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Mike Mograbi’s bad decision = your benefit?

Buyer Keyword Profits Exposed

No one smart enough is going to reveal their site’s BUYING keywords because it’s what makes that person or company their revenue!

Getting someone’s list of buying keywords to their site is like opening the gates to Fort Knox and having your pick of how many gold bars you’d like to take with you.

Sad truth is that most business owners are going after the WRONG keywords that may have a lot of traffic, but the web surfer is most likely (99% of the time) in the ‘research’ stage of their purchase.

These visitors are NOT buyers (and it’s wasting a LOT of your time in both research and implementation).

It is your goal to get visitors to your site when they are in the peak moment or the cusp of buying your product or service—not in the beginning stages.

Why have some visitor using your site as a springboard for research when they should be making their buying decision at YOUR site.

See, most people are making the REAL money off keywords like…

“AT&T Tilt HTC 8925 battery pack L528” (I made that up)

“Plantronics voyager bluetooth 2.0 headset”

Notice the detail in those keywords?

The best part is (and this is like the cherry on top once you discover BUYING keywords)…these keyword phrases are NOT that hard to make it to the TOP of Google’s results.

But how exactly do you locate the buying keywords for your site?

Problem solved.

My long-time colleague from, Mike Mograbi, just came out with a huge video home study course on exactly how to do find BUYER KEYWORDS.

In fact, it’s 90+ videos of pure content—and the wildest part is that he’s NOT charging a dime for the content (yet!).

I watched all the videos and this course is fresh and new and worth a cool $297 easily if Mike were to sell it!

Professional Video Home Study Course
The Complete DELUXE Version
Nothing Held Back
Not Available Anywhere Else On The Web
Watch & Learn Micro-Videos Quickly & Easily!
$297 Value, Yours FREE!
Buyer Keyword Profits Exposed! Instantly Transforms You Into A Niche Buyer Keywords Detective
Secret Sources and Sites
Secret Advanced Techniques and Methods
Secret Tips, Tricks and Tactics

The Most Important Information You Could Ever Have As A Serious Internet Marketer.

* Buyer Keyword Profits Exposed *

$887.9 Million in 10 years?

Twitter Decoded

The CEO of Zappos Tony Hsieh just recently sold Zappos to Amazon for approximately 887.9 million dollars…Did you hear about it?

Isn’t that amazing?

With over 1 million twitter followers and growing he definitely understood the power of Twitter in his business.

In 1999 was registered and built into a extremely successful business all by one HUGE secret.

And that HUGE secret is this…

“The customer is always right and make sure they are happier than happy with their purchase and they will continue to give you money for the rest of their lives.”

The intricacies and details of the Zappos business model may be beyond me at this point, but I know for a fact that over 1 million Twitter followers is one way to help his customers stick and use his customers to get viral buzz that grows his company even more.

Zappos connected with his customers and grew that relationship and because of that there were more and more people that liked Zappos and continued to buy.

Think about it…when you have customers that continue to buy from you and you continue to get new customers what do you get?

A HUGELY successful business that grows like crazy!

That is exactly how Tony made a $887.9 million dollar business in 10 years.

If Tony is connecting with a million Twitter followers and continuing to use Twitter to leverage his business, shouldn’t you be?

It’s time to step up to the plate and hit a home run…

Don’t you think if you had known much earlier how to use Twitter like Tony did, your business would literally change drastically within a couple months?

It’s never too late; the time is now -> * Twitter Decoded *

Discover The Competition-Crushing, Profit-Pulling Secrets Of Bareknuckle Blogging!

Bareknuckle Blogging

Are you pulling down six figures with your blog yet?

I didn’t think so. And you know what? It’s not your fault…

I’ve read a lot of the same blogging information you have, and some of it is absolute junk. Sure, it sounds pretty good when you read it, but untested theories don’t put food on the table or pay the mortgage. If anything, they suck money from your wallet and waste your time.

Well, it’s time you roll up your sleeves and punch a breakthrough in profitable blogging big-time with “Bareknuckle Blogging” by Simon Hodgkinson. With it, you learn:

* How to use “cult control” writing strategies to hypnotize readers, keep them reading and coming back for more…

* How to drive in crazy amounts of traffic that would make the average site owner completely freak out.

* The real behind-the-scenes secrets of creating blogs that make money on autopilot.

* How to use a blog to build a massively profitable mailing lists packed full of adoring fans.

When you order today, you also receive 5 awesome marketing tools with resell and giveaway rights. These are definitely wonderful additions to Bareknuckle Blogging. Go to this page now and find out what these bonuses are.

What’s new in Keyword Elite 2.0?

Keyword Elite 2.0

Brad Callen has incorporated new features in Keyword Elite 2.0 to take your keyword research experience beyond the usual routines of checking keyword combinations and search volumes.

* Entirely new look and feel to allow faster navigation and increased user-friendliness.

* 100% new AdWords Time Machine module which allows you to view the entire 6-month AdWords ad history of any AdWords advertiser!

* 100% new Advanced Google Site Targeter module which allows you to quickly find websites displaying AdSense that you can advertise your own ad in.

* 100% New JV Diamond Miner program which allows you to quickly and easily find websites that are building e-mail lists, allowing you to mooch traffic from their already profitable businesses.

* 100% New CPA Magnet program which allows you to find high converting CPA offers, as well as monetize those offers through stealth keyword generation.

* Keyword generation and analysis has been overhauled to produce faster, more accurate results.

* Added Keyword Elite’s own keyword data source, which allows you to build your keyword lists in seconds, not minutes.

* Added a multi-tab interface to allow you to run as many projects as you wish at the same time while not losing data from the previously run project!

* Completely changed the keyword editing screen to allow for much easier keyword manipulation.

* Added much more filtering capabilities so you can create an ultra specific keyword list based around your niche.

* Added several new columns including the ability to see how many clicks you can expect to receive for each keyword in both the paid and free search engine listings.

* Added trends graphs to the reports.

* Greatly increased the depth of analysis for on-page ranking factors for sites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, allowing you to see, at a glance, why sites rank where they do and how to beat them.

* Added the Microsoft OCI percentage so you can see what percentage of visitors searching on a specific keyword are potential buyers vs. just browsers.

* Added a competition strength indicator to quickly tell you if a keyword is worth optimizing for based on the level of the competition.

* Plus literally hundreds of other feature enhancements gathered over the past year! Way too many to list here.

This is definitely one software program you aren’t going to be without. It looks completely different from 1.0 and it’s going to help niche marketers make better decisions and take better actions on their web content.

Split the niche 50/50.

My buddy Howie Schwartz is looking for a new apprentice. He wants to PARTNER with you to go into a hot market and split all the loot 50/50.

This system has been PROVEN 3 times in a row now. There is no better way to discover the secrets to taking over Google than doing it HANDS ON with someone to guide you every step of the way…

As you might guess, this is extremely limited. When was the last time an Internet powerhouse offered to take you on as a 50/50 partner?

There are over 2100 people on the waiting list to get in. Better hurry while you still have a chance to see if you qualify to be Howie’s Apprentice.

What Should You Do to Keep Your Clients

Have you ever asked yourself what is the major determinant of client satisfaction? The answer will be added value. In a competitive market, where you will most probably find yourself today, the best and the most valuable tactics you should follow is differentiation. Try and become more than a lawyer—an experienced and reliable adviser, or more than a store—someone’s favorite present store, more than a search engine optimization company—a business that over-delivers beyond the usual services.

Achieving such great reputation is not difficult. It is far easier to focus on solving your customers’ problems than to sell them. You will find many loyal customers in this way. Let’s have a quick overview of the most common value adds:

1) Show your customers you are thinking about them. Start to send them articles, your newsletters and other important info, which they might be interested in.

2) Provide your clients with some educative materials. Offer them to partake in interesting seminars or conferences on subjects relevant to their business. It will be highly appreciated.

3) Offer your selected clients some benefits. Let them be first to discover the items from the new collection, invite them to meet the author of a bestseller in your bookstore, etc.

4) Report your clients the status of matters. Periodic reports may serve as your great performance record, or, otherwise, give you notice that something is wrong and need improvement. Another certain advantage is finding ways your client can save his money with your company. For example, let redesigning a website for your client be an inclusive part of the overall SEO or PPC service package.

5) Get your client involved in the process. It plays a great part in client satisfaction. Talk to your clients, chat with them ‘live’, do not hide anything they need to know, try to build trust between you, let them know what exactly needs to be done and how. Don’t hesitate to ask your clients what they think. Let them know you value their business. Remember, they are human beings not robots.

6) Assist your clients to network. Recommend other noticeable services or products to your clients. Make it easy for them to ask you for a piece of advice, even if it is not directly connected to your business.

By building a trust between you and your client, by offering value-added services, you will receive long-term relational benefits which will positively influence your business processes and experience in general.

Try this integration marketing tip.

Integration marketing is a term coined by Mark Joyner. In short, this refers to the practice of “integrating” your product offer into someone else’s sales funnel. Example: If you sell educational products, you would place your products in a friend’s bookstore so his/her customers can pick them up.

Closer to Internet Marketing, you could place your ads in a JV partner’s opt-in “thank you” page. Just offer an “equal opportunity” swap and have his/her ad on your page. But how do you find targeted partners whose sites complement your niche? Here’s the tip I’m talking about.

Google-search a phrase like: lose weight “your privacy is safe with us”.

Or: lose weight “we never rent or sell our members’ data to anyone”.

Or: lose weight “all information is held strictly confidential”.

There are tons of other typical phrases you can take note of when you stumble into other landing pages. The point is wherever you can find these phrases, you most likely have come to a landing page.

Of course, there are many other things you can do with a JV partner that go beyond a simple ad swap, like running a webinar. Your choice is entirely up to you, and this tip is just one shared by Brad Callen in his new free report “The Keyword Minute“.

The Keyword Minute

The surprising thing about Brad, whom I’ve not heard from for some time until he personally e-mailed me about his upcoming Keyword Elite 2.0 (to be launched on August 25th. You want to take this date down), is his thinking about keyword research has evolved beyond tracking down exact key phrases and search volumes per se. I believe some of us can do that using the Google Keyword Tool.

Of course, keyword research is merely a phase towards active and effective marketing of your products and services, and Brad has 2 more creative methods to using new features in Keyword Elite 2.0 for bum marketing and AdWords. Click here and stay in the loop for his updates.

Here’s how to increase your blogging productivity.

Instant Blog Submitter

Are you a hardcore blogger with more than a hundred blogs to manage? Running out of ideas for fresh content? Finding it hard or too expensive to get guest bloggers to do the work for you?

This one piece of software by Jeff Alderson and Rod Beckwith not only centralizes your blog publishing routines in one interface, you can also pull feeds from unlimited/external sources, including niche blogs or forums of your choice in your niche market, and publish them on your blog through using it.

Instant Blog Submitter saves you time and effort, increases productivity, provides fresh content for your blogs every day and ultimately boosts your search engine rankings and traffic without you banging your head over writing content like an expert about topics which you honestly have little insight about (talk about niche marketing)! Watch a video demo to see how it works.

Amazing $997 course…for FREE!

Net Success Formula

Great news! Best Selling Author Glen Hopkins, just re-opened the doors to the Net Success Formula training program for FREE!

The last time Glen offered this training he charged $997 and it completely sold out. But…

Glen told me he doesn’t want anything to stand in the way of you accessing the training you need to succeed online.

And because Glen is one of the few guys who actually “walks the talk” he’s GIVING the first 200 people to act, FULL access to the course!

The Net Success Formula is a COMPLETELY UNIQUE training program that is now available to just 200 students. That’s it—200 MAX. And those spots are going to fill up FAST!

In this training Glen reveals EXACTLY how he added $125,790 to his yearly earnings in just 33 days…and how YOU can too!

Just imagine how your lifestyle would change if you could add an additional $125,000 to your income this year…

You could:

+ Pay off your mortgage,
+ Take your entire family on a vacation,
+ Buy that new car you’ve been looking at,
+ Send your kids to University

…you name it!

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and in what you are willing to do to make it happen.

This is YOUR chance to get Glen Hopkins’ personal training and guidance as he walks you through everything in DETAIL and explain to you how YOU can implement his proven, Net Success Formula.

See how this amazing program can benefit you and be the among the first 200 marketers to get a headstart at improving your own Internet Marketing business.

Automate Your Twitter Promotion And Marketing With This.

This could be the most advanced tweeting software I’ve ever seen. With Twitter Adder, you can:

* Manage multiple profiles and assign automated tasks to each. Let the software handle the rest!

* Auto-follow according to settings for keywords (in bio and tweets), location, language, following-follower ratio and maximum number of follows per day.

* Create a VIP SAFELIST of twitterers that you don’t unfollow permanently.

* Auto-unfollow users who do not follow back after a predetermined time frame.

* Keeps track of people you have unfollowed so that you do not re-follow them.

* Choose what time intervals between follows, unfollows, tweets, and direct messages.

* Automate tweets and direct messages.

* Promote songs using a built-in Music Promotion Tool (good for musicians!).

* Searches daily and weekly Twitter trends and hot topics.

* View your Twitter stats.

For such a sophisticated software, there’s no monthly or re-occurring fees and you get a lifetime license for its usage and unlimited software updates and support. Twitter Adder pays for itself in just a few days! Don’t overlook this.

$100,000 income from 10 customers?

SEM Business Blueprint

Obviously that level of income from such a small number of customers *may* seem a little unbelievable at first and to begin with I was a little dubious as well.

However, when I discovered that this strategy had been created by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey (2 guys renowned for their high quality material and innovative ideas), it suddenly caught my attention, especially when I learned that scaled up, the numbers stack up like this:

5 customers = $50,000

10 customers = $100,000

50 customers = $500,000

100 customers = $1,000,000

This is a VERY unusual type of online business, one that I had not previously thought of…and if you’re short of time be VERY sure to watch this short video because when you see the specific details, you’ll quickly understand how and why SEM Business Blueprint really works.

What’s even more fascinating is that in order to do this yourself, you don’t need any previous experience with Internet Marketing (you learn as you go along) and they will give also you absolutely everything you need to get started.

Frankly, the FACTS speak for themselves…

– There is a huge market demand for this.

– The economic downturn actually BENEFITS this type of business.

– You don’t need to be an expert in Pay-Per-Click or Search Engine Optimization.

– You don’t need any additional investment.

– Between 5 to 10 customers will create a 6-figure income and allow you to quit your job.

This is conclusive proof that the potential here is extraordinary and I highly recommend that you check out this video as soon as possible.

Free 30-Day Wealth Maps, but hurry…

First off, before I say anything else you *need* to click the link below and sign up for this NO-COST 30-day personal growth and wealth building program…

(It’s worth at least $20,000 to you and probably a LOT more. I’ll explain how in a second but seats are going VERY fast and I don’t want you to miss out because you were stuck reading an e-mail.)

Here’s what this is all about…

Starting on August 12th, my good friend Lance Hood is reopening a 30-day Wealth and Success Marathon and he wants to share the results with you at absolutely no cost.

You see, Lance has somehow managed to convince 22 of the world’s greatest wealth and success coaches living to GIVE AWAY their best and most profitable secrets in a series of “feet to the fire” teleseminars…

On each call, Lance is going to ask one of these wealth and success “gurus” to cut through the BS and reveal EXACTLY what you should do to start building *real* wealth RIGHT NOW (when times are “tough”) and in just 30 short days.

No guess work, no vague suggestions, no real “work” on your part at all. Just easy, step-by-step instructions for you to follow RIGHT AWAY to finally grab the lifestyle and the wealth that you’ve wanted for so long.

You can sign up for the whole “30 Day Wealth Map” series here (and see the “who’s who” list of experts Lance has assembled. I really don’t know how he convinced so many “heavy hitters” to give away their secrets), but you really should hurry because…


Lance first *tried* to start promoting for his “30 Day Wealth Maps” series a few days ago and within just a few short hours his server had CRASHED AND BURNED…

So many people tried to sign up for this astonishing no-charge offer that the server just couldn’t keep up and tens of thousands of people were stuck staring at an error screen.


After a LOT of long talks with his “tech guys” Lance has managed to “harden” his server and get it ready for the crush of traffic he’s expecting.

Which means that if you go there *right away* you can still sign up for “30 Day Wealth Maps“, PLUS when you go to the page you’ll learn how you can win over $20,000 worth of one-on-one coaching from this “A-Team” of Wealth And Success Gurus, blast through your emotional blocks to success and end the year wealthier (MUCH wealthier) than you are now.

Grab your seat now. Lance can only take so many students on the calls and they’re going VERY fast.

Rub shoulders with IM movers and shakers here.

A new Joint Venture Social Network just launched.

‘A’ Listers are signing up everyday…

It’s free to sign up and it’s frick’n’ awesome…

– Invite your friends and contacts

– Make new friends

– Meet big shots you’d otherwise never meet

– Forge new business alliances

– Participate in Mastermind Groups

– Build your list with the Adswap Group

– Start and Lead your own Group

Cool place, cool people, and mutually profitable deals are being made all day long…

Did I mention it’s free to sign up?

Small Business Incorporation Is a Wise Decision

It is super that you desire to start a business, but what you decide to do after which will aid or impede the actual victory of your business. We are not speaking about your financial elements or what way one decides to operate a business, rather have you considered taking your company a bit more and incorporating yourself? If you haven’t, then you must keep reading this composition because we will be listing the benefits of incorporating your business. One might like to incorporate a business online which works rather well for entrepreneurs not looking to use up a lot of money on forming a corporation.

The advantages made available to you after online business incorporation can be quite abundant, therefore we are going to go ahead and list a few for our readers. The initial, and often one of high importance, would be protection of personal assets which permits you, as the company owner, to hold on to your private finances apart from your business’s.

Additional trustworthiness will be a very crucial aspect for companies as it offers the benefit of additional businesses looking at your company with more admiration. An additional benefit which is actually very useful is professional name protection. This will stop every other businesses, irrespective of when their company was formed, from utilizing your identical company professional name.

Everlasting survival is a benefit of deciding to incorporate a company because it says that if a business is sold in whatever fashion that it would not cause a company to stop functioning. Income tax benefits is a matter for businesses also and as an incorporated business your income tax options when filing get bigger and more varied.

The last benefit we will cover would be deductible expenses which states that you may subtract employee salaries as well as company expenses prior to being afforded your own income.

For these reasons alone, you ought to possess the capacity to see why it might be suggested to form a corporation online which you happen to own. It’s an affordable, and easy, means to incorporate a business.

Be a lot more hands-off with the ClickBank Pirate system.

ClickBank Pirate

My 2 friends Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye just released their highly anticipated Clickbank Pirate—a turnkey system for making massive ClickBank commissions on autopilot.

I know that sounds too good to be true…But I’ve seen the system they have created. It’s the real deal, and I can’t wait to start using it and make a ton of extra ClickBank commissions.

They have completely eliminated the learning curve and done 99% of the work for you.

In fact they have built us all a money-making machine. I’m not kidding here…

And it’s one of the most insane things I have seen in all my years of Internet Marketing.

* You don’t have to sell anything

* You don’t need to learn HTML or any other techy stuff

* You don’t need to have your own website autoresponder, domain etc.

All you have to do is send some traffic to a squeeze page…sit back and count the ClickBank commissions ticking in.

If you can cut and paste, you have what it takes to make money with the Clickbank Pirate system.

And I haven’t even mentioned the bonuses yet. Check out the page today for all the details.

Howie’s new Web 2.0 PDF

Did you know that Google loves to rank Web 2.0 properties on page one many times overnight?

My friend Howie just put out a NEW PDF revealing 6 new Web 2.0 sites that Google loves to rank.

The cool part is they are not well known by the masses and you can use them to rank almost instantly.

Even cooler, you can keep your wallet in your pants because he’s giving it all away.

Warning though, he said he’s taking the PDF down in the next day so you need to hurry.

Amazing New Review Style Templates For You!

I have something very special for you, this is your chance to get an amazing product on the cheap!

Richard Wing is offering 4 amazing review-style template packs to you, covering 4 different high-profit niches, each template pack has 4 different layouts: Home page with 3 reviews, single top product review, testimonial page and and default page for content.

You can save time and effort on creating your own Web 2.0 layout when someone already did it much better than you could. If your niches coincide with the template themes, simply purchase, makes some amendments, upload and start promoting!

Writing Effective Surveys

How to create a survey using Survey Galaxy

Writing surveys is considered easy; but is it? The truth is that writing surveys is easy but writing surveys that will be effective is a little bit more difficult. The following twenty tips will help you write more effective surveys.

1. What is the purpose of the survey?

Surveys are conducted for many reasons. By correctly phrasing the questions and structuring the answers surveys can be used in a multitude of ways and for a variety of reasons. When designing a survey do not lose sight of its purpose.

2. Title the survey

The survey title is key and an opportunity to instantly summarise a survey’s objective and grab the attention of invited respondents. Respondents need to invest time in completing the survey so make them feel that their investment is worthwhile.

3. Avoid making the survey any longer than it needs to be

Every question that is asked should be asked for a reason. Minimize asking questions that will provide you with ‘nice to know’ information and concentrate instead on ‘need to know’ questions.

4. Use plain English, maintain consistency and avoid jargon, acronyms and asking questions that could result in ambiguous answers

Care must be taken in wording a question. If a question can be interpreted in more ways than one then there is a real risk that any analysis of the survey data will be meaningless or at the very least misleading.

5. Don’t have long questions

Where practical use concise sentences. Long questions can cause a respondent to lose concentration and lead to them abandoning the survey.

6. Ask one question at a time

Avoid confusing the respondent with a question like ‘Do you like golf and football?’

7. Avoid influencing the answer

It is important to avoid loading the question. ‘Should irresponsible shop keepers who sell tobacco to children be prosecuted?’ is unlikely to have any value.

8. Ensure that the chosen answer format allows the respondent to answer the question being asked

Ensure that the respondent is able to answer how they really feel or they may be less inclined to complete the survey. As a last resort consider the benefit of including a “No comment”, “Don’t know” or similar response option.

9. When you are compiling your survey consider how the compiled data is going be analysed when the survey is complete

Appreciate that questions that allow for a free text open ended response is likely to be difficult to score and/or summarised. Consider how the answers could be grouped. For example “How long have you worked here?” – ‘less than 2 year’, ‘between 2 and 5 years’ and ‘more than 5’.

10. Ensure that the questionnaire flows

Group questions into clear categories as this will make it easier for the participants completing the survey.

11. Target your respondents carefully

In some cases you will want to target a specific group, in others a cross section. If you can’t control who responds to your survey consider including questions/answers that will allow you to filter out respondents who don’t fit your target profile.

12. Allow the respondent to expand or make comments

By allowing respondents to make additional comments you will increase their satisfaction level and the comments will also give valuable feedback on the specific questions and/or the survey as a whole. Remember that for large sample collections that free text open ended responses may be difficult to analyse.

13. If the survey you are conducting is to be confidential ensure that your pledge is upheld

If you have guaranteed the respondents that the survey is confidential ensure that the individual data is not to be shared with anyone and the information is not going to be used for any other purpose. Confidentiality must be maintained and any contact information deleted after the survey is complete.

14. Weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of allowing respondents to be anonymous or identifiable

If your respondents are to be anonymous then you will be unable to follow up specific complaints or match “pre” or “post” surveys. Allowing people to remain anonymous can however have advantages for example it would allow people to respond without possible peer pressure.

15. Carefully consider the best response format

Maintaining a consistency in the format used for responses is good practice. When creating your survey keep in mind that when analysing the data radio buttons are easier to analyse than check boxes that offer the respondent multiple responses. If a radio response can be used do not use a check box.

16. Inform the respondent as to the approximate time it will take to complete the survey

If the survey appears to be a stream of never ending questions then respondent drop out can become a problem. It is good practice to give an indication as to how long the survey is likely to take so that the participants can choose the best time to complete the survey.

17. Inform respondents of the survey end date

Encourage your invited respondents to complete the survey as soon as possible but advise the respondents of the survey’s end date so that they have the opportunity to schedule the necessary time.

18. Pilot the survey

Before publishing a live survey publish a small pilot survey to check for questions that are ambiguous or confusing and to ensure that the survey is aesthetically pleasing.

19. Before publishing the survey proof read the survey carefully

Check and then check again that a survey is grammatically correct and makes sense. If practical get a colleague to check the survey before you publish, if no one else is available then take a break before checking again.

20. Remember to say thank you

To complete surveys respondents have to devote their time and should be thanked at the end of completing the survey or in a follow up letter. You may even want to consider an incentive such as a reward of some sort.

For more information please visit Survey Galaxy

The Fast Track To Converting Your Followers Into Customers With Video And Social Media

I hope you enjoyed the free training videos I recommended the other day on how to dominate your market with video and social media and convert your followers into customers to increasing your profits.

That was just a sneak peak inside a brand-new training course that Maria Andros just launched called *The Social Media Traffic Blueprint*.

It’s only open for a limited amount of students and could CLOSE at any time so I want to make sure you have a chance to check it out!

Now there are lots of so called experts in social media but Maria DOES have a business that generates into the HIGH 6-figures in sales and the BEST part is she did it without spending a penny on expensive AdWords.

Her course is the only one ever created that is SPECIFICALLY focused on helping you become THE AUTHORITY of your niche and a celebrity like following with video and social media.

Using Maria’s easy-to-follow format, you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to properly leverage social media and video to almost instantly attract hordes of targeted traffic to your websites…and your ‘buy’ buttons.

She is known for teaching people how to build relationships and how to STAND out in your market and she will show you how to get people to know, like and trust you so that they’re pre-qualified and ready to buy even BEFORE they reach your website!

Go watch this video that she just posted on her website.

It explains all the details, and so much more. If you want to learn how to DOMINATE your market and become FAMOUS in your niche, then this is the course that will teach you step-by-step how to do it.

13 Sneaky “Little” Email Marketing Tricks

13 Sneaky Little Email Marketing Tricks

Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher just released a new report called “13 Sneaky Little Email Marketing Tricks“.

If you’re like a lot of other frustrated marketers…

* Your list is tiny and not growing…
* Your e-mails have low open rates, and/or…
* Your click-throughs and sales from e-mail promotions are dismal (and getting worse every day)

You can change all those dull statistics with real strategies to:

* Triple your open rates
* Insert ninja mental triggers into your message
* Implement graphical tricks that get readers to pay double attention
* Build your list by the thousands per week!

Snatch one of the 500 copies available now!