

A superior wholesale source list serves many purposes. You will use it to discover the wholesalers where you get the merchandise you will sell to customers. It can be extremely hard finding the best wholesalers you need to be an online retail success, so you really need to use a trustworthy wholesale list.

Only 19 spots left in the SMTB program.

Maria Andros’ Social Media Traffic Blueprint is selling like there’s no recession. Sure it’s expensive but if you miss this you’re not getting yourself up to speed on understanding how the power of video marketing and social media can play a VITAL role in your business in the near future…

As it already is for many who have taken the leap, whether your business is online or off you NEED this kind of marketing to help you drive fresh leads that you can sell to.

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Catch the Twitter bug with these new video tutorials…

The Twitter Effect 2.0

You’re probably heard about the service Twitter by now because it’s becoming extremely popular with people online.

In fact, most people have heard of it and many others have caught the “Twitter Bug” and are using it daily.

What you’re about to learn is how to leverage this service for big-time traffic and additional profits!

This is an incredibly easy way to start seeing a constant stream of ready-to-buy, targeted traffic to your site.

You may not see the “big picture” on how this all works right now, but I will say that you soon will!

Twitter has some incredible traffic generation power if you use it right, and you can see exactly how to create this ton of traffic in a new set of videos called The Twitter Effect.