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Inscribe your life TODAY!

If you thought visualization and affirmations were powerful, you’ll be floored by the power of Inscribe Your Life because you’re not just passively watching or saying what you want… you’re actively and physically CREATING it through the written word.

Plus you can share your story with others (anonymously if you like) in the unique and intimate community that has emerged inside Inscribe Your Life.

This one-of-a-kind program teaches you how to banish your fears…trump conflict…embrace forgiveness…and literally WRITE your life into existence exactly as you want it.

The writing’s already on the wall. Now it’s your time to decide if its YOUR words…or someone else’s.

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Social Media Secrets That Will Explode Your Business Now!

If you want to make real money with social media & video, actually converting your followers into paying customers, and want to expand your online presence then you’ve got to check out some KILLER free Videos that Maria Andros just released.

They’re SPECIFICALLY designed for “home working” entrepreneurs and self-employed business owners who want to take their business to the 6 & 7-figure mark without spending a fortune in advertising!

Maria Andros who’s also known as “The Video Marketing Queen” started out as a beginner online 2 years ago with no technical background and now generates a high 6-figure income without AdWords and can show you exactly how you can do the same.

She’s well known for helping her students get onto the FRONT Pages of Google for f.r.e.e. in as fast as 66 minutes and you will love the complimentary videos and the step-by-step, value that she provides.

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WordPress can do this?

Wishlist MemberMany people have tried to turn WordPress into a membership site but in the past it’s been quite tricky.

There are some fabulous plugins out there but you had to “tweak this” and “tweak that” and if you aren’t technical, it becomes very frustrating.

That’s why I was very excited when I saw WishList Member.

It’s a membership solution that was specifically built for WordPress.

The best part is, it has all the features you would want in a membership solution AND it is compatible with all of your other favorite plugins!

So you get the best of both worlds

Plus, they’ve added some very cool features to make running and managing a membership site a whole lot easier.

Like I said, if you like using WordPress, then you’ll love WishList Member.

Get Memberfire for FREE!

Quick! You can get a free single-site license to the Memberfire Membership Site System today…NO CATCH!

Even if you already have a license to Memberfire, this one is an added one for an extra membership site you can create…

You can use it anytime you like! No need to hurry in using it but you have to get this license immediately…

Unlimited-sites license is available as an OTO.

Man, WHATEVER you do, get it now for FREE!

First Google Slap, Now Twitter Slap…

Don't Get Twitter Slapped

Did you know TWITTER has been suspending THOUSANDS of accounts left and right in the past 3 weeks? There are a number of reasons why.

My buddy Todd Gross and a group of JV Partners put their Twitter accounts in jeopardy by taking their accounts to the limit. Indeed they lost some huge numbers of Twitter followers as these test accounts were shut down.  HOWEVER, they learned exactly what YOU can do to make sure YOU don’t lost YOUR Twitter account!

“Twitter Slapped” is a short e-book that tells you exactly how to avoid the NEW wrath of Twitter so you can avoid being Twitter Slapped. Even if you are just a casual user you can get shut down in a hurry from one tiny mistake!

Don’t get slapped by Twitter, get “Twitter Slapped” the e-book instead.

Who hurt you (and why)?…New Video

It’s time to face the cold, hard, ugly truth…

We each suffer at the hands of others…

Those we love, those that anger or attack us…even at the hands of strangers.

None of us gets through life unscathed. But I believe conflict empowers us.

In this new video from Chris Cade, he shows you specifically how to explore the challenges and traumas you’ve endured…and transform those stories into empowering vehicles for success and empowerment.

Watch this video now.

I don’t know about you, but after watching it, I was acutely aware of traumas I’ve held in the past…with a lot of guilt and anger about what others have done to me…and what I LET them do to me.

It’s not an empowering feeling. In fact it had given me every excuse not to try, not to dream or hope, not to love.

What Chris articulates so well in this video is that these things that happened to me…the things that have happened to you…

It’s not anyone else’s fault. It’s not your fault either.

It’s just one more story…and it’s the hardest thing for most people to change.

Chris invites us to unearth the story we may be holding—the story that leads either to hatred, anger and guilt…or to forgiveness and abundance.

Inscribe Forgiveness & Empowerment into Your Life!

Most incredible copywriting offer ever?

There’s a reason why pro athletes watch so much game film…you learn more by observing things done “in the field” than you ever will in the lab.

With copywriting it’s the same deal. In other words, you learn more by studying great ads and learning what makes them great, then knocking off those “great elements” and using them in your advertisements and salesletters.

However, the major problem with that is you must know some copywriting fundamentals to distinguish between the good and the bad, and also to understand what’s going on beneath the “surface level” of the ad your studying.

What better than an experienced guide to lead you, step by step, (in video, no less), through some of the greatest advertisements ever written by the greatest copywriter of all time?

Now here’s your exclusive, one-of-a-kind access to the Gary Halbert Swipe File Package. Enjoy!

On-Page And Off-Page SEO Factors

I’m pretty sure that you know that search engine optimization (SEO) can be very beneficial for your website.

Here are some of the benefits.

1. Your website gets seen as an authority in its field if it ranks highly on Google and the other major search engines. People just assume that Google knows best. Hence you get tons of traffic and clicks.

2. People tend to prefer clicking on organic search engine results rather than those pesky Google advertisements on the side. More clicks = more traffic = more money

3. It’s a long-term strategy that continues to give you free traffic everyday as long as you set it up right.

So now the million dollar question is. How can you go about performing search engine optimization for your website?

Simple, there are basically 2 areas for consideration with regards to SEO: On-page factors and off-page factors. From my experience, on-page factors contribute about 25% to the SEO process while Off-page factors contribute the remaining 75%.

So let’s get started on on-page factors first. These are basically the edits that you can perform on your website. Here are some areas that you can change to improve the on-page factors of your website.

1. Page title
2. Meta Keywords
3. Meta Description
4. Internal link structure

Just Google “SEO onpage” and you will see tons of tutorials on getting your SEO on-page all fixed up nicely.

Now off-page factors are a lot more tricky and time intensive. In a nutshell, having quality, relevant and huge amounts of back links from other authoritative websites help in your off-page factors.

Link building via loophole, hehe.

Authority Loophole is both a tactic and a software program.

Here’s how it works:

1. The software finds eligible sites based on your root keyword.

2. The sites it locates all use a common web script that can be easily and—believe it or not—ethically manipulated to place your link either site-wide, on the home page or on an otherwise highly visible page of the site.

3. You follow a very simple process that takes anywhere from 1-5 minutes on each site.

4. Your link is automatically “placed” (prominently) on an authority site that would otherwise never link to you.

5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 indefinitely.

6. Build up rankings that you’d normally only see if you had a “Fortune 500” SEO budget, and even then, you wouldn’t get links like these if you were promoting a commercial site.

Guess what, this full-featured software is absolutely FREE. It’s definitely worth something, but the creator Dave Kelly somehow forgets to put a price tag. Better grab your copy now.

My Article Network – Scam Or Article Submission Evangelist?

I have been using My Article Network for a little over a month now, and I have to say I am quite surprised with the results. My initial thoughts were a little sceptical – I actually got burnt by a similar article submission service about 6 months ago – and my sites have never recovered. So I undertook some pretty heavy testing on some new sites to see what benefits there were to be had. This review is going to set the record straight and hopefully answer some of your questions.

How Does It Actually Work?

Firstly I want to explain how the my article network works, and what sets it apaprt from the vague competition in linkvarna and submityourarticle. The network is built upon an immense amount of quality blogs which represent a vast amount of niches. Now I really want to focus on the point of quality. The most certainly do not accept any old blog onto the network – and they favour older blogs which have a decent amount of PR. Also you can get all your blogs on the network and have fresh content posted automatically – this is going to give them a massive lift.

The flip side of this is that you can submit articles into the system and get them ‘spun’and released gradually over time across an amount of blogs on the network which you can specify. The end result is a gradual distribution of your articles, ongoing natural link building, which results in an unfair increase in your search engine rankings.

Click HERE To Discover What My Article Network Can Do For You

Tip 1 – Post Only Fresh Articles

Now if you are as excited as I was, after you invest you are going to drag out all those great articles you submitted to and pump them into the network. My advice is to re-write them so they start out being as original as possible. The main purpose of the network is the creation and re-invention of original content which can be posted time and time again for more indexing and Google ranking.

Tip 2 – Spin Article Titles, Body Text & Anchor Links

The spin feature of my article network is unlike anything I have ever seen. The makers of my article network have made it simple to create multiple versions of the 1 main article. You can do this via the semi automated process or use the manual spinning feature. This feature is crucial to the success of the system, and is probably the main reason the service I used earlier failed me so miserably.

As an absolute minimum I recommend you re-write the article title the full 10 times and re-write the body at least 150%. To do this you would need to provide about 2 alternate sentences for each sentence in the re-write feature. For an experienced article writer this should take no longer than 30 mins per article. Believe me when I tell you it will be the most worthwhile 30mins you can invest in article creation.

Tip 3 – Control Where Your Articles Get Published!

I think that the creators should have put in an automatic limit to the number of sites to publish to dependent on the number of versions you have created. Sure the articles are only posted on relevant blogs, but you should be in proportion with the number of versions you created – this will give you more bang for your buck as Google will see more unique versions and give you the power for the backlinks. As I discussed in Tip 2 about minimum rewrites – I strongly advise you limit distribution to 15 – 20 sites max. This will keep you free from any potential Google slap.

My Results

I have just found that my new sites are now frequently grabbing top 20 placements on Google for pretty competitive terms. For my less competitive terms I have hit page 1 – give it another month and I am pretty confident I will get top 3 positions.

In Conclusion

My Article Network is going to revolutionise article submission, and is probably over time going to make the larger article directories such as and less relevant. This is web2.0 at its most devastating and is the next generation of internet content. I suggest you get on board while it is still new and the price is still low – the more people who join the more likely the price will increase.

Write articles a little faster with less headache.

Article Writing Assistant

Here’s a nifty online tool that could save you hours of time every day.

It’s something called “Article Writing Assistant” and it’s free. Doesn’t cost anything. What does it do?

It automates big parts of writing articles, and gives you a sort of “template” to go by, via a Q&A format to prompt you along. This way, you can spend more time thinking “What” you’re going to write, rather than “How” you’re going to say it!

Pretty cool.

6-Figure Membership Answers

Membership Blueprints

Do you want to know more about creating 6-figure membership websites? Finding niches, pulling traffic, keeping them fresh, and more?

2 underground guys, The Rhodes Brothers, have been doing this successfully for several years…

These two brothers have nailed down a formula that allows them to pump out high profit membership sites, ONE ANOTHER ANOTHER.

They’re now making 6 figures and they’ve been hinting that they’re going to break the 7 figure barrier VERY soon.

This is the really exciting part…

They’ve taken their combined knowledge and put it into a powerful membership system called “Membership Blueprints“…

They have a fast action bonus ONLY for the first 50 people that join Membership Blueprints. They’re going to give you ONE-ON-ONE assistance as you create your first membership…

But that only happens IF you’re one of the first 50 people to join. I *think* there are still a few slots left, but I’m not sure.

Working with them and having that “over the shoulder” assistance could literally put enough money in your pocket to change your life.

Membership Blueprints contains SEVERAL step-by-step videos and advanced money-making strategies that anyone can use.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete newbie or you already own a membership site…The Rhodes Brothers will take you to the next level.

Combine the one-on-one assistance you will get with the advanced strategies and techniques inside Membership Blueprints and you have a PROVEN money-making system.

To find out exactly what you’ll get, go here.

By the way, if you like to, you can also promote Membership Blueprints and earn 50% commission. Create your affiliate account here.

Free Report: How To Rank Well For Keywords In Bing

The following information is shared by a member of the Texas SEO | Dallas Marketing Forum, Maureen Donovan (maureendonovan9).

Microsoft has released a 24-page whitepaper on how their new search engine Bing works and related SEO implications. I would advise webmasters to download the document and read it.

Create an account in the Bing community, then login and go to this page.

To quote directly from the whitepaper, Microsoft’s viewpoint to webmasters experienced with SEO is:

1) “…there’s no need to resubmit your sitemap to Bing if Live Search previously indexed your website and there have been no recent changes on your website.”

2) “…the type of SEO work and tasks webmasters need to perform to be successful in Bing haven’t changed—all of the skills and knowledge that webmasters have invested in previously applies fully today with Bing.”

3) “…SEO is still SEO. Bing doesn’t change that.”

At least we can all do the following on-page SEO to rank well in Bing:

· Target no more than two keywords per page
· Use unique tags on each page
· Use unique description tags on each page
· Use H1 tags
· Use text navigation links
· Create content for your human visitors, not the Bing web crawler
· Incorporate keywords into URL strings

For backinks, they state that they prefer quality to quantity and that “backlinks should be relevant to the page being linked to or relevant to your domain if being linked to the home page.”

Within the webmaster tools, they rate your backlinks from one to five in a little green bar—the higher the green bar the higher the quality of the link in Bing’s eyes. However they don’t actually say whether these backlinks should be anchored or not. I’m guessing that like Google they want anchored backlinks.

Let Your Salesletter Sell.

A salesletter shouldn’t be optimized for a certain number of keyword density. If you want search engine traffic, you should be driving it through other means. Don’t water down your salesletter because of this. Your salesletter has ONE PURPOSE—MAKE A FREAK’N SALE!

A regular website’s purpose is to get leads—that’s it! If your website and your salesletter are the same thing, you’d better split them up by registering another domain or you make the home page your landing page and your salesletter on another page.

Don’t waste your time, money and effort on a salesletter that is keyword-rich. Let your sales letter do what it’s suppose to do—sell! That’s why it’s call a salesletter. It’s not a SEO letter.

I have no problem in including keywords into a sales letter, but I don’t want it to be the PRIMARY FOCUS. In fact, I make it a RULE to do keyword research and analysis. This allows me to know what my client’s customers and buyers are looking for in a product. This helps me write a more powerful sales letter. However, it doesn’t mean I chime in on every single keyword phrase because the keyword phrase might not make sense.

Being able to do the research myself, I can analyze it and act accordingly, but my client isn’t responsible for conversion—it’s me. So if they want to include the keyword phrases without my suggestions, then there’s no point in hiring me. It all depends, but as the copywriter, we know what sells and what doesn’t.

So to reiterate: I find it to be very helpful in doing keyword research when writing for a client—especially on a product I am not familiar with. It’s all part of researching the product and the audience to know what their “hot buttons” are. Only when you find them and KNOW them will you then be able to push them. If you can’t find the hot buttons, there’s nothing to push. Salesletter is for sales, not SEO.

This piece is written by Kevin Lam and appears in his Texas SEO | Dallas Marketing Forum.

How To Optimize Your Twitter Profile AND Convert Your Followers Into Customers.

There are now over 22 million people on Twitter and growing every day. If you’re not making at LEAST an extra $10000+ per month from twitter alone right now , you’ll want to watch this new video from Maria Andros.

Maria’s known as the Video Marketing Queen, and the reason you want to learn this is because she’s known to have generated a high 6-figure income & as much as $200,000 in less than 72 hours using mostly Twitter alone, without spending any money on expensive advertising.

She’s also taught her blueprint to her students who are now earning 6-figure incomes themselves. The best part is some of them even started out with NO list, website or products even of their own.

So if anyone knows how to convert traffic from social media and video, its’s Maria. You’ll want to check out her latest video she just posted, where she shows you the blueprint to really standing out on Twitter.

Inside, you’ll learn how to optimize your Twitter profile and to convert your followers into customers. It’s a powerful way of increasing your website sales, traffic and MUCH more.

Why conflict is your best friend.

I just finished watching a video I think you’ll enjoy.

It’s refreshingly different…and not your typical hyped “Law of Attraction” stuff. Check it out and see how a simple shift in the way you see conflict can change EVERYTHING for you.

“How Can Conflict Get Me My Happy Ending?”

The video comes from Chris Cade, creator of “Inscribe Your Life”. He’s been using story-telling as a path for self-discovery and spiritual growth. His unique approach has changed his life and the lives of those he coaches.

I’ve never seen anyone approach personal development quite like this and I have to say it’s fascinating and exciting. We all love stories! We relish getting lost in Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, George Lucas’ galactic battles, or the magic of Harry Potter.

What if we could use story to get ourselves from where we are now to our own storybook ending…the same way these magnificent authors get their heroes to their happy endings?

Chris Cade shows us how.

Because stories work just like life does: they’re only satisfying when our hero encounters and trumps conflict.

Conflict is what makes a hero—what allows him (or her) to discover who he is and what he’s made of. There’s no happy ending without it.

You can use conflict to achieve YOUR storybook ending as well! It’s only when we run away from it that it can defeat us.

By watching the free video you’ll also receive 2 additional bonuses:

* Another inspirational story video (think Chicken Soup for the Soul)

* A leaked chapter from Chris’ new spiritual writing package, “Inscribe Your Life”, about how to overcome your doubts and fears.

Hope you enjoy them!

Web 2.0 Graphics Pack for a bargain.

Web 2.0 Graphics Pack

Web 2.0 Graphics Pack comes with over 2000 quality Web 2.0 graphics in JPG and PNG formats. They are generic and can be used in virtually any kind of site. Graphics comes in a variety of colors and size and can easily be customized with your own text in any low-end graphics editor. You do not need PhotoShop!

The Web 2.0 Graphics Pack also comes with some bonus graphics called Scribbles which consists of handwritten words and arrows and symbols that you can use to give your web pages a very personal and engaging look.

If you are graphical challenged or simply want to save time and money, then Web 2.0 Graphics Pack is a very wise purchase. For just $17 (this is a dynamic price that counts up, so you’ve to act fast!) you get the library and bonuses and can begin customizing the Web 2.0 graphics and sprinkle them liberally across your sites to give them that valued Web 2.0 graphic look.

Special discounted offer on 2 PLR memberships

QUESTION: What happens when you combine the power of 2 PLR content sources, both with a laser focus on your target market?

ANSWER: You get money-getting content that’s as powerful as nuclear energy.

Now you can unleash this “nuclear” power by combining the Special Report Club and All Private Label Content—2 PLR content providers focused on online marketers and biz owners.

Use coupon code “bestbang” (without the quotation marks) to try these 2 PLR superstars for a mere $10 ($5 for each membership) the first month.

With a membership to these 2 PLR powerhouses, you’ll have enough content to:

– Launch and sell a new e-book every month

– Post to your blog every single day

– Give away a free report, viral checklists and other enticing freebies to build your list

– Create bonuses to make your e-book offers irresistible

– Send an autoresponder e-mail or e-zine every single week

…and all at the fraction of the cost, time and energy it would take to do it all by yourself.

Use discount coupon “bestbang” to get your first month’s membership in both Special Report Club and All Private Label Content for only $5 each. That’s a total investment of $10 to get a head start on your info product business.

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Now go claim all this PLR and get the best bang for your buck!

Quick Guide to Having Your Own Website

There are plenty of reasons to have your own website these days. Maybe you have a business and you want to promote your services or reach a worldwide client base. Maybe you’d like to showcase your photography, literature, art, or other work. Or maybe you’re drawn by the thought of generating quick profit with a website through advertising and internet marketing strategies. Whatever your individual reasons may be, one question remains: how should you go about getting your own website? The answer to this will vary for everyone. We’ll take a look at the options you have available to you and the questions you’ll need to ask yourself in order to make the best decision to fit your personal website needs.

Your Options

There are three optional routes you can take to having your own website. The first of these takes the longest amount of time and is to learn how to create and maintain your website yourself. This path is suitable for anyone attracted to the idea of eventually starting your own web development business or possibly performing freelance work as a web developer. The downside is, it could take years.

The second route available, a much shorter process, is to use a web design/development company’s services. This will give you the freedom of endless web functionalities and advanced design created to fit your exact wants. You could have your website completed and launched in a matter of months. The disadvantage here would be the price, which would escalate as your website needs heighten and can often range from $500 to $6,000+. If you want to know more or less what the costs might be for your personal web needs, you can always request a free quote from several web design/development companies.

The third and final optional route, the quickest and cheapest, is to use an “easy as 1-2-3” website builder. These kind of service providers may charge as little as $5 a month. The way this “1-2-3” approach works is, to start with, you’ll choose a pre-made, professionally designed template. Subsequently, you make changes to the website by adding your text, graphics, and logo, if you have one. Finally, you publish it, and there you have it–your very own website in a matter of minutes. However, as with anything, there is always a flaw–this option is limited on both advanced web functionality and design.

Which Option is For You?

The next step in figuring out which choice best suits you is to ask yourself a few questions that will help guide your decision.

You should be aware of your financial allowance and ask yourself what amount of money you are aiming to spend and thus, what range of creative control on your website design you would be able to forgo in exchange for saving time and money.

If you have a limited budget, you may want to use the easy and economical “1-2-3” website builder approach. Although, if you are not willing to negotiate complete design control, the only option you are left with is to take the time to hunt down the more suitable deal with numerous web design/development companies.

You’ll have to consider what kind of functionality your website will need. For instance, do you need to provide an email sign-up form or need to sell products? To reiterate, if costs are of little or no significance, then you are better off taking the option to go with a web design/development company’s services. But, if you’re concerned with cutting costs, you can first decide whether or not a “1-2-3” website builder can meet your web needs. These days it is even possible to handle an online store using a simple website builder. Be sure to investigate what the actual limitations of a website builder would be and whether or not your website would be affected by these limitations.

As with anything, you always have the option to learn how to make a website on your own. The time and effort that you would put into achieving this would prove to have a great return. Obtaining these skills can allow you to turn into a freelance web developer, get signed on to work with a web design/development company, give you that technical advantage that any company is looking for in a potential employee, receive money with advertising on your websites, and more.

Whether you want to learn new skills, give your business a web presence to boost sales, or just have the freedom to post your content, having a website can open up many opportunities for your cause. Take the time to examine your needs and choose the best approach to serve your website purpose.

Free Tips on Article Writing

Article writing is one of the most effective ways in advertising your business. This advertising strategy is free yet it could bring great results for your business. The secret to succeeding in article marketing is to write as much articles as possible but remember to keep in mind that the articles should be of high quality and should not be just randomly written. As according to SEO services, the enormous number of articles going to your website would bring the web traffic that you need but it would not automatically translate to profit. It is the actual content of your website that would make it profitable, not the website design and if you do not pay particularly close attention to your content, writing gazillions of articles would be pointless.

First thing that you need to think of in article writing is that the body or content should always be content. Remember that you are not writing a novel so you do not have to discuss a detailed background of your business. Once the article is too hard to understand, the readers would get tired of reading it after the first paragraph. The interested buyers should find it informative and helpful to make them read the whole article so be sure to research! You may include a little hype in the articles but never overdo the sales talk because it could get annoying for the reader. Only subtly promote your product and get rid of the sales pitch. You have to convince the reader that your products and services are worth their time without directly saying so. Present facts you have obtained through research and relate them to your product. That way, the readers would realize on their own how your products would benefit them.

In article writing, you will need to make the reader comfortable while going through the article. When writing, think as if you are only talking to a friend. That way, the article would have a friendly tone and the reader would feel at ease. Avoid using jargons or language that people find it hard to understand. You have to relate to your customers in every way so try to free your articles from technical terms as much as possible. And if you need to include difficult or technical terms, always provide a clear explanation right next to the term that was used.

In order to make sure that you clearly explain your every point, focus first on writing the introduction and the conclusion. The introduction should serve as a summary of the whole article but do not put every important point in the introduction because then you would have nothing to write in the actual body of the article. The introduction should only capture the interest of the reader if the title fails to do so. The actual body or content of the article should do the talking. The conclusion is also very important in article writing because this often seals the deal. In the conclusion, you would have the final chance in convincing the reader to go check out your products.