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Switching to a New ISP Provider

What do you do when an ISP providers’s level of service has decreased or the provider has just closed shop? You don’t panic; all you have to do is switch to a new provider. If you know how these ISP services work, then switching over to a new provider will not be as rough or bad as you think. All it takes is having a contingency plan.

There are two components to internet ISP services which include the physical network connection to your SOHO or small office and the connection to network services so you can retrieve email or look at a web-site. Most SOHO businesses, no matter how big or small, will have network integration. This is also called a Wide Area Network. The connection through the network allows you to physically connect to the internet to look at web pages, use instant messaging or manage email accounts or use your email account.

This wide area network connects your computers to the internet. The services that you get out of the network depend on your network configuration. Again, the type of internet service you get should depend on what’s available in your area and how much bandwidth you need for business applications to be run or developing server side applications for your web hosting account.

Many people rely on their own mail server or Web-site on their network, while many other business owners rely on their outside hosting providers. IX webhosting is one of the best web hosting provider I have been used for many years.

You should also look at the types of access that you want. Should you consider keeping the same kind of bandwidth, downgrade or upgrade according to company needs? Right now, the hottest access going is DSL transmissions because it uses existing phone wires or cable modem. Cable and Broadband similarities are the same depending on what part of the country that you live in. Any selection that you make is going to be driven by price and availability.

Special One-Day Offer: 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life!

David Riklan, the President and Founder of the #1 Self Improvement website in the world,, has tapped the minds of the greatest experts of our time and pulled together something that will blow your mind.

David is offering a revolutionary and brilliant idea delivered in the format of 101 of the greatest success secrets of our time, brought together with a never-before-offered shocking bonus gift bundle worth 100 times the investment—and you can have it ALL for less than $15!

Let me attempt to paint this magnificent picture a little clearer.

You will get 101 quick, simple and—most importantly—proven success secrets from the top experts in the world and gain access to the greatest treasures of all time – the gold nuggets of success.

David is so confident you will love it that he is backing it up with a completely solid guarantee.

Additionally, as part of David’s 24 hour promotion you will get over $957 in bonuses! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw what he put together. You may want to be sitting down yourself because it could knock you over (with joy).

Here’s the link for you to go directly to his offer.

WYSIWYG: Million-Dollar Landing Page Template

My friend, Mark Widawer, is the web’s leading expert on creating profitable landing pages. You know, landing pages account for countless sales of products and services every day. There is big money in knowing how to create the perfect landing page.

Mark has helped his clients earn untold wealth with his landing page expertise, and now he is going to share his million dollar landing page template with you!

Click this link and follow the instructions to download his million-dollar template for free. No questions asked. No commitment. No-brainer.

I wouldn’t share this with you if I didn’t think that Mark would be able to teach you what you need to know about landing pages.

I trust him implicitly. He’s one of the “good guys” that actually provides immense value in every product he creates.

That’s why I am going to go beyond recommending that you just download his free million-dollar template, and take a look at the fantastic offer he has for you on the page.

It would be silly for to try to recap everything here as Mark makes it all plain on his web site.

Download Mark’s million-dollar template now and be sure to find out how you can really benefit from creating killer landing pages.

Zen Of Social Media?

Shama Kabani has a new guide out called The Zen Of Social Media Marketing.

If you want the scoop on how to use social media from the perspective of someone who uses it properly and with far more success than many social marketers this guide is for you.

It is deep, well written, and agrees with everything I’ve ever said about conducting professional social media and buzz marketing.

What will you learn in Shama’s book?

* Where social media marketing fits in the bigger scheme of things
* How to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for online marketing, in an ethical manner
* How to drive traffic to your sites
* How to generate qualified leads
* How to find and create strategic joint venture (JV) relationships using social media
* How to build credibility and establish expertise
* How to build your e-zine/newsletter list
* How to get speaking engagements
* How to make your website or blog the HUB of your online marketing efforts
* How to measure your social media marketing efforts
* How to build your own community of fans
* How to leverage your past success to get future clients
* What you MUST have BEFORE you start social media marketing
* The #1 reason people fail at social media marketing…and how to avoid that mistake

If you feel like you’re missing something in your social media and buzz campaign, you’ll definitely find the answers in Shama’s book.

Get 1 free niche PLR product each month!

Niche Audio Club

If you want to get free niche PLR products handed to you each month, keep reading.

Here’s the deal: you can get niche PLR products, along with a professional salesletter and high quality graphics each month for nothing right here.

I’m sure that you’ll understand why this offer won’t be available forever. Mike simply can’t keep giving these away for free. After all, creating these products isn’t cheap.

Mike Steup will show you how you can easily get the most out of your niche PLR products, and *really* start profiting from your PLR products!

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Special $4.95 offer for Money Siphon System.

Money Siphon System

“Underground marketer made $242,844 in his first 5 months online.”

You’ve seen this kind of headline. Though it sounds exciting, but still pretty far-fetched right? Considering *most* people make about $30k a year.

You don’t have to believe the headline immediately, but right now Jonny Andrews has an offer you can’t refuse, and it is perhaps at this point you can take him up on the offer and find out how truthful his claim is.

First, he recorded 5 free killer marketing videos starting off with the notorious *FREE MONEY NOW* siphon video. Subscribe for the full video course.

Second, he’s practically giving away the entire Money Siphon System 2.0 for almost free. What usually sells for $77, you can get everything in a 7-day trial period for just $4.95! That means you stay up all night if you have to and devour everything you need to know about Money Siphon System in 7 days.

MSS represents the success breakthrough method of Jonny Andrews revealing everything in minute detail from how to get 100% free Web 2.0 traffic to how to sell affiliate products by the truckload and how to instantly dominate the PPC game and much more.

Jonny has provided enough significant update to call it MSS 2.0, so there’s absolutely no reason not to grab a copy of this incredible money monster if you take your online business seriously.

Get 1 Free AdSense Site Each Month!

Ready Made Niche AdSense Sites

How would you like to get new, free AdSense sites each month, each one packed with powerful features designed to get you the most out of your AdSense sites?

These features include:

– Instant Comments
– Full Admin Panel
– Rotating Article Snippets
– Ready Made Content – 25 pages of pure content!
– Built-In Adsense & Amazon Ad Blocks
– Video Block
– Targeted News Feeds

These Ready Made Niche AdSense Sites are very easy to install—just make a few changes, upload them, and you’re ready to go!

Remember, each month you’ll get a free AdSense site complete with 25 pages of content, all ready to go. I don’t know how long this will be available, so check it out today and secure your spot here.

Get All The E-Covers You Can Handle.

Photoshop Action Scripts

My friends Ben Clemons and Josh Fulfer have just set the bar when it comes to quality Photoshop e-cover action scripts.

Their selection of 40 high-quality action scripts not only makes your e-cover look sharp, it’s done with just 2 clicks. They even have e-cover graphics for a shopping bag, MP3 player, clipboard and product bundle.

And for bonus, you get over 5000 bonus graphics with Private Label Rights, which you can use on your sales pages, squeeze pages, or anywhere you like for a more professional look.

Preview the graphics for yourself and get Photoshop Action Scripts for a time-limited promo price!

$869,311.95 video showing proof that outsourcing works!

Have you ever wished you knew how successful business people were able to accomplish so much and earn so much when they work and live on the same 24 hours a day that you do?

You’ve seen the “lifestyle videos” of Kern surfing, Filsaime going to McDonald’s, Deiss at his office, Brunson giving away cars and prizes…all from their Internet Marketing businesses.

But the story behind the story is that there is a literal ARMY of virtual assistants who have been employed by these superstar guru marketers and they offload all their busy work to them behind the scenes, and you never see or hear about it, but they make it look so easy and effortless.

Well, it’s not like they lied to you, after all, what most of the gurus say is true. The reality is they don’t anyhow reveal HOW they got trained virtual assistants to work for them in the first place and how much they pay them!

Wouldn’t you like to know all their secrets and how they did it?

Jeff Mills is going to pull back the curtain and reveal never shared before secrets of how you can be like the guru’s who outsource all their Internet Marketing work, but on a poor man’s budget.

Very soon you’ll be able to outsource like the gurus and find people who will do work for you at $2-$3 per hour or $250-$400 full time salary for the month for 40-50 hours of work per week!

In the following video, Jeff Mills shows you how he was able to leverage his way to the top, all by employing outsourcers and he reveals how he was able to generate $869,311.95 in his video showing proof that OUTSOURCING works!

In Jeff’s 22-minute video, he outlines all the things he’ll be revealing to you at his live outsourcing workshop that he is doing in the Atlanta, GA area, May 30 and 31, 2009.

Last time I looked, only 23 seats were available, but the good news is…he is streaming the entire event live over the web so if you cannot make it there in person, you’ll have the next best experience…seeing it virtually from your computer screen!

Now, Jeff is bringing Mike Stewart, the Internet Video and Audio Guy to share some great insights about outsourcing audio/video with some new technology tools.

He’s also bringing in his trusted project manager, Henry Griner to teach step by step methods that will allow you to stop struggling by trying to figure everything out about Internet Marketing, and how to find the right people who will basically do all the work for you at a fraction of the cost to you.

Is that something you’d like to know and learn?

I thought it would be helpful to you, which is why I wanted to post this message on my blog so you could be one of the few who gain this hidden knowledge that NO ONE is talking about online.

Isn’t it time you discovered the secrets that successful business owners use to grow their businesses?

If you are ready to save money while quickly building your own home-based Internet business you need to set aside May 30-31 to join Jeff and his presenters at his Outsource Workshop in Atlanta, next week.

3 Top Tips To Help You Avoid Internet Advertising Business Disasters

Google is by far the most advanced and comprehensive Internet advertising business even if generally camouflaged as a search engine. The business partnership between search engines and various advertisers brings the possibility to invest all available resources in online advertising without wasting them on other forms of promotion. The old advertising model in which exposure to the message was the key concept, got replaced by the new forms of advertising that no longer depend on message, graphics and videos but on links, shared files, print coupons, opt-ins and phone calls. Getting such actions from the consumers is definitely a new approach in product and service promotion.

Are there changes in the efficiency rate of an Internet advertising business as compared to a regular real market pattern? Well, in comparison with the traditional advertising model, the results are definitely impressive. With the thirty-seconds spot broadcast on a TV channel, the possibility to convince consumers to buy is a lot lower than on the Internet. Online, the innovation of the technology involves a process that goes the other way round: from the consumer towards the advertiser. The screen, ad, link or banner become relevant only if the web page visitor takes initiative and clicks on it.

In the simplest form of expression, the fundamentals of an Internet advertising business are the keyword search engine query performed by an Internet user, who will scan the business ads together with the search results shown by the search engine. This proves the fact that the television exposure to an ad is a few dozen times less relevant than the action performed online. The Google pay-per-click advertising system in fact became the basic model for any Internet advertising business, with all the other search engines trying to catch up with the system. And the financial results do speak for themselves!

There are also downsides to an Internet advertising business and the practice of generating bogus clicks for instance is just one example out of many. Although the pay-per-click model stays on a firm position as the most rewarding advertising system for most online marketers, newer methods of web protection are required every day in order to prevent or keep under control the various devious practices that aim at illicit gains. There are many companies that are actually making efforts to put an end to the PPC advertising model or at least to offer variants that are just as profitable but a lot safer. The question remains open as well as the direction in which the Internet evolves.

Read more free information at Work At Home Opportunities..

Build up PageRank and traffic with Blog Comment Demon

Blog Commenting Demon

In the early days, it was possible to set up a few sites with some unique content and get indexed and ranked well, with a few links pointing to the sites. Sometimes, we didn’t even need to promote those sites.

Those days are gone.

Without a reasonable amount of links pointing to your site, it is difficult to get ranked by the search engines. So does that mean that the more links you have the better your search engine ranking? No!

The rules of the search engines have changed. Not only do you need more links, you need themed links.

Themed links are links from a site that is related to what your site is all about. A related link is worth more weight than links from a non-related site.

For example, if you have a site about dog training, you will need to have links from other sites that are related to dogs, rather than having links from sites related to cars.

One effective method is blog commenting. Many marketers have testified getting an increase in traffic just by commenting on blogs with high PageRank.

Download this blog commenting report that shows you how blog commenting can be a very effective web promotion tactic.

That’s not all. With Blog Comment Demon, I was able to find hundreds and even thousands of blogs that are related to my site. This software is the only software with a comment tracking system. You will be able to track if your comments are approved. What a huge time saver!

Here is a list of what Blog Comment Demon can do:

– Track your comments to check if it is approved.
– Deep crawl a website for more similar pages.
– Sort blogs according to TLD, PageRank, dofollow/nofollow links.
– Scan the number of comments and outgoing links on a blog page.
– Random proxy server support.
– Dashboard showing all your recent dofollow blogs.
– Ability to add and organize the blogs as favorites.
– Auto fill the comment field.

Grab it at the current offer price now!

Use Internet Video Conferences For These 4 Reasons

As times changes, so does business, and the use of face-to-face conferencing may be coming to an end because of the increase in use of Internet video conference system. Here’s why:

*The cost. It doesn’t take an MBA to understand that the cost of doing face-to-face meetings with clients, even those in the same city, isn’t cost effective compared to web based video conferencing. The direct cost of traveling and the opportunity costs of having workers operating in substandard work environments such as a plane seat or the backseat of a taxi start to quickly add up.

With online video conferences your workers never has to waste time and money on travel and there are whole markets full of price conscience customers that appreciate perceptive companies who help the bottom line of clients, even if it means no longer having a in person meeting.

*Company image. Perception is always a major consideration when it comes to making a good impression with new customers and keeping current business associations healthy and profitable. Offering associates and customers alike options that make use of the most current technology involving convenient online video conferencing gives them the impression that your company doesn’t just run with everyone else, it is blazing the trail.

*Personal contact. Anyone can do a voice conference with modern telephones, but Internet video conferences gives your staff a greater chance to make a truly indelible impression.

*It’s for intra-company use too! Any company that has offices located far away from each other may find it very favorable to offer things such as anything from multi-site training sessions and employee briefings to corporate office conferences over a secure connection. Some online video conference services are so convenient that mission critical employees are able to take part in the online video meeting regardless if they are vacationing in the Bahamas or at home sick; all that they need is a computer that can get on the internet.

Many web based conference services are available with varying service plans ranging from features that are only marginally better than those that is found in modern instant messaging software to advanced plans that include branding and the ability to permit attendees to use any computer hardware to be part of a video conference.

This site makes article submissions a snap!

Have you heard or use article marketing to drive traffic to your site before?

It is a good promotional tool to drive free and targeted traffic to your sites. In fact, many top Internet marketers are still relying on article marketing to get their customers, and you should too (if you’re not).

However, the trouble is that article marketing is a time-consuming traffic generation method —it takes time to Write an article and it takes time to promote it.

With that said, many struggling Internet marketers I know have given up on it.

What I’ve told you is true but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Here’s why…

Recently, I came across this revolutionary article submission tool, Article Submit Auto, that claims to be able to submit your articles to the high-ranking trafficked sites automatically in just less than 5 minutes.

And among the list of article sites, I was shocked to see,, and a lot more other authority article sites up there.

But what really got me was the article spinning function which promised me a unique article to the different article sites to further increase the number of backlinks to my site.

I was skeptical. After all, it was my first time hearing an article submission software submitting articles to such high traffic article sites.

Seeing that it is backed by a strong money-back guarantee, I went ahead to give it a shot and here’s what I discovered…

It just took 30 seconds or less to send my article submissions on Dominic’s site, and it gets distributed to the highly ranked article sites like Ezine Articles in just 5 minutes or less.

Article Submit Auto has made a believer out of me—that article submission can be so quick, easy and convenient!

Every time I see how convenient and easy it is to submit an article through Article Submit Auto, I get so much satisfaction I just get motivated to write another one!

The great thing is this tool is also available to you.

If you want more traffic using article marketing in a shorter time, then I urge you to get more free information now.

Internet Marketing Solutions

Most Internet marketing solutions are provided by special professional services that assist businesses with the optimization of web sites on a constant basis. Depending on how much work is involved, the price per service can vary between $100 and $5,000 or more. Taken outside the context such sums seem like a small fortune, but any web developer should analyze the profit chances that come along with the investment. Otherwise, the money-effort and the entire Internet-business effort is not worth it. Start from a service comparison before deciding on the choice of Internet marketing solutions.

internet marketing solution

The companies that offer extensive marketing consultancy also need their clients to be satisfied and make money, because this is the clear indicator that their techniques and strategies are working in the direction of prosperity. The client brings a business model, and a team of experts will afterwards try to come up with the right Internet marketing solutions to make it functional. The budget planning part we’ve mentioned above would thus be included in the first stages of integrated strategy building. There are nevertheless some free Internet marketing solutions one should never ignore; they cost you nothing, and they could be the catalysts in the best of business directions.

aggressive internet marketing solutions

Presently, there is an abundance of tips, tricks, strategies, informative articles, tool reviews and so on that help the smart investor choose between Internet marketing solutions without paying for specialized consultancy. The bad part about it is that one needs to analyze all the information, constantly monitoring the changes in market tendencies and making the modifications on the business platform so that the profitability rate remains high. Only the best-trained can put together individual Internet marketing solutions and develop them to generate profit. This explains why the majority of corporations and companies have special teams of marketing qualified personnel or higher competent services to cover all marketing business management.

internet marketing solutions

All in all, the ultimate truth is that the Internet remains a jungle, and only with professional guidance and lots of hard work will one succeed into getting a share of the big gold promise of the electronic market. Regardless of whether you design your own Internet marketing solutions or you entrust a team of experts with the mission, the right way to appreciate the business success is through standard performance. If there is more money in profit than in investment, then you are climbing up the success ladder.

If ever there’s such a software called JV Manager 3…


Till today JV Manager remains a very versatile affiliate management software for many Internet marketers, capable of managing product listings and affiliates’ data, tracking sales, centralizing businesses and even running membership sites…

The intangible benefit is as you automate large parts of your businesses, you can begin to think more systematically and discover ways to funnel sales and improve your financial bottomline.

When JV Manager first came out, it was sold for a cool $497. JVM2 Fantasos sold for $1997.

John Delavera is not letting whether Delavo is a direct successor in his JV Manager product line, but whatever it is, you don’t want to miss getting this for FREE.

Delavo is a full system for selling products and memberships, accept payments from Paypal, 2CheckOut, Clickbank, and others—run affiliate programs, etc.

And you still get it for free.

Don’t ask, don’t scratch your head. Sign up to the notification list and you’ll be safe. Delavo will cost something after May 24th.

Have you ever drunk water from a river?

Silva Life SystemAnyone with outdoor survival experience will tell you the same thing—it’s better to drink from further upstream.

Why? Because the closer you get to the source, the less chance there is of contamination, and the higher your chances of drinking pure, clean, uncontaminated water.

Similarly, if you’re looking for a rock-solid solution to the financial, emotional, and even health-related uncertainties coming from challenges like the global recession, the best material you can find for complete control over your mind (and wallet) comes from the source—an extraordinary man known as Jose Silva.

Does that name ring a bell? Well it should, because it belongs to the man credited with bringing modern meditation to the West, numerous breakthroughs in mind control, and of course the Silva movement, a million person-strong movement that in its time changed the face of spirituality and personal development as we knew it.

And while Jose passed away in 1999, his daughter Laura Silva has picked up the torch (and over $2 million in cutting-edge scientific research) to present an updated, perfected and optimized version of her father’s revolutionary teachings—perfect for the modern person with no time but plenty of issues—financial, mental, spiritual and physical—that need fixing.

The result is the Silva Life System—an incredibly powerful home-study course based on principles used by millions to find true success, contentment and happiness.

Whether you’re feeling even the slightest bit stressed, stuck, lost, sick, depressed, or even if you just need a little boost from time to time (and who doesn’t?)—this is material that I simply cannot recommend enough.

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Get all the traffic you’ve always wanted.

Marketing On The Fringe

Targeted traffic is the only thing standing between you and the financial future of your dreams.

And Bill McRea has cracked the code to traffic so big and so easy to get…it’s scary.

Marketing On The Fringe” is not just good…I think it’s VITAL.

Those who have this program and put it into practice will win the traffic game. Period.

As thousand of new marketers come online daily to compete with you…having this sort of unfair advantage could easily change the course of your career online.

I’ve probably seen hundreds of courses about traffic and I can say with a straight face that this is the most comprehensive traffic training you’ll find ANYWHERE.

His price is a pathetic joke when you consider all the sales you’ll generate from those strategies in just days.

In fact, these are the exact strategies Bill used to create a guitar website that sold for $2.3 million dollars!

The videos are so complete and so easy to follow that I really believe ANYONE can do it.

At the same time the strategies are so cutting edge they will leave the competition in shock.

THIS is a game changer.

You are either going to part of the revolution…or you’ll watch as these new traffic techniques steal all the customers you should’ve had.

It’s your choice but don’t take your sweet time to come to a decision now.

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Here’s A Simple, Breakthrough System To Help You Get Things Done.

The Action Machine

Eben Pagan likes to mention 2 enemies to personal productivity and effectiveness: interruptions and distractions. It’s my pleasure to introduce the only good productivity maximizer software that fully times your actions throughout the day. Use The Action Machine to help you become more aware of how and where you spend your time each day. As you become more aware of your habits, you easily discover ways to use your time more productively, and eliminate previously hidden time-wasters.

Of course, the outcome of your end result entirely depends on YOUR efforts, not the software. You just have to watch the demo video to see how well it works.

Do you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw into the AdWords drain?

PPC Ninja

PPC Ninja is written by Christian Weselak who throws hundreds of thousands of dollars into Google AdWords…and of course, make back a lot more online. PPC Ninja’s tactics are quite advanced and you certainly won’t find them in a typical forum. Suck in massive traffic from all 3 of the giant PPC companies (instead of the usual one), unorthodox methods to find your niche, plus expert methods to jack up and maximize your profits are among the few priceless information you’ll pick up when you buy PPC Ninja. It’s going to be worth every penny.

The course consists of 7 PDF files and over 6 hours of video training. It also includes a guide on how to use the lessons for maximum effectiveness. There is a bonus document that explains what cost per action (CPA) is and how to profitably monetize it. There is also an audio interview of Christian Weselak by Michael Campbell discussing various affiliate marketing strategies.

Here’s the list of some cutting-edge techniques that you can find only in the PPC Ninja e-book:

* Why 100 clicks is the magical benchmark
* How to exploit a lack of keyword history.
* Using iFrames for quick campaign approval.
* Bidding on “mid level domain names” and “phrases” as keywords.
* Quick split testing of ads and landing pages.
* The secret mind frame of the content network.
* Direct linking without setting up a website.
* Using CPA networks for easy commissions.
* Why focusing on a niche may be a bad thing.
* How late night infomercials can lead to profits

The Masters Gathering ‘Live’ On June 5th And 6th.

The Masters Gathering

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or something, you no doubt have heard about the largest collection of the world’s transformation experts called The Masters Gathering.

This was once the most complete, sold-out life-enhancing mentorship program featuring the most etablished names in the self-development and entrepreneurship industries like T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, John Demartini, just to name a few.

It is now coming back as a ‘live’ event in San Diego on June, 5th and 6th.

This seminar will be hosted by yet more famous people like John Assaraf, Bill Bartmann and Chris and Janet Attwood etc.

Tickets are selling fast and it’s pretty cheap for a 2-day event. What’s more you can bring one guest for free! Access this page to get all the details.